Photoshop Fails That Will Make You Do a Double (or Triple) Take

Photography is one of the most enjoyable artistic forms. But snapping the photo is only the beginning. If you want the image to look its best, you need to do some editing work. In 1988, Thomas and John Knoll created a tool which eventually took over the photo editing industry: Adobe Photoshop. It’s become the industry standard for photo editing. For the most part, photoshopping an image will make the result look better than the original. There’s Photoshop for professional purposes. And then there’s this.

Her Imaginary Friend?

This girl looks like she edited this photo post-breakup. She wanted nothing more than to forget her ex-boyfriend. So what was her way of getting him out of her head and thus her life? By literally cutting him out of the photo.

Source: Twenty Two Words

She didn’t really know how to use Photoshop all that well. So she asked a Photoshop mastermind to erase the dude from the photo. And this was the outcome. Bonus points if she also posted in on Facebook and Instagram.

An Olympic Touch

Photoshop has become a standard in photo editing. So much so that it’s taken on a life as a verb of its own: photoshopping. It has become universal with all digital photo editing – even programs outside of Adobe Suite.

Source: Guff

And here we see the real secret to Michael Phelps’ Olympic success. He clearly had the touch of god, pushing him to the finish line. What a heroic effort to try to isolate Phelps, minus the ghost fingers.

Too Tall? We Can Fix That

This girl didn’t want to look like she was 5 years older than her friends all the time. She decided to take matters into her own hands and try out this Photoshop tool that everyone talks about. This here, folks, was the result.

Source: Twitter

While she did essentially make herself look shorter, like she wanted, she looks more like an alien now. This is a reminder that Photoshopping should be left to the pros.

Three Hands

The sub-heading says it all: “so many waffles, so little time.” What was a superstar to do when there are just so many waffles to be eaten? The only solution? To add on a third hand to allow for maximum efficiency.

Source: Twenty Two Words

This article was obviously written before the famous singer passed away. But the paper must have felt just a little bit guilty. She was clearly going down a downward spiral. And this only put a spotlight on it. Oh well. Tabloids.

One-Winged Airplane

Oi Airlines has revolutionized the way planes work. According to Oi, a plane no longer needs two wings. It can do just fine on one wing. Do you see? It’s seen in the photo that their planes only have one wing. Wanna book Oi? Probably not.

Source: Twitter

Don’t the necessary components of a plane include a fuselage, a cockpit, a rudder, engines, and wings? That’s two wings. This plane is unlikely to pass any TSA regulations without both wings. So for now, it’s an example of how commercials need good editing skills too.