The Strange Things You Only See on Subways

The subway is part of millions of people’s days. But the monotony and boredom of the routine of the subway commute can be interjected sometimes by strange and unique moments. While it may just be that most people on the subway don’t even look up from their cellphones, these photos certainly caught our eyes.

That Moment You Realize You Forgot Your Umbrella

I can’t say that I’m surprised that no one is sitting beside or even near this man. Although he may legitimately be totally sane and simply forgot his umbrella at home and doesn’t want to get his suit wet, he looks like he’s more along the lines of being clinically insane. But maybe getting his clothes wet just isn’t his thing.

Source: Me.Me

No Seats? No Problem

Ok guy in purple shirt, we get it, you’re fit. But you don’t need to show off, especially with the “I’m just minding my own business” kind of face and holing your iPhone and listening to your headphones. Anyone doing a stunt like this in a subway like that should be making an obvious face that reads “Hey, look what I can do!” But I guess being flamboyant isn’t his thing.

Source: Pinterest

The Sign Says No Dogs, But…

The new law in NYC states that dogs aren’t allowed on subways unless they fit into bags. But did they say anything about tiny little creatures with Halloween witch hats? I think not. This man has taken the liberty to bring his little friend to work via the subway and no one’s gunna stop him! Except, maybe, the subway officials.

Source: Pinterest

Riding in Style

Okay, so if this man is not actually in the middle of a big moving day and he has to find a way to bring his reclining chair to his new apartment, then I really don’t know why this chair is in the middle of the subway aisle. Maybe it was a donation on behalf of a really caring person who happens to despise subway seats. Hey, you never know.

Source: Reddit

Yet No One Seems to Care

Massive male peacock held by some dude in the middle of the subway aisle that could suddenly open his wings and basically hit everyone in the face? No big deal. At least these riders don’t seem to care. New York City has seen its share of strange not only on the subway, but everywhere in the city, so this might actually be seen as quite refreshing.

Source: Huff Post