Ouch! The Most Hilariously Brutal Breakup Notes

Breakups can be tough. Whether you’re the one doing the breakup, or the one on the receiving end, there’s no one easy way to say it. In some cases, both sides have been lingering on the fence until one of you has the courage to finally say the words. In these cases, it’s a relief. Still, every so often, a breakup comes out of the blue and catches everyone by surprise.

And while ‘babe, we need to talk” can be the most brutal words you can ever hear, some people seem to have made breakups hilarious. And not just hilarious, brutally hilarious. We’re not sure how, but some people are so creative that they can even make you forget that it’s a breakup, and instead burst out laughing. A few people just broke up in a way that is so cute you can’t be upset. So kudos to these heartless humans who managed to make us all laugh through it all. Let’s take a look at the most savage breakup messages we’ve ever seen.

At least they Were Considerate

This breakup up pizza has to be one of the most bittersweet things we’ve ever witnessed. Everyone loves pizza. Even if you’re allergic, the smell alone is impossible to resist. So if you opened this box of deliciousness, you’ll be in for a cheesy treat. You might even forget to read what is written on the inside of the box.

Source: pinterest.com

Still, when you finally read the breakup message written on the box, you might feel sick to your stomach. But then you look down, you’ll remember there’s pizza. This is a savage, and tasty at the same time. It’s also a cleverly creative way to distract us from any pain. We just hope they found a new pizza companion instead.

This Is Awkward

Ouch! Well, this is one of the most awkward text conversations in history. Talk about getting their wires crossed. While Jacob was blissfully happy and excited for the right moment to ask his love to marry him, it seems she had a completely different idea.

Source: pinterest.com

Breaking up and getting married are pretty life-changing, which makes this text conversation even more awkward. It gets even more cringy that they both thought they were on the same frequency and agreed to declare everything in the classic big reveal ‘let’s say it at the same time’. Life is crazy sometimes!

How’s that for a Message?

Sometimes to really get the breakup message through, you have to think outside the box. We can only imagine that Paul spends most of his time at this jazz club. He probably spends more time there than with his wife.

Source: pinterest.com

So when his wife needed to let Paul know she was serious this time about a divorce, she had probably waited for the right time. Since he rarely came home, she had to think of the next best thing, spelling it out on a huge sign above his favorite spot. She even adds insult to injury by saying “BTW I’m keeping the dog!” Just Wow!

Now you’re Single and Broke

This wife went to new dizzy heights to let her husband know she was ending things. She was clearly mad at his behavior and searched for the best way to grab his attention. As it turns out, she even caught the attention of the whole neighborhood and every car that drove by the building that day!

Source: me.me

This is a classic revenge breakup sign, and Emily didn’t hold back on the details of why she was divorcing him. She even rounds off the message by saying “p.s. I paid for this billboard from OUR joint bank account.” Now Steven is not only single, but he’s also now broke.

Great Joke!

Now we’ve heard some pretty unfunny knock-knock jokes in our time. But surely there has to be a better way to break up with someone than with a knock-knock joke. Maybe they hoped their ‘babe’ would find it funny too!?

Source: cheezburger.com

The only positive thing that we can get out of this breakup, is that at least that babe is no longer with someone who thinks it’s cool to break up with someone over a joke. They did try to save themselves by adding that they “didn’t want to be too harsh”, but this text still takes the cake!