Pray for the Manager! Karen Memes at their Best

Ahhh…Karens… shakes head-. Entitled, short bob wearing, snobby looking, “Can I talk to the manager?” demanding, annoying human beings. We’ve all seen them – roaming around in restaurants and shops, leaving one-star reviews and tarnishing the reputations of businesses all over town.

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If you’re a Karen, you believe that the rules don’t apply to you. Why? I have no idea.

We’ve gathered the all-time best Karen memes out there. The most extreme Karen moments that will make you wonder whether these people are actually real or if they were just kidding (sadly, they weren’t).

Brace yourself and take a deep breath.

Karen’s Favorite Question

Karens LOVE asking for the manager. Whether they’re at a restaurant or the movies, they’ll likely always find something to complain about. And when their complaints aren’t resolved, asking for the manager is the way to go. It’s their way of frightening the poor employees.

A Reddit thread that tells a funny “Karen Moment” story.
Source: Reddit

For that reason, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as looking at a Karen in the eye and telling her that you’re the manager. In this situation, Karen has yelled at the shop’s owner, right before demanding to see the manager, who delightfully told her that she’s been talking to the big boss all along.

Reviews Are Their Weapon

One of Karen’s favorite past times is to write snarky reviews about how horrendous the service was or, in this case, how the coffee was the worst one they had in their lives—exaggerated, much? Even if she thought the coffee beans were disgusting, why write such a harsh review? I mean, a nasty coffee for one person might be another person’s delicacy.

A chalkboard sign that makes fun of a bad review left by a ‘Karen’ about the coffee shop.
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In any case, this coffee shop didn’t let one sour Karen bring them down. They used it to their advantage, using cynicism and wit as a way to fight back. Instead of being ashamed of the harsh review, they published it for the world to see, laugh at, and get them to enter the shop for a big cup of joe.

Karens and Their Little Chiweenies

For some reason, Karens believe the rules don’t apply to them. It’s as if there’s some sort of sacred halo surrounding them, blocking out rules and regulations that we ordinary people have to follow. This means that it in a no-dog zone, Karen and her little Chiweenie are still allowed in. Or so she believes.

A response to a mean review made online.
Source: Tumblr

Here’s one Karen who took her frustration to the internet and bashed a store for not letting her in with her pooch. The store publicly answered that a no dog policy had been posted on their website since 2010. Gosh, Karen, where have you been this past decade?

They Expect Free Goodies

Not only do Karens expect free goodies, but they also expect them to be delivered to them. Served on a silver platter, if you will. This conversation starts normally enough, but gradually, the true Karen begins to shine, demanding something else to be worth her precious time.

A text exchange between a customer and a seller.
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The guy is giving you a free microwave, Karen. Why in the world would he deliver it to you? And why in the world would he give you another kitchen alliance just so you would get off your butt and come over there to pick up a microwave you’re receiving for free? Sheesh.

They Lash Out for No Good Reason

There are dogs, and then there are guide dogs, who, unlike Karens, ACTUALLY deserve different treatment. Guide dogs are allowed into places where normal dogs aren’t. No argument there. Unless, of course, you’re a Karen. And where there’s a Karen, there’s an argument.

A Facebook post of a girl explaining how a rude woman asked her to get her dog off the bus.
Source: Facebook

So, this specific Karen began by scoffing, “Why is there a f***ing dog on the bus? Get if off.” And when the blind woman politely explained it was a guide dog, Karen refused to believe her, claiming that guide dogs are yellow Labradors, while this dog was black. Ugh… dear lord.

Poor, Innocent Employees

This meme says it all. Karens walk around with their mouths as their weapon, shooting petty remarks at poor employees who are likely underpaid, overworked, and quite frankly, don’t give a rat’s ass about the fact that the coffee wasn’t to their liking.

A cartoon meme of a little girl hiding under the table from a terminator.
Source: Reddit

Don’t get me wrong. When you’re paying for something, you want it to be worth your dime. I get that. Still, that being said, there’s complaining, and then there’s Karen-style complaining. Those are two completely different things.

They Believe That They Come Before Everyone Else

When in medical need, our immediate instinct is to feel like our condition is the most urgent one in the room. That’s totally natural. But what usually comes after is a sort of evaluation of the situation. A hurting leg, for example, is less urgent than a man on the verge of blindness after getting poison ivy in his eyes.

A post telling a crazy Karen story.
Source: Pinterest

Not according to Karen, who, according to this spectator, claimed she yelled at some poor teary-eyed guy to get his butt back in line. Not only that, but as it turns out, Karen’s appointment was set for the week before. But she canceled because she was busy working on her tan.

They Believe They’re the Center of the World

If you want to name your kid something unique, pull an Elon Musk and Grimes. Just throw some numbers and letters to make your bundle of joy sound like futuristic artificial intelligence. But if you don’t want them sounding like a robot, then you’ll have to come to terms with the fact that they won’t be the only ones with that name.

A text exchange between two mothers.
Source: Reddit

This specific Karen seemed to suspect that some stranger was ripping off her kid’s name. She couldn’t handle it when she found it that this stranger’s kid had the same middle name as her daughters. The person being questioned by Karen didn’t even know this alleged Kenzie.

They Expect People to Shower Them With Money and Gifts

Birthdays are exciting! They’re a time of gifts, blessings, kind words, hugs, kisses, and gestures from loved ones. But the thing is that you’re not supposed to demand it. It’s something your friends and family should want to do because they care for you.

On a Facebook post, a woman is asking people to send her money for her birthday.
Source: Facebook

If you’re a Karen, however, then you believe you have every right to demand birthday goodies. In this case, money. Not only did this Karen post her Cash App details as if having money sent to her was the most reasonable thing in the world, but she shamelessly followed that up with a disappointed “smh” when she didn’t receive anything.

A Classic Karen Move

Apart from “Can I talk to your manager?” Karens have another secret weapon they like to pull out every so often: the infamous line – “I’m never coming back here!”

In truth, that petty catchphrase sucks. Because why would anyone want Karen to come back in the first place? She would be doing us all a favor by going as far away as possible.

An employee is sarcastically distraught after she upsets a ‘Karen’.
Source: Twitter

This employee was under fire for confusing a regular order for a to-go. So, Karen got her coffee in a paper cup instead of a glass mug. The employee’s expression is priceless, really. It perfectly captures how sad she must have been to have Karen say she’ll never come back.

This Karen Didn’t Get It

If there’s one thing that people on the internet can’t resist, it’s responding with sarcasm. It’s such a satisfying way to crack a joke and lighten up the mood. This person, however, didn’t get the joke. They took to the internet to complain about the misuse of the name Karen and received a cynical remark in return.

An exchange was made through Facebook comments.
Source: Facebook

This person said that calling people Karen is a form of name shaming and that not all Karens were made equal. That’s when another internet user used the name Samantha to call them out. But they missed the point and got even more offended.

This Shop Is Prepared for Any Karen Who Dares to Walk In

I have to admit. This shop was being extremely polite putting up such an elaborate sign. They could have just summed it up with: “If you’re a Karen, you’ll be charged $10.” Seriously, having to deal with grouchy clients requires a whole lot of mental willpower and calmness.

A sign in a cafe that says all mean costumers will receive an additional 10 dollar charge.
Source: Pinterest

To avoid any unnecessary, petty, entitled, annoying customers, they flat out stated that their pettiness would cost them another ten bucks. Well played random donut/sandwich/bagel store. Well played. I believe every shop should have such a sign.

No Peeing Allowed

The fact of the matter is that dog urine does harm plants. I mean, it’s not the worst thing in the world, and it can even be considered fertilizer to some extent. But when dog after dog after dog stops to relieve themself, then it could be considered quite damaging.

Handwritten signs are stuck to a tree.
Source: Reddit

That being said, putting up a sign with a sad smiley face isn’t going to change the simple fact that dogs will be dogs and that pet owners can’t control and monitor where their dogs pee. It’s exhausting and might even be considered animal abuse.

They Don’t Care About Other People’s Possessions

Flowery gifts and colorful plants from your very own garden have got to be some of the nicest presents to hand out to your loved ones. Think about it, you’ve taken the time to water your plant, tend to it, and care for it with all your heart.

A post made by a woman on Facebook.
Source: Facebook

At first glance, this photo seems nice, right? The Karen who posted this doesn’t look like a Karen at all. That is until you listen to the post’s backstory. As it turns out, Karen clipped these flowers from someone else’s garden. A sneaky thief…

They Lack Proper Reasoning

Karens are not only petty, entitled, and annoying, but being a Karen usually comes with a side effect of not trusting anyone and being totally anti-something without knowing much about it. Karens love to come out with huge statements with not a lot of meat to back them up.

An exchange online between two people.
Source: Reddit

This Karen was called out after refusing to take in any chemical that belongs to – drum roll – an apple. She believed the chemicals were dangerous toxins and quickly responded that she wouldn’t take any of them. Karen, darling, do your research.

Karens Don’t Ask, They Demand

The thing with friends and family (and this is similar to the birthday meme from before), is that they’re supposed to WANT to help you. Their kind acts aren’t something you’re supposed to demand. At best, you can politely ask for assistance. There’s no problem with that.

A list of employment requests sent to someone out of the blue.
Source: Twitter

But Karens don’t ask. They demand. They feel entitled to receive the most preposterous forms of help. Like a Linux laptop or a brand-new desktop screen. As if that’s not narcissistic enough, this specific Karen says she’ll drop a reminder every two days.

Even a Karen’s Kids Suffer

Let’s be honest, Karens make everyone uncomfortable. There’s not one person in the world who feels fine when a Karen causes a scene. Not even a Karen’s kids. As this meme shows, even little kids have better emotional intelligence and social awareness than a middle-aged Karen.

A cartoon meme where a child says that you're bothering people and you should be quiet.
Source: Reddit

A Karen’s kids normally shrivel up into a ball and glare at their mom in horror as they lash out on poor, helpless employees. Unless they’re extremely brave and dare to intervene. Can you imagine having Karen as your mom? Shudder.

Their Arguments Are Senseless

Karens love arguing, yet they’re horrible at it. Their reasoning lacks, well, reason. And their statements are always faulty to begin with. Like this one, for example. This specific Karen took to the internet to boast about her incredible immune system that has battled out the worst of the worst and is alive despite it all.

A comment pointing out that vaccination helps just as much as road safety laws.
Source: Facebook

But another user laid out a similar argument, proving that what she said made zero sense. Because one person is fine, then no vaccines are needed? What kind of a world is that Karen living in? Clearly, a world where only Karens exist.

Way to Go, Karen

Once again, a Karen who jumped to conclusions way too soon and based her petty review on basically nothing. This specific case has to do with a restaurant that wasn’t even open yet! That’s why the customer service was “non-existent.”

A lousy review was left online.
Source: Pinterest

But this Karen didn’t care to look into it. She didn’t get a response from the company, so she lashed out and bashed them on the internet for the world to see. The new spot hadn’t even opened yet, and Karen had already tainted their reputation. Way to go, Karen.

Having Karen Over Is Worse Than a Migraine

There are headaches, migraines, stress-related pains, fevers and then… there’s having Karen over for Thanksgiving. That’s a whole other playing field. Sitting across the table from a Karen requires taking at least five Advils before.

A diagram explaining how Thanksgiving with Karen is the worst headache.
Source: Imgur

Having an entitled person sit next to you and blab on about ridiculous things, complain about basically everything, and lack complete awareness of the situation is more than tiring – it’s downright draining. Hopefully, none of you have a Karen in the family.

They Don’t Make Sense

Here’s another example of a Karen who lacks common sense. Luckily, one internet user saved the day by pointing out that she was talking absolute nonsense. Karen’s logic – if it’s healthy, we’re supposed to be able to eat it. But if that’s true, then the other way around should be true as well.

A funny Twitter reply against anti-vaccine thinking
Source: Twitter

Meaning that something that’s edible should also be injectable, right? Well, trying injecting broccoli into your bloodstream. Bad, bad idea. Food needs to go through several processes before it travels around your body and nourishes you.

A Karen Trick or Treat

Most companies have zero patience for Karens. But the one business that actually benefits from these pretty people are costume stores. And Halloween is the time they make the most moolah. Karen memes have become so popular that they have become an actual costume!

Accessories for a Karen costume are on display at a store.
Source: Tumblr

This costume covers it all. From the name tag to the bedazzled glasses and jewelry. The dollar bills, the pearls, and even a “Can I speak to the manager?” T-shirt! The only thing they didn’t get right was the hair. Blonde, yes, but the bob cut isn’t the typical Karen cut.

Not the Best Way to Prove You’re Not a Karen

In all fairness, it isn’t nice to bully someone because of their haircut. Come to think of it, it isn’t nice to bully someone, period. Unless that person is Karen. This woman might insist she isn’t a Karen, but her response to the situation is very Karen-like.

A woman asks about suing an 8-year-old proves she’s a Karen at heart.
Source: Pinterest

Elementary school kids mocked her for her haircut, so she took to the internet to ask if anyone knew of any LEGAL action she could take against them. Yes, yes, you read correctly – LEGAL action against little eight-year-olds.

Secret Karen

Secret Santa is a great way to bond with your co-workers or fellow students. It’s a fun, mysterious game where you’re gifted things by a secret someone. The whole point of the game is to develop warm feelings of kindness, altruism, compassion, etc.

A text exchange between two women.
Source: Facebook

But not for this Karen. According to this person, less than $120 is unacceptable. When their secret Santa told them that it was way out of their budget, they were actually stunned! “You don’t even have kids… what else would you spend your money on?” Not on you, Karen.

Pray for the Manager

Apart from the regular hairstyle, Karens have other signs that mark them. Sneakers that say “Live, Laugh, Love” on them are definitely something a Karen would wear. It’s cheesy, unoriginal, says nothing, means nothing. But for Karens, vapid sentences like hat are everything.

A snapshot of a woman's sneakers, a classic Karen wardrobe staple.
Source: Twitter

The same sentence can go on their water bottles, home décor, and more items. This specific Karen decided to add the popular phrase to her closet. As a result, one of the people standing behind her in line rightfully captioned the photo they took of her, “Pray for the manager.”

A Total Mockery

When it comes to wildfires, a good idea would be to stay away. Evacuate the area and let the authorities tend to it. This keeps you and your loved ones from getting hurt and allows for plenty of room for firefighters to do their work efficiently.

A post where a woman has to deal with an insufferable Karen.
Source: Facebook

After a fire broke out in Oregon, one concerned woman posted online to warn the rest of the local citizens away. But instead of taking this friendly, caring advice, someone (ahem Karen) decided to mock and insult them.

They Expect Too Much

Karens usually expect a lot of things. They expect people to have answers for all their questions. They expect people to provide them with what they ask for, and they expect people to always speak their language. Such as this lady, who expected a Chinese man living in Shanghai to speak fluent English.

A tweet about a woman yelling at an employee at the airport.
Source: Pinterest

Stuck in an airport trying to figure something out, this Karen got so upset she yelled at the person. The poor guy couldn’t understand English well, and in response, she asked him, “then why are you working here in the first place?” Karen, this isn’t America.

Whose House Is This, Remind Me?

Looking for a new house is a huge task. That’s why these two decided to ask the people on social media whether anyone in the area had any good real estate agents they knew of. One of the partner’s moms acted like quite a Karen when she demanded they think about her when picking their new home.

Comments exchanged between mother and her child.
Source: Facebook

“I hope you don’t get anything with stairs,” she wrote. She basically threw all the two-story houses out of the window. Sheesh Karen, you’re not the one living there, yeah? The partner responded that his wife liked two-story places. He left no room for argument.

Their Reviews Are Senseless

When shopping online, you don’t have much to rely on but reviews. They’re the closest you’ll get to finding out if the product is worth the purchase. That’s why leaving a bad review on a product’s site is incredibly harmful and mustn’t be written lightly.

A mean review that was made about a game.
Source: Pinterest

The Karen who wrote this review, however, didn’t really think things through. She wrote that she couldn’t use the product she had bought with her Wii. The reason is that the product in question was made for the WiiU and not for Wii.

All for One Slice

Here’s a picture of a Karen in action returning a pizza slice because the slice didn’t have enough sauce on it. This Karen got the pizza yesterday and decided to save the slice to bring in to have it inspected. Poor cashier. Just look at her confused face.

An older woman hands a pizza worker a single pizza slice in a plastic bag.
Source: Twitter

This incident is a classic Karen move. It’s such a petty request. I mean, was this slice REALLY so bad you couldn’t stand to eat it? And two, what about the rest of the pizza? So, you ate everything else but one tiny little slice? Classic Karen.

Every Place Has Horrible Customer Service

Some bad reviews are suspicious. Like this one. This Karen claimed to have acted kindly and reasonably about the situation, yet the person who responded stated otherwise. Karen wrote “HORRIBLE customer service.” But was it really horrible?

A review claiming the staff wouldn’t serve a man even though he arrived after they finished serving.
Source: Tumblr

The company responded and reminded Karen that considering the situation and how she acted, they were actually pretty nice. They politely told her that breakfast was served until 10 a.m., and that’s it. Rules are rules. But as usual… Karens believe that the rules don’t apply to them.

A Facebook for Karens

Yelp is actually a swell concept. It was invented to let buyers leave reviews for their favorite or less favorite restaurants. That way, you can decide whether to go ahead and try it yourself. But over time, the platform has become something completely different.

A meme where a guy claims that Yelp is social media for Karens.
Source: Reddit

It’s basically become a social platform for Karens to connect and unite. A Facebook for Karens. And unfortunately, these Karens aren’t really speaking the truth. A lot of them are lying about the places and just bashing them for no good reason.

Rules Mean Nothing

When you’re out in public places, each place may have its own rules and regulations you must follow. And each place has its own requirements for entry. But to Karens, those rules mean nothing. Look at this entitled man who refused a temperature screening just because he bought a few things.

A news report on a man who refused to get his tempeture checked at Disney world,
Source: Facebook

Or a lot of things. This Karen spent $15,000 at Disney Springs. Still, no money in the world could buy you out of needing to do a formal checkup just like the rest of the crowd. You’re on vacation, yes, but that doesn’t mean you can do as you please.

They Don’t Read Signs

Initially, this photo looks fine, right? The person who stuck the first note has a point. Stealing someone’s bike is a huge no, no. No matter how desperate you are, save up some money and get your own. There’s really nothing more depressing than having your form of transportation taken away from you in broad daylight.

Notes Pasted on a pole discuss the causes for the stolen bike.
Source: Reddit

However, the note that was left afterward explains the situation in a clearer light. The person who left their bike there had actually parked their bike on a pole with a handicap parking sign. So, the reason their bike was taken was probably to make room for vans with wheelchair accessibility.

They Cut in Line

When you’re waiting in line in a fast food, fast smoothie kind of place, the best thing you have to do is work on your patience. You’re going to hear complaints, stressed-out customers, and people might want to cut in line before you. But you have to keep it Zen in order to survive.

A story of retaliation against a Karen that cut in line.
Source: Tumblr

This innocent fellow was doing his part waiting calmly in line when a Karen cut in front of him. Thankfully, the cashier saw it all and then rewarded the person who was pushed to the back for their patience and told them “CONGRATS! You were the 18th customer today. Free drinks!”

Accidents Don’t Belong in Karen’s World

Anybody who has worked at a grocery shop before knows that it’s a pretty tough job. You have to run around the store from aisle to aisle, stick price tags on all the items, organize them, unbox them, etc. This Aldi employee was trying to explain all that, but one Karen wasn’t having it.

A post made by a grocery store employee.
Source: Reddit

Karen responded to the post by saying that the employee deserved the abuse. Because no one likes smashed grapes! She was told that accidents happen, but clearly, not in Karen’s world. In Karen’s world, accidents aren’t supposed to happen, and everyone surrounding her is supposed to be on their best behavior at all times.

They Expect Ridiculous Gestures

Dating can be challenging. It can be awkward, uncomfortable, lame, boring, exciting, nauseating, funny, and more. The biggest challenge is that you don’t really know each other yet, so the boundaries and expectations are a bit fuzzy.

A woman tweets a crazy story about a first date.
Source: Twitter

Take a look at this Karen, who brought along two of her friends on a first date with a guy. The poor dude was expected to pay for all three of them. That’s pretty obscene if you ask me. Even if Karen was there on her own, the guy isn’t necessarily supposed to pay.

They Cause Issues and Then Cry About It

If there’s a bad review for a place in a sea of awesome reviews, it can seem a bit suspicious. Either the person is making it up, or the restaurant was having a REALLY bad day. This review, for example, seemed to be completely fake.

A customer leaves a bad review, and the owner replies to set the story straight.
Source: Reddit

After a Karen guy left a one-star review, the restaurant exposed how things actually went down. As it turns out, they were such horrible customers that the restaurant had to call for security to deal with them appropriately.

They Believe Everyone Owes Them Something

Let’s sum up this long post. Basically, this mom is upset because her brother refuses to babysit her kid. She’s complaining about how she’s desperate for some help and that he’s refusing to STEP UP and be an uncle.

A post where a woman's brother won't help out with her kids and she thinks he owes her.
Source: Twitter

Excuse me, Karen. Your brother doesn’t need to do anything if he doesn’t want to. He doesn’t have kids, and he definitely doesn’t want to watch yours. Call a babysitter or figure things out in a different way but please leave your poor brother in peace. He doesn’t owe you anything.