Warning Signs That Will Make You Question Reality

Signs are often overlooked because we feel like they’re pointing out the obvious. But some capture our attention to the point of, well, having to write an article about it. From “Beware of Falling Snakes” to “No Diving into the Toilet,” some signs are just too good to ignore.

A birds on top of a sign that says no birds allowed / A sign that reads
Source: Pinterest / Twitter

We’ve collected some of the weirdest, most hilarious warning signs out there. Ones that really get you wondering whether you should even consider taking them seriously. As ridiculous as they may seem at first, keep in mind that they’ve succeeded in grabbing your attention, which is probably the most important thing when designing a sign.

We’re All Just Walking Pieces of Steak

Don’t let Mike Tyson fool you – it isn’t normal to have a tiger in your backyard. As majestic and beautiful as they look, they can tear your head off in one bite. And this sign could not have explained it better. You’re food for them—a delicious, juicy, walking piece of steak.

A warning sign warning from tigers
Source: Pinterest

You might ask yourself, well, what if the tiger isn’t hungry? For one, you can’t really know what it’s current hunger situation is, and two, why risk it? Seriously. The creator of this sign created a brilliant warning that is meant to save your life. Hopefully, people take it seriously!

No Room for Mistakes!

If you were wondering how to behave next to an alligator, look no further. This sign leaves no room for doubt. Don’t ride it, don’t stab it with a spear, and definitely don’t show it your behind. Your best bet is to keep your distance and marvel at it from afar. Simple, easy instructions!

Warning sign warning from Alligators
Source: Twitter

The zoo could have added a regular “X” next to the drawings, but there’s nothing quite as menacing as a skull staring blankly into your eyes. Obviously, no one wants to think of their death when they’re at the zoo, but it’s the best way to grab people’s attention.

Secondhand Parachute Anyone?

The best way to sell something is to advertise it as “barely touched,” “only used once,” “practically new,” – that kind of tactic. And I have a feeling that’s what the writer of this sign was aiming for, which is great, but they probably should have reconsidered how they ended the sentence.

A Sign that reads:
Source: Twitter

“Never Opened” is something we would like to see written about secondhand shoes, earphones, computers. Definitely not parachutes. We need it to open. Our life literally depends on it. A disturbing sign indeed, and what in the world happened to the previous owner?

A Moving… Plant?

We’re used to seeing deer, camel, kangaroo, and even giraffe crossings. But a heavy plant? This is a first. Does it crawl? Is it fast? Is it dangerous, like one of those carnivorous flytrap plants? This isn’t fair! Whoever placed this sign should have given us a bit more information.

A sign that reads
Source: Twitter

Just look at Tom Hank’s face. Sheer confusion (and we doubt he was acting). That’s got to be one of the strangest signs out there! If I were him, I would have hung out a bit in the area to see if I might catch a glimpse of this alleged heavy plant.

When In Doubt, Look Under Your Tractor

Now, I know this sign describes a devastating tragedy, but it’s still hard not to laugh. Like out of all the places, the wheel of your tractor? Every parent asks himself once in a while, “Hmm…where’s my baby?” because we all know how much they love to crawl and explore, but I don’t think the first thought that comes to mind is, “Let me check under my tractor.”

Warning sign warning kids from getting near a tractor
Source: Pinterest

But, then again, I don’t live on a farm. So, who am I to judge? Maybe parents who are out and about in the fields really do need to worry about finding their baby near the massive machine. In any case, knowing your baby’s location is always important, and this sign is a good reminder to ask yourself that question.

An Honest Zoo

The zoo is basically saying: “If you don’t care about yourself, fine, we don’t care either. But at least think of the animals.” Fair enough. Even though the animals might find us delicious, we might not be their best dietary choice. Kind of like how we love sugary sweets, but we probably shouldn’t be having them every day, you know?

Warning sign in the Zoo
Source: Pinterest

This sign is a pretty genius when you think about it. We don’t like being told what to do and often do the exact opposite just for kicks. But here, they’re putting the animals first and getting us out of our egotistical heads. Creative and efficient!

In Case of Fire, Tweet Later

This might look like your regular “In case of fire” sign, but it’s not. It’s a lot more relevant and applicable in our social-media obsessed society. Props to the person who created this sign! They’re fully aware of the world we’re living in and know that emergency instructions need to be tweaked appropriately.

Warning sign inside a building warning from fire
Source: Twitter

It’s a funny and witty sign, no doubt about it. But when you really take the time to think about it, it’s pretty sad. It isn’t hard to imagine a person in the midst of a fire stop to either tweet or take a picture. I know it’s our way to connect nowadays, but how about saving your life first?

Are You Up For the Challenge?

Unless you have some lightning-fast feet that can outrun this beast, you’re as good as dead. And the creator of this sign made it as specific as possible, adding the exact timing and all. This way, you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into in case you do dare to make the cross.

Warning sign warning from getting close to a bull
Source: Pinterest

I have a feeling that 10 seconds isn’t set in stone, and if a bull is really upset that someone trespassed into their territory, they might break their own record and do it in six. Either way, don’t trespass. Or at least not by foot.

Abby Girl, Get Back to Work

Abby’s boss means business. Enough is enough, and we get them. It’s incredibly frustrating when your employee just disappears without a heads up. But we kind of get Abby too. I mean, sometimes you just want to fade out without having to explain yourself.

A Sign that reads
Source: Pinterest

But Dairy Queen couldn’t care less what’s going on in Abby’s mind. They have their own business to think about. So, if Abby isn’t picking up, what’s the best way to reel her back in? Public shaming! It always works. We have a feeling Abby showed up straight away just to get her name off that huge sign.

This Bird Couldn’t Care, Less,

We have a feeling this bird overlooked the red diagonal line. Our man-made symbols simply don’t roll with this feathered animal. It probably saw its own silhouette and thought, “Oh! what a great idea! Thank you, humans, for inviting me to chill on this circular object.”

A birds on top of a sign that says no birds allowed
Source: Facebook

Unless the opposite is true. And this bird clearly understood our intention, but he simply couldn’t care less. He wanted to prove that there isn’t much we can do in case he decides to sit on it. Which he did. A little reminder that we don’t actually rule the world.

Deer God

Actress Samira Wiley’s face says it all. It’s hard to enjoy your stroll around this forest when deer parts can rain on you at any second. But still, it’s great that authorities placed this sign to warn hikers. And honestly, I don’t think anyone could have articulated it any better.

A sign that reads
Source: Twitter

How else are you supposed to describe this nasty situation? Leopards eat deers, and as a result, their dead body parts can fall on you. No way to make this sound pretty. But putting the deers aside for a second, aren’t the roaming leopards a lot more worrisome?

Bat Toilet

Warning people about flying bats isn’t enough to scare them off. Some are braver than others and don’t mind a bunch of flapping wings swirling around their head. So, the creator of this sign added something we all want to avoid. Because really, who wants to be pooped on?

A sign warning people from Bats
Source: Pinterest

Unless you believe it’s a sign of good luck, you’ll probably want to steer clear of this free-flying bat enclosure. And even if you do believe it’s a good omen, aren’t there less messy ways to bring lucky vibes into your life? Let the bats do their stuff in private!

Let Go of the Hamish

Whoever wrote this sign knew perfectly well how impulsive people can be. I have to admit, it’s seriously tempting to hold on to those impressive horns. Not to harm the Hamish or anything, just to feel it and kind of swing it around from side to side.

A sign warning people from touching the Bull's horns
Source: Pinterest

And because we’re weird creatures who like to carelessly grab things around us, a clear-cut sign like this is necessary. Understandably, the Hamish doesn’t enjoy our explorative nature. But if you really want to touch the big fellow, maybe try petting him first.

Don’t Even Try to Sue Us

“Don’t walk on rocks” isn’t a good enough warning. It lacks explanatory power you know? Like we all know we might get injured, but we need something more to talk us out of it. And what better way than flat out saying: “If you don’t obey this sign, you’re alone buddy. We definitely won’t have your back if you injure yourself.”

A Sign that says
Source: Pinterest

People’s favorite excuse is – “Oh! But I didn’t see the sign. I had no idea that it wasn’t allowed etc.…” However, the creator of this sign leaves no room for excuses. You better think twice before hopping nonchalantly across these rocks.

A Hard, Cold, Painful Dive

I understand signs that warn people not to dive when there’s water involved. But no diving into cement? That seems ridiculously obvious. But hey, maybe some people draw their inspiration from Harry Potter and believe you can run into a brick wall without hurting yourself.

A sign that reads
Source: Twitter

I’m sad to disappoint, but Hogwarts isn’t on the other side of the ground. Or maybe it is? And only true wizards understand that this “no-diving” sign is actually a magical portal? Jokes aside, don’t do it. Unless you want to severely injure your head.

We Know Toilets Are Tempting But Don’t Do It

So, no diving into waterless cement makes sense, right? But what about the toilets? They have water! Then no, no diving into toilets either. I want to believe that this sign is just for fun, but I know how creative (and stupid) people can be. Did someone really make the jump?

A Sign that reads
Source: Pinterest

You also need a bit of leverage to dive, right? So, did they jump from the stall door? This scenario is way too confusing to imagine. Let’s just conclude that toilets are there for the regular things we use them for. No extreme experimentation.

An Honest Mistake

We all grew up on “sharing is caring” and all that jazz. But even so, who doesn’t like to stuff their face without having to take someone else into consideration? It’s one of life’s greatest pleasures! Good old quality time…just you and your processed bag of chips.

A sign near the chips stand in a Supermarket
Source: Pinterest

The workers in this store can relate. And that’s why they came up with this hilarious sign with some great advice written on it. To not come off as mean and selfish, just buy what your spouse dislikes. Don’t admit it, of course! Just throw in an “oops,” and pretend to be sad. Then, curl up in front of your favorite TV show and enjoy your treat, guilt-free.

To Stop…or Not to Stop?

Stop signs are usually clearly visible and placed in critical areas. And that’s because they are critical! They’re serious lifesavers. Can you imagine charging into the road without stopping to double-check the traffic around you? Terrifying.

A Stop sign and a No Stop sign together
Source: Twitter

Well, whoever came up with this sign did a terrible job. Seriously, to stop or not to stop? We don’t have time to read this confusing piece of instruction. It’s really inconsiderate when you think about it! I hope enough people complained about this, and it was taken down.

Who to Believe?

It’s an obvious typo, but still incredibly funny. It’s kind of like two different people wrote it. One person warned: “Don’t you dare park! these spots are private.” And then another person chimed in and basically said: “Nahhh, ignore the guy. Just park the car. You’ll be fine.”

A sign that reads,
Source: Pinterest

Now the question is, who should you believe? It’s a hard decision. But we say…park the car. If you receive a ticket, you can always point to the sign and claim that you read it thoroughly and understood from it that you’ll be fine! No one will argue with that.

Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare

As a parent, is there anything more horrifying than a hyped-up kid on a caffeine trip? How about a hyped-up kid on a caffeine trip but with a puppy? Now that’s a straight-out nightmare. This sign is a brilliant move on behalf of the store. They knew exactly what to say to grab a parent’s attention.

A sign that reads
Source: Twitter

I’m pretty sure this store suffered some awful accidents because of reckless kids and parents who weren’t able to control them. No judgment here, parenting is tough. But still, when you enter a store, you have to keep an eye on your kid. It’s for their benefit too! The potential injuries that can happen in a store are endless.

There’s Nothing Scarier Than a Creepy Cat

The “Beware of Dog” warning isn’t so scary anymore. We’re so used to seeing those regular signs everywhere that we tend to overlook them. And we also tend to think that the owners are probably bluffing. But a weird cat? No, no, no, that’s a whole different story.

A sign that warns from a dog and a cat
Source: Pinterest

And one that should be taken very seriously. Cats do all sorts of weird things, and who knows what’s going on inside their minds. Dogs are a lot more transparent. Either they like you, or they don’t. Cats, on the other hand, are mysterious and spooky. It looks like half the time, they’re planning on finding the best angle to pounce on you from.

An Innovative Technique

Tattoo removals are incredibly expensive! They usually cost 10 times more than the tattoo itself. So, you better stay away from any parlor that offers you such a discounted price. But that’s not the only reason you shouldn’t remove your tattoo here.

A Tattoo removal sign with a picture of a saw
Source: Pinterest

It looks like they’re using a different removal technique for the procedure. A much sharper, bloodier, messier kind of technique. One that will probably cost you your limb. Listen, if you tattooed your ex’s name on your arm, we get why you would be in such a rush to erase it. But save your money for a decent place, yeah?

A User-Friendly Illustration

I really appreciate it when people go out of their way to explain things clearly. Because who likes to do things blindly, right? And sometimes it feels like that’s just what we do, all day every day. “Don’t step on this, don’t cross that, don’t trespass here, don’t climb there etc.” But finally! Someone has explained why once and for all.

A sign that reads
Source: Twitter

Instead of the regular “Caution – No Pedestrians,” you’re given a wonderful illustration that explains how you could be run over or full-on punctured by a construction vehicle. Doesn’t that enrich your experience? Now you can whole-heartedly keep your distance from the construction site.

Beware of the Splatter

Hippos can run you over, tackle you, forcefully lay their huge belly on your face and suffocate you to death. But most importantly (and according to the zoo – most dangerously), they can splatter their poo in your face. Yuck.

A sign in a zoo near the Hippos cage
Source: Pinterest

The fact that it’s illustrated makes it all the better. It’s directed at children as well as adults, and nothing proves a point better than a good caricature! We’re sure that even if parents don’t notice the sign for some reason, their kids will definitely let them know it exists.

You Don’t Want to Step Foot Here

This sign automatically makes you laugh. But then your laugh turns into a nervous laugh. And then you’re just left with feeling nervous. Looks like these forest rangers are sick and tired of cleaning up after intruders, and you can’t help but wonder, what exactly happened to those daring trespassers?

A sign that reads
Source: Pinterest

Bears? Snakes? Wolves? The list is endless. Don’t be fooled by the serene and calm feeling that you tend to get when you walk in nature. Because in this case, you’re likely to end up buried someplace deep in the forest.

Wait, Why Should We See a Doctor Again?

We grow up kind of oblivious to the real reasons we should visit a doctor. Because as a kid, it usually goes like this: You’re painfully pinched with some sharp pointy thing, or you have some stick shoved down your throat, and at the end of it, you get a lollipop! Or a sticker! Hooray!

A sign in a doctor office telling people why it is important to get a vaccine
Source: Twitter

And then when you grow up and aren’t that excited about candy anymore, you’re left with zero incentive to visit the doctor. So, here’s a great reminder of the real reason you should get a checkup – so you won’t die. Incredible! Who would have thought that lollipops weren’t the end goal.

Chill, People Will Find You on Thursday (Hopefully)

I don’t know about you, but Stephen King pretty much-killed corn mazes for me. Not necessarily corn mazes, but more like tall grass (his 2019 film is a creepy story about a family who gets lost in a field of, you guessed it – tall grass). So, I’m not surprised a sign like this exists.

A warning sign in a corn field
Source: Pinterest

At first, it looks reassuring, but things get worse as you keep on reading. I see a few problems here. Number one – a rescue team scans the area only on Thursday mornings? But what if you get lost on a Sunday? Number two – “They can usually locate.” Usually? Yeah, no thank you.

In Case You Missed It

Does a red, capitalized, large lettered sign really need another sign to make sure people don’t miss it? This looks like a joke. But I doubt someone would go out of their way to create another one just for fun. Which means that, somehow, people in this area seriously overlooked this stop sign.

A Stop sign and a sign that reads,
Source: Twitter

We’re glad no one hesitated or worried about it looking silly. Because when it comes to behavior on the road, there’s really no room for mistakes. So, if you missed the regular stop sign, you have another one right below. And if you miss that one as well, we’re sure authorities will add some more.

In This Case, Keep Your Eyes on the Road and Ignore the Sign

This photo is great. The perfect timing and the irony of it all. It’s just incredibly funny to look at! We hope everything is fine with the driver! But we can’t help but laugh a bit. Especially if the reason for their accident is that they got distracted by the sign.

A sign that reads
Source: Pinterest

It’s not a farfetched idea when you think about it. Signs are there for us to read, right? So obviously, we’ll shift our attention from the road to the sides just to understand what is being asked of us. And that can cause us to tumble off. We can’t imagine how entertaining it was for the passing cars to see this tilted vehicle right beside a sign like that!

Delicious, Scrumptious Streets

The person who came up with these street names was probably craving some good, processed sausage. With a bit of mayo and ketchup on top. Maybe some mustard and a warm bun to pull it all together. The real question is: Is there something to eat at that intersection?

A sign that reads
Source: Pinterest

Because if not, those must be the most deceiving and annoying streets in the world. Imagine you’re on your way to Sausages Avenue, practically drooling from imagining your first bite, and then you arrive at some normal looking street filled with houses. No restaurants or anything. Tragic.

Were We Fooled All Along?

It’s hard to imagine anyone taking this sign seriously. We all know that dinosaurs have been extinct for quite a while…right? Or maybe not. Maybe we’ve been fooled all along, and this dinosaur area is legit. Well, this can go both ways. Either this sign sparks your curiosity, and you end up entering, or it scares you off.

A sign that reads
Source: Twitter

Let’s think of the pros and cons here. Pros of entering? You might discover that dinosaurs exist. Cons? You’ll probably get eaten. Pros of not entering? You get to stay alive. Cons? You’ll never know for sure what wonders lie beyond the fence. Your call…

What’s True is True

Such a relatable sign. I can easily imagine people walking by it and stopping to stare for a few good minutes. This sign is saying it as it is, no fluffing the truth. Whatever it is, it’s likely to end in tears. But could it be tears of joy? For sure!

A sign that reads,
Source: Twitter

It’s one of those signs that you’re likely to overlook if it doesn’t have to do with your life at the moment. But if you’re going through something a bit shaky and sensitive, we’re sure this will grab your attention. I think an additional sign should be placed underneath it: “Don’t worry. This, too, shall pass.”

Yup, People Are Definitely Taking This Sign Seriously

I hope whoever placed this sign never came back to see if anyone bothered to listen to it. Because clearly, no one notices that it’s even there. It’s hard to blame them! This pipe looks like the perfect place to chill as you dip your feet in the water.

A picture showing a sign that says not to climb on the pipe and people are on the pipeline
Source: Twitter

But I get why this sign was placed there in the first place. It can get a bit dangerous if you try to balance on the pipe or jump from it. But it looks like the lifeguards have completely given up on the whole deal. Oh well, hopefully, no one has been badly injured.

Whatever You Do, Do NOT Eat the Hanger

I would definitely go back to Morellis Dry Cleaners after seeing this hilarious warning sign. And I’m not even going to try and imagine this as anything but a joke. Because come on, this is anatomically impossible.

A sign warning people not to sallow the hanger of a piece of clothing
Source: Pinterest

We’re capable of some terribly weird stuff, like putting blades down our throats or breathing fire. But swallowing a coat hanger is on a whole other level. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone’s mouth widen like that. At best, we’re able to shove 20 lemons in our mouth and smile. But that’s pretty much it.

Every Step You Take, We’ll Be Watching You

While this sign is hilarious, it’s also disturbing. You are being monitored, even though no one’s physically chasing you with a computer. Whether you’re being watched by security cameras or checked on by Google – you’re being followed.

A sign that reads
Source: Twitter

It’s a creepy thought, and maybe that’s why the creators of this sign felt like they had to add some humor to it. So instead of getting all paranoid, let’s just laugh about it.

Back to Basics

It’s impossible to enter the room without opening the door. I think we can all agree on that. So why would this store go out of their way to create a sign like this? Probably because of how shiny and clean their door is.

A sign that reads
Source: Pinterest

Almost too clean. Which creates the illusion that there’s nothing there, serving as the perfect trap to just bump your head into it. In that case, good thing they pointed out the obvious to their customers. “Open the door before entering”… great advice.

Come on, Seriously?

Death Valley is in Eastern California is one of the hottest places on earth. It’s basically a deserted inferno. Understandably, a health center is crucial in the area (in case anyone passes out from the heat). But, come on, this sign is simply too ironic.

A sign that reads
Source: Twitter

We know that without the notion of sickness and death, health can’t really exist either. There’s always got to be an opposite to give meaning to something. But in this case? Pointing health and death in the same direction is just way too funny.

Awww…But Stop.

This looks like it’s placed in some train station or outside of an airport. It’s actually a really cute sign! If you’ve ever traveled without a loved one, you know that it’s always a bit sad and deserves a proper and loving farewell.

A sign that reads
Source: Pinterest

But not more than three minutes. PDA is fine, but you have to limit it. Or else you risk coming off as that creepy couple that makes everyone around them uncomfortable. But on second thought, who cares? Kiss away all you want! Just don’t miss your bus/flight/train.

Your New Life Ends Here!

Similar to the “death-health” sign, here’s another paradoxical one to throw you completely off balance. On the one hand – hope! “New Life lane,” what could be a better name than that? I’d love to check out that street.

A sign that reads
Source: Twitter

But then you’re hit with a dead end. Now that’s something to consider. Do you really want to embark on your new life only to hit a dead end? You’re better off sticking to the life you’ve already got. At least you know you have room for change and growth.

Curiosity Killed the Cat

This sign says what all of us are dying to tell characters in horror movies. DO NOT go down to the basement. DO NOT open the closet. Just turn around and leave. So, thank you, whoever created this sign, for speaking the truth on behalf of all of us.

A sign that reads,
Source: Twitter

But wait, this sign leaves too many open ends. What happens if you don’t turn around? Maybe it’s that curiosity that drives people to open the basement door when they hear strange noises from below. How does that saying go? Curiosity killed the cat…and satisfaction might not bring him back.

For All You Unicyclists Out There

This wouldn’t be a really weird sign if the bike had another wheel attached to it. But because we’re dealing with a unicycle, it makes it all the funnier. This is a pretty rare accident. I mean, how many people do you know ride unicycles?

A warning sign for cyclists
Source: Twitter

Usually, signs like these show the person already on the ground with lines coming out of their head to show how hard they hit it. But this one is giving us the mid-air action, the dramatic fling into the air. They want you to imagine the fall. Will they fall on their face? Block the fall with their hands? Get creative.

This Unidentified Species Knows Best

I’m not sure what animal this is. Really, is it a bear? A puppy? Regardless, it’s warning you not to drown. With a nervous smile and a thumbs up, it’s reassuring you that your day will go completely downhill if you remain underwater.

A sign that reads
Source: Pinterest

Obvious enough, but you know how quickly we take for granted things that are obvious. It’s easy to never second guess your safety in the water. Lucky for the people in this pool, they’re reminded by this weird creature that you should always make sure to keep yourself afloat!

All Hail the Holy Cats

With no dogs allowed, this holy cat sanctuary is the perfect place for meowing creatures and their owners to bond and lead a peaceful life. Who needs the loud barking and sloppy kisses anyway?

A sign that reads
Source: Pinterest

Jokes aside, this sign is missing an “h” to complete the word “Catholic.” But it looks great as “Holy Family Cat.” Especially with the “no dogs allowed” sign. It’s also a great way to confuse your visitors. Imagine how many people might join the Catholic church just because they think they’re headed to kitty paradise?

Sadly, This Isn’t a Joke

Our world is so out of whack that this sign isn’t a joke anymore. But it still causes us to chuckle a bit. Because what else can you do when post-apocalyptic narratives aren’t seen as fiction anymore. Zombies, aliens, weird viruses that take over the world – it’s a current affair.

A sign that reads
Source: Twitter

This bookshop surely lured in some customers with their brilliant sign. There’s nothing like some good humor to spark a reader’s curiosity! If post-apocalyptic novels have been moved to the current affairs section, what will sci-fi authors come up with next?

Venomous Rain

Okay, I get the falling deer sign because at least they have an explanation for it. But falling snakes? Where do they fall from? And why? What are you supposed to do with this information? Walk around with an umbrella in case one wriggles down from the sky?

A sign that reads
Source: Twitter

If this sign was put up as a joke, I doubt it made anyone laugh. Snakes are menacing enough when they slither on the ground. We definitely don’t need them surprising us from the sky. Hopefully, someone took this disturbing sign down.

Yup, That’s Usually How It Goes

Ahhh…what a great place to park your car when things hit the fan. After you finalize your divorce and file for bankruptcy, head on to the liquor store to drown your sorrows with some good old whisky and a malty six-pack.

Three store-front in a row:
Source: Twitter

It’s a reasonable setting. Money problems often lead to marital struggles, and both despairing ordeals open the door to faded nights of booze and tears. I hope no one has used all three stores in a row, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they had.

Are You a Train?

A great sign is one that leaves no room for error. If you were wondering whether the sign appeals to you, the answer is right there. The tracks are for trains. Are you a train? Well, it depends. Can you read the sign? If you answered yes, then no. You’re not a train!

A sign that reads,
Source: Pinterest

Maybe one day, trains will be able to read letters. But for now, despite advancements in technology, we’re not there yet. So, keep your distance from the tracks, and leave the railway for the massive trains that aren’t as smart as you (yet).

Jazz Hands to the Rescue!

This is such a fun way to warn people. Instead of the regular “Wet Floor” sign, this one points out the gesture we all do when we fly into the air. We wriggle our jazz hands around as we desperately try to stabilize our lost balance.

A sign that reads
Source: Twitter

Unless this sign is a lot more explicit than we think, and it’s genuinely warning us about people walking around with jazz hands. Which, in that case, also makes sense. Because wriggly fingers in the air are nothing short of dangerous. You can easily suffer a poke to the eye.

Don’t Forget Your Brain

Machines can beat us in almost anything. Chess, programming, picking up objects, packing boxes, they’ve dominated it all. But this sign is a much-needed reminder that despite all the intelligent advancements, they still don’t have our unique human brain.

A sign that reads
Source: Twitter

So, never count on them to do the work without supervision. Use your unique, complex organ to check on your machines here and there. Especially if it’s a massive tool that can kill someone if things go wrong.

Each Employee to Himself

We all know that teamwork is important, and a lending hand can be a great relief. But sometimes, you’ve just got to back off and let your co-worker do their thing. Or else you risk getting hit in the face with a wrench.

A sign that reads,
Source: Twitter

This sign was probably created after a couple of polite responses failed to convey the message: BACK OFF. Wherever this sign was placed, we hope that the workers got the memo. And if not, we all know how their shift ended.

Either Roar Back or Sacrifice Your Kid

This sign has been placed by professionals who know the drill when it comes to ferocious mountain lions. Clearly, you have three options before you fight the animal. Either you back away, scare him off by acting tough, or (and this is the best option) you sacrifice your child.

A sign warning from Lions and describe funny ways to avoid them
Source: Twitter

If the lion isn’t interested in your kid, you’ll probably end up in a fight with him. And in that case, attack the big cat! Unleash your inner beast and claw at him with every bit of power you have left (after you desperately shouted and hid yourself behind your kid).