The Most Incredible Moments Ever Captured On Planes

There’s really something about airplanes. Maybe it’s the flight food, or being in such a small confined space for a long time, but it can really fill people with anticipation. It can also bring out the strangest and most hilarious sides of people.

Whether you’re going overseas, a weekend getaway, traveling with loved ones or embarking on a business trip, we totally understand that the idea of flying to a new place is enough to make you giddy with excitement. You really never know what’s in store, or what thrilling adventure lies ahead.

Still, when you board the flight, you also can never really be sure of what set of characters you’ll meet or what you’ll experience. The flight might even bring out the strangest side of you. And these strange personalities and odd characters can be a recipe for some pretty hilarious photos. So let’s take a look at the most incredible moments ever captured on planes.

Reality Hurts

If you’ve ever traveled on a plane with small children, then you’ll be able to relate to this situation. Parenting struggles like these are real, and don’t just happen on planes, this scenario could pretty much happen anywhere. This tired daddy has clearly learned the hard way that even if his child is balancing on his head, at least his finally sitting down.


On most airplane journeys, it’s easy for kids to get restless and want to see everything that’s going on around them. So if your child is restless and refuses to sit on the seat, then your neck can be the next best thing for a seat. We just hope he didn’t stay there the whole flight!

Another One?

This passenger didn’t quite get the memo about how flights work. We’re thankful that at least they’re sitting on their seat, not across anyone else’s seat. They probably didn’t realize it looked a little strange to sit upside down, or that other people were surprised.


Maybe we’ve been sitting wrong on airplanes our whole lives, and it’s more fun to sit that way. Who cares about airplane etiquette anyway or how the other passengers feel. Or else it’s a new trendy airplane yoga exercise, and we’re the last ones to know about it.


In case you’re a bit lost, the guy in the orange shirt looks exactly like the actor Jorge Garcia, who played Hurley in the epic TV series, ‘Lost’. The premise of the show is that there is a mysterious plane crash and the survivors wake up on a strange island and have to unravel where they are.


So we can totally understand why this guy on the right is a little anxious about his flight. The thought of sitting on a plane next to a TV character who was involved in a plane crash would make any of us a little anxious. We’re just glad that life didn’t imitate art here.

Foot Rest

Now we’re all about comfort. Flights can be pretty uncomfortable, especially if you’re sitting for hours on a tiny seat with no space to move or lie down. So we can understand people that get a little creative and try to find the perfect way to relax.


We know that not everyone can fly first class. And you don’t have a foot rest on economy flights. Still, the idea of lying next to your friend upside down with your feet in the air, and then resting them on his head for the whole flight is a whole other level of wrong in almost every way.

Dead Tired

Long haul flights can be tiring. After the anticipation of packing, traveling and rushing to your flight, when you finally board the plane and find your seat, now is your time to relax. But there’s relaxing and then there’s relaxing.


We’re happy this lady finally found her own way to relax, and the comfiest position to get her nap. While she’s technically still in her seat, she’s also flopped back on the seat in the strangest way possible. It almost looks like a nap from a comedy sketch, so we hope she found a way to laugh at the picture when she woke up!