Welcome to the Wonderful World of Walmart

From food and produce to cleaning products to car parts, Walmart is one of the most convenient stores around. The company is well known for its unbeatable prices and almost every household item to you can think of.

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Walmart is also known to draw quite the crowd. Of all the store’s shoppers, we’ve seen the best and the worst and this list is a compilation of the best. You won’t believe some of the photos you’re about to see. We should probably create a hashtag #onlyinwalmart. Or does something like that already exist?

Rapunzel, Is That You?

Are you thinking what we’re thinking? There’s no way these dreadlocks wouldn’t make it into the Guinness World Book of Records for the world’s longest and thickest dreads. If not, whoever has that title (if it exists) may have some serious competition.

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Dreadlocks have become more mainstream over the years. They’re not typically the most hygienic, but if you maintain them, they can look pretty cool. It must have taken this person a while and real dedication to growing their dreads this long.

Bring Your Sunscreen to Walmart

Summers in the south can be dreadful, even for those who were born and raised there. Those who are used to it don’t always use sunscreen and that means they run the risk of developing terrible sunburns like the person in this photo.

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This is now a friendly reminder to always use sunscreen when going out in the sun! We can only hope this person was shopping for some aloe vera to relieve some of the pain she’s going to feel very soon.

Heads or Tails?

This man is quite nonchalantly buying some rotisserie chicken for someone who has a large fox tail coming out of his behind. It’s quite a unique style. You may be wondering what would make someone attach a fox tail to a regular pair of blue jeans and leave their house.

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I don’t have a clue, though. So the jury’s out on that one. But can we agree that he gets points for originality? It takes a lot of courage to wear something out of the box out in public.

They Call it Gender-Fluid, Folks

Looks, it is important to be your true authentic self because remember, there’s the only one you out there! And it’s also important to remember that there’s someone for everyone. We give major props to this grandpa for going out in public dressed like this.

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I don’t think he cares what people were thinking and whispering about him. He was clearly going for a more feminine look and we can’t say he didn’t pull it off. Good for you, old man! More people should be like this guy.

Pet Lizards

We all know the guilty feeling we get when we’re about to leave the house and our pets give us the, “please don’t leave me” look, right? But since when do lizards show their emotions on their reptilian sleeves?

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Some people just can’t leave without their pet, I guess. It’s obvious with this woman who decided she couldn’t leave her reptile friend at home while she did some shopping. While he may be cute and all, there’s no doubt that he was absolutely terrifying to some Walmart shoppers.