These Pregnancy Announcements Are Cute as a Button

The Miracle of Life Has Visited, a Joyous Announcement Is on Its Way

A baby is the most beautiful miracle God could ever gift humanity with. This little life is the most innocent thing in the world, second to none. Their innocence probably rivals that of the animals. Their herald is one of the most joyous occasions in a parent’s life. So it should not be a surprise that the newly minted parent would want to surprise their significant others or loved ones with the joyous news. This surprise is practically mandatory, especially in the 21st century.

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If you need ideas for awesome pregnancy announcements, then the internet is your bible. You’ll find the wackiest ideas there ready for you to try. Some people don’t understand the reason for a fun pregnancy announcement, those people have probably never had the pleasure of experiencing these wonderful surprises. Once they do, I’m sure they’ll fall in love with the idea as well. After all, these surprises can be fun, comical, bewildering, emotional, and completely unforgettable.

My Baby Has A Dog Father, An Ever-Present Best Friend

Can you imagine a better, more loyal friend for your baby than a dog? I mean a dog is quite literally called a Man’s best friend. So who better to use as the surprise for your baby announcement? If you’re a dog owner or have just recently adopted one, then you can definitely do what this couple did.

 Dog reading a book

They dressed up their dog with a pair of cool shades and propped up a book under his chin, featuring some sonogram pictures and a title stating, ‘How to be a Big Brother.’ You could probably replace the big brother with a dog father if you want to too.

Fun Fact: Your dog is just as smart as your two year old toddler.

Not The Child Or The Grown-Up, I’m The Cheese Between The Bread

This couple had such a cute way of announcing the arrival of their youngest child. They used the concept of ‘The Middle Child syndrome.’ Confused? Well, if you’re a middle child, then you probably know how not-fun it is to be stuck in the middle, but we all make do, don’t we!

 Siblings announcing the arrival of their youngest brother.

This couple gave a blackboard to their smiling eldest child that said ‘Oldest’ and the then to-be middle child held a board with the words ‘Youngest’ crossed out and ‘Middle’ written in between. The to-be middle child has quite a grumpy face on her too. Oh dear, those parents better keep an eye out for some tantrums.

Fun Fact: The middle child tends to have first-rate negotiation skills. Co-author of “The Secret Power of Middle Children”, Katrin Shumann, told Psychology Today that “middles are used to not getting their own way so they become savvy, skillful manipulators.

Hide The Pregnancy Test In Plain Sight, And Watch The Fascinating Reactions

Can you imagine the look on your face, when you find a pregnancy test with the positive results just sitting there on the table the minute you enter the house? Imagine that your other kids creep up behind you and give exciting squeals of joy. Well, this father was pretty dumbfounded, but his girls were ecstatic.

 Father found pregnancy test

The mom thought it would be a good idea to just simply let the stick speak for itself and not going through the old adage of actually speaking the words ‘ I am Pregnant.’ This way was definitely more fun, she got pictures out of it too by hiding around the corner while her husband and kids found out the joyful news.

This is how I would want my family to find out!

Balloons Pop Just Like Babies Do Coming Out Of Their Mothers Womb

Simple is always better. So how about you just use some balloons as this couple did and announce the joyous occasion in your life? All they did was take two ordinary balloons in a neutral color and blew them up as fast as they could go.

 Parents announcing their birth date

On the balloon held by the to-be mother was written the words ‘Expected To Pop’ and on the balloon held by the to-be father was written the expectant date to pop. This scenario was made funnier by the couple actually popping the balloons once their family was done being shocked.

Balloon Fact: In 1824, Scientist, Michael Faraday made rubber bags during one of his experiments. He decided to fill it up with gas study it. He quickly noticed that the bag turned elastic and expanded. Just one year later balloons were sold and manufactured like they are today!

Double The Trouble And Expect Some Epic Terrible Two’s, Literally!

Every parent dreads the terrible twos. Now imagine if you’re having twins. The horror! But what can you say to Mother Nature? These parents shared the news with the world with this hilarious post. They’re holding up a pregnancy stick with the peace sign while their significant other is bent over the potty seat, clutching their heads.

 Parents feeling sick

These parents are probably gonna spend a lot of time clutching their heads, but probably not on the potty seat. Parents with twins are true veterans of the parenting world; after all, its difficult handling one little being completely dependant on you. Can you imagine two at the same time?

Fun fact: Did you know that eating dairy can increase your chances of having twins?

Have Some Prego With That

This particular pregnancy announcement is quite popular, especially after the famed NFL player Torrey Smith and his wife Chanel did it. They posted a picture of both of them having some yummy spaghetti for dinner, but the kicker is on the bottle placed in the middle of the table.

 Pregnant woman drinking bottle of Prego

The bottle of Prego and the caption of ‘We’re’ pasted just above it is the way this famous couple announced their happy news. The jar of Prego fast become one of the most famous ways to announce an impending baby. This way you get food and the best news you could ever ask for; what more could you want?

Did you know that if you’re pregnant, your husband can experience the pregnancy symptoms as well?

Starbucks For Babies? Nope Just A Parents Inner Wishes

We all know how caffeine is harmful to a baby. And sadly, even though it’s only a danger to the baby, the mommy has to steer clear of it as well. At least until her bundle of joy is born, safe and sound in her arms. Until then it’s probably better if you stick to tea and some fresh juices.

 Coffee for the parents and milk bottle for the baby

This Mama told her family about her impending life change by showing them 3 ordinary coffee cops. The grande size coffee was the father, Regular size tea for the mom and a small cup, with a nibble on top and some milk inside for the little baby. It’s never too early to start a love for Cappuccinos.

Did you know the Starbucks round tables were designed to make you feel less lonely?

Sleep Is For The Week, Or So We Believe In The Presence Of A Newborn

Everyone in the whole wide world enjoys their sleep. No matter how much they might love working, being active and on the move, they all need those 8 hours of rest to recharge. Right now, you might take these 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep for granted, but soon you’ll miss it and appreciate it. As evidenced by this post by two first time parents.

 Black illustration of a man moving a stroller

They told the world they were pregnant by making a post in a red haze, with a black illustration of a man moving a stroller across a street. It looks like the dead of night, meaning it’s been a few weeks, and these first-time parents have entered zombie land. Poor guys, someone should tell them that it will get better soon.

Don’t Stalk Your Favorite Celebrities as They Might End Up Announcing Your Pregnancy

We all love it when we randomly meet our favorite celebrity at some ordinary café. Now imagine if that celebrity is Will Smith. This is what happened with to-be Mama Emily, and she took a chance by asking Will Smith to announce it for her. She made sure not to freak out or stalk, so keep that in mind for your ‘Celebrity pregnancy announcement plans.’

 Will Smith announcing for random woman about her pregnancy.

Will happily took a picture with the ecstatic Emily with a sign that said ‘Emily’s Pregnant.’ Now although this is an adorable and heart-palpitating way to announce a pregnancy, don’t go around stalking your favorite stars in the hopes that they might help you do the same as Will did for dear Emily. So sweet of him!

Who Needs An Ultrasound When You Have Artistic Skills, A Chalk And A Canvas

When you’ve got good enough artistic skills to successfully show the baby in the womb, then what on Earth do you need ultrasounds for? Don’t waste money on printing those beautiful pictures and just take up a chalkboard and draw a likeness of it.

 Man drowing on board his wife’s pregnancy

Confused? Well, just look at this couple; they did it successfully. Gave their guests quite a shock when the man brought out the board and placed it in front of his wife’s stomach. The guest reactions were definitely noted worthy, some were shocked, and some were driven to tears by the adorable image on the board.

Did you know babies can cry before they are even born? They can cry in the womb as early as 28 weeks.

3 Were Not Enough, Here’s Baby Number 4 Crashing in, Too

We all know what happens when we’re not careful and that’s exactly what happened to this couple. They already have 3 beautiful young daughters, but Mother Nature decided that 3 is definitely not enough, so She gave them another. It might be a boy this time, though, who knows?

 Family announcing about baby no.4

The poor girls don’t look happy to have another baby join their midst, the mom looks quite sheepish, while the dad has an ‘Oh well, what can you do?’ kind of expression on his face. The chalkboard in the picture correctly depicts their thoughts tho, ‘Oops, not again.’

We all heard of pregnancy cravings. However, did you know that 30% of expectant mothers crave non-food items? I thought pickles and ice-cream were a strange combo however, some mothers crave soap and chalk. Weird…

3 Is Such An Odd Number, So Lets Even It Up by Adding 1 More

This little family of 5 was happy with what they had but who knew that life had a little extra surprise in store for them. Although unlike other shocked parents, they took the news like champs. Even the kids were happy to have a new little sibling to play with and tease.


Hey, it’s not the parents’ fault; after all, sometimes things happen, and who knows, maybe in the future it might happen again, but hopefully, this is the last surprise or not. This little family celebrates the joyous news by jumping around and showing their absolute happiness with the newest addition to their family.

Fun Fact: A woman in Los Angeles was pregnant for over a year. She had her baby at 12 ½ months!

Fancy Cars Are So Out Of Season, Its Time For A Little Minivan Fun

When you start a family, and you only have one kid, the fancy cars are still okay. After all, even the fanciest cars have enough room for one little car seat and a plethora of things to go with the kid in the car seat. But what happens when a second baby is one the way?

 Baby announce its time to change car

It’s time to put the fancy Volvo away and buy a sensible minivan. After all, if one kid had enough things to fill up the back seat, imagine how many things a newborn baby requires at all times, plus the special new-born car seat to go with it. Sacrifices have to be made, and unfortunately, the first sacrifice is your dream car. Don’t worry, it will be worth it… one day…

No Wine For You, No Not You, You Can Drink All You Want

The first thing you know you absolutely can’t have once you’re pregnant is even a drop of wine. But you can stuff yourself with all the food you want without people looking at you weirdly. Hey, you’re pregnant, you’re allowed! If not, now then when after all.

 Pregnant woman can’t drink wine

This couple showed this exact scenario by a picture of a sad wife with the caption ‘Eating for Two’ and her husband quite happily brandishing some bear to the people and caption of ‘Drinking for two.’ Hey, if the wife can’t drink, that doesn’t mean that the husband can’t sympathy drink for her; it’s the right thing to do, isn’t it!

Fun fact: According to some studies, women are more likely to conceive fraternal twins if she over 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Looks Like Someone Isn’t The Baby Of The House Anymore, Poor Baby

This little baby has got the blues. She’s got a little sibling on the way, and it’s her time to be dethroned, and we all know how much firstborns hate that. Poor kid, she won’t be the complete center of attention anymore, and that’s exactly how the parents announced their news.

 Baby crying and holding a eviction notice

They showed a picture of their crying kid in a crib with an eviction notice and a sonogram plastered on it. Poor kids crying her heart out, she’s being forced to move house from the safety of a crib to brand new bed. How do we tell her that she’ll probably love her new bed and will never miss the crib?

Fun fact: Newborn babies can not taste salty flavors until they are about five months old.

Dogs Are Like Older Siblings, They Need To Be Taught How To Share

Like we said before, dogs are man’s best friend but what happens when your best friend has a baby on the way? Does this mean you’re being replaced as his pal? His world? Nope, this couple’s dog started reading up everything there is to know about babies to avoid the problem of being replaced.

 Dog reading a book that annoce about pregnancy in the family

He figured if he’s a huge part of the baby’s life, then his role in the family will definitely cement itself. After all, who would take a baby’s big brother/best friend away from him? Only heartless people for sure. Plus there’s no better baby sitter either, dogs are known to care extremely well for babies, this couple’s dog is actually reading up all he needs to know about it.

Disney Land And Minnie Mouse Makes Everything Better, Even The Coming Of A Lil’ Bro

These parents softened the blow to their little princess’s heart by taking her to the one place even adults can’t get enough of. Yes, you’ve probably guessed it right, they took her to Disney Land. This little girl was given the news of her impending doom at the one place where no human can be unhappy.

 Little girl holding her brother’s hat on Disney Land

She was seen wearing an adorable Minnie mouse cap that said ‘Big Sis’ while in her hand as if leading her to-come little brother by the hand into the wondrous world that is Disney Land was a Mickey mouse cap with the words ‘Lil Bro’ on it. Isn’t that adorable and also the best way to avoid a tantrum? Tip for future parents definitely.

Robin Or Catwoman? Batmans Got A New Side-kick Coming To Town

If we’ve got some DC fans in the house, then this pregnancy reveal will definitely make your cheeks hurt from the sheer cuteness. The little batman in the family has been told that the arrival of his very own Catwoman or Robin is imminent. He’s even got his batman outfit all ready to wear right next to his side-kicks sonogram. Isn’t that adorable!


What they didn’t tell him was that Catwoman or Robin would be his baby sibling and he the elder one. This poor guy probably doesn’t know what he’s in for at all. Oh well, neither did most older siblings; they made do and so will this little guy. Or so parents hope.

Fun fact: Did you know Catwoman is a ninja?!

Matching T-shirts Can Lead To A Bonding You Never Even Thought Of

All of us grownups know how easily these little loves worm their way into our hearts. We don’t even realize it. It’s as if they somehow make a place in our souls without us even knowing about it. One second they’re outside our bubble, and the next they are so deeply embedded that you can’t imagine life without them. This is exactly what happened with this adorable little boy.

 Boy lying next to his little brother
Source: Pinterest

He was resistant to the idea of a little sibling, but the moment he lay eyes on his Lil bro, he completely changed his tune. It was like a flip had been switched, and who he once considered his enemy was now his best friend and responsibility. After all, no one can protect his little brother better than he could.

The Catch Of The Day Reeled In By A Baby’s Hook

You know how you reel in a fish, and you take it home, and you say ‘This is my catch of the day.’ And you feel this sense of accomplishment well that’s the idea this couple ran with, and boy did produce a ton of laughs from the people who saw their pregnancy reveal.

 Sign that announce about pregnancy

This couple called their little peanut a ‘Catch,’ and not just a simple ‘Catch’ but the greatest Catch in their world. They even have the words drawn around a fish with a small little fishing hook on the side. People reading it put two and two together when they saw the date written write under the fish.

Did you know that until about 2-3 weeks, babies cry without tears?

Breathe In, Breathe Out, Don’t Freak Out, It’s Just A Baby Right?

Can you imagine the fear a parent goes through? The idea of a tiny human being entirely dependent upon you for its every need, mental and physical. It’s a miracle most people don’t freak out and dissolve into hysterics. This couple was one of those people.

 Couple preparing for the arrival of their baby

Rather than dissolving into hysterics, they counteracted their panic by revealing a hilarious picture of them seemingly preparing for the arrival of the baby. Both parents seem freaked out, yet trying not to laugh at each other, and the main theme really revolves around not panicking.

Fun fact: Babies, (both boys and girls) look like they have tint breasts. They form because babies absorb estrogen from their mothers. Careful! These may even leak milk!

What’s One More Clown In A Circus Family, Let The Fun Start Already

Do you know-how in every circus there is always one show with a clown car? Where the whole clown family comes out one by one from inside of a small car and just when you think there can’t possibly be one more clown in the car, out comes a tiny young clown, clutching his bonnet.


That’s exactly what happened with this family, they’ve added a surprise little member to their family and have told the world that they are expanding their circus. The pregnancy reveal is absolutely adorable, with the two older kids hanging upside down from their fathers’ arms, and the unborn surprise still safe and sound until December. I just hope the dad doesn’t accidentally drop the kids!

Another Dr. Seusss Fan Is About To Pop Out Into The Great Wide World

Dr. Seuss is an integral part of everyone’s childhood. These books never get old. They’re practically a rite of passage, so when parents pick up ‘Hop On Pop’ and ‘Are You My Mother?’, what are people supposed to think?

 Parents to be reading Dr. Seusss book

Hopefully, nothing other than, ‘They’re pregnant!’ Dr. Suess is getting yet another imminent fan in the near future. After all, they are the perfect storybooks for infants, toddlers, and in some cases, adults too… especially those who are still in touch with their inner child.

The first time a baby poops , it doesn’t smell bad! It doesn’t have the gut bacteria which makes the poop smell! Don’t worry, though, as soon as you feed the baby, the poop will smell just as bad as you imagined.


Only Child Lonely No More, A New Friend Is On Their Way

Being an only child is fun for a while. You’re the center of your parents’ world but soon enough that attention isn’t enough and you need some friends. Someone to play with, someone to care for. It’s human nature, after all.

 Child holding a sign that announce about new baby to come

And this human nature is exactly what this couple used to reveal their pregnancy. Their little boy’s status as an only child is expiring, and he couldn’t be any happier. He’s got a new friend on the way, boy or girl, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that he will not be lonely anymore. Isn’t that adorable!

Fun fact: One study showed that only children to speak to themselves more than children who have siblings. I guess this makes sense, considering they spend more time alone.

Hop Hop Hop Till You Pop Like A Kangaroo

We all love dressing up, call it human nature in wanting to be something we are not. This heavily pregnant mother dressed in an adorable Kangaroo costume for Halloween, but the real surprise was what popped out of her pouch.


She had a joey popping out of the pouch in her costume. The guests in her home quite literally went, ‘Awwww.’ It was such an adorable sight. Even the hardest of hearts would melt.

Female Kangaroos can determine the sex of their offspring! In addition, they can delay gestation if there is a low chance of the baby’s survival due to environmental factors. Kangaroos are born pretty early. It’s equivalent to a human being giving birth at only seven weeks!

Sign Says, Knocked Up By Baby Daddy

This is a simpler pregnancy announcement, but the simplicity is where the true fun and joy are emanating from. All this couple has done is held up a sign pointing to the smiling baby daddy and the knocked up baby mama.


Just look at the expressions on the couple’s face, you can practically feel the joy oozing out of them. This expression of joy is one of the reasons a lot of happy couples use this idea for their pregnancy reveal. It’s fun and extremely easy to do.

When a woman is pregnant, her feet can grow up to a full shoe size! The pregnancy weight may cause swelling feet, which is also why they appear larger. Don’t worry. Your feet will most likely go back to normal!

It’s A Funny Story Baby, Daddy Fainted When He Found Out About You

Sometimes the husband or boyfriend is genuinely shocked, so shocked in fact that they faint. This mama rather than freaking out and trying to wake up her poor significant other saw the hilarity of the situation and took this picture to give the big reveal to her loved ones.

 Man lying on the floor with positive pregnancy test

The poor guy, he’s lying there on the ground with a pregnancy test stick in front of him with a positive sign on it. This couple’s pregnancy reveals really was a kicker, who knew that he would faint with the shock and joy of an actual pregnancy.

Women who have heartburn are more likely to give birth to babies with hair is an old wives tale. However, researchers at John Hopkins University proved that it’s actually true!

Honey, I’m Pregnant, And I’ve Got The Gut To Prove It

This photoshoot is the oldest way in the book to reveal a pregnancy. It’s basically a man and his pregnant wife standing for a picture. It’s all very straight forward, but what happens when the wife is not the one with the pregnant belly?

 Couple annonce about their pregnancy with the father’s belly

This couple took the old way and twisted it into something new. Rather than the wife being shown with the pregnant belly, it was actually the husband, smiling shocked and the wife standing beside him tall and proudly.

Fun Fact: It’s completely safe to have sex while you’re pregnant. Some people believe that you can poke the baby’s head! Until the end of the pregnancy, the cervix is closed even if it starts to open its okay! Imagine the baby is in a water-filled balloon! If anything hits it, it will push the baby out of the way!

1 Plus 1 Equals 5. Wait, What?

Everyone in the world hates math, but we all know that 1 plus 1 always equals 2. So why did this couple reveal their pregnancy in a mathematical formula by getting it wrong? They say that Dad, who is 1, plus Mom, who is 1, is equal to 5. But how is that possible? Unless…

 Couple announce about pregnancy of three kids

You’ve got it. This lovely duo is expecting triplets! Mamma Mia, they’re for a rough ride. But at least they’ve got their math right. You would think they would be freaked out, but their comical pregnancy reveals definitely suggests that they are up to the triple challenge.

When just one egg is fertilized and splits, you have itentical twins. If it splits again you have identical triplets (which is very rare). Similarly to identical twins, identical triplets are the same sex and share 100% of their DNA. Even their hand and footprints match! They only have different fingerprints and teeth marks.

Let’s Get Those Sympathy Bellies Up And Running Folks

No one can know the sacrifices a mother makes for her child, especially during pregnancy, so why not put on those sympathy bellies and cheer her up? This idea is exactly what this expecting mother ran with by telling her co-workers to eat some doughnuts.

 doughnuts on a box

According to her, we should all have some doughnuts and put on those bellies since she already has a little doughnut ready and cooking warm in her belly, ready to pop out soon enough. She made her pregnancy more apparent buy putting a picture of her little doughnut on the inner lid of the doughnut box.

Fun fact: Did you know that a male fetus can actually get an erection in the womb? I guess it makes sense, just not something I ever thought of.

The Old Onesie And Guess Trick Works Every Time

As the saying goes, old is gold, and this trick is definitely gold. This cute pregnancy reveals will definitely warm your heart and bring a smile to your face. A couple is standing in a warm embrace, you can practically feel their love oozing out, but there is one more thing that stands out other than the hug.

 Couple annonce about their pregnancy with small baby’s shirt

In the wife’s hand, spread out across her husband’s back is a small white onesie, with the words ‘Guess what!’ on them. If the hug made you smile, then the onesie will definitely make you cheer. No one can resist adorable baby clothes, after all. They’re so small, cute and adorable that you can’t help but fall in love with them.

Sun, Sand And Little Feet Are All You Need To Have A Good Day

The beach is the perfect place for a family outing. It’s a place for fun, joy, and laughter and in the spirit of that fun, this couple chose to reveal their pregnancy adorably. They wrote out their delivery date and then stuck some slippers above it too.

 Small feet holding Ultrasound photography

The sweet thing about the beach slippers was the difference in sizes. The largest, of course, belonging to the father on the left, on the right are slippers belonging to the mother, but in the middle, there are tiny slippers with a sonogram propped upon them. If this site doesn’t melt your heart, then nothing will.

This may be a little disappointing for all you expectant mothers but, you’re not actually supposed to be eating for two! On average, you should only be eating 300 more calories a day.

Baby Watch Is Infinitely More Popular Than Bay Watch

All the Bay Watch fans and even those who merely know about it won’t be able to help smiling when they see this mom-to-be in her lifeguard getup. She looks hot to trot, but the baby bump and the caption of her suit give the mom-to-be quite a wholesome look.

 Mom to be with lifeguard getup

Meanwhile, Dad-to-be has apparently gotten the shock of his life and can’t seem to take his eyes off his wife’s bump or the words ‘Baby Watch.’ It looks like someone didn’t know that this Bay had a B missing. All you Bay Watch fans will probably want to emulate this pregnancy reveal, and boy will you have fun doing it. It’s equally as sexy as it is fun. I can only hope to look like that when I’m pregnant.

Two Men And A Baby In Real Life

Sometimes you love someone so much that you can’t imagine anyone else getting in between both of you, but there is one person in the whole world that can. This little someone is a part of you, and you would sacrifice your whole world for them.

 Two men announce about their baby girl to come

This is exactly what these husbands depict by propping up a cute dress and slippers between them while they sit on both sides, staring lovingly at the baby clothes between them. After all, the love of a child is the purest of them all.

Did you know babies are born with only two innate fears? They are only scared of loud noises and being dropped. Every other fear is learned. Whether you are scared of ghosts or bugs, you weren’t born that way!

Breaking News, I’ve Got A Rival On The Way

This mom and dad used their little boy in their fun pregnancy reveal photoshoot. It’s like a movie poster depicting the beginning of an epic rivalry. After all soon, a new little member will join the family, and their older little boy will have to fight for a little attention.

 Big brother to come announcing pregnancy

He’s even got a water gun ready to spray his little brother or sister in the face. He’s definitely prepared for the rivalry of a lifetime, but his expression states that he is looking forward as well to have someone to play with. Just a little more wait left and then let the party begin.

Fun fact: A newborn baby has taste buds all over their mouth. Adults have taste buds on their tongues, but newborns have them on their tonsils and on the back of their throat.

Life Is A Race, And It Starts With A Single Sperm

Usually, pregnancy announcements come out with a picture of the mom and dad to be themselves in it, but this couple chose to dispense with the traditional way and instead sent a card featuring some googly-eyed sperms.


The sperms are racing one after the other to get to where they need to. The card speaks entirely for itself. We all know where sperm is always racing to reach. The card is completely self-explanatory and incites a good laugh from all who receive it.

Did you know babies usually like to turn their heads to the right when they are lying down on their backs? Only 15% of babies will prefer to turn to the left. Apparently it’s related to a certain gene. This may have something to do with why most people are right-handed.

What To Expect When You’re Mom And Dad To Be

To this day there’s still a lot of misconception of what actually happens when a couple is expecting. People think the mom is the one who’s stressed out and worried, and the dad is chill, but this is an urban myth and not at all the truth of the matter. Nope, it’s so far from the truth it could be from Mars.

: Young couple preparing for their baby to come

The truth is the mom-to-be probably doesn’t have a care in the world and is binging out as much as she can for as long as she can, while she has the excuse of being pregnant and the dad is stress reading the famous book, ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting.’

Fun fact: Your voice can slightly change during pregnancy. Generally, your lung volume goes down because the baby pushes the diaphragm. Usually, singers are the ones who notice this.

You’ve Got A Bumpy Ride Ahead Of You

All the first time parents never expect the truly bumpy road they’ve got ahead of them, especially in the first few months of their child’s arrival. But this couple kept it real in their announcement. They knew what they were gonna get and aptly told the world about it.

 First time “shocking” parents

The poor duo looks harassed with bloodshot eyes and a dirty room. Yikes, if this isn’t the perfect pregnancy announcement, then nothing else is. So now that you have read all the funny and hilarious ways people all over the world have revealed their pregnancy, hopefully, you’ve gained some inspiration and some laughs as well.

This one you probably already know. When you are pregnant, you will always have to pee! At the beginning of the pregnancy it’s due to hormonal changes. Later on its because the uterus is pressing on the bladder. Be ready!