Looks Can Be Deceiving: Customers Who Deserve a Refund

The Internet changed the world in many ways, one being the way we go shopping. Online shopping has changed the retail world forever. Why get dressed leave your house when you can order literally whatever you want from the comfort of your own bed? Whether it’s food, presents, toys, or clothes, online shopping has something for everyone, but there is one little problem: ‘It’s super addictive!

A cut open sandwich with chips served in a dustpan with a brush / A sweet and pretty lion with a mane shaped bouquet you can order online next to the lopsided bouquet that actually arrives, it sort of looks like a lion / The layered haircut a woman got that is uneven and unattractive / A full-grown man is sitting in a child-size plastic chair
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When you start buying everything online, you become too trusting and forget to pay attention to minor details. ‘That’s why, when you order stuff, it ‘doesn’t always come how you expected. Whether an outfit looks better on a model or the size is meant to fit a doll, sometimes it might be worth it to just go to the store. That way, you know exactly what you are spending your hard-earned money on!

Here are some of the most hilarious instances of people who deserve a refund.

Pink Barbie Dress

This girl was so excited to receive the bridesmaid dress that she ordered for her ‘sister’s wedding. But what she got in the mail looks like some kind of Disney princess costume. This is seriously what I would dress my Barbies up in. Either way, everything about the dress is different from how it looks.

A well fitted pink and rhinestone dress on a mannequin/The girl trying on her new dress that is no where near as nice or fancy.
Source: Pinterest

She ‘didn’t end up wearing the dress to her ‘sister’s wedding, but it could come in handy when Halloween comes around. So, it’s not a total fail. I think she learned a valuable lesson, though: ‘Don’t order fancy gowns online… unless ‘it’s from an extremely reliable and trustworthy source.

Easter on Christmas

After his son got 100% on his math test, his dad decided to buy him a chocolate Santa as a special treat. However, when he opened it up, he was shocked to see the Easter bunny. There is nothing wrong with bunnies, it just ‘wasn’t the season. I mean, it’s not like it changed the taste of the chocolate.

A Santa shaped chocolate for Christmas season in fancy wrapping/The same chocolate unwrapped, revealing an Easter bunny shaped chocolate underneath.
Source: Twitter

This ‘isn’t the first time people have mixed up Easter and Christmas motifs. People need to get their holidays in order! So, next time you buy a chocolate Santa, ‘don’t be fooled! There is a huge chance there might be an Easter bunny inside!

Facewash Rip-Off

So, when I buy a bag of chips, I expect it to be half-empty, but when I buy a tube of facewash, it better be full. Well, clearly ‘Garnier’s “Matcha D-Tox” didn’t get the memo. I’m fine with all these fancy band names, but come on. With those prices, filling the bottle halfway is just plain rude.

A tube of Garnier Men oil clear face wash/After removing the plastic covering, it is revealed that the tube is half empty.
Source: Reddit

It literally looks like someone had an empty bottle and poured half of the full bottle into the empty one. Not cool, Garnier. I can’t believe they were able to sell this product. I guess covering the top half of the bottle is their marketing strategy. Either way, I’m starting to pay more attention to the toiletries I buy.

No Holiday Spirit

If you were wondering why you should never buy a Christmas tree that comes in a box, here is a pretty good reason. It’s always better to physically see the tree you are picking out before buying it. Otherwise, you might end up with the lamest tree in town! It barely has enough branches to hold up ornaments.

A nice small plastic Christmas tree that you can order online/the actual Christmas tree that arrived it looks terrible and nothing like what it should be.
Source: Twitter

Sure, a boxed tree can be a cheap and simple option but keep in mind, it might look like this. When it comes to Christmas, you should probably put in a little more effort so you could really feel the holiday spirit. Unless, of course, you wanted a tree that looks as sad as this… To each their own.

Texas Size and Texas Style

Buc-ee’s is a Texas chain of convenience stores located all over America. Like any good store and gas station, they are kind of a roadside restaurant and are known for their delicious BBQ brisket burger, Texas size, and Texas-style. It sounds pretty tempting if you ask me.

A customer holding up his small, sad looking burger in front of an ad for the same burger being called big and bold and with a lot more meat in it.
Source: Reddit

My mouth was watering just from looking at the poster, but that changed quickly. What is so hilarious about this burger is the advertisement. It said “Big. Bold,” which it clearly isn’t. Those are not the words I would choose to describe this very sad excuse for a burger. Someone definitely needs a refund.

I’m Melting!

A chocolate bunny is an all-time favorite Easter treat. Who doesn’t love a chocolate bar shaped like a bunny? Well, when it comes to this one, you probably never would have guessed that it’s even a bunny. I mean, it doesn’t seem like something that would make my holiday feel more festive.

What was a cute chocolate bunny in a box is now a melted clump of chocolate in a box.
Source: Reddit

This product should be sturdy and not sold melted! To be fair, this is probably not the store’s fault. I’m guessing someone forgot the chocolate in their car, and it melted in the heat. Either way, whoever gets that bunny is going to be disappointed.


When I was a kid, I was always fascinated by dinosaurs. I loved learning about them because they are so cool and prehistoric. Plus, they are much more mysterious than your typical cats and dogs. Don’t get me wrong, I love puppies! They are just simply not as intriguing as dinosaurs.

A child’s toy bag filled with what was supposed to be plastic dinosaurs but is, in fact, plastic cats and dogs.
Source: Twitter

This kid was excited when he got a bag of toys that reads “world dinosaurs,” only when he took a closer look, they weren’t dinosaurs at all. The last time I checked, dinosaurs didn’t look like this. Poor kid was probably so disappointed…

At Least It Looks Good

When we need a fun way to pass the time, and the mall isn’t an option, the best solution seems to be online shopping. But the thing about ordering things online is that you should lower your standards. Things don’t always arrive as expected. Take this guy, for example…

A guy wearing what looks like an above the knee gray dress/The order of the gray tank top that was supposed to arrive.
Source: Twitter

All he wanted was a simple, innocent, gray tank top, and what did he get? A dress! He has a great sense of humor, and his online response to the situation was pretty hilarious: “I got this tank top on Amazon and they sent me a dress. On the plus side, it does make my a** look great.”

Here’s Your Order

I used to be a server, so I’ll be the first to tell you, waiters get pretty impatient sometimes, and it’s understandable. Some customers are rude, entitled, and demanding. When this customer complained about the dish he was served, the waiter came back with this.

A cut open sandwich with chips served in a dustpan with a brush.
Source: Twitter

It’s hard to say who is right and who is wrong in this situation, but it’s pretty funny. As much as I can relate to the server, I think the customer deserves a refund. Food should never be served on a dustpan! We’re civilized people here! I’m guessing the waiter was having a bad day…

If I Ordered Pants for My Barbie

The biggest problem with online shopping is ordering the wrong size. When you can’t try stuff on, it’s difficult to know what fits. That’s why many people accidentally order clothes that are a bit too small or a bit too big. But it’s a risk most of us take at one point or another…

A guy holding up the pants he ordered, they’re so small they fit on a cardboard doll/The guy attempting to put the pants on, they barely fit on his big toes.
Source: Twitter

This guy decided to take that chance and order a pair of pants online. Worst case- they don’t fit, and he can give them to his little brother or something, right? Well… no. This one is so ridiculous that it’s more funny than sad. At least if a Barbie doll needs some new pants, this guy has a pair.

Don’t Eat the Cardboard

When this guy ordered a taco, he wasn’t expecting it to come like this. It’s one thing to put Doritos inside a taco but forgetting to take the paper off and throwing the whole thing in the oven a whole other story. Other than the fact that this is a rookie mistake, it could have caused a fire.

A taco pulled open revealing the cardboard hiding inside, which should have been on the outside.
Source: Reddit

Lesson number one: Don’t put paper in the oven. I don’t know what restaurant served this fiasco, but it’s embarrassing. Maybe it was a joke. It’s hard for me to believe that someone who makes tacos for a living did this by accident. Luckily, the customer noticed before biting into it.

Nice Costume

Here is another case of “this isn’t how it looked in the picture. This mother ordered her son a costume online so he could dress up as a superhero for Halloween. She was so excited for it to come and surprise her son, but she was the one surprised when the costume arrived.

A fully equipped Deadpool costume you can buy online/The wonky badly made costume that actually arrived by mail.
Source: Reddit

Now, imagine going trick-or-treating wearing this… It’s not like the picture made it look better; it’s literally a different costume. The color, fabric, and style is certainly not what this mother ordered. Like, what is this is supposed to be? Some kind of pumpkin? It’s certainly not a superhero, but if the kid wanted an onesie, now he has one.

Cheese Please

When it comes to pizza, the world is divided on whether pineapple should be a topping. Some people love it, while others hate it and don’t understand the sweet and salty combination. However, there is one thing most of us can agree on: Cheese is an essential ingredient.

A pizza pie in it’s box that clearly was tipped on it’s side because all the cheese and toppings slipped off the pie.
Source: Twitter

You know that feeling when you are starving and can’t wait for your pizza delivery to come? Well, imagine the disappointment when this family’s pizza finally arrived. They definitely deserve a refund or at least a free pie for this cheesy disaster.

Something Smells Fishy

For some strange reason, when this girl saw this cuddle-size fish pillow, she knew she had to have it. She loves to fish and thought it would be nice to have a cuddle buddy for these long winter nights. Well, she should have thought twice before ordering it.

A plush fish shaped pillow large enough to rest your head on comfortably/The same fish pillow but this time it’s barely the size of a woman’s hand.
Source: Instagram

I mean, it was 2 bucks, so it’s not like she wasted that much money. However, she didn’t get the cuddle fish she was hoping for. The picture certainly makes the fish look much better than what she got. But she really wanted a fish to cuddle with and even stated, “I have never been more disappointed with a $2 purchase.”

Are You Okay, Jerry?

Remember Tom and Jerry? People used to say that my brother and I fought like them, except my brother chased me around to pull my hair, and Tom tried to catch Jerry to… well, eat him. He never succeeded but the on-going rivalry made for some great cartoon entertainment.

A plush Jerry doll that doesn’t look so great, his eyes are squinted, and he looks in distress.
Source: Twitter

So, when this person saw that there is a stuffed animal of his favorite character, he knew he had to buy it. He was hoping to see the face of the cute, little mouse from his childhood, but he got this. Let’s just say this isn’t the Jerry I remember from TV.

It’s the Thought That Counts

There is nothing more romantic than getting flowers delivered to your job. I mean, it’s the perfect way to ensure your girlfriend will have a great day at work. Kane wanted to make his girl smile, so he sent her these, and she certainly smiled… but not for the reasons Kane hoped.

A sweet and pretty lion with a mane shaped bouquet you can order online/The lopsided bouquet that actually arrived sort of looks like a lion.
Source: Instagram

Online, this lion made out of flowers looks adorable. But don’t let looks fool you! While this looks super cute in the photo, the actual flowers look pretty creepy. It doesn’t even look like a lion; it looks like some deformed monster! But I guess it’s the thought that counts.

High Waisted Leggings

Online shopping can be stressful at times. You can’t try things on, and you never know what the actual product will look like at the end. But that doesn’t stop people from buying things on the Internet and getting extremely excited when the package finally arrives.

Purple leggings you can order online/ A women try on the purple leggings she got, and they go all the way above her chest.
Source: Reddit

Sometimes, the order is exactly how we pictured it, but other times we’re just disappointed. When this woman saw these purple leggings on Amazon, she decided to go for it. Sadly, it’s not at all what she expected. I mean, who designed these? I don’t know what those are supposed to be, but they’re definitely not leggings!


A surprise party is always fun and exciting but not easy to plan. You have to get all the supplies, invite all the guests, and, most importantly, keep it a secret. Hiding the party is the hardest part. This lady was doing a pretty good job until the party supplies came in the mail.

A sticker with delivery instructions asking to keep the box a surprise, sadly though it’s stuck on the outside for all to see.
Source: Twitter

The company clearly ignored the delivery instructions, but that’s not the worst part. They gave away the surprise by putting the instructions (that they didn’t follow) on the box. Note to self: Never order surprise party supplies online. Maybe she’ll have better luck next year.

Not What I Had in Mind

Wow… this is one way to fool someone. The picture of the dress looks beautiful and sexy online. Definitely, something I would want to purchase. It looks incredible. But, as we’ve seen, looks can be deceiving. This is why I don’t shop online.

A sexy strappy overlapping dress/The dress that was delivered does not fit at all and has no shape to it.
Source: Reddit

It seems that more often than not, people are disappointed by their purchases; I mean, look at this dress. It’s completely different than the picture. It almost looks like a costume, only I can’t figure out what kind of costume. Seriously? What is that? It’s certainly not something anyone would sell at a store.

At Least They Got Their Money Back

As we mentioned, the pineapple on pizza debate is one of the most contentious in the history of pizza. People take their pizza very seriously. Some people think the sweet pineapple and savory pizza is the perfect combo! Others think it’s absolutely disgusting. There isn’t really a middle ground here.

An open pizza box with a note written on top apologizing for not adding the pineapple topping and a 5 dollar bill stuck on next to it.
Source: Twitter

This person clearly hates it but, why is he working at a pizza store? When I worked at a restaurant, I served people whatever they ordered – whether or not I personally liked it. Either they should take the topping off the menu or give the poor guy his pineapple!

Good Old iPhones

At one point or another, we all experience some form of regret. Since the Internet has made it so easy to buy things online, people experience regret more often than they would otherwise. I mean, we’re pretty much one click away from ordering something that could bring us happiness or disappointment.

A box containing an iPhone 3, an iPhone 4, and a yu-gi-oh fushion card.
Source: Twitter

This woman decided to go on eBay and buy herself an iPhone 7. When her package arrived, she was so excited, only to open the box and find an iPhone 3 and an iPhone 4. I didn’t know those things still exist. I thought Apple makes phones that only last three years, so people will buy the new updated versions. But at least it came with a Yu-Gi-Oh! fusion card…

Reality vs. Expectations

Sometimes, you get really lucky and order fast-food that looks just like it does in the picture. But more often than not, it may look similar, but it’s not exactly the same. Well, this guy’s order is so far from his expectations. Honestly, he must have given them the wrong order.

A box of four chicken McNuggets/The same box filled with tartar sauce and no nuggets.
Source: Twitter

He obviously wanted some McDonald’s chicken nuggets, but that’s not what he ended up with. He got a box filled with tartar sauce and not even one piece of chicken. Maybe they forgot to include the actual food. Either way, I hope this guy got a full refund or a double order of chicken McNuggets for this rookie mistake.

You Wanted an Apple Watch

As we know, online shopping is extremely convenient. You can pretty much buy whatever you want from the comfort of your own bed. However, sometimes it may be worth it to actually see the product before you pay for it. Here is a hilarious example.

a black plastic wristwatch shaped like an apple that is in no way an apple watch.
Source: Reddit

Apple products are usually quite expensive, so when this guy found a Smartwatch online, with a good price, he decided to buy it. And who could blame him? He thought he was getting a deal. However, when the watch came, he immediately realized why the price was so low. At least he didn’t pay full price.

Sponge Bob ScaryPants

Are you ready, kids? Aye aye, Captain! This should sound familiar to everyone because it’s the theme song to one of the most popular Nickelodeon cartoons, Sponge Bob SquarePants. The character can be seen all over the place, on T-shirts, hats, video games, toys, you name it!

A SpongeBob SquarePants ice cream that has one eye and scary looking teeth.
Source: Reddit

And when you have an option of getting a Sponge Bob ice pop, of course, that’s the one you will pick. But when this guy opened his popsicle, it was a horrifying sight. Obviously, it was melted and refrozen, but it looks like a cross between a character from Ah! Real Monsters (if you remember that show), and a minion.

Sneaky, Sneaky…

Some people try to watch their weight, so pizza isn’t their number choice when it comes to eating healthy. However, everyone needs a good cheat day once in a while, but you want it to really be worth the calories. When you think of pepperoni pizza, deliciousness comes to mind.

A microwave pizza with pepperoni in a box/The opened box reveals that there are only three slices of pepperoni instead of a whole bunch.
Source: Twitter

So, this girl wasn’t happy when this is what she got on her only cheat day of the month. The worst part is, it seems like they did this on purpose. I mean, the pepperoni is strategically placed at the part of the package you could see. Hopefully, the taste made this misleading pizza worth it.

What a Haircut, Yikes!

You always need to make sure your barber is legit unless you want to end up looking like this guy. We all experience bad hair days, but they are nothing compared to what this guy is going through. All he wanted was an innocent haircut, but whoever cut his hair needs to be fired immediately.

A sad-faced boy with a truly terrible, short, and crooked haircut.
Source: Twitter

I mean, seriously? This guy is not happy with his results, and who could blame him? He asked for a specific style and got a crooked wannabe 19s mushroom cut. This is going to be an embarrassing look. At least this guy learned his lesson and won’t be going back to that barber anytime soon.

Someone Needs to Get Fired

Who gives out haircut licenses these days? Don’t you have to get certified, or at the very least, know how to cut hair?! A hair salon is supposed to be a pleasant place where you leave feeling great, refreshed, beautiful, and confident. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

The layered haircut a woman got that is uneven and unattractive.
Source: Reddit

I feel so bad for this woman who asked for layers and got… well, this fiasco. Needless to say, she wasn’t very happy with how her haircut turned out. It’s going to take months for her hair to grow out of this mess. She’s definitely going to have trust issues when it comes to hairdressers.

Watch Out for Tinder Girls

This is one evil genius. This girl decided to use her Tinder profile to make money, not find love, and I respect her. I mean, her plan clearly works. She wrote, “send me $5 and see what happens.” Naturally, it sparked curiosity and people sent her the money, it’s only $5 after all.

Screenshots of messages between this girl and her tinder dates where she gets a bunch of them to send her 5 dollars for no reason.
Source: Reddit

But you know what they say… curiosity killed the cat. When many people send you $5, it adds up to a lot of extra cash. She managed to scam a lot of guys before unmatching them. I can’t believe she had the nerve to actually do this.

What Am I Supposed to Do With This?

Here is another example of what you see is certainly not what you get. Adam Hess thought buying a rug online would be a good idea. I mean, it’s a rug… what could go wrong? Everything, apparently. I guess he needed to clarify that he wanted a rug for his room, not a dollhouse.

An embroidered carpet you can buy online/The carpet that arrived can fit in the palm of your hand.
Source: Twitter

The ad said “rug carpet embroidered” but didn’t specify that the size was meant for a Barbie. After learning the lesson the hard way, Adam took to social media to warn others: “Bought a rug online for my room and realized the importance of specifying the size of the product you are selling.”

Sorry, You Weren’t Clear Enough

People on the Internet use their imaginative minds to sell things online. But when purchasing anything online, you need to know exactly what the seller is offering and decide if it’s really what you want to spend your hard-earned money on.

A printout of a gray color scale with the line “50 shades of gray” typed out next to it.
Source: Reddit

When this guy wanted a secondhand version of 50 Shades of Grey, this isn’t exactly what he had in mind. It obvious that he was referring to the book, but the seller took it very literally. Do you think this is devious? Or brilliant? All I know is that this guy didn’t get the book he was hoping for.

I Wanted a Cone

When we buy ice cream, we know we are wasting a whole lot of calories… but on something totally worth it… well, most of the time. But when you’re really feeling wild, you might as well have the creamy goodness served in a cone. This customer was excited to use her cheat day for some delicious ice cream in a waffle cone.

An unwrapped ice cream cone, but there is no cone to be found, just ice cream.
Source: Reddit

However, this wasn’t what she expected. A cone is meant to be a fun way to eat ice cream, and it has a double convenience: It gives you something to hold your ice cream in, and it’s crunchy and edible. Unfortunately, this girl got this. What a sad excuse for an ice cream cone.

Bad Hair Day

Some barbers have been in the business for years and truly enjoy what they do. They are talented and passionate about their work, and you walk out of the barbershop looking and feeling as snazzy as ever. But some barbers are the complete opposite.

Badly cut hair of a young boy, it’s very short in the front and crooked.
Source: Facebook

Putting your hair in someone else’s hands is tough enough, so when they leave you looking like this, it’s pretty traumatic. Someone needs to get fired. This horrific haircut is completely uneven. When it comes to hair, it might be worth spending a few extra bucks and go to a professional.

She Doesn’t Like Her New Look

Here we go again. It looks like humans aren’t the only ones who experience bad haircuts. There is a strange sense of joy that comes with pampering your pets. It’s not like they really know the difference, but it’s fun when they look all cute. That why groomers exist.

A small scruffy dog in need of a haircut/The dog after the groomer with a close shave, straightened ears, and an unhappy face.
Source: Twitter

But when you take your pet to the groomer, you expect them to come out looking fresh and more adorable than ever. Unfortunately for this little guy, one hour at the groomer left him looking like this. Even the dog looks disappointed.

Don’t Drown in There!

Here is another case of “not what it looks like in the picture.” This guy wanted to buy an inflatable pool for his kids to enjoy during the summer. Too bad he forgot to clarify that his children aren’t Barbie dolls. This is so ridiculous; I can’t believe it even happened.

A blue blowup pool with a flipflop in the frame to scale, they’re about the same size/The pool fit inside of the trash can, it lays flat on the bottom.
Source: Reddit

The pool is literally the size of a shoe. A newborn baby could barely fit in that thing. I can only imagine how disappointed this father was when this arrived in the mail. All he wanted was to give his kids a fun summer. At least they don’t have to worry about anyone drowning in there.

Stuffing Sold Separately

Wow…. This is just so sad. Every kid needs at least one cuddly teddy bear. They always have something to cuddle with to make them feel safe and protected when they are sad or scared. This mother wanted to give her child a snuggly companion and got this.

A plump stuffed bear doll/The bear doll arrived without the stuffing.
Source: Facebook

She bought a teddy bear online. What could go wrong? Something can always go wrong. Who knew you could order a stuffed animal without the stuffing? That’s just cruel! This never would have happened if she bought the bear at a toy store like we did in the good old days.

Should Have Bought a Play Station

Peter Clatworthy is a 19-year-old dad hoping to give his son the best Christmas present ever: an Xbox One. After looking on the Internet for hours, Peter finally found one for sale on eBay, but it wasn’t cheap. After careful consideration, he decided that it’s worth the money to give his child the ultimate present.

A miniature-sized PlayStation with a controller that fits in the palm of your hand.
Source: Pinterest

Plus, the seller only had positive reviews, so it seemed legit. After spending an astonishing $750, this is what he got. It’s literally a piece of paper with a picture of an Xbox One on it. It’s sellers like this that give online shopping a bad name.

If I Wanted a Smock, I Would Have Ordered One

Here is a girl who was extremely excited about her cousin’s wedding. It’s the perfect excuse to wear a stunning dress and look better than ever. That’s why, when this girl saw this dress online, she knew she had to have it. It looks amazing! Well, at least in the picture, it does.

A sexy wrap around halter top lavender and blush dress on a model/The same dress that was delivered to a client that has no fit and just looks ridiculous.
Source: Reddit

In reality, it kind of looks like a smock. Don’t get me wrong… the colors are nice. But that’s pretty much it. Don’t worry, she didn’t end up wearing this thing to the wedding. Luckily, she had just enough time to buy a new one – at the store this time!

One Angry Cat

Here is one disappointed looking cat, and honestly, I don’t blame him. His owner gave him a gift, and it’s safe to say Fluffy isn’t happy with it. I’m sure that devilish look wouldn’t be on his face if that thing was a normal size.

A cat sitting next to the cat tower his owner ordered, the size isn’t quite right, seeing as how it’s a size fit for a mouse.
Source: Twitter

It’s unclear whether Fluffy’s owner was playing a joke on him, or he simply forgot to check the measurements. Either way, this is a scratching post made for a Polly Pocket, not a full-sized cat. He is so upset; just look at the glare in his eye!

Technically the Same

Items that change are always amusing. Whether it’s a mood ring or a reversible sweater, changeable things are fun. It kind of makes you feel like you got two things for the price of one. At least most of the time.

A visual example of how the mug changes color when hot liquid is added/The mug that arrived with the visual example instead of the actual images.
Source: Reddit

This poor customer was so excited about her new Christmas coffee mug. It was supposed to change its picture as soon as she put the hot water in. How fun?! Or maybe not. What she got is not what she expected at all. It’s just an ordinary mug with the before and after picture on it. Disappointing.

Get Your Hands Out of There

Pocket placement isn’t something I usually think about, but I think I should start. Pockets are crucial to a sweater design, and this one looks adorable. The pockets are shaped like gloves and you could put your hands in there to warm yourself up on a cold winter day.

A cute sweater with mitten-shaped pockets/The sweater that arrived and it’s kind of small and not well designed.
Source: Twitter

But when the girl ordered this sweater, the pocket gloves didn’t seem to be in the correct spot. Not only are they not on her waist, but they are on her chest. The fact that these are glove pockets might give people the wrong idea. Whoever made this design mistake needs to get fired.

Size Matters

Remember this: Sometimes, when a deal seems too good to be true, it is. However, when things go majorly wrong, what better way to laugh it off than posting it on social media. This guy posted a photo and wrote a caption explaining the situation:

A full-grown man is sitting in a child-size plastic chair.
Source: Twitter

“My boss bought 50 chairs in an online auction… it wasn’t until we went to pick them up that it was at an elementary school!” That explains why they were so cheap and so small. I used these until 3rd grade, and then I got too big for them. Hopefully, the employees aren’t forced to use these tiny things.

At Least She Could Dress Up as a Ghost

Princess Leia is a classic costume for Halloween. It’s cute without revealing too much. The best part about Princess Leia’s white dress is that it looks good on pretty much everyone, no matter your body type and shape.

A store-bought princess Leia costume/The costume looks like a big sheet on the girl that bought it.
Source: Reddit

That’s why this girl was disappointed when her Princess Leia costume came in the mail. She knew she wouldn’t look exactly like the picture, but she didn’t expect to look like a ghost. But that huge smile shows she made the best of the situation and was a way better sport than I would have been.

Rookie Mistake!

I don’t even understand how this happened. Clearly, the shoes this guy ordered are not what came in the mail. I mean, for starters, one is made for boys, and the other is made for girls. Other than the heels, the colors aren’t even the same. All the poor guy wanted was a good pair of shoes that he could do outdoor activities in.

The Manly Hiking boots that are available online/The brown High heel shoes that arrived instead, nice of the guy to at least try them on.
Source: Twitter

He wanted strong shoes that he could walk and hike in without any pain. If you’re a lady out there, you know those aren’t the results you’re going to get with heels. Apparently, this was an innocent mistake, and, luckily, the shoes he wanted came shortly after.

Not What He Was Hoping For

Judging by his hat, it’s safe to say this guy is a huge football fan. And all he wanted was a nice armchair that he could sit in and relax while watching his favorite sport on TV. When he stumbled upon this brown chair online, he thought it would be perfect.

A dark brown leather chair you can buy online/A full-grown man sitting in a child-sized brown leather armchair.
Source: Twitter

Unfortunately for this guy, the leather armchair he ordered was nothing like the picture. He was expecting a comfy spot to drink beer while screaming at the TV; instead, he got a mini chair that should have been made for a 5-year-old kid. Definitely not worth those 83 bucks.

Tent for Two

Camping trips are fun but preparing for them can be such a pain. First, you got to get your gear together, stuff everything in the car, and then unload and set up a campsite. Of course, this also involves pitching a tent, so you have somewhere to sleep.

A full-sized man is poking his head out of a tent that Is about the size of a doghouse.
Source: Reddit

Sadly, this guy’s camping experience was a huge fail. He ordered what was supposed to be a two-person tent, but this is what he got. Maybe they should have specified that they were talking about miniature people. He could barely fit in there by himself!

Bad Wedding Choice

When it comes to your wedding day, the bride usually wants to wear a stunning white gown. This special day only comes around once (hopefully), so it makes sense that every girl wants to look like a princess. Unfortunately, they don’t come cheap, and some women end up spending thousands on a dress they only wear once (maybe twice).

A gorgeous flowing wedding gown being modeled down the runway/The clumpy, not appealing wedding dressed that arrived, it’s definitely not what she wanted.
Source: Twitter

This bride decided to order something pretty online. She figured if it didn’t fit properly, she could get it altered. However, when the dress arrived, it literally looked nothing like the picture. When it comes to your wedding gown, my recommendation is, go to a store!

I Just Wanted a New Cardigan

Wow… this is just sad. When this guy saw this cool cardigan online, he thought he would purchase it to spice up his winter wardrobe. But when it arrived, it wasn’t even close to what he expected. He basically got a cheap piece of fabric with two holes cut into it.

A piece of fabric with two holes cut out in the middle, assuming they are meant for arms/A flowy cardigan cest you can order online
Source: Reddit

He knew buying clothes online involves a risk, but he didn’t expect a cape. Honestly, this one is just so ridiculous. Not only is the color and fabric wrong, but it literally looks like they used scissors to cut out the armholes. The least they could do is pretend to try.

No Carpet, No Problem

This purple rug looks so cozy and could be the perfect addition to your home. It really brightens up the whole room and is often used in interior design in order to modernize or completely change up the vibe of a room.

A fluffy purple rug the size of a room /The rug that arrived looks more like a small bath mat.
Source: Twitter

This guy was so excited when he found a carpet like this online. He wanted a change and was looking forward to his delivery. Unfortunately, this is what came in the mail. It doesn’t even look like the picture! Not only is it so much smaller, but it kind of just looks like a bathroom rug.