Subway Commuters That Make the Ride Back Home a Lot Less Boring

For a lot of us who commute to work every day, public transport can be tedious at the best of times and extremely stressful at the worst. And even if you only use it to get from A to B, it’s unlikely to end up being the highlight of your day. One thing is for certain, though – no matter how mundane public transport usually is, you never really know what you’re going to see.

After all, we have no say as to who we travel with, so that part is always a surprise. And sometimes, it really is a surprise! The world is full of wonderfully quirky people who refuse to comply with societal norms – and luckily for us, in this day and age, it’s easy to document everything we see that’s out of the ordinary. So, sit back and get comfortable, and read on to see the strangest, most anti-social commuters that the internet has to offer!

The Kitty in the Coat

It’s not uncommon to like traveling with a friend – after all, it’s someone to keep you company as you make your way to your destination. However, who’s to say that your friend has to be human – as this woman clearly realizes. She’s opted for bringing her cat along for the ride instead.

Women holding a kitty under her coat

It’s obvious that this woman’s not looking for attention, by the way, she’s hiding the kitty in her coat and glaring at the person taking this photograph. But cats have to breathe, too – which is great news for the other passengers on the train, who were able to get a glimpse of the cute furball. Hopefully, for the woman’s sake, it didn’t get scared during the journey and hang on for dear life with its claws!

Avoiding the Traffic Jam

In recent years, smart cars have proved to be extremely handy for modern city life. Not only are they cheap to run, but they can also squeeze into small parking spaces and weave through traffic in ways that bigger vehicles can’t. Getting one down onto a train platform, however – and then onto the actual train, for that matter – is a whole other story altogether.

man in a smart car on the subway
Source: Pinterest

Perhaps this man just grew tired of battling the relentless city traffic and decided to use public transport to get to his destination quicker. Perhaps he was trying to cause a spectacle and attract attention. Or perhaps he was just looking for some peace and quiet, personal space, and air conditioning on his regular ride home. We’ll never know – but whatever the answer, we love his innovation!

Does Red Bull Give You Wings?

This lady makes us wonder if unicorns really do exist – they certainly do on this London subway, anyway! We’ve all been told that Red Bull gives you wings, but maybe, in this case, it’s caused her to sprout a horn. Or maybe she’s about to turn into Pegasus. Either way, she looks ready for business – a unicorn that we wouldn’t want to mess with!

women on a subway holding a Red Bull

Despite her mystic and captivating appearance, it’s clear from her headphones that she didn’t want to be disturbed. Maybe she’s just not in the mood for conversation, or maybe unicorns just need their “me time,” too. We have no idea where this lady was heading to, but we would take a guess and say that it’s somewhere magical!

The Art of Improvisation

If you’ve ever taken a subway in the middle of a weekday rush hour, during extremely bad weather, or after a big sporting event or music concert, you’ll know just how packed it can get. You end up feeling like a sardine in a tin – and more often than not, there’s nothing to hold onto, let alone anywhere to sit comfortably.

a women holding a plunger in the subway

You’re left swaying back and forth, bumping into fellow passengers and apologizing profusely for your lack of balance to everyone around you. Well, not this lady. She came armed with a plunger and ready to face the challenge of remaining upright. It might look slightly odd, but she certainly gets points for creativity! Sometimes, you’ve just got to do what you’ve got to do.

Train Time Is Prep Time

We all know the feeling of traveling home after a long day at work, knowing that you’ve got a mountain of food preparation to get through before you cook dinner. It’s the last thing you want to do when you open the door and take off your coat and shoes – so why not prep beforehand instead? If only it was that simple …

women making a salad in the subway

Well, for this woman, it is! She’s certainly got on the train prepared, with a chopping board, a knife, and what looks like it could be an onion. Maybe she does this every day to make the most of the time she spends on the train, or maybe she just knew she’d be particularly busy on that day. Either way, it’s a bit unnerving to see anyone with a large, sharp knife on public transport!

The Collision of Heroes and Villains

It would seem that the universes have collided on this busy commuter train, and Darth Vader and Batman have met in what appears to be a showdown between two of the most famous characters in film history. They both look like they mean business and are certainly attracting the attention of their fellow passengers, who are probably wondering who to back if a fight breaks out.

Darth Vader and Batman in the subway

We’re not sure who we would put our money on – it would probably be better for everyone in close proximity if they went their separate ways peacefully! But perhaps they’re on their way to meet even more superheroes and villains – either way, we’re guessing that the Batmobile must be having work done at the moment, which is why he has to use public transport.

The Worst Camouflage Possible

It’s pretty safe to assume that this person really does not want to be seen by his fellow passengers – or anyone, for that matter. This is certainly one way to convey that you want to be left alone! However, it’s actually having the opposite effect, as people are so intrigued by this costume that they’re not just looking, they’re even taking pictures.

man in camouflage on the subway

The lady next to this strange pile of grass seems a little perplexed, to say the least. We can’t say that we blame her – it’s literally the last thing she would have thought she’d see, let alone sit next to, on her journey. Hopefully, that dirt isn’t real – otherwise, the next person to sit on that seat is going to get a nasty surprise!

Always Come Prepared

This is what you call being prepared. This guy knows he’s unlikely to get a seat on the train, so he’s decided to bring his hammock to solve the problem. Not only that, he’s actually bothered to set it up – and to be honest, we don’t blame him, as he looks a lot more comfortable than he would be standing up and holding onto a railing.

A man sitting inside a hammock on the subway

He’s also considerate, as this allows for more people to sit down – including the older gentleman toward the back of the picture. Plus, it gives his fellow commuters a good laugh on their way to work. Overall, we think this is a genius idea. After all, who can deny that a few more minutes of sleep is beneficial in the morning?!

Creating a Personal Bubble

This lady clearly takes the concept of personal space very, very seriously. And with the contraption that she’s bought with her onto the train, no one is going to get into hers today! Her statement is clear, as are her boundaries – and she obviously feels safe and happy enough in her bubble to catch a few extra minutes of sleep!

A women sitting inside a contraption on the subway

This lady isn’t the inventor of this remarkable contraption, though. Officially, this personal space-saving plastic bubble is called a Hoberman, and anyone can buy one. It even conveniently shrinks for easy transport and storage when it’s not in use. It kind of makes us wonder why this isn’t more popular among commuters in busy cities – it’s definitely on our Christmas list.

Pizza-Shaped Sadness

It’s obvious this lady intended to go home and have her pizza, but now, we’re not sure if she will even make it home! She’s fallen asleep on a busy train and attracted the attention of her fellow passengers enough for one to take a snap and upload it onto the internet – and she may have also missed her stop.

A Pizza box on the floor of a subway

But the saddest part of this story and the only thing that we’re certain of is that her delicious-looking pizza has slid out of the box onto an undoubtedly filthy train floor. Is the situation salvageable? It depends on whether you consider the thin paper underneath the pizza to be a suitable barrier for the germs on the floor …

Dear Paper, Will You Be My Friend?

It’s possible that this is some kind of performance art, but it’s London, after all. It’s therefore likely that this man is just talking to a person made out of paper in a way that looks extremely natural. Not that we’re passing any judgment, of course – it’s probably nice to have someone that listens all the time and doesn’t answer back during disagreements.

A man holding a doll made out of paper on the subway

It doesn’t look like it’s been professionally crafted, by any means, but we respect anyone that knows what they want and makes it themselves. It’s unfortunate that, in a city that millions of people call home, this man only has a companion made out of paper, but we’re glad that he seems happy enough.

An Eco-Friendly Lettuce Head

In this modern world, we all talk about going natural, being sustainable, and using only materials that can be recycled, but this lady has taken that idea to the next level. Forget hats made out of cotton or wool, this woman is literally a head of lettuce, as she’s decided to wear a big leaf as her hat of the day.

A women with a lettuce over her head on the subway

Maybe you can absorb more nutrients this way, or maybe it’s cooling in the warm weather. It’s even possible that she just thinks that it looks good on her. However, it doesn’t look like she’s offering any explanations. Hopefully, she has a whole head of lettuce at home so she can replace her innovative, eco-friendly accessory as needed.

Game Time Never Stops

This guy must have been in the middle of some serious gaming, with no intention of stopping for anyone or anything. Therefore, as a result, he’s just decided to take his entire computer console, screen, and controller on his journey with him, so he doesn’t have to lose a minute of play. You can certainly call him dedicated to the gaming life.

A man playing games on the subway

Still, at least he’s content while on his journey, and it doesn’t look like he’s bothering anyone – rather, he’s probably just amusing them! However, a small, hand-held console such as a Gameboy or Nintendo Switch might have been more sensible – and less anti-social – and at least he wouldn’t have to carry all of that equipment when he gets to his destination.

Has Anyone Got the Time?

In many cities around the world, trains are notorious for not keeping to a strict schedule. There are often delays, among other problems, that cause disruption throughout the day. So, what happens when you’re below ground and wondering if you’ll make your appointment on time? Hopefully, you’re riding with a lady like this and her giant timepiece.

Women wearing a clock on her neck on the subway

However, the question is: does it work? If so, then it’s bound to be useful to her fellow passengers as they wonder exactly how late they’re running. But if it’s wrong, or just stopped, then it’s undoubtedly going to cause confusion as people panic that they’re completely off-schedule for the day! Either way, we bet this lady will be a talking point for some time to come.

Tools of the Trade

It’s not at all unusual these days to see someone putting their makeup on in the morning on public transport. It’s actually one of the more normal things a person can get caught doing in this fast-paced, modern world. People always seem to be in a hurry and need to use their time wisely, and we have no problem with that at all.

Women putting on makeup on the subway

This lady, however, is in a league of her own. Judging by this photo, she seems to have left a few brushes at home and is putting her makeup on with a butter knife. We hope it worked the way she intended it to, but we’ll never know what the final look was like. We just hope that no one was harmed in the making of this makeover.

Sleeping Like a Baby

We’ve all been there. After a long day at work, you sit down on a train or bus, and the motions of a moving vehicle soothe you to sleep. No need for a couch, a bed, or even a comfortable seat, because you’re absolutely exhausted. It’s where the phrase “sleeping like a baby” comes from – and this lady is certainly showcasing it.

Women sleeping on the subway

It may look extremely uncomfortable to most people, but this lady is clearly finding comfort in resting her face on the metal part of the seat in front of her. Unfortunately for her, however, the person on the seat in front hasn’t been able to resist taking a snap – and the angle isn’t exactly flattering. No matter, though – she’s recharging her batteries, and it doesn’t look like anyone’s going to disturb her.

This Season’s Knit-Wear

It takes a fair amount of skill to knit an outfit like this, as well as a lot of time, presumably. However, nothing matches the amount of courage it takes to wear it out in public! But fashion is a matter of opinion – and it’s clear that a lot of dedication and love went into this outfit, so who are we to pass judgment?

A man knitting on the subway
Source: Pinterest

This isn’t just a homemade sweater – this is an entire ensemble. And it doesn’t look like it’s complete yet, as this guy still appears to be knitting! Maybe he’s preparing for a long, harsh winter with these warm, cozy garments – although they may be a little uncomfortable to wear on the subway.

The Red Ranger on the Train

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the Red Power Ranger on the train! We’re guessing that he’s on his downtime, though, as he doesn’t seem to be in a rush to get anywhere in this photo. Hopefully, the other Power Rangers aren’t waiting for him somewhere to fight crime, or they may be waiting a while …

A man wearing the red ranger costume
Source: YouTube

Either way, it’s not every day that you see a Power Ranger of any color on the train, and this one is certainly amusing some of his fellow passengers – although he seems quite oblivious to it. If you see any of the others around the city, be sure to let him know about it.

Yes Sir – You Are All out of Luck

We have to admit; this little leprechaun looks a bit out of sorts. There’s little to no luck coming his way; it would seem. Maybe he’s just learned that the pot at the end of the rainbow doesn’t hold any real gold after all. He looks pretty glum and disappointed either way, though – a far cry from the happy-go-lucky mythical fairy-like creature we know and love from Irish folklore.

man wearing a leprechaun costume

Instead, he looks like he’s packed it all in and is running away from his leprechaun life, complete with his pot – albeit empty. Maybe he’s starting a new life away from mischief and chasing gold, or maybe he’s going to visit his leprechaun friends … either way, we hope he’s happier now than he was when this photo was taken!

Anything for Nap Time

Someone obviously did not get enough sleep last night. In fact, it looks like someone got no sleep last night, as you have to be pretty exhausted to even think about sleeping like this, let alone actually being able to. We would say that it’s probably one of the most uncomfortable places and positions to sleep in of all time.

Man hanging from the ceiling on the subway

Still, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, and this guy certainly needed to catch a few minutes of sleep while he had the opportunity. He’s put a lot of effort in, as it can’t be easy to get up there – and actually stay up there – and we respect that. Still, we really hope that he doesn’t fall – it looks like quite a long way down!

Alien-Style “Do Not Disturb”

It may give you a shock at first glance, but don’t be alarmed – this strange facial wear is just a knitted version of the famous face-hugging creature from the blockbuster film “Alien.” Although it doesn’t look nearly as intimidating as the film version, it’s definitely an odd sight to see anywhere, let alone on a journey on public transport.

A women covering her
Source: memeguy

It would definitely keep most people from starting a conversation with whoever was wearing it, which seems to be the point. It certainly doesn’t look as though this particular commuter is up for a friendly chat! Is she even awake under there? Who knows … maybe it’s an elaborate, statement eye mask – either way, we’re staying clear!

One Step Closer to Catching Them All

Usually, you have to catch a Pokémon in order to see it – and that’s normally an arduous task. Sometimes, however, you get lucky and see a life-sized Pikachu on the train! There’s no chance of mistaking this particular one for the real thing, though, as the arm poking out of the mouth is a sure giveaway that this is, in fact, a human in a costume.

Subway commuter wearing a Pokémon costume
Source: Pinterest

However, you’d still be forgiven for being surprised at this sight, as it’s probably one of the last things you expect to see when you get on public transport. And there’s no use asking it where it’s headed to, as you probably wouldn’t be able to hear the muffled answer. Just pray it doesn’t unleash any of its Pokémon attacks!

The Quest of the Beast

We really hope that this guy is on his way to one incredible, magical party because he’s certainly dressed for it. It’s not every day you run into a zebra centaur, especially on public transport, and it’s certainly a sight to behold. If he’s off to a costume contest, we think he’s got a great chance of winning.

Man in a minotaur costume waiting to enter the subway train

This is one extremely brave centaur, as public transport turnstiles aren’t easy to get around at the best of times. For him, though, it’s going to be one hell of a challenge. It might be easier for him to walk through the city instead, but there’s one thing for sure – we wouldn’t be the ones to argue with him!

A Man’s Got to Eat

Sometimes, you just need to get some food inside you, and there’s nothing more to it. You just won’t be able to function properly until you’ve eaten something – we’ve all been there. The difference between this guy and us, though, is that he’s come extremely well prepared. No matter that he’s on public transport – this man is ready for his meal.

Man eating a meal on a tray on the subway

But it’s no ordinary fast-food takeaway that you often see people eating on the train – no, you won’t find any sloppy burgers here. This man has decided to eat a nutritional meal in a civilized manner and has the necessary table, tray, and chopsticks to do so. This is a man who really thinks ahead. Although how it all stays in place while the train’s moving, we’ll never know.

Keeping Up Appearances on the Train

Growing old gracefully and keeping up appearances is what some people intend to do. Others don’t particularly care what other people think of them as they get older. The man in this photo certainly seems to be part of the second group, as he’s dressed in such a way that will undoubtedly attract attention, but clearly isn’t concerned with what people think.

Elderly man in women’s summer outfit sitting on the subway
Source: memeguy

In fact, he’s so engrossed in his newspaper that he hasn’t even noticed a fellow passenger taking a photo of him. But maybe someone like this is what we all aspire to be like. He’s doing exactly what he wants to do, looking exactly how he wants to look, and he seems happy and content at the same time. It’s about time we all started caring less about other people’s judgment.

Showing More than a Little Skin

It seems as though this woman may have left the house without looking in the mirror in the morning this photo was taken. It’s true that everyone should be able to wear what they want, but it does often help when the clothes fit properly. This lady’s top isn’t quite big enough, leaving her with a fair amount of her body exposed.

Overweight woman wearing a crop top in the subway

Unfortunately for her, this means she’s bound to get stared at relentlessly throughout her journey on public transport. She’ll probably have to put up with a few giggles directed her way too – and we know she’s had at least one photo taken of her. She doesn’t look particularly phased, though – and to be honest, we’re a little envious of her confidence!

If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

This really is not something you see every day on public transport. Not only is it unusual for a man to strip off on a train, but it’s also very surprising to see that the man is wearing feminine underwear. We’d like to think that it was extremely hot and that there’s at least some kind of reasoning behind this behavior, but maybe he just wanted to show off.

Elderly woman in underwear on the subway

Either way, this man doesn’t seem to care what other people think of him, as he’s making no effort whatsoever to cover himself up. His fellow passengers that can be seen in the photo don’t really seem to care either. To be honest, he clearly keeps himself in shape, so why not show off a little when the opportunity arises?!

Do You Want to Play a Game?

Have you seen the movie Saw? If not, this may not look as frightening to you as it does to us. If this guy wasn’t planning on scaring anyone, then we have absolutely no idea what this mask choice was really all about. The kid taking the selfie doesn’t seem to mind, though – in fact, he looks more excited about bumping into one of Hollywood’s most twisted killers.

Man in dominatrix outfit standing in the subway
Source: memeguy

However, the man in the mask looks fairly placid, so we’re assuming everyone was safe and that the kid made it to his end destination unharmed. It seems as though the mask may have caused more amusement than terror unless he asked unsuspecting passengers if they want to play a game …

It’s the Eye of the Tiger

Strong, fierce, and beautiful – these are three words that come to mind when we think about tigers. They’re not what we immediately think of, however, when we look at the man in this photo. There’s no doubt as to what he’s supposed to be, which is a small success on his part, but he’s probably the least intimidating tiger we’ve ever seen.

Man in spandex tiger outfit baring his chest on the subway
Source: Gizmodo

Not only that, he appears to be extremely forlorn – perhaps even lost? Either way, he certainly looks a long way from home on the London subway. We hope that he’s not on his way to entertain children, as we’re not sure that the choice of outfit was appropriate. The woman next to him certainly looks like she’s getting a good laugh out of the situation, though!

Judging A Book By Its Cover

It’s extremely common for people to read on the subway as a way to pass the time or catch up on work or studies. However, not everyone should. Or, at least, they should put some consideration into what book they read in public, as not all are appropriate, unfortunately. Just take a closer look at the title of this gentleman’s book.

Man reading a book on the subway that reads “How to meet women on the subway.”

It’s definitely something that he should have read on a kindle or tablet – there was no need for a hard copy. However, maybe he’s hoping that it will catch a woman’s attention and serve as an ice breaker. Or maybe it’s just a joke, and he wants a reaction from his fellow riders. Either way, he’s certainly getting some laughs.

Multitasking at its Finest

Now, this is what multitasking looks like – as well as dedication to juggling parenthood with a career. Sometimes, everything comes at once, and you have no idea how you’re going to manage to fit it all into the day, especially when you have a journey to do and a baby to take care of.

Man carrying a baby is also working on a computer on the subway
Source: Pinterest

No matter to this man, though, who’s managing to get it all done at once. The train journey is no longer lost time – it’s a chance for him to get his work done while the baby naps. However, most people would struggle to hold the baby as well as a laptop – which is where a music sheet holder comes in. This man is laser-focused on the tasks in hand, and we’re impressed.

Letting It All Hang Out

Sometimes, when you’re hot and bothered and feeling flustered – which is often the case on public transport – you just want to sit down, spread your arms out, and relax. Clearly, that’s what the man in this photo felt as he let it all hang out on a subway. Unfortunately for the passengers, however, there was a lot to hang out!

Overweight man with an open shirt sitting on the subway

It’s also pretty clear from his body language that this man wants to be left alone – despite spreading himself out to take up as much room as possible. He’s certainly someone we wouldn’t want to have a confrontation with – it looks like his fellow passengers feel the same, as no one’s even looking his way, let alone making any eye contact!

It’s Time for the Revolution

The American Revolutionary-styled outfit that the man in this photo is wearing was probably related to Hamilton in some way, because, at this point, most are! Maybe he’s a cast member that forgot to take his costume off after he left the theatre, or maybe he’s a die-hard fan. He might even just possibly be a history enthusiast.

Man asleep on the subway wearing an American Revolution war costume
Source: memeguy

We’ll never know for sure, but what is clear is that he’s had a long, hard day doing whatever it is that American Revolutionists do these days, and he’s exhausted. Hopefully, he’s got another outfit that’s just as appropriately themed to wear to bed – although he clearly doesn’t have much trouble falling asleep in what he’s wearing in this photo!

Quoth the Raven on the Train

Is this girl channeling her inner Edgar Allen Poe with this raven? If so, who can blame a girl for embracing poetry, even if the way in which she does it is a little strange? At least her pet seems to be behaving himself on its train ride – although maybe her hard stare is keeping it in some kind of trance.

Goth woman on the subway with a live crow on her leg

The girl is definitely following the rules of a responsible pet owner, though, by keeping the bird on a leash – so at least we know it didn’t fly away and cause chaos on the train. To be honest, sometimes human passengers aren’t as well behaved, so there are no complaints from us here.

Big Foot, Is That Really You?

Who said the yeti was an old myth? Well, according to this photo, you’re wrong – Big Foot is real, and he can be found on trains! Although he’s certainly big and hairy, he’s a lot less intimidating than we thought he’d be, sitting there quietly and in a civilized manner. It seems as though yetis need to get on with their day-to-day business just like the rest of us.

Man on subway wearing a bigfoot costume
Source: Pinterest

Despite the fact that he’s minding his own business, however, the woman next to him doesn’t seem too impressed and is probably counting down the stops until she reaches her destination – or until Big Foot itself leaves. You never know, perhaps she would have been happier if she’d sat down next to a unicorn instead …

Calling All “Subway Maniacs”

It takes a lot to make New York look up and take notice, especially during the morning commute on public transport. Eyes down, headphones in, paper up, no talking – just wait until you arrive at your stop, then get off. Even if someone is causing a spectacle right in front of your eyes, you do not engage.

Man hanging upside down on the subway
Source: memeguy

So, while we’re laughing at this guy making an upside-down ride into the city, no one else in his vicinity seems to have even noticed – or if they have, they certainly don’t care! After all, it’s New York, and when you’ve seen one person hanging upside down on a train, you’ve seen them all. This clearly isn’t what the “subway maniac incidents” are referring to!

Bunnies Make Prized Possessions

The man in this photo may be missing a shirt, but what he lacks in clothing, he makes up for in rabbits – of which he has two. And he certainly does look proud as he gazes adoringly at the bunnies, which are surprisingly calm and collected. It’s like a bus journey is an everyday occurrence to them both!

Topless man sitting in the subway with two white rabbits
Source: Gizmodo

Of course, a photo such as this one poses a lot of questions, the main one being: what exactly are two rabbits and a topless man doing on a city bus? The thing is, we’ll never know for sure, so we can only speculate. They don’t look like they’re bothering anyone, though, so who are we to judge?!

The Return of the Plague?

What on earth is going on here?! There seems to have been some kind of takeover – and we have to admit, we’d be pretty nervous if we were the guy in the orange overalls pictured here. He doesn’t look like he’s phased, though – in fact, he looks quite amused, if not a little perplexed. Maybe he’s wondering if there’s been an outbreak he hasn’t heard about…

Man in construction uniform sitting next to people in bird costumes on the subway
Source: Pinterest

That’s right; these costumes are based on outfits worn by doctors who treated the plague in London. However, while there are a lot of germs on public transit, the plague hasn’t been an issue in centuries – this is a statement piece. Either way, it’s certain that these guys are protected from something, but it’s definitely not from the questioning looks.

A Living Room on The Go

Apparently, the subway seating was not appropriate for this train rider on the day this photo was taken, so she decided to solve that problem by bringing her own sofa to relax on during her commute. Either that or she had just been out shopping, and this was the best way for her to get her new sofa home.

Woman sitting on a couch in the subway looking at her phone

Regardless, she’s undoubtedly enjoying the best seats in the house – certainly the most comfortable, at least. It’s not exactly convenient for her fellow passengers, though, as it’s quite clearly obstructing the walkway and possibly the doors. Moreover, it doesn’t look like she’s offered anyone else a seat! It’s definitely not an ideal object to be sharing your commute with.

Getting a Little Too Comfortable

A little public display of affection never hurt anyone – in fact, sometimes it’s even cute. A kiss or a hug here and there, some hand-holding … it’s all innocent. Sometimes, though, people go a little overboard – and this particular photo shows two people doing just that. Unfortunately for the other people on this train, this is beyond some good-natured PG-13 fun and games.

Overweight woman sitting on top of a man in a motorized wheelchair on the subway
Source: memeguy

This looks like a couple that is very much in love in a very public way. Just looking at the photo is as much awkward as it is funny, so we can’t imagine how it must have felt to be on the same train as them. Clearly, their fellow passengers weren’t impressed – as you can see, they’ve turned their backs!

A Perfect Place to Metamorphosize

As we get older, we realize that sometimes in life, it’s more about the journey than the destination. Traveling can make us change and grow into different people – or in this case, another species. It looks as though this woman thought that she could transform into a beautiful butterfly right on the subway floor, with only the use of a plastic tunnel.

Woman inside a plastic play tube lying on the ground in a subway

To be perfectly honest, we’re not quite sure which stage of the metamorphosizing process she’s currently at, so it’s difficult to say exactly what’s actually going on in this photo. She even looks a bit confused and dazed herself! Perhaps at the next stop, she will be able to fly out the subway doors and continue on her magical journey.

The Train Is Made of Virtual Reality

When traveling on public transport, a lot of people are glued to their phones, some take a book to read, and others are just left to stare out the window at whatever view is on offer. Not this guy, and not this train journey. He was determined to do it his own way – completely removed from reality.

Man playing a game of virtual reality on the subway
Source: Gizmodo

Hopefully, this guy’s virtual reality set got him safely to his destination without the slightest outside disturbance from anyone else on the train. Or maybe he completely missed his stop – that’s certainly not out of the question. After all, how would he even have known where he was?! Hopefully, he made it back to reality at some point, though.

You Can’t Ketchup with Me

What did one tomato say to the passengers on the train? Well, it’s not really clear from this photograph – in fact, we can’t even see a mouth hole from this angle, but we’re hoping there is one. A slice of a single tomato is definitely an odd choice of costume – perhaps it’s part of an ensemble with other people, like a topping on a pizza?

Man in tomato costume standing on the subway
Source: memeguy

Either way, it’s bound to attract attention– it’s not every day that you see a giant piece of fruit on public transport. All we know is that this tomato had better watch out for the doors when it gets off the train, as it doesn’t want to get splattered and end up as ketchup!

Discovering a New Hybrid

There are leading experts who say that dolphins are one of the most intelligent creatures in the world – even comparable with humans. Well, in that case, this human-dolphin hybrid might make for quite an interesting new sub-species. Either that, or it’s just a man in a dolphin costume on a train reading a newspaper.

Man in blue animal costume reading a newspaper on the subway

Either way, it’s definitely not something that you’d expect to see when you get on a train – and it was clearly shocking enough to make this passenger take a quick snap to share with the internet. One thing to note is the strange feet – we can’t recall a dolphin ever having big bear feet like that! It looks like anything goes in the costume world …

Living at the Hotel Subway

Why not save some money and turn a quiet subway cabin into an overnight lodge? That’s exactly what it looks like these guys have done – and to be honest, they look quite comfortable in the photo! It also looks like everyone else on the train got the message loud and clear, as they’ve well and truly steered clear of these sleepy heads.

People sleeping on the seats on the subway

While having an empty carriage to themselves might seem like a good thing, these guys probably should have arranged for one person to stay awake throughout the journey, as it’s not immediately obvious how they’re going to know when they reach their stop. But you never know – maybe one of them was sleeping with one eye open.

It’s a Battlefield Out There

When it seems as though hundreds of people are shoving their way through the doors, getting on a train feels more like you’re gearing up for battle rather than just traveling from A to B. To make it out in one piece, the guy in this photo literally soldiered through the crowds by dressing up as a green plastic soldier.

Man in green army toy costume sitting on the subway
Source: Gizmodo

However, there’s one thing that’s likely to be on everyone’s mind: how on earth is he breathing?! Is he even breathing?! Either way, the get-up is pretty impressive, and anyone would be forgiven for mistaking this person for a plastic figure. We’re wondering if, during his journey, anyone actually poked him to double-check … and did he stand to attention?

Riding with Thick Skin

They say that rhinos are thick-skinned, and this is certainly one way to avoid conversations on a commute on public transport. It’s fairly unlikely that anyone is going to approach you if you’re dressed like this. To be honest, this costume is not only intimidating enough to make everyone stay out of the way but also quite frightening.

Someone in a rhino costume standing on the subway
Source: memeguy

In addition to that, though, this costume poses some questions. For example, how did it even fit through the turnstiles at the station and onto the train in the first place? Will it be able to get out again? Where is this person even going dressed like that? We’ll never know, but what we do know is that it makes for a great photo!

Does Polly Want a Cracker?

We’ve all heard of pirates having a parrot firmly glued to their shoulder, but what about a regular-looking man that’s seemingly on an everyday commute? It’s certainly surprised the man sitting next to their right, who looks surprised, to say the least – and that he wants to interact with the parrot. How can you blame him? It’s definitely cuter than the usual passengers that you sit next to.

Elderly man with a parrot on his shoulder reading the newspaper on the subway
Source: Pinterest

However, we’re not completely sure whether the parrot is actually real or whether it’s a toy – although we’re obviously hoping that it’s the real deal. It looks like the man is keeping it on a leash, so it very well may be! If so, it’s clearly very well behaved – maybe it’s just been given a cracker to keep it quiet.

Beating the Six-Foot Rule

It’s a fairly well-known fact that, in London, you’re never more than six feet away from a rat. It’s quite an unpleasant thing to think about, but the passengers on this subway were made very aware of it. You occasionally see dogs on the subway, and that’s exciting enough – but rats?! That’s an unusual sight. And pet rats, no less – in their owner’s hood.

Man on subway with white mice on his shoulder

They seem to be pretty well behaved, and their owner doesn’t seem to be worried that they’re going to run off anywhere, so we can only assume that they’re used to traveling on public transport. Even so, they’ve attracted the attention of the other passengers, as well as the internet. We hope for everyone’s sake that those rats stayed safely in his hood, as pictured here.

If Can’t See You, You Can’t See Me

Those of you that have read Harry Potter will have heard of the cloak of invisibility … this is not it. Maybe this kid thought he was on the Hogwarts Express train heading straight to begin his wizard training, or maybe he thought that the “if I can’t see you, you can’t see me” rule applied – either way, he seems to have been mistaken.

Woman on the subway covering her face with her hood
Source: Pinterest

Unfortunately, after being snapped in a photograph that has since been uploaded for the whole internet to see, this kid will have to learn that covering your face with a shirt is no way to disappear. Even so, we hope he’s happy in his own little world – it’s probably a better place to be than a packed commuter train.

The Forlorn Lover from the Land of Old

This man traveling on a train with his harp looks like he’s straight out of a Shakespeare play, pondering his lost love and singing an ode to them, wherever they may be. It’s almost like you hear his sad melody as you look at the picture, and you have to wonder what exactly happened to this man to make him so full of woe.

Man playing the harp on the subway

Whatever it was, we can only hope that his lost lover is waiting for him at the next stop – maybe that will wipe the forlorn look off of his face. However, if so, maybe he should ditch the harp, just so he doesn’t look quite so needy. It certainly makes for a great photo, though, so we wish him nothing but luck!

Just Another Day at the Office

Now, this is an interesting photo. It’s really not something that you see every day on public transport. Not only does the man in this photo look like a Playboy Bunny because of the way he’s dressed, but his pose and stance make it seem as though he is preparing for an important business meeting. The bag certainly adds to that effect.

Man in female bunny costume standing on the subway
Source: Gizmodo

Although we don’t know the exact location that this photo was taken, it’s pretty obvious that no one else on the train seems at all fazed by his look – and he really doesn’t look like he’s self-conscious in the slightest. Wherever this place is, it’s clearly somewhere you’re free to be yourself – however unconventional that may be.

No Ghosts On this Train

Maybe there are all kinds of creatures on subways, including ghosts, and we – the general public, that is – just don’t know about it. But this guy seems to be aware, as he’s a fully equipped ghostbuster ready to take on any paranormal activity that may require attention. Thank goodness we have people like him looking out for us.

Man in a Ghostbusters costume on the subway

Judging by the content and happy look on this man’s face, we’re assuming that he fulfilled his job and busted all of the ghosts. He certainly doesn’t seem to be on alert. Also, none of the other passengers around him seem to be worried in the slightest, so it seems as though the subway is safe for another night, at least.

Who Needs Friends When You Have Foxes?

It always helps to have a travel companion, even if that companion is a stuffed fox puppet. Also, you can tell by this man’s shirt and fox ears and tail that this guy sure does love foxes – and he wants the whole world (or at least the whole train) to know about it. Well, his passengers got the picture – literally.

Man in fox costume and fox toy sitting on the subway
Source: memeguy

It seems as though this man is posing for the photo, so it’s unclear whether the person taking it is another fox enthusiast that was accompanying a friend – maybe also dressed as a fox – or whether it was just a passer-by that couldn’t resist the opportunity of recording this strange moment. Either way, it makes for a great photo!

Time Traveling Through London

It looks like this guy came from the 1800s to deliver this little package, whatever it may be. Stuck on a modern-day London subway, this gentleman looks miserable and ready to turn back immediately. We just hope that whatever he’s out to deliver is worth it and that he doesn’t get lost now that he’s in the 21st century.

Man in 1800s costume sitting on the subway
Source: Gizmodo

It may be that this out-of-place man is sitting there wishing that he traveled by horse and carriage instead of the subway, and we don’t blame him – it’s probably a far more pleasant way of navigating the busy city, even if a little slow. Regardless, he’s cheering up his fellow passengers, with one of them unable to resist taking a cheeky snap to share with the internet.

Just Smile and Carry On

When you’re having a bad day, the best thing to do is just put on a happy face and carry on. If it’s so bad that you’re not capable of adjusting your face muscles, then the best thing to do is stick on a cardboard cut-out of somebody else smiling just off give off the impression that everything is fine and dandy.

Man with a large cut out paper head of Connie Chung

That’s exactly what this person did – and it’s made for a fantastic photo! What makes it even funnier is that the body appears to be that of a man, while the face that’s been chosen to beam at the other people on the train is a woman’s. Clearly, this is a person that just wants to travel and look at their phone in peace.

Darth Vader in Subway Wars

In a galaxy far, far away, it seems as though Darth Vader was feeling a little bored with his evil ways and decided to try things out on earth. His first stop? A busy city subway. Clearly, he knew very little about the world of subways and wasn’t best prepared, as he’s needed to sit down quietly for a while.

Man in Darth Vader costume sitting on the subway
Source: Pinterest

In fact, he seems to be minding his own business and not disturbing anyone at all during his journey, which isn’t really like Darth Vader at all. The only attention he’s attracting right now is that of his fellow passengers that want to get a photo. We’re just wondering whether Luke Skywalker got on at the next stop or not.

What Planet Are We On?

There are many theories that suggest we’re not alone in this universe, and the passengers on this train were certainly led to believe that when they spotted this extra-terrestrial being during their journey. Interestingly, it seems as though this one has taken a particular liking to garbage. However, as they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Person in blue costume on the subway
Source: Pinterest

This particular alien doesn’t seem to be bothering anyone, though – it’s certainly not trying to beam anyone up to its spaceship to conduct strange experiments on them. Instead, it’s brightening up the otherwise mundane journey of its fellow passengers – and there’s no harm in that.

President Obama, Is That You?

This photo suggests that life can be pretty grim and spiral downward when you’re not the President anymore. Is this really what has become of ex-US President Barack Obama now that he’s no longer in office? If the man in this photo isn’t him, then it’s definitely his doppelganger – although he may be looking a little older and rougher around the edges.

Man who looks like Barack Obama on the subway
Source: Gizmodo

Still, the resemblance is obviously uncanny; otherwise, the people on this train wouldn’t have bothered to take a photo and upload it to the internet – and it wouldn’t have made it onto this list. We bet it’s not the first time this man has been mistaken for Obama – and it probably won’t be the last either! Still, there are much worse people to be mistaken for.

A Heads Up Would Be Nice

This public transport scenario may well look a little scary to an unsuspecting passer-by, but at least the man in this photo is keeping his small plastic on his lap head nice and warm. Wrapped up in that scarf, the head actually looks pretty snug – even if the whole thing is a bit strange. It’s certainly not something you see every day.

Man with mannequin head sleeping on the subway

The big question: where is the rest of the body? If the man is so concerned about the head’s warmth – hence wrapping it in a scarf – surely he’s given some thought as to where the torso and limbs area? It appears not, judging by how peacefully the man is sleeping – his concerns are evidently minimal!