Ho, Ho, Holy Moly These Christmas Sweaters Are Ugly

It sure is nice and jolly to see everyone’s houses all decorated in celebration of Christmas (or Hannukah, or Kwanza). Rows of tiny lights shining bright, illuminating the streets as delicate snow dusts their roofs. Ahhh … winter season.

A collage of ugly Christmas sweaters.
Source: Reddit

But the best thing about this season is hands down−the cozy, warm sweaters. But not just any sweaters. We’re talking about the cluttered, tacky, gaudy sweaters that are tastelessly adorned with jingle bells and Santa and Rudolph and candy canes.

Here are some of the ugliest ones we found.

Rudolph Drank Too Much

A reindeer coughing up candy canes and snowflakes doesn’t seem like a very “Merry Christmas” to us. But, hey, maybe some people are delighted to drink a year’s worth of eggnog and throw it all up a few minutes later. In any case, we hope the person who wore this shirt did so with pride!

A sweater with Rudolph vomiting candy canes and ribbons.
Source: Pinterest

We hope they drank and ate to their stomach’s delight and that by the end of the night, they and the reindeer were the same, coughing up some joyous Christmas goodies. Ho, ho, ho and a couple of bottles of rum, my friends!

A Waldo Look-Alike

Hmmm… for some reason, I imagined Rudolph to be a bit jollier, wouldn’t you agree? This red-nosed reindeer seems utterly confused. Confused, that is, by his choice of outfit. It’s like he’s given up on his sense of style. He’s flinging his hands in the air in complete surrender.

A man wearing a sweater with Rudolph’s face on it and the arms are his antlers.
Source: Tumblr

Don’t worry pal, hopefully, next year, you’ll pick a better outfit for your ride with Santa. For now, try to focus on something else, like how to walk around in this sweater without hitting every possible thing with your big, round nose.

Just Your Plain, Old, Bushy Tree

What is the absolute brightest, prettiest, most endearing part of Christmas? The Christmas tree, of course! So, tell me, friend, why ruin it by turning it into your sweater? Let a tree be a tree, is what I say.

A sweater that looks like a Christmas tree; it even has ornaments on it.
Source: Reddit

We’re sure the person who made this sweater was only trying to be original, but sadly, all they did was turn themselves into a bushy, leafy, adorned laughingstock. Unfortunately, the picture cuts half his head off, so we’ll never know whether he wore a star as a hat to compliment this ridiculous look.

Adorable? Yes. Ugly? Yes

Yes, this couple is adorable. But no, these sweaters are not. No matter how endearing these folks look, we can’t help but crack some jokes at their expense. Not exactly at their expense, but at their sweaters.

An old couple is wearing each other as elves on their sweaters.
Source: Twitter

We wonder if this was a gift given to them by their kids or grandkids. In any case, whoever’s idea this was really wasn’t thinking of how creepy it would look to attach their faces to little elf bodies. Although we have to admit, it is adorable that they’re wearing each other’s faces with pride.

Open Sesame!

Okay, so this is definitely an improvement from the previous Christmas tree sweater. At least this one comes together nicely and actually looks like a proper tree. However, the problem is that it’s probably terribly annoying to run into someone wearing this sweater.

A sweater that transforms into a Christmas tree if you raise your arms.
Source: Facebook

They’ll probably keep lifting their hands up enthusiastically all day, time and again, until everyone in the room gets sick of their brief stint. We get it, you’re a tree—time to move on.

Poor Rudolph

What concerns me the most about this sweater is the fact that, when they’re apart, the guy wearing the bottom half is just wearing farting behind. Or pooping behind, or whatever you want to imagine those Christmas sprinkles to be.

Two sweaters that, when placed next to each other they make a vomiting and farting reindeer.
Source: Twitter

That’s a tad unfair if you ask me. The woman got the better half. Even though, if I’m truly honest, both sides are ridiculous. Having a vomiting reindeer isn’t that much better of a deal.

The Ugly Lamp Sweater

This shroom-looking, lady-leg looking, the this-is-actually-a-lamp sweater is confusing. Really, this guy’s face says it all. He’s thinking to himself, “What am I wearing?” followed by, “Why am I wearing this?” We don’t have the answer, buddy.

A sweater that has a 3D stitching of the leg lamp from A Christmas Story.
Source: Reddit

All we know is that this unflattering piece of clothing should never, ever, have come to life. We hope he burned it. Or, at the very least, he stashed it in the back of his closet, where light never reaches, and dust piles on for decades.

Rudolph Is Getting Bigger by the Minute

Not only does this glaring, wide-eyed Rudolf terrify us, but we’re sure it terrifies the little baby brewing in this mom’s belly too. We’re sure they sensed how creepy this Christmas sweater is without having actually to see it.

A pregnant woman stretches out Rudolph’s face on her sweater with her belly.
Source: Twitter

Really, what was this mom-to-be thinking? Or what was the person who gave her this gift thinking? As if having a belly sticking out isn’t challenging enough, now she needs a red pom-pom bumping into things too? Give her a break!

Pac Man? A Game of Snake?

Oh, dear. This gnarly looking, unclear-whether-this-is-a-sweater-or-a-game-of-snake-looking design is truly something. Adorned with bright lights and festive Christmas colors, this man surely believed he was pulling off a great look by wearing it.

A sweater with a string of lights across shaped like a Christmas tree.
Source: Reddit

Sadly, he was wrong. Well, at least he had his little elf buddy on his left shoulder to accompany him and console his poor soul. Wearing this sweater, we’re sure he received a lot of giggling comments and funny stares. No worries. There’s always next year to wear something less bizarre.

The Upside Down, Inappropriate Christmas Sweater

Some Christmas sweaters are ugly, others are funny, and some are just downright cringey. To the point where they’re painful to look at. This upside-down snowman may look cute when it’s spread out on your bed, but as soon as it goes on your body, that’s it.

A woman wears a sweater that has an upside-down snowman with a carrot sticking out of it.
Source: Reddit

The sweater has taken on a whole new meaning. This snowman’s nose is no longer its nose. Its nose is not even a carrot anymore. Seeing a woman wear this sweater makes it all the funnier.

Way Too Many Lights

This is painful to look at. It’s messy and looks itchy and just… really, all over the place. The lights are all tangled up. The annoying part is that they go beyond the tree. They climb onto your shoulder and stick out and just add to the overall chaos.

A sweater with a very messy and overdecorated Christmas tree on it.
Source: Facebook

Just look how many things we have going here. There’s a tree, a mistletoe, presents, lights, stockings, Santa, and even Rudolph (or is that a dog?). This sweater’s designer should have stuck with just one or two things to focus on.

Star Trek Fans, You Might Enjoy This

While this sweater isn’t as messy as the previous one, it’s still pretty creepy. We’ve seen several “Trek the Halls” sweaters that are way nicer than this one. We’ve seen cute ones that don’t have Spock glaring at us with all his force.

A girl is wearing a sweater with a picture of Spock.
Source: Reddit

The girl wearing this seems happy, though. So, let’s not be the ones to burst her jolly bubble. Who are we to judge a Star Trek fan during these wintery and festive times? Let’s let other people burst her bubble for us.

Completely Over the Top

I’m honestly a bit speechless. This looks like the most uncomfortable piece of clothing a person can possibly wear. It’s not only that the sweaters’ edges, meaning the tips of the sleeves and the bottom part, look seriously itchy, but the lights seem all tangled up and messy.

A sweater made to look like an over-the-top Christmas tree.
Source: Reddit

As if the sweater weren’t bad enough, it looks like the person is also wearing a large, red skirt to make things look even more ridiculous. They also have a hat to compliment this outrageous look. This poor, poor man…

Okay Then…

Whoever designed this sweater is surely on Santa’s naughty list (I feel disgusting just writing that). Why turn a beautiful, innocent holiday into a perverted story of Rudolph, his lover, and a cigar-smoking snowman?

A sweater depicts a crude scene between two reindeers and a snowman.
Source: Reddit

On what occasion could one even wear this sweater? To a family dinner? A Christmas brunch? What about all the little kiddies in the family running around? We beg of you, have mercy on their innocent little eyes! They don’t need to be exposed to such atrocities. Sheesh…

A Monstrous Christmas to You Too!

This monster Christmas sweater is too bright, too sharp-toothed, and too furry for our liking. It’s a nice change from the regular Santa and Rudolph, messy, wired tree type of sweater, but it’s still pretty hideous.

A sweater with a furry yeti on it.
Source: Reddit

Incredibly, the person wearing this sweater seems pretty comfortable in it even though we can’t see his face. Their body language is pretty chill, pretty accepting of the fact that they’re dressed in a monstrous outfit. Well, that beats hating your sweater. Good for him!

Vintage yet Ugly

Wow, this guy seems seriously uncomfortable. We’re not sure whether it’s the size, the fabric, or simply the cheesy design, but he looks like he’s suffering. We can’t blame him. With the nutcracker on one arm and I’m not sure what on the other, this sweater is an absolute mess.

A man is wearing a knit sweater.
Source: Facebook

The branches creeping up his shoulders look like nasty centipedes. And what is it with that creepy blonde doll on the bottom of the sweater? Her happy grin, in contrast with this guy’s upset glare, is quite funny!

Ugly Dog Christmas Sweater

Dog Christmas sweaters are usually cute. But this one is far from it. This dog looks frightened, terrorized by existing on such a hideous pattern. The colors, the shades, they’re just very, very tasteless.

A sweater with a dog meme on the back.
Source: Reddit

And this is only the back of the sweater! Or wait, is this a vest? Ugh… and those gloves too. In any case, the look is ugly. What do you think it looks like in the front? We’re too scared to find out.

Very Corny, Very Gaudy

We’re not sure what’s worse. The back of the sweater, which has a massive, tacky bow sticking out? Or the front, which has Rudolph staring right at you with all his might? Staring right into your squinting eyes that are likely blinded from the glare of all those lights.

A man wearing a sweater with a reindeer on the front and a large bow on the back.
Source: Reddit

And, wow, don’t let us get started on those hideous sleeves. Thankfully, this guy kept his pants on point—no need for any Christmas decorations down there. Enough is enough, pal (and you’re wearing MORE than enough).

Rock ‘n’ Roll Santa

This Hail Santa sweater might not be as hideously decorated as the others, but it still deserves a spot on this list. The upside-down Christmas tree is off-putting, to say the least. If we were in Santa’s shoes, we would definitely be upset about this.

A sweater with an upside-down Christmas tree that says Hail Santa.
Source: Reddit

Imagine sliding down someone’s chimney, only to see them greet you with this ugly sweater? It’s extremely disrespectful if you ask us. Please, no hailing Santa in such ugly attire!

Farewell Rudolph

This sweater is just cruel. At least the inappropriate, perverted ones seen above are intended to make you laugh. This one just makes you want to cry. Imagine you’re a reindeer, gliding away in mid-air, hopping through snowflakes, riding across people’s houses with Santa, when suddenly…

A sweater depicts a dinosaur attacking the reindeer.
Source: Facebook

You get torn apart by a dinosaur. Out of all things – a dinosaur?! Really, this sweater’s designer couldn’t have come up with a death that’s less gory. Why all that blood and terror? Christmas is supposed to be a comforting holiday!

Yet Another Inappropriate One

Yet another perverted sweater: Santa’s hat as boobs. Very, very mature people. Apart from the fact that this isn’t all that entertaining, it looks extremely uncomfortable. It looks practically impossible to wear!

A woman is wearing a sweater that has Santa hats on her chest.
Source: Facebook

Wherever this woman turns, she likely bumps into something or someone. Right or left, up or down, those two hats surely got in the way of every little move she made. We wonder how she survived the holidays with it…

The Holy Sweater

Jesus has come upon us to wish us not only a Merry Christmas but a Happy Birthday. The problem I have with this sweater is that Jesus looks terribly upset. Something is clearly on his mind. On the one hand, he’s reaching out his arms as if to say, “come here, boy.”

A sweater with Jesus on it as the birthday boy.
Source: Twitter

But on the other hand, his face is saying something completely different. It’s saying, “What in the world am I doing on this ugly sweater?” and “Why am I wearing this silly party hat?” and “Am I some kind of a joke to these people?”

Leave South Park Out of This

This sweater isn’t THAT BAD. It’s just a bit random. Having the guys from South Park on your sweater isn’t the most Christmas-y thing you can wear. I mean, just because you scattered a bunch of snowflakes all around doesn’t make it Christmas-related.

A South Park-themed Christmas sweater.
Source: Reddit

Neither Kenny, Eric, Kyle, or Stan can save this ugly sweater. None of their smiles can chase away the hideousness or make it any less tasteless. The person wearing this sweater isn’t smiling, and we think we know why.

Too Many Random Pom-Poms

This sweater is a big, big, no-no. We feel bad for the guy wearing this sweater, from the poor bears, helplessly sticking out, to the pom-pom snowflakes, to the messy decorations. Just look at his face. He has no clue how he got to this point in his life.

A sweater covered in pom-poms to make it look like snow.
Source: Reddit

Even though he has a star on his head, we believe he doesn’t feel like one. He probably wants to hide away someplace safe and hibernate until spring comes around.

Winter Is Coming

There’s Game of Thrones, and then there’s Christmas. No need to mash them up together. Because Rudolph has little to do with the whole shebang, leave the poor reindeer out of it! We’re sure he would much rather stick to Santa than to any Game of Thrones house.

A sweater that says, “House Kringle We Do Snow.”
Source: Reddit

We know that winter is coming, but that doesn’t mean you have to start wearing Game of Thrones Christmas-themed attire. Stick to one concept, for Pete’s sake! Thank you.

The Cat in the Hat

The cat is, unfortunately, out of the bag here. But we’re sure he wants back in. The terrified look in his eyes implies that he wants out of this whole ridiculous Christmas parade. The ribbon on his tail, the scarf around his neck, and those silly glasses – they’re all too much to handle.

A sweater with a Christmas-themed cat and decorations on it.
Source: Reddit

But we must say, the crème de la crème here is the gold garland slithering along the neckline and across the shoulders. Thank God the person is wearing a red turtleneck. It would be far too itchy to wear this without one.

It Runs in the Family

This kind of looks like an elephant trunk, doesn’t it? Or like some weird, striped one-legged pajama pants. They should have at least colored the candy cane in red and white. But we must say, the worst part about this sweater isn’t the sweater.

A family is wearing matching sweaters with oversized candy canes on them.
Source: Reddit

It’s the fact that we have to see it five times in a row. From little to big, this sweater is horrible in every size. The family is cute, and we’ll give them that. But their choice of clothing is way, way, WAY off. Better luck next time, guys.

This Sweater Has Got Attitude

Miley, we don’t have to see you sticking out your tongue on Christmas Eve. We get it, you’re naughty. But who wants to be on Santa’s naughty list anyway? We’d much rather be on his good side and receive nice, heartwarming gifts!

A sweater with Miley Cyrus on it with bows and tinsel.
Source: Twitter

Apart from Miley, the sweater’s left sleeve is off-putting. Can you imagine walking around with that, rubbing into people, annoying them with your bright red décor? Inappropriate, to say the least.

A 3D Version of an Ugly Christmas Sweater

As if Christmas sweaters weren’t bad enough as they are, why make one that’s 3D? Why make one that sticks out and bumps into everything and everyone who crosses your path? We don’t want Rudolph’s face-up in our business, thank you very much.

A sweater with a pink 3D reindeer head mounted on it.
Source: Pinterest

Keep your ugly sweater to yourself, is what I think! This man looks pretty haughty and pleased. He has no shame! Let’s just hope Santa catches on to this and punishes him.

Naughty Santa

This sweater is way worse than the snowman one. At least the snowman one was covertly perverted. This one’s design is an all-out, in-your-face, I-am-going-to-creep-you-out-with-a-naked-Santa kind of look.

An inappropriate Santa sweater.
Source: Reddit

Poor Santa, what did he ever do for you to show off his frail body like that? There he is, riding his sled across the sky, gifting us wonderful presents, and taking his time to go down every single chimney. And here we are, making fun of him as if he wasn’t the nicest, jolliest guy on Earth.

A Galactic Wonder

We have no idea how this guy is smiling. He can’t possibly be happy with his current situation. Aside from the fact that it looks ugly, it looks like such a drag to have to wear it while you try and hug family and friends.

A man is wearing a sweater and hat that make him look like a tree.
Source: Facebook

Who’s able to wish anyone a Merry Christmas with so many balls sticking from their chest and shoulders, and arms? And what about that ridiculous Christmas tree hat? This outfit knows no boundaries!

Why Harry?

Come on, guys, let’s leave Harry Potter out of this. We shouldn’t abuse this wizard by printing his glasses all over our ugly sweaters. And leave Hedwig out of this too! He has no interest in spreading his wigs underneath Gryffindor’s scarf.

A Harry Potter-themed Christmas sweater.
Source: Pinterest

The reindeers hopping next to Harry Potter’s scar, the random lines and designs crossing over from one side to the other… it’s a bit tacky. Although I must admit, this sweater is significantly better than the cluttered Christmas tree ones.

This Sweater Came in Like a Wrecking Ball

What is it with Miley Cyrus and Christmas sweaters? Seriously, why would anyone in the world assume it would be a good idea to print a half-naked Miley on a Christmas ornament? Give Christmas some respect, sheesh!

A sweater with Miley Cyrus swinging on an ornament rather than a wrecking ball.
Source: Pinterest

This sweater has not one, two, or three, but four Miley Cyruses striking a sexy pose and swinging provocatively. Where can one even wear this shirt? Surely not to a holiday family dinner!

Too Much of Everything

Here’s another example of an overly cluttered, way too bright Christmas sweater. Everything Christmas is shoved and stitched into this small piece of fabric. Why? Only Santa knows. Candy canes and snowmen and Rudolph and mistletoes and snowflakes – it’s all very chaotic.

A sweater covered in lights, candy canes, snowmen, and Santas.
Source: Reddit

As much as I love Christmas, it’s one thing to decorate your house (which is a large space) with all sorts of festive décor, and it’s another to sew it all over your small sweater. This looks like absolute chaos, my friends.

Some People Were Lazy…

Oh no. Yet again, another Christmas tree. While not as messy as the others, and not as bright and gaudy, this one is still unappealing, but for a completely different reason. Have you noticed that it’s attached to a regular sweater?

A kid is wearing a sweater with a light-up Christmas tree.
Source: Pinterest

What was this person thinking? That they could just stitch it on and have everyone ignore that there’s a different pattern going on behind the tree? Give us some credit! We see right through your laziness, young man!

We Would Be Grumpy Too

This cat perfectly captures our feelings about this sweater. This black, tasteless sweater isn’t Christmas-y at all. The only thing Christmas-y about it is the red and white hat. It looks like the cat isn’t satisfied with how it looks on him.

A sweater with a stitch of Grumpy Cat on it.
Source: Reddit

We wouldn’t be satisfied either. If the previous sweaters were WAY TOO decorated, this one lacks pizzazz. Give the cat a candy cane to suck on, at least. Or some snowflakes around his miserable face to brighten his mood a bit.

For All You Beliebers Out There

Talk about a devoted fan! This guy is so infatuated with the Biebster that he made him the star of his Christmas sweater. We’re not sure how Santa will feel about this, though. He might get jealous that Justin has stolen all the attention.

A sweater vest covered in tinsel and a picture of Justin Bieber
Source: Facebook

Every year, Santa flies around, working his butt off to make us all happy. And then we go ahead and parade a Justin Bieber sweater, disguising it as a Christmas sweater? Nu-huh, we find that very disrespectful.

Sweaters for the New Mamas

This is hands down the most disturbing sweater on this list. Is this a baby? A boob? A baby attached to a boob. Is Rudolph attached to the baby that’s attached to the boob? Is Rudolph a boob? So many questions…

A woman wearing a sweater which a boob cut-out that looks like a reindeer.
Source: Facebook

This sweater might have been cute with its little gingerbread men décor and the little house and the little pine trees. But the boobie baby threw us off. It’s hard to focus on anything else but its face.

A DIY Disaster

First of all, kudos to whoever made this sweater. This looks like a lot of work—many different colors and patterns, and textures. Unfortunately, appearance-wise, it’s hideous. However, it does look like something that could warm you up on a snowy day.

A guy stands in a colorful sweater he made himself.
Source: Reddit

We’re not sure if this necessarily screams Christmas, though. This just screams I-couldn’t-choose-between-all-of-the-different-colors-so-I-chose-them-all. Thankfully, the guy in the picture wore black pants. Could you imagine if he were wearing a similar design as his sweater?

Santa Has Got Some Cushin for the Pushin

Santa is a big guy. He’s a jolly, big guy. And to be honest, we can’t blame him for not keeping an eye on his weight. Just think about it. Everywhere he goes, he’s offered a glass of milk and warm, baked chocolate chip cookies.

A sweater where Santa recreates the Kim Kardashian broke the internet.
Source: Facebook

There’s no doubt in our minds that if we were in Santa’s place, we would also be a bit heftier. And in any case, look how convenient it is to have a big booty! It serves as his table in times of need.

Hairy Christmas

Well, this is innovative. Why waste money on decorating a bushy tree when you have all the bush necessary on your chest? This guy gets it. He cut the sweater and printed “Hairy Christmas” at the bottom! A fun play of words.

A sweater that says Hairy Christmas and has a tree cut-out to show chest hair.
Source: Reddit

Except that it might not be so fun for everyone around him. We’re not sure how many random strangers on the street would be pleased to see his hairy chest first thing in the morning.

What is the World?

Okay, this is just all over the place. This poor guy is dressed as Santa, stuck on a Christmas tree, holding up a star. Not to mention that the Christmas tree is stacked to the brim with presents and nutcrackers and lights and bows and mistletoes.

A sweater makes the wearer look like he’s placing a star on the top of his tree.
Source: Facebook

The look on this guy’s face screams, “HELP ME.” We doubt he can even breathe! Someone help this poor man. Can you imagine having to wear this all through dinner? How does one talk? How does one eat?

Locked in Gingerbread Man

Ooh! Finally, a snow globe. I was waiting to see one on a sweater. This little gingerbread man is stuck for life in there. And from the looks of it, we doubt it snows on him that much. The guy wearing this sweater needs to be turned on his head for some snow to drop.

A man is wearing a sweater with a 3D snow globe on it.
Source: Twitter

The sleeves are incredibly, incredibly ugly. The sweater would have been perfectly fine without the white drips of alleged snow. And Rudolph on the guy’s shoulder? Well, he just creeps us out. Mr. Gingerbread Man is smiling, but deep down, he’s terrified.

This Dinosaur Means No Harm

The dinosaur strikes again! This time, instead of tearing Rudolph to pieces, it’s decided to terrorize Santa. And in such an intimate moment! Let Santa poop, for Pete’s sake. Look at him, all frightened and pale. He’s completely helpless.

A sweater shows Santa on the toilet being approached by a T-rex.
Source: Facebook

But wait, could it be that the dinosaur just wants to hand him a candy cane? Could it be that this T-Rex just wants to wish Santa a happy birthday? Look at us, judging him because he looks a certain way and has sharp teeth and scary claws. Sorry dinosaur, we didn’t know you meant well.

Hairy Tree 2.0

Oh, wow. This might be even worse than the hair-chest guy from before. This tree has been cut out and designed to fit one’s belly hair. We don’t know what’s worse, but we’re kind of leaning towards this one.

A sweater with a Christmas tree cut out to expose a hairy stomach.
Source: Reddit

That being said, this sweater is a bit more decorative than the previous one. There are lights, a bird, and even a nice golden star at the top. Good for them for making an effort. Too bad it’s hard to focus on the good things when the fuzzy hair is stealing the show.

Behind the Scenes

This one is funny yet disgusting. I mean, it’s 1st-grade humor, if I’m honest. No, you know what? Who am I kidding? This is everyone’s humor, regardless of their age. But poor Rudolph, all of our ugly Christmas sweaters have turned him into a laughingstock!

A sweater with a reindeer butt pooping jellybean.
Source: Facebook

We should give the reindeer some privacy. After all, he works hard! He glides across the sky all night and showers us with gifts. This is no way to pay him back.

Two Inappropriate Sweaters

No, no, no. This is just wrong. Some people are turning Christmas into something sick! Snowmen are fun folks, child-friendly, carrot-nosed balls of joy! Why turn them into your private parts? What good does that do? How does that make the world a better place?

A man wears a sweater with an upside-down snowman while his wife wears a sweater with two snowmen's faces on her chest.
Source: Twitter

Apart from the snowmen, though, we must say that the cherry on top of this perverted outfit isn’t him, but the balls down there—the shiny, glistening balls illuminating the area.

There’s No Way She Can Lower Her Arms

Talk about a super uncomfortable outfit! With pictures and stockings and so much decoration, is she even able to put her hands down? The shirt is somewhat cute, but all the rest is just too much. Too much to carry on one’s shoulders.

A woman wears a sweater that makes her look like a decorated fireplace.
Source: Twitter

Can you imagine having to keep your arms up like that all night? And what about all the people you’ll bump into? On the one hand, that’s a great way to keep people at a distance. On the other hand, it’s Christmas! Who doesn’t want some warm, friendly hugs?

Stuck-in-the-Chimney Ugly Sweater

This is pretty original! Santa is stuck in a chimney. By chimney, I mean your heart. Santa is so tight up in there that he accidentally let out a toot. Well, if there’s one good thing to say about this sweater is that its sleeves are clean.

A sweater has Santa's legs sticking out of it as Santa got stuck in the chimney.
Source: Pinterest

The sweater itself looks kind of cute if it wasn’t for farting Santa and his boots right in front of your face. And like many sweaters on this list, it doesn’t look very comfortable to walk around in. You’ll have Santa kicking everyone’s butts with his legs.

Cosmic Santa Cats

Lo and behold, the cosmic cat family! These green-eyed cats look possessed. Or like they’re intending on possessing someone or something. Maybe they’re after Santa. Maybe they’re lurking in the dead of night, just waiting for an opportunity to bounce on him.

Three people are wearing matching sweaters with cats and a Santa slay on them.
Source: Reddit

Or maybe not. Maybe they’re well-behaved, nice, furry kitties that mean absolutely no harm. For some reason, we find it hard to believe. The one on top looks like he means business. Beware of creepy cosmic cats!

A Christmas Nip Slip

Well, out of all the cut-out sweaters, we believe this one took it the furthest. It’s one thing to show your hair, but it’s another to show your nipple. Even if you’re a guy, keep it to yourself. This guy turned Rudolph into part of his chest!

A man is wearing a sweater with the nipple is showing, and it looks like a reindeer.
Source: Pinterest

What was he thinking? Oh right, he probably wasn’t. He looks pretty jolly, though. He probably got a whole lot of laughs and stares by wearing that creative outfit. The right side is cute; the left side, not so much.

The Ultimate Cat Sweater

So, one is wearing a miniature Santa Claus with white pom-poms, and the other, a gray furry cat that looks like they have no idea what is going on with their lives. Both of the people in the picture look no less confused.

A couple with sweaters covered in snow Santa and a furry cat.
Source: Facebook

The girl looks like she’s been punched in the face, and the guy looks like he has just witnessed the blow. Or maybe, both of them are just stunned by their choice of outfit for the season.

A True Pain in the Neck

This isn’t an ugly sweater. This is a full-on tacky outfit! It’s got Mr. Potato Head as an elf, flinging his arms around their necks. This is perfect Halloween material. If you’re in need of a costume, look no further!

A couple is wearing matching sweaters that look like there is an elf on their shoulders.
Source: Facebook

It looks like Santa’s little helpers have got your back. This outfit is sure to get you in the Christmas spirit, from the pointy shoes to the strawberry-colored hat! Santa would be proud. Us? Not so much….

Another Horrible Fireplace Sweater

Here’s another fireplace sweater. This one looks a bit less cluttered than before, but it still looks incredibly messy to wear. The poor thing probably had to walk around all night, giving high fives to people on her right and left.

A girl is wearing a sweater that makes her look like a decorated fireplace.
Source: Pinterest

The fireplace doesn’t look too good either. Come on, and they could have put in a bit more effort, don’t you think? Get the fire blazing! This fire just looks like it’s just doing us a favor. Three meager flames… how is that supposed to warm anyone up?

Rudolph? Or a Red-Nosed Horse?

Rudolph looks more like a horse, doesn’t he? This sweater isn’t doing him justice. The fact that his face is on the sleeve is somewhat cute. But still, the designer could have put a bit more effort into it.

A sweater with a reindeer on it, where the sleeve is the reindeer’s neck and face.
Source: Twitter

Rudolph looks a bit startled, and his nose is way too big. We know that it’s part of the sleeve and all. But still, Rudolph’s very shiny nose is looking a bit weird. And so is the rest of his body. Did we mention he looks like a horse?

Blinking Lights

This is one sparkling sweater! Lights and lights and some more lights. And some pugs and some funny-looking creatures, some snowflakes, red décor and gold décor and candy canes, and just looking at this sweater, we feel like we can keep discovering more and more ad infinitum.

A sweater with more lights than a Christmas tree on it.
Source: Reddit

The person who designed this made use of ALL the space they had on their choice of fabric. Minimalism is not part of their vocabulary.

Hairy Tree 3.0

So, this guy, unlike the guys from before with the cut-up shirts, doesn’t have chest hair. He thought long and hard about what to do and ultimately came up with the best solution! Why not buy a shirt that has chest hair printed on it?

A shirt that has a Christmas vest and a hairy chest printed on it.
Source: Pinterest

Brilliant man. Touché. The thing is, after looking at this shirt, I’m not sure which is worse. An exposed chest, or a fake one? What do you think? Let us know. Or don’t. Some questions are better left unanswered.

Just Random Attachments

This one wins the prize for the laziest sweater on the list. They just took an ordinary red sweater and glued a massive snowflake with two snowmen and two nutcrackers. Not very exciting guys, you could have done better.

A regular sweater with a snowflake and nutcrackers attached to it.
Source: Facebook

This isn’t your ordinary ugly Christmas sweater. I mean, I’m not even sure I can call this a Christmas sweater. Sticking a snowflake on a regular jumper doesn’t turn it into a Christmas outfit. ‘Tis the season to be jolly! Not lazy!

Hotline Christmas Bling

This has nothing to do with Christmas. I will not allow this to pass as a Christmas sweater with all due respect for Drake and his hotline bling. This is just plain ugly. Still, I felt like it was appropriate to add to the list, though.

Drakes Hotline Bling drawing on a sweater.
Source: Twitter

Putting a couple of snowflakes around Drake doesn’t turn this sweater into Christmas material! People need to stop making things up. Santa is likely the last one to call Drake’s hotline bling. So please, put this sweater to rest.