Hotel Fails That Prove Why Airbnb is a Better Choice

Now that Airbnb is such a huge thing, hotels are suffering just a little bit. So you would think they would up their game to stay a viable option in the tourism industry, right? Wrong. Some hotels just simply don’t get it. And these are some of them.

Here are some hilarious hotel fails that make you glad you choose AirBnB when your travel.

The Moment You Wish You Had a Button to Call For Help

You don’t have many options when you find yourself in this situation. You can either A) wobble over to the toilet paper roll with your pants around your ankles; B) swallow your pride and use a towel that’s probably a lot closer to you and then find a way to destroy the evidence or C) forget about wiping altogether.

Source: Imgur

You could also call for someone to help. But that would depend on whether or not anyone’s even in your hotel room and what the nature of your relationship is. Whatever you end up doing, you know you’re going to look for the toilet paper before you go into another hotel room bathroom.

A Hotel Paradox

There are signs that are confusing, and then there’s this. This is definitely not the hotel you want to be staying in if there’s a fire or some other emergency. If a fire alarm goes off and you’re already in a panic, you don’t wanna waste precious time staring at two conflicting exit signs.

Source: yeah but/Reddit

So when it comes down to it, you need to choose a direction and hope it’s the right one. Otherwise, you’re going to need to turn around and try every door you see. Come on, hotel, get your s&%$ together.

Well This is Awkward

The story has it, this guy and his girlfriend traveled across the country, and at one certain hotel that has remained nameless, he managed to somehow get stuck inside the shower stall. His girlfriend had to call the front desk. But it took three hours to get a repairman to get there!

Source: wilsononreddit/Reddit

Who would ever worry about getting stuck in the shower? This dude is lucky his girlfriend was with him. If not, he would have spent a heck of a lot longer in that shower with nothing other than his towel and his thoughts.

A Hotel With a Pool, I Hear?

When you hear of advertisement fraud, I think this is what they’re referring to. The online ad said a Motel 6 with a pool. Hmm… If they meant pool, they were referring to the remnant of what was a pool back in 1978.

Source: Martynypm/Reddit

And I don’t know what’s worse – the fact that they filled the pool with earth and grass or the fact that the hotel and its surroundings look like it survived the disaster of Chernobyl. Whatever it is, it sucks. And I would want my money back.

Zero F^ Given

Now, this can be a prank pulled by another hotel goer for sure. But this could also be a display of a hotel employee simply not giving a $%#. I can only imagine the type of food that’s served at this restaurant, too. I would bet that it wouldn’t be very appetizing.

Source: sandberg_93/Reddit

You probably order a full breakfast plate with eggs, bacon, and home fries but in reality, you get a plate with one egg sunny side up, one sausage, and about 7 home fries. And the ketchup on the table is probably empty.

Mixed Messages

Hotels are usually pretty straight forward. You go there for a relaxing vacation to clear your mind. However, things didn’t work out that way for William. His hotel stay was filled with confusion.

Hotel ashtray
Source: Watson

The ashtray in his room has a no smoking symbol. No smoking is a common rule in many hotels, but why would they give him an ashtray? What else do people use ashtrays for? Am I missing something?

So Close, Yet So Far

Brandon was staying in a hotel when he went to work out of town. After a long flight and a business dinner, Brandon was happy to get to his hotel room so he could finally go to the bathroom.

A balcony
Source: Funnyjunk

However, it wasn’t until after he used the bathroom that he noticed how far away the toilet paper was. This is pretty funny but who designed this room? I mean, how do you miss that?

Maybe Nobody will Notice

Here is a perfect example of a horrible design that was not thought through at all. Does this hotel think nobody will notice? I don’t understand why they won’t just extend the faucet and fix the problem.

Hotel bathroom
Source: Baomoi

If you want to check out this useless sink and badly build faucet, visit the Scandic Helsinki. Believe it or not, this is a five-star business hotel. What a disappointment.

Try and Find Your Room

If you want to have a difficult time trying to find your hotel room, we’ve found the place for you. This hotel is either trying to mess with its guests or didn’t think this through at all.

Hotel room numbers
Source: Reddit

Like who thought this was a good idea. Maybe the hotel wanted the guests to play a game. Even finding your room is an adventure. Personally, I think it’s frustrating and would never stay at this hotel.

Quite the View

When Jake went on his first vacation in five years, his only request was a room with a view. He got to his room excited to look out at the pool, some trees, or even a parking lot.

a wall behind shades
Source: Pinterest

Instead, he got this wonderful view. Can you imagine opening curtains, only for a concrete wall to be behind it? What’s the point of even having curtains there at all?

No Hot Showers Allowed

Hotel stays are a supposed to be a nice relaxing place to stay on vacation. In Jenny’s case, she would have preferred to stay home where she could take a nice hot shower.

Shower rail
Source: Twitter

It wasn’t even that the hotel didn’t have hot water. It was because the shower was designed so badly that you can’t move the handle! Who would think to be a railing right there?

Try and Steal the Wifi

In this generation, wifi is essential. Most people wouldn’t stay at a hotel that didn’t provide wifi. However most hotels keep their wifi locked so that people in surrounding areas can’t steal it.

Hotel wifi password
Source: Watson

The password usually consists of the name of the hotel with a few numbers after and it goes to hotel guests only. This hotel clearly wanted to make sure no one can figure out their wifi password.

Tricky Elevator

This sign is pretty funny, but only because I’m not riding that elevator. How do you even get into a situation like this? Did the designer for this hotel really not know how to count?

Hotel elevator sign
Source: Pinterest

This shouldn’t be such a difficult problem to fix; all they have to do is change the number. It’s pretty hilarious to see though. Some designs really need to be checked and approved before being built.

Don’t judge me for my Cart

Hotel carts are a staple at every hotel. It’s an easy and convenient way to carry around towels, sheets, and food for the guests. However Amy, couldn’t find her cart and was about to start her shift.

Hotel cart as a shopping cart
Source: Taringa!

She did what any good maid would have done. Instead of a hotel cart, she resorted to the next best thing, a shopping cart. This picture does look a little strange, but at least it got the job done.

Fooled Ya

The older I get, the more I realize how important cabinet space is. Walking into a hotel room with a ton of cabinets in the kitchen is amazing because you have so much space!

Useless cabinet
Source: Reddit

However, this hotel is a tease. Can you imagine getting super excited for cabinets and open them to find this? Who would even think to put doors there if they don’t lead to anything?

Worst Hotel Ever

People stay at hotels for vacation. Usually, all they want to do is eat, drink and spend time with their loved one. This hotel sure knows how to suck the fun out of life.

Hotel rules
Source: Imgur

Why would anybody choose to stay at a hotel that allows just one person per bed? Do they not know what hotels are for? Plus, if you are stuck sleeping alone, you can’t even drink away your sorrows.

Romantic Getaway

Jim and Linda have five children. When Linda’s parents came to watch the kids, the couple decided to go on a very much needed vacation. However, as soon as they arrived at the hotel, they were ready to go home.

Hotel bathroom in front of the bed
Source: Watson

I just want to know who thought this was a good idea. Yeah, let’s just put the toilet across from the bed. I wouldn’t sleep there. That room is going to get stinky really fast!

I Better be Parking on Diamonds

Most hotels have a parking fee. Overly paying for things is a common theme on vacation. When James went on a business trip, he knew he would pay a lot for parking, but he didn’t think he would spend over eighty thousand dollars!

Hotel parking fee
Source: Imgur

The machine thought James’s parking ticket was from 1994 and charged him accordingly. Don’t worry, this was quickly sorted out and he didn’t pay that much for parking.


Is it that hard to put salt and pepper directly into the shakers? Apparently, it is for this hotel. They aren’t even pretending to try. I don’t understand the point of this.

salt in pepper packets in salt and pepper shakers
Source: Reddit

It makes for a hilarious picture, but these salt and pepper shakers are completely useless. It would look much classier if they left the salt and pepper shakers on the table.

Soup Dispenser

When Stacy went on spring break, she took a photo of the soap dispenser at the hotel she was staying at. I guess this is an accidental spelling error, but clearly that’s not soup.

Hotel soap dispenser
Source: Pinterest

I’m surprised that no one on the hotel staff noticed and fixed it. One of them has got to know how to spell soap. Maybe they did notice but thought soup was funnier. They are not wrong.

This is Awkward

Some of these hotel designers have quite a creative mind. I guess this designer thinks that people enjoy looking at themselves while they are using the bathroom.

Hotel bathroom
Source: Imgur

It’s not exactly my thing but to each their own. If you’re interested in staying in a hotel where the full-length mirror is located directly across the toilet, this is the place for you.

I Can’t Reach the Ice-Cream

Kevin had a pleasant vacation and even enjoyed his hotel stay until he got hungry. Never in my life have a seen a refrigerator on top of kitchen counter. I’m sure Kevin didn’t either until his stay at this hotel.

Hotel kitchen
Source: Taringa!

This is a hilarious picture, and a huge hotel fail. However, I got to give the hotel a little bit of credit. At least they have a refrigerator. They could have just said the room was too small and not bring a fridge at all.

I Was Wondering What That Was

With the rise of technology, people don’t necessarily read as much making people today not as smart as they used to be. This hotel clearly underestimates human intelligence a little too much.

A cup labeled cup
Source: Reddit

They labeled something as simple as a cup. Because if there was no label on there, I wouldn’t know that it’s a cup. I feel personally insulted!

Beware the Bear

A hotel should be a place of relaxation! You try and leave all your problems at home and have a soothing vacation. However, this unsettling sign might change all that.

A sign at a hotel
Source: Pinterest

Can you imagine walking into a hotel that says there is a bear in an area? No better way to relax than knowing there is a deathly wild animal on the loose.

We Need More Towels

Some of these hotels don’t have the best construction guys working for them. When Jeremy stayed at this hotel, he ended up using the towels from the floor instead of his body.

Hotel bathroom and shower
Source: Nosalty

Jeremy’s hotel room bathroom flooded up every single time he tried taking a shower. All they need to do is add a stopper around the bathroom to stop the water from getting out. Even I know that, and I don’t work in construction.

At Least it Works

There is nothing better than a nice cup of hot coffee in the morning. This hotel was nice enough to provide the rooms with everything needed for a coffee, including a kettle.

Hot water pot in a hotel
Source: Catdumb

However, they should have gotten one with a longer plug. This can be really dangerous if the boiling water spills. At least it does its job because coffee is very important.

Maybe nobody will Notice

I had to look at this picture twice, and I’m still confused. It looks like this hotel didn’t think we’d notice that this hole used to be a three-foot deep Jacuzzi there. I don’t know what it is now.

Jacuzzi filled with rocks
Source: Slydor

Maybe the hotel changed the Jacuzzi area and, decided to cover up the hole with rocks. Either way, it looks awful. This is a huge hotel fail because they could have been way more creative.


Well, this is a good way to keep me away from hotels for a while. I am pretty sure I’m not the only one who looks at this picture and immediately thinks dead body.

Sheets messed up on a hotel bed
Source: Miguellan

The maid at this hotel was just supposed to change the sheets. After getting bored of the same routine, she thought it would be fun to play a prank, and leave one of the rooms like this.

Sleep Tight

I can’t stop laughing right now. This was built by the worst designer in history. I want to know who approved this room because someone definitely needs to be fired.

Nightstand over bed
Source: Pinterest

Not only is this design stupid, but it’s dangerous. It gives real meaning to “He went to bed and bumped his head.” Let’s just hope he did wake up in the morning.

Living on the Edge

Here’s is a lawsuit waiting to happen. This is probably one of the most dangerous hotel rooms I’ve ever seen. If you’re clumsy, please make sure not to stay in room 107.

Stairs right outside a hotel room
Source: Reddit

I know if I was staying in that room, it’s only a matter of time before I break every bone in my body. Who approved this? There is no way anybody thought this was a good idea.

Such a Masterpiece

What a way to make people feel welcome. It’s nice that they get a picture, but it supposed to look like a bunch of pieces of hair? Not only is this gross, but it’s also creepy.

Hotel wall picture
Source: Reddit

What happened to the good old days? Back when hotels would hang up pictures of a tree or a flower. Plants are safe, but not everyone wants to look at a wall of hair.

This is Giving Me a Headache

I couldn’t even begin to tell you what this sign says, no matter how hard I try. The letters are so out of line that I’m getting OCD. Where do you even start reading that?

Confusing hotel sign
Source: Twitter

Do you read it upside down? Diagonally? Backward? I tried every way and couldn’t read one word. Unless the hotel planned on confusing all their guests, this is a huge fail.

How About a Movie?

After Amber’s divorce, she took a much-deserved vacation. After enjoying her time at the pool, Amber decided to go to the media room. She figured a movie could take her mind off of things for a while.

Hotel media room
Source: Watson

However, when she got to the media room, this is what she found. She was barely even able to see the screen. It’s tiny! I think the budget for this media room was pretty low.

Suggestions Go In the Suggestion Box

Here is a clever way for the hotel staff to let the guests know that they don’t care about their requests. They take all the suggestions and put them in a shredder. What a sweet and caring staff.

Customer suggestion box shredder
Source: Socialmola

I’m glad I’m not staying there. This would either make me laugh so hard that I would come back, or make me so angry that I would walk out on the spot. I guess it depends on my mood.

Forgot To Build Stairs

Here is another design that wasn’t thought through. I literally thought this was a dollhouse when I first looked at this. Who in their right mind would build something like this on purpose?

Hotel design
Source: Blazepress

My first question is, how do you even get up there? I don’t see a ladder or anything, just a two-story window. Needless to say this is not a safe hotel and I’ll be staying away from there.

True Art

The artwork is supposed to be creative and beautiful. That’s why it makes a wonderful addition to every room. When Kelly went on a business trip, she found this on her hotel bathroom wall.

Hotel bathroom painting
Source: Sadanduseless

I guess you can call this creative, but most people call it disgusting. Going to the bathroom is a necessity, not artwork. At least they kept it over the toilet seat instead of over the bed.

Open the Blinds

For a second, I thought this room was upside down. I have so many questions starting with, what are the windows doing on the floor? Is this supposed to be some kind of clever design or something?

Hotel room
Source: Baomoi

Am I supposed to lay down on the floor to look out the window? I don’t know how to break it to these construction workers, but, windows are supposed to go higher.


This picture is perfect in so many ways. Close up mirrors are hilarious! Most people don’t like them because they make you look funny and show off all of your flaws. However, this guy had no problem.

A man looking at an oversized mirror

He was enjoying looking at the mirror while brushing his teeth. He even decided to take a picture of his close up face and share it with the world. I’m glad he did because this is my favorite picture.

The Sink Fell

For Laurens bachelorette party, she went on a vacation with some of her closest friends. After arriving in their hotel room, this is what they found. I guess these girls won’t be using the sink this weekend.

Broken hotel sink
Source: Reddit

How did this happen? It’s not the sink is just broken, it fell through itself. Luckily the hotel manager gave the girls a different room, with a perfectly working sink.

Killer on the Loose

What a great way to convince your guests that they are safe. Hotels are creepy enough as it, especially after watching The Shining. The last thing I need is to worry about a serial killer on the loose.

hotel carpet that looks like blood
Source: Onedio

Even though this is terrifying, it actually looks like blood. I don’t know who came up with this, but it’s a really good way to fool people. As long as I’m not the one being tricked, of course.