Wacky Photos that Capture Glitches in Reality

Sometimes in life, we encounter some inexplicable sights. We like to call them glitches in reality. A few of these trippy moments manage to challenge everything that we thought we knew. Some of these glitches are enough to make us feel like we’ve stumbled into the Matrix or entered some kind of parallel universe.

Others are gravity-defying and actually challenge the fundamental laws of Physics. Still, for some of these buggy moments, there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation, due to a clever lighting trick or an optical illusion. Others are downright peculiar, hilariously funny or sheer coincidence, so we just had to look twice.

So let’s take a stroll through some of the most inexplicable, bizarre and incredible glitches ever captured.

Copy Cats

Whether these furry felines both had the same itch on their paw, or they were both practicing for the synchronized Olympics, this sighting was enough to make us all take a major double-take. So, if you’ve ever fantasized what a real copycat would look like in action, then this pair of cats are a winning combination.

Source: botasot.info

There’s no doubt that these copycats spend too much time together, as they look exactly like a mirror image. Perhaps they are really in tune with each other’s emotions and love to do everything together. In any case, it’s enough to make an onlooker stop and stare. We’re just wondering whether they’re about to break into a synchronized dance for the next shot.

Two of a Kind

This photo is enough to make us feel like we’ve entered some kind of parallel universe where every person has an identical twin ghost. Or we just see double. Although these old guys are holding their bags in opposite hands, it does look mysteriously bizarre that they are both wearing matching outfits, caps and a cane.

Source: ifuun.com

If you’ve ever seen twin babies dressed up in the same cute outfits, then you might think it’s simply adorable. However, if you’ve ever encountered two loveable granddads walking in sync behind each other, wearing matching sweaters and a cane, you have to admit it’s a little trippy. Well, they are still loveable and harmlessly matching, and definitely one of a kind so we can forgive them.

A Portal to Outer Space?

At first glance, this luminous hole looks precisely like a portal to outer space. Or at least this is what we would imagine the portal would look like, especially as the hole is glistening in the sun, nestled on a large rock in the middle of a snowy forest. However, to the seasoned observer, you might just notice that this is merely a trick of the light.

Source: ert.gr

If you gaze a little bit closer at this photo, then you’ll see that the hole is actually just a puddle of water. The sunlight managed to hit the puddle at the picture-perfect angle, making it glisten and shimmer in the beam of the sun’s rays. This would have caused a dramatic light effect. Despite this simple explanation, we are still a little curious about whether any animal who drinks from the pool will gain some superpowers or even just be able to see the future.

Another Dimension?

We have to admit, we did have to stare at this trippy photo multiple times before we could process what exactly is happening. Is this a giant moon in a mall? Is it a giant gateway to another dimension? Or is that man simply defying gravity on a moon in a mall? However, on closer inspection, we soon unraveled the mystery, as this a skater is actually inside a mirrored box.

Source: vienman.com

This may just be one of the trippiest optical illusions we’ve ever seen, especially in a mall. In fact, this giant construction is actually simply a mirrored box hanging from the ceiling. The box has been flawlessly designed to give the illusion that the guy is skating sideways through the air. And we have to admit, we were fooled entirely too!

Man in the Mirror

If you’ve ever commuted to work by train, and it’s been delayed, canceled, and you’re left stranded on the tracks, then this station is probably one of the greatest spots to wait. Not only do you get one legendary saxophonist waiting to serenade you, but there is another saxophonist, waiting patiently to hit all the right notes behind him. Or is there…

Source: blog.adgager.com

No, you do not see double. This legendary saxophonist has caught us all by surprise by printing a life-size cardboard cutout of himself and placing it on the wall behind him. Well, ‘the man in the mirror-image’ did catch our attention. The genius move was also was a pretty profitable one for the jazzman. Judging by the number of dollar notes in the suitcase, it seems he has attracted the attention of every commuter and earnt a few bucks for his efforts!

Blue Monday

If you ever had the urge to revamp your look with a unique, trendy and makeover, then you’ll probably hope that you’re going to stand out in any crowd. So when this woman decided to take the plunge and dye her hair blue, she probably didn’t expect to bump into her doppelganger that day. Coincidence? Or is this another blue glitch in the universe?

Source: tastingtable.com

When this woman ventured out with her new blue hair, she probably expected to see many sights. We can only imagine that seeing a woman in the line dressed in a matching coat, yellow scarf, and striking blue hair wouldn’t be on her agenda. This photo reminds us of a scene from the movie Single White Female, where one woman copies everything the other does. Or is it just merely an audition for a blue hair commercial?

An Invisible Car

There is definitely something peculiar happening on this driveway. At first glance, it seems like the photo has strange reflective lines in the middle, with a silhouette of a wheel. But what if we told you that these shiny lines are actually the outline of a car that has been polished and shined to the max, parked on the driveway. Mind-blown? So were we.

Source: blog.adgager.com

In case you ever wondered what exactly what an invisible car might look like, then this would be it. It actually looks like a scene straight of an invisible supercar movie. It’s hard to believe that the car has been polished so much that you can’t actually see it in the photo, or maybe this is simply a trick of the light? In any case, the car is actually taking up half the photo and reflecting the rest of the driveway, shrubbery and everything around it. Talk about a cool camera trick shot!

Life Imitating Art

Is this is another clever case of life-imitating-art? Or has this old gent has been napping on the brown sofa far too long? Well, he might have been there long enough for an artist to paint a portrait of him. Or did he find his inspiration from the guy in the photo? It’s like the chicken or the egg scenario all over again!

Source: blog.adgager.com

We can only imagine that this is not the first time this guy has snoozed on that sofa. We can also guess that was his favorite brown sofa and comfiest snoozing spot. We just wonder just how long this guy was asleep. Or perhaps a relative simply commissioned a portrait of him in his favorite spot, so no one could forget him. It does look like a pretty comfortable sofa, so we can’t blame him!

Tripping Over Rainbows

Oh my god, so many rainbows! While this may look like an eccentric rainbow convention or a luminous trick of the light, the truth is actually far stranger than fiction. In fact, one morning, the residents of Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley woke up to the magical sight of not one, but eight rainbows emerging from the clouds.

Source: roayahnews.com

This kind of rainbow phenomenon is probably something you would hope to see once in a lifetime. And we’re over the moon that this photographer managed to capture this magical shot, so we could all to catch a glimpse too. Maybe there was something colorful in the air that day, or perhaps it was just a rainbow convention glitch in the universe… But who knows.

A Bike Path Scribble

We’re not sure how this scribble happened, or who scribbled there, but we just know one thing. This is one wacky bike path, and it could even win a prize for being the most confusing path in history. Perhaps this pattern was the result of a hilarious fight with the paint machine. Or was it was planned by an edgy new age architect?

Source: pinterest.com

We do have to give kudos to the mastermind behind this scribble. At least they were thoughtful enough and took the time to create a useful sign with precisely the same lines as the path. At least that way cyclists will know what they’re getting themselves into, and it’s probably a pretty good warning sign for them to turn around and cycle in the other direction!

Finding Your Long Lost Twin

Some days you wake up and reminisce about the past. Other days, you decide to go vintage. So you dust off your favorite colorful tie-dye tee-shirt from the ‘90s and venture out to the vintage store to find some antique treasures. However, the chances of finding your long-lost twin at the thrift shop, are almost second to none, unless you run into these guys.

Source: elitereaders.net

We can only imagine that both of these guys woke up in a colorful mood that day. It seems like a pure coincidence, as it doesn’t seem like they both knew each other before. So it was fate or a message from the universe that they both found each other in the same aisle that day. Either that or they had both been in the precisely the same ‘90s themed concert that day.

Copy and Paste

If you ever encounter pooches as fluffy and adorable as these guys, you might secretly wish you could just copy and paste as many of them as possible across the room. Well, this photo looks exactly like that. Has someone has pressed merely copy and paste and created a mirror image of each dog or is this another canine optical illusion?

Source: www.top5.com

Of course, it could just be that these pups had both been playing too much that day and were both tired out. So by chance, they simply both stopped and fell asleep in exactly the same position, which happened to be one in front of the other. We just wonder if there are more of them, copied and pasted around the room, and if we can go visit them!

Double vision

Are we seeing double right now? Or are these just double eggs? Well, these are actually boiled eggs with double yolks. So if you’ve ever seen a double yolk before then, this is your chance. The bizarre part is that there were so many of these in the same box of eggs. Was this another coincidence or some kind of genetic marvel?

Source: blog.adgager.com

There’s a perfectly reasonable explanation behind why there are multiple double-yolk eggs in the same batch. The truth is, one grandmother actually owns a farm with a hen who only manages to lay double eggs. As strange as it sounds, it’s a real thing that hens can do! At least you can guarantee double the protein with every bite!

Flashy lookalikes

You must be wracking your brain whole staring at this photo right now. This unusual sighting might just be a case for science books. Well, it’s hard to explain how these flashy lookalikes ended up on the same path, both wearing exactly the same colorful jumpsuits, with matching red hair. They are also both pushing identical wheelchairs down the street. Is this another glitch in the Matrix?

Source: thehookmag.com

It could be a pure coincidence that these ladies are dressed in exactly the same way. Or perhaps there was simply a sale on flashy jumpsuits in that local store. Maybe the shop assistant threw in some red hair dye for both of them for free. In any case, we’re just happy someone captured this eccentric shot.

In the Shadows

If you took this snap on your camera, you might just think it’s an ordinary shot of a charging cord, reflected on the desk. You might even flick through it and never look at it again. However, to the trained eye, if you look a little closer at the detail of this photo, you might notice that there is an inexplicable loop in the shadow on the desk. Eerie, right?

Source: thechive.com

It seems bizarre that the loop in the wire in the shadow appears out of thin air, as the wire doesn’t seem to curve like that. We wonder if there’s some part of the wire that we can’t see, or that the angle that the photo is taken from is giving the illusion of a loop from one of the curves in the wire. Either this or that wire simply has a mind of its own.

A Poodle in the Sky

At the end of the day, as the sun begins to set and the sky lights up red in the distance, you might gaze at clouds and see some shapes form. As you squint your eyes at this sunset, you might wonder if that shape in the distance is a bird, or is it a plane. Well actually, it’s just a poodle in the sky?

Source: npr.org

Sometimes in life, we have to stare a few times at the clouds in sheer disbelief. And this is one of those times. It really looks like a poodle has been sent by heaven and is sitting above the clouds and it’s uncanny. We can only think that this must have appeared during the dog days of summer.

Nissan Car Club

This might just be the most entertaining traffic jam ever. Well, imagine the chances of driving down the highway and seeing three identical Nissan cars in a row. And no, this isn’t a car commercial for Nissans. What’s more, they are all matching models, and colors. Do all Nissan’s have a secret sensor to find each other, or is this just an exclusive Nissan traffic club and we didn’t get the memo?

Source: ijustsaidyes.com

Just in case you were feeling hopeless that the traffic was not moving, you might look for some entertainment on the journey. And seeing this sight would be a great distraction. It would also provide some material for a great game of eye-spy with your family. Go for it!

Candle Logic

Who said candles have to always play by the rules? Normally, when we light a candle, the wick lights up, right? Yeah, well, that isn’t always the case. Although some might argue they have just one job, to burn at the wick and create an aromatic scent through the air, sometimes they might be feeling more adventurous.

Source: elitereaders.net

So when this flame hopped off the wick onto the candle, we weren’t so fazed. In fact, we totally understand that every now and again, even flames need a change of scenery. So when this flame flew off the wick and managed defied candle logic, we can’t blame them. We just have a straightforward question, how exactly did they manage to stay alight?

An Emotional Onion

While most people can’t help but burst into tears when chopping an onion, we never really stopped to think about whether onions ever felt the same way. Maybe onions are the ones crying. Well, they are facing the chop, but we didn’t realize how emotional onions could be about making it onto your dinner plate.

Source: cellcode.us

This onion seems to be a happy little vegetable, not really one to cry. But still. From the look of their face, it appears that the only tears are tears of joy at being a part of the dinner. The only snag is, now that the onion looks like a happy little creature, we would feel a little bit guilty about eating it and ruining its happy little face!

Is That Photoshop?

Although this looks like a case of Photoshop, or a beginner’s attempt at Photoshop, nothing is as it seems with these photos. And what a beautiful photo at that, if I say so myself. We will never truly understand the logic behind this paint job, but these painters actually chose to paint this brick wall the exact same color as the sky!

Source: foodnetwork.com

We wonder if the painters just wanted to disguise the wall, or create a camouflage effect. Or perhaps it was just by luck that they chose the exact same color as the sky. We just hope they weren’t expecting to attract clients to their shop, as they might have a hard time trying to find it in that shade of sky.

Workplace Synergy

When you’re invited to a tech conference, and the guest list says there’s no dress code, then you can be free to choose any outfit in your closet. So while some want to dress to impress in their suits, you might choose your comfiest cargo pants and a favorite red t-shirt. So what are the chances that you’ll see another tech guy rocking the exact same outfit as you!

Source: clipmass.com

Talk about workplace synergy. These two bearded dudes both turned up to the same tech conference rocking the same beards. Well, you know what they say about great minds thinking alike. We wonder if they could put their brains together and take over the world of tech with their great ideas.

Nature’s Humor

If you asked me what this was, I would say it looks like a cartoon character. While you might initially think that some joker carved a goofy face out of a stone, you might have to think again. In fact, this chiseled goofy face is actually the result of nature’s handiwork. It’s times like this that you might think nature has a goofy sense of humor, especially as it took years of erosion to create this effect on the eccentric-looking stone.

Source: behance.net

The stone is so epic that could even be a masterpiece from a famous sculptor. From the goof-ball eyes to the cheeky side-grin, and even the token white stones that look like teeth, this stone proves that every so often nature has its own off-beat sense of humor!

Friendly Beer

This might just be the best advertisement for happy hour! Even if beer is not your favorite drink, the beer is this glass sure likes you. Just look at its cute little smiley, bubbly face staring up at you. It really is a friendly kind of beer, and it is astonishing to believe that this smiling face was just a pure foamy accident.

Source: flavorsofbogota.com

So if you’ve ever headed to the bar alone to relax and unwind after a long, anxious day at work, or you’re waiting there for your friend to turn up, this beer is just the savior you never knew you needed. If you’re lucky enough to ever order this happy beer, you’ll never drink alone ever again!

Hand Eating Vegetables

Sometimes a carrot is just a carrot. But every once we stumble upon a unique carrot with an unusual growth. However, this carrot takes unusual growths to the next level. Whether this is a genetically modified carrot or a glitch in the vegetable universe, this carrot has grown fingers and looks exactly like a giant carrot hand!

Source: scoopwhoop.com

There’s no doubt that this is the first time we have ever seen a giant carrot hand. It even looks larger than the real hands of the adult male in the photo. Perhaps this supernatural carrot contains superhero powers, or maybe it can help you see as a superhero. Either way, if you’re ever in need of a helping hand, then this carrot can surely be of service.

Does the Bogeyman Exist?

If you’re a parent or you’ve ever babysat small children, then you’ll know how important it is to comfort them at bedtime. You might spend years trying to assure them that the Bogeyman doesn’t exist and reading happy, comforting bedtime stories. But if you accidentally bought this creepy-faced lamp for their bedroom, then you will probably have to comfort them all over again.

Source: newsland.com

We’re pretty sure that the manufacturers who designed this lamp thought it was an innocent red lamp with tassels and swirls. Perhaps they also thought this bright lamp was perfect for a children’s bedroom. However, they probably didn’t realize that when the lights go down, the holes in the lamp produce one of the creepiest faces we’ve seen. We’re just hoping the adults realized before their children saw this!

A Gravity Glitch

Just when we thought we’ve grasped the concept of gravity, some shape-shifting instances throw us off. Yes, you may be right in thinking that there is obviously a ghost that is holding these two strings. But no, you are wrong in thinking that. it’s actually a lot less mystical.

Source: moz.life

In fact, this photo challenges everything we thought we knew. We’re not sure how, or why, but it sure does like that this string is balancing in mid-air, before facing down. Is this another optical illusion, or did gravity somehow shift sideways? We’re still none the wiser. The only thing we can imagine is that this is a special kind of shape-shifting string that actually bends into whatever shape it’s placed in!

A Purr-fect Illusion

Okay, I’m not sure about how real this one is. My brain is telling me it’s Photoshopped. But my heart says it’s too cute. While some may say that cats have nine lives, we’re not sure if this purr-fect image of a cat counts as one of them. In fact, this cat is not some kind of sticker or stamp. Someone actually squeezed some foundation onto a makeup sponge in the exact shape of a cat.

Source: foodmate.me

This optical illusion might just be a little too perfect to be true. We’re also wondering what kind of makeup brand was used to create this outline of a kitty, as every feature looks exactly like a cat with the ears and even a tail. Sometimes in life, we’ll never fail to be amazed.

Beware of the Plant

Have you ever felt that plants were creepy? I haven’t either. But after this, you just might. Have you ever had a strange suspicion that you’re being watched? It could be by a neighbor, a friend or a foe. Although you might dismiss the idea, you’ve probably never imagined that a plant can watch you, straight from the neighbor’s kitchen. Well, this plant looks like it’s seen a thing or two…

Source: deskgram.net

There is definitely something suspicious about the plant in the opposite neighbor’s window. The leaves are arranged so perfectly into the shape of a plant face. We can only imagine that the plant is watching us all, observing everything we do. Maybe this is the next level of nosy neighbors!

An icy Exterior

When you finally brave it outside after a snowstorm, you might feel a little icy-cold and just be happy you’re wearing a warm coat. Well, this Beetle doesn’t look too impressed at having to brave the snowstorm without a cover or coat either. From the look of its icy exterior, the car face looks like it’s trying to tell us something.

Source: Lifebuzz.com

We never realized that cars can be so expressive, but this car is one exception to the rule. It really looks like it’s putting a face on and trying to tell the owner how “You’d better put me in the garage next time.” Ok noted! I feel like this car was the inspiration for the animated movies “Cars.”

A Budding Bonsai Star

If plants were ever to make it to Playboy, this would be a contender. In the world of horticulture, bonsai trees are usually one of the prized treasures in the allotment. There’s actually an art to growing these trees, and many plant lovers dedicate so much time and effort to help them to grow. Still, this bonsai tree is something else. It has the looks, the body and the height for America’s next top bonsai model!

Source: www.justataste.com

We’re pretty sure that this bonsai tree can be admired by all. Just look at the shape of its body and the way it’s posing for the camera. Everything about this tree screams bonsai star, and we’re pretty sure we could find an agent for it in no time.

Holy Bacon

Throughout the ages, many religious believers and non-believers alike have claimed to see Jesus. Even if you don’t believe in miracles, there have been countless cases of his face appearing in the most unlikely places. People have been claiming to see the son of God in pasta, in the clouds, in their beer, and now in their bacon. This one takes the cake.

Source: eggs.ca

And finding Jesus’s face in a pack of bacon is one of the most bizarre places we’ve ever encountered. Now that we have seen the face of Jesus, we’re pretty sure it makes this pack of bacon a little more holy. It’s almost too holy to eat. It would be like eating a stained glass window for breakfast.

A Brave Dental Assistant

Sometimes inanimate objects look like other things. And in this case, this contraption looks like a bull. While some people are afraid of the dentist’s office, you probably think that the dentist or the sharp instruments are the things to fear. However, one sight that you would never expect to see would be the shape of a water buffalo staring right at you while you’re in the dentist chair.

Source: deskgram.net

Perhaps this dentist had a wild sense of humor, or maybe they didn’t even notice that the back of the lamp is shaped like a wild buffalo. Either way, this water buffalo does look like a friendly beast and could even provide a little comfort as you opened wide for the dentist.

Concrete Spaghetti

Although we already knew that concrete is tough, it seems like this wall is trying to prove a point. One thing’s for sure, this wall creature has an iron chain falling from its mouth. Actually, the closer you look at this photo, the more it does look a little like the concrete wall is slurping some chain of iron spaghetti.

Source: deskgram.net

It’s funny how the more you stare, the more the concrete face springs to life. We can only assume that this wall ate a delicious serving of wrought-iron spaghetti and meatballs, and wanted to savor the delicious moment forever! While some see spaghetti in this photo, all I see is a bulldog’s face. A bulldog with spaghetti in his mouth.

A Peruvian Bride

If you’ve ever insisted that you can see a familiar face or an outline of a body in an inanimate object, then the universal term for this is Pareidolia. And this phenomenon is not limited to small images, like stones or food. In fact, most people would agree that this magnificent cliff; Peruvian face looks just like a bride in a wedding dress.

Source: pinterest.com

Throughout Peru, the general consensus for most residents is that this waterfall looks exactly like a Peruvian bride. Aptly named Bridal Veil Falls, the waterfall is a magnet for Peruvians and attracts visitors from around the world. We wonder if there are any folklore legends about the waterfall, like visiting it to bring you luck on your wedding day.

Smoking Cars

This car seems to be living life on the edge. Not only has the driver dangerously driven it into a pole on the side of the road, but it’s also risking it all to smoke out of the bonnet. We have to admit that despite the danger, this photo of the smoking car is nothing short of spectacular.

Source: steemkr.com

Sometimes in life, you can find a pinch of humor in almost every situation. And it looks exactly like the car got a little anxious after the crash and couldn’t wait to find another pole to light up a cigarette! Although we wouldn’t want to see how much the insurance cost of the crash was, we’re just glad everyone is ok and got out of the car unscathed.

A Horrified Mixer

There’s no doubt that mixer in this photo is no ordinary mixer. This is the look of a horrified mixer. Perhaps it’s horrified by what exactly is in the bowl below, or simply horrified by the other kitchen appliances. Either way, it looks so life-like that we just want to comfort it and take it home.

Source: floatingkitchen.netv

Every so often, you have to wonder if designers and manufacturers have a wicked sense of humor. Did the designer plan to create the effect of a horrified mixer, or is this unique design simply a prototype for the next generation of expressive kitchen appliances. All these hilarious photos are making me realize that this is where the creators of Pixar movies get their ideas!

A Cyclist Transformer

This magical motorcycle may just have the ability to morph and transform into any vehicle it chooses. Perhaps it’s a secret transformer character from the movie, and we can only see its superpowers in the shadows. Or on second thoughts, maybe there’s a more logical explanation, like a trick of the light.

Source: pinterest.com

It’s amazing how a clever trick of the light at just the right angle can give the illusion that this motorcycle can transform into a wheelchair. Still, despite this reasonable explanation, it’s much more exciting to believe that this is still a transformer superhero. Maybe the character in the wheelchair has won gold in the Paralympics. With his two arms up in the air, he must have won the gold!

When the Shark had the Last Laugh

Just in case you didn’t already have a certified shark phobia, then this photo is enough to make you never want to dip your toes in the ocean again. Well, you might want to try your best to avoid shark-infested water. However, if you look closer at this photo, you’ll see that the scary-looking face of this Great White shark is actually not a face at all. In truth, it’s the belly of the shark.

Source: pinterest.com

It really does look like this shark had the last laugh when this underwater photographer captured it. And although you wouldn’t really want to approach it, you have to admit that while you look at it from the safety of your screens, it is a spectacular shot of the shark in all its glory.

Coffee Naps

While most people need a piping hot cup of coffee to help wake up from their morning slumber, this cup takes the idea of coffee napping to the next level. From the look of the coffee drool dribbling from its mouth, it really looks as though this coffee is having as much trouble waking up from its nap as us all.

Source: pinterest.com

The way this cup of coffee looks is positioned on its side, with plastic pop out’s for eyes and a drinking hole for a mouth, is uncanny. At one point in our lives, we have all felt just like this coffee, so we can totally relate. Now, if you had to give this cup a name in an animated movie about cups, what name would you give him?

The Shining

At first glance, you will probably see a little white dog on a leash sitting on the steps. You may even wonder why this pooch looks a little bright and a little overexposed. However, when you look again, you might realize that this white canine is simply a mirage. The figure is actually nothing more than the result of the light shining through the trees.

Source: pinterest.com

This is another clever little trick of the light that we almost got fooled by. For the pooch to appear in the shadows, the sun’s beams reflected perfectly through the perfectly positioned trees. Wow, nature is beautiful sometimes. And the best part about it all is that if you’re allergic to dogs, you can simply admire the pooch image, without sneezing.