This is What Happens When Your Office is Full of Funny People

An office without a sense of humor should not be allowed to exist. You need your office clowns to keep spirits up and keep you going throughout the day. Even if that means some passice aggressive humor that may offend others. But hey, everything in the name of comedy. Am I right?

Coffee Compliments

While every office in the world has a coffee maker, not every office has an efficiently-working coffee maker. Sometimes, it doesn’t produce hot coffee. But the boss may not want to buy a new one. So what do you do? You buy your coffee at Starbucks. But at least leave a note for the others not to waste their time. And at least make it funny. Like this one! Love it.

Source: Reddit

Don’t Cry Over Locked Milk

Does anyone else get instantly reminded of Ross’s dramatic sandwich moment? No? Okay, never mind. But the point is that some people are very protective and let’s even say ridiculously un-generous. If you come to the point where you need to lock your carton of milk, there’s a real issue that needs to be dealt with in the office. And I don’t even know who’s worse – the milk locker or the milk stealer?

Source: Buzzitup

I Have Meow

Every office needs the office clown. I can totally see Jim from ‘The Office’ doing something like this. If you work at a boring desk job where everyone just types away at their desks for 95% of their day, then stuff like this is probably the best part of your day. You gotta love office humor. This one’s purrfect.

Source: Rocketgeeks

A Passive Aggressive Duel

Don’t you just love passive aggressive duels in the office? One person thinks they have all the power, and then someone comes along and drops a joke bomb on them. The guy that posted the page on the left was fed up with the wasted ink that large print jobs take. The obvious response: to print a large photo of Steve Jobs.

Source: Pinterest

Ladies and Ben

Some washrooms say Ladies and some say Men, but in this office, there are only ladies and Ben. Ben, as the only man in the entire office, gets the whole men’s bathroom to himself. He gets the whole place for himself and doesn’t have to worry about anyone giving him the eye after he leaves the bathroom and smells up the place.

Source: Greeningz