Hilariously Terrible Kitchen Designs That Shouldn’t Exist

Who doesn’t love their kitchen? It’s where we cook, bake, laugh and create homey memories. At least, it should be. But for some, the kitchen is also where they shower, tinkle, and take a load off their mind. Don’t believe us? Please scroll through this list of incredibly bizarre and icky designs.

A kitchen bar divided by a beam wall of exposed brick / A blue epoxy countertop that crawls up the wall to make the shape of a wave across the wall / A kitchen where every cabinet door, the backsplash, the wall, the curtains, and the floor have been painted in bright mixing colors / An island in a kitchen with a sink shaped like the state of Texas / A lamppost sticking out of an island in the middle of the kitchen.
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Some of these kitchens are nauseatingly tacky, while other designs are so miscalculated that it’s a mystery how anyone can cook there. How are you supposed to open your cabinet when there’s a staircase blocking it? And why in the world would someone place their fridge on top of their counter?

Questionable Geometry

Kitchen hoods are wonderful, aren’t they? They air out the smoke, fume, and icky heat, allowing our culinary skills to shine without having to cough incessantly. But there’s one important thing to keep in mind with these mechanical fans – they have to be placed ABOVE the stovetop.

A square-shaped stovetop is facing the corner and therefore being so unintelligently placed.
Source: Twitter

As you can see, the room’s designer forgot about this little fact. And, unfortunately, the geometry got the best of this situation. The uncomfortable angle completely robbed the homeowner of any chance of appropriately accommodating the hood.

No Touching the Freezer

We’re not sure if the owners wanted to keep ice cream away from their kids or they simply lacked storage room, so they assumed that placing their fridge above ground would be a good idea. Either way, having a massive food storage levitate above your feet is disconcerting.

A freezer that doesn’t have enough space at the end of the counter and between the wall has to float above the ground to fit.
Source: Tumblr

Make no mistake, this makes for a pretty unique design, and we’re sure that these folks have a lot of comments on their creative minds. However, this doesn’t seem too functional. Imagine having to climb on a stool each time you want to reach the freezer.

Clashing With Other Items

A kitchen is supposed to be an easy-breezy space with little to no logistical complications. It’s supposed to be designed in a way that’s user-friendly, maximizes efficiency, and reduces any potential dangers. This clearly isn’t the case with this kitchen.

A fridge door, a cabinet door, and the oven door all of them cannot be open the entire way because they are being blocked by something else.
Source: Facebook

All the appliances are intact and looking good, right? The cupboard is there, the oven works, and the fridge cools. But too bad that whenever you try to open one of them, you bump into another item. There’s nothing more annoying than a poorly planned kitchen.

Is This Some Sort of Game?

Whoever designed this kitchen must have been a real Tetris fan. While playing the colorful game brings us nothing but joy, we wouldn’t want to run into it in our kitchen. These drawers are confusing as level 99! How in the world are you supposed to fit your appliances into that bizarre shape?

Kitchen cabinets in weird shapes and with handles facing different directions.
Source: Twitter

This has got to be one of the most dysfunctional designs on this list. Are the utensils placed sideways? Seriously, there’s a time and place for everything but forcing your Tetris fandom on another person’s kitchen is simply wrong.

Till the New Owners Do Us Part

Who doesn’t love covering their walls with homey family pictures and personalized items? Especially if you’re deeply in love and impulsive. That’s when your home décor really gets interesting. Why, everyone knows that making a wallpaper out of your wedding day is the way to go (not really).

A kitchen backsplash customized in a collage of flowers and the previous couple on their wedding day.
Source: Facebook

Good luck trying to sell the house, folks. We’re not sure how much the next owners will be pleased to see two random strangers cuddling in front of them every single day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner…they will have to stare into your blurry eyes as they prepare their food. Creepy much?

This Room Is Far From Enlightened

This kitchen is cute and looks pretty functional for the most part. The island is great and useful and adds a nice touch to the overall scenery. But, wait, what about the delicate light bulbs dangling precariously above your plate? Yeah, that’s a problem.

A low hanging glass bulbs in the middle of the kitchen.
Source: Twitter

Whoever designed this clearly didn’t think of the very possible dangers of eating glass shards. Don’t even get me started on the potential heart attack one can get from elbowing the bulb and seeing it shatter on their sibling’s face.

The Least Supportive Beam in the World

At first glance, this renovated avant-garde San Francisco loft looks pretty cool. But when you think of the infinite amount of time it will take you to get used to having a bulky log in the middle of your kitchen, it starts to look like a nightmare.

A support beam in the kitchen is randomly placed at a 45-degree angle from the floor up into the cabinets.
Source: Twitter

We bet the tenants tripped over, stubbed their toes, and threw angry punches at this diagonal “support” beam at least a million times. We shudder at the thought of getting up for a glass of water in the middle of the night.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Why take up space with another room when you can have all in one, right? Both a counter AND a toilet? Mind-blowing. Is the shower in the fridge? We wouldn’t be surprised. We know minimalism and sustainability are all the rage now. But, come on.

What appears to be a kitchen cabinet opens up to reveal a toilet in the kitchen.
Source: Reddit

Imagine chopping up fresh vegetables but having to move aside because your brother wants to dump a load in that very same spot? With all due respect to tiny homes and sustainable living, this is taking it one step too far.

One Plate at a Time Guys

Looks like someone misunderstood the measurements that were given to them. Or maybe not. Maybe this little island was purposely built that way. Perhaps the owners wanted a small, useless item situated in the middle of their room.

A tiny island in the middle of the kitchen.
Source: Twitter

Seriously, what’s the purpose of building an extra spot in the middle of your kitchen if it’s not going to be useful? We’re not sure how many plates can fit on this claustrophobic square, but let’s just say we have a feeling this person lives alone.

A Cooking Crescendo

We know this is meant to give off a pleasant and classical feel. But, for some reason, this piano kitchen hood is giving us creepy, morbid, Beethoven-is-about-to-climb-out-of-his-coffin vibes. It could be because of the flowers.

A full-sized straight-back piano is hanging over a stovetop in the kitchen.
Source: Reddit

We know the designers intended well. But, really, isn’t this a tad too bulky compared to the rest of the delicate décor? If you really insist on having a piano above your head, you should think about getting a petite keyboard instead.

Your Own Private Island

We’re absolutely digging this design. This is what an island should look like! A place to escape to when you want to enjoy your delicious meal without anyone interfering. Some good old quality time between you and your steamy, creamy pasta.

An island placed in a somewhat illogical place in a relatively spacious kitchen.
Source: Reddit

The carpet below clearly marks the boundaries of this little island of mindful eating. Then again, this also looks like a setup for the local news. The wall behind is the perfect green screen! Being a news reporter has never been more convenient.

It Can’t Get Any Tackier Than This

There’s nothing like a Lamborghini-etched window to really shove your wealth into your neighbor’s face. But while this gaudy décor is really uh, something… what about the outdoors? It looks like this person has little interest in his green surroundings.

A spacious kitchen with lots of windows covered in etched drawings of cars and women in them.
Source: Reddit

For some reason they prefer to see their bodies and cars carved on their walls. But, hey, no judgment. If you want to let the whole world know how many material goods you’ve accumulated, be our guest. For all we know, tacky homes could be all the rage in this guy’s neighborhood.

One Microwaved Omelet Coming Right Up

Microwave? Check. Refrigerator? Check. Are we missing something? Oh right, oven! Too bad we don’t have any room for it. Or do we…? Anyone with common sense can understand that all these folks need to do is scooch their microwave to the side and place an oven instead.

A microwave placed over a table in the empty space in the kitchen where typically an oven would be.
Source: Tumblr

But no. These guys have plenty of counter space, but they prefer to install a floating wooden table instead. This is a weird move because an oven is way more necessary out of the two appliances. We hope they don’t microwave their raw eggs…

Way to Ruin the Mood You Bulky Sewage Pipe

This could have been a pretty sleek and modern space to prepare food if it weren’t for that huge pipe. It takes away half of the counter space! But the worse thing about this is that the sewage pipe is running directly from the upstairs bathroom.

A small kitchen with a sewage pipe going up into the ceiling right in the middle of the countertop.
Source: Facebook

No matter how you try and work around it, it’s hard to ignore the swooshing toilet flushes above you. So if you planned on cooking a romantic dinner, forget it. There’s little chance you’ll be in the mood for it when you have number twos swimming above your head.

Best One Out of Three

A good designer is somewhat of a magician. They know how to hide all the ugly, little details of appliances, like cables and backs of ovens, which clearly lack any style. Sadly, it looks like these people couldn’t find a way to hide it.

A raised stove back sticking up out of the counter exposed for everyone to see.
Source: Reddit

The people living in this house probably have countless fights over who has to sit in front of their ovenand say hello to all the metal screws while they’re at it. But, on second thought, there’s not much to look at anyway. The cupboards are blocking half of the view.

An Improvised Window or a Home Theatre?

We have to admit, this home theatre isn’t looking all too bad. It’s way better than the numbing TV most of us put in the background while we eat. While we agree that this isn’t the most convenient spot for a home theatre, it still looks pretty cool.

A wall covered in drapes and painted with a lighthouse view in the kitchen.
Source: Facebook

We’re just not so sure how all of it works. On the one hand, there’s a projector on the ceiling, but then you have those dramatic crimson drapes with that serene landscape that kind of hints that these guys are dying for a window down there.

A Painfully Uncomfortable Sink

This could actually be pretty useful for houses that like to keep it kosher with separate sinks. But the tiny size and the unbelievably uncomfortable angle make washing dishes in these sinks a hellish experience. How does one wash his pots in that cramped space?

Two small sinks places on either side of the tap.
Source: Facebook

The only good part about this kitchen is that the faucet looks pretty advanced, so it might be possible to remove the tap head instead of having to move the whole thing from side to side for hours. We really hope that’s the case…

Straight Out of Jersey Shore

We’re not sure what’s worse. The tacky Lamborghini-etched window or these random neon lines blazing from the kitchen floor. Both are seriously difficult to look at. But the good thing about these lights is that at least you can turn them off.

A small kitchen with LED lighting running along the floor.
Source: Facebook

We’re not sure why anyone would want to do this to their kitchen. But maybe we’re missing something here. Maybe we need to see how these lights look when the rest of the room is completely dark. It’s a never ending party in this house that’s for sure!

This Is So Painfully Misplaced

Nothing is wrong with this kitchen’s design. But everything is wrong with the home’s current tenants. Why in the world would you place a cabinet in a nook that’s clearly meant for a fridge? The cabinet doesn’t even fully fit the nook!

A cabinet set sitting in the nook intended for a fridge all the while the fridge sticks out in the middle of the kitchen.
Source: Facebook

There’s seriously no room for mistake here. And no reason to place a bulky fridge in the middle of the room when it could have obviously been placed neatly in its designated space. Poor fridge, it’s not your fault; your owners are clueless.

A Glitch in the Matrix?

This freaky looking counter was 100% a mistake that the designer was simply too lazy to redo. Instead, he probably came up with some excuse like “this is all the rage in Milano” and sold his sorry explanation to the buyers. Sadly, we have a feeling it worked.

A section of the countertop sticks out in a completely illogical way.
Source: Facebook

The dishwasher was likely a bit larger than they expected it to be, so they sacrificed the poor sink and turned it into the joke of the kitchen. It sticks out in such an awkward manner that there’s not one person in the world who wouldn’t comment on how clumsy it looks.

Like Father Like Son

While ovens and microwaves are designed in a somewhat similar way, that doesn’t mean they look good stacked on top of each other like that. Not to talk about how uncomfortable it must be to have someone butt in and heat their food while you’re using the stove.

A microwave stacked a foot and a half above the oven, with a bit of space in between them.
Source: Twitter

We all know how critical it is to stir your food at the right time! You don’t want your food to burn because your little brother had to heat his mac n’ cheese from three nights ago. We know the designer meant well, but, sadly, he failed.

Let’s Leave the Outdoors… Outdoors

I don’t even know where to begin. It’s one thing to add some liveliness into your room by decorating it with a few plants. But it’s another thing to bring your whole garden into your kitchen. What ever happened to subtle finesse?

A kitchen ceiling covered in greenery and pinecones.
Source: Twitter

You know what? Maybe we’re quick to judge. This could be a special décor for Christmas for all we know. We hope it is. Because if this shrubbery is around all year long, the amount of dust it probably collects is unbearable.

The Oven Is Feeling Slightly Left Out

Okay, this person definitely beat the rest of the kitchens on this list in terms of tackiness. This is beyond cheap showiness. This is Elvis level gaudy décor we’re talking about (no offense to the late King). But, seriously, what was this person thinking?

A kitchen in which all the drawers and cupboards are covered in cream-colored tufted design.
Source: Reddit

This shiny decoration is incredibly loud. It’s like someone fell in love with their vintage sofa so much that they had to spread it all over their house. But aesthetics aside, cooking next to this material doesn’t seem like the best idea. We wonder how long it takes to clean up any stains.

Stairway to Tinkle Heaven

We have nothing against tiny houses. And we’re all for foldable tables and sleeper sofas, because when you have such a small space, practicality is key! But we’re not sure how we feel about having a toilet, a bathtub and an oven in the same room.

A small staircase that leads to a small bathroom in your kitchen.
Source: Reddit

We have to admit, it’s a bit too much. And those itty bitty stairs are just the cherry on top of this crowded room. At least there’s a window, right? It would be a nightmare if there wasn’t a way to air out the smell of the toilet, food and bubble baths.

Wait, Where’s the Fridge?

It takes a while to figure out what’s wrong with this picture. So, don’t feel bad if you’re still staring cluelessly wondering why it’s on this list. Let’s play a game of – find the fridge. We assure you, it’s there. It’s just pretending to be something else.

A small fridge placed in what looks like the space of a window.
Source: Tumblr

At first glance, it looks like a silver and brown abstract painting, but no! It’s our long lost pal, the fridge. To be honest, it’s a clever placement. It doesn’t take up any space and seems to naturally fit in with the rest of the room.

The Lone Star Sink

It’s always great to see people who are proud of their states. But when your admiration comes at the expense of functionality, that’s when things get a bit…silly. Come on, Texas. Your state’s shape is beautiful on the map, but it’s a nightmare in the kitchen.

An island in a kitchen with a sink shaped like the state of Texas.
Source: Reddit

How are you supposed to place your plates in a comfortable position? Either the people who purchased this sink barely use it, or else they forcefully ignore the fact that their sink is annoying and shove their plates in somehow.

Pimento Olive Anyone?

Wow. This martini styled sink beats the Texas shaped one by a long shot. It’s yet another example of taking your love of something way too far. There is absolutely no way to comfortably wash your dishes with this bizarre shape.

A martini glass-shaped sink with a soap dispenser decorated with a pimento olive.
Source: Twitter

But, then again, the person who owns this sink probably has a slight drinking problem. Which means that they’re likely to laugh through the difficulties of washing their dishes. Or cry. They might start out by laughing and end with sobbing.

Nope…Just No

There’s absolutely no way you can make black mold “a thing.” It’s toxic, nasty looking, and dangerous. Even when it’s not actually mold and it’s simply your floor’s design. Maybe this floor isn’t dangerous, but it’s still gross. Maybe the person thought it would remind people of dalmatians.

Floor tiles designed with black paint splash drips that resemble black mold growing on the floor.
Source: Reddit

But, sadly, it doesn’t. It reminds us of icky, toxic fungus that can make you sick. So, please, think twice before you place tiles like these in your house. You don’t want to scare away your guests do you?

Be Careful Not to Bang Your Head

A person’s fridge is hands down the most used appliance in the kitchen. In fact, in order to use the rest of your appliances (oven, microwave), you need to get stuff out of your fridge. Any way you look at it, your fridge is the kitchen’s queen.

A medium size fridge is sitting on the countertop of a tiny kitchen.
Source: Facebook

A queen deserves a pedestal, no doubt about that. But not one that will require you to clumsily climb on top just to get a glass of milk. And not one that blocks the precious sunlight! But hey, let’s not judge. Their house is probably tiny…they didn’t have much of a choice.

An Oven in the Middle of Nowhere? We’ll Pass

This is a really awkward and unnecessary cubicle. If you want to stick something in the middle of your kitchen, make it an island. Make it something that will be at least a little aesthetic and pleasing to look at. But placing your oven in the middle of nowhere is ridiculous.

A lonely single oven sits behind a short wall in an empty kitchen.
Source: Facebook

On second thought, there’s really nothing in this picture but the oven. So maybe if we saw this kitchen from a different angle with the rest of the appliances and furniture, we would think it looks good. Although we strongly doubt it.

Is This Some Kind of a Sick Joke?

Whoever designed this kitchen tile should have taken into consideration that little stair. If you’re going for a modern, sleek look, make sure to cover your stairs in a different color. Unless you’re some masochistic fellow who enjoys stubbing his toe every day.

The final stair of a staircase blending in perfectly with the same tiles on the floor.
Source: Twitter

Or maybe you love playing pranks on people and you find that the elevated portion in your kitchen is a great way to break the ice. We’re not sure how much of an icebreaker such an accident is, but it will surely break some toes.

All in One

Now this is…interesting. It’s not such a bad idea when you think about it. How many times did you start cooking something and wished you could just jump in the shower for a moment but were too afraid to let it simmer without someone to look after it?

An oven, a washing machine, a shower, and a sink all in one small space.
Source: Reddit

So here’s the solution for you! You can cook whatever you want on the stove without worrying too much about it. Hop in the shower and peek out every minute or so. The only downside to this arrangement is the amount of steam in the room. Both from the pot and from the shower!

Forkfuls of Mistakes

Regardless of our thoughts on the whole “Live. Laugh. Love” signs, and obvious “kitchen” placards (we think they’re ridiculous), this sign is embarrassing for something other than its regular tackiness. Spoonfuls of love are always welcome in the kitchen. But at least make sure there’s an actual spoon on it.

A sign that says, ‘spoonfuls of love added to every recipe’ and on said sign there is a fork picture.
Source: Twitter

Because forks are pretty much the last thing you would want to gather love with. The love will tragically divide itself and fall between the gaps of this utensil, leaving your precious kitchen with nothing but a lame sign.

We’re Not So Sure About This

This kitchen could have actually been a pretty decent one. The sink isn’t shaped like a martini, there’s no piano above the stove, and there’s no shower near the oven. But, wait, there’s a random Victorian street lamp standing tall in the middle of the counter.

A lamppost sticking out of an island in the middle of the kitchen.
Source: Facebook

We’re all for vintage throwbacks and classy, elegant designs. But don’t forget to use your common sense. And a bit of spatial awareness. This lamp is clearly a waste of precious countertop space. Either stick it on the floor in the corner or stick to regular ceiling lamps.

Leave Your Fridge Out of It

Wood is a cozy, homey, rustic, brings us back in touch with nature sort of material. That’s why many of us cover our homes with it. The kitchen is a great place to let wood’s natural color shine. But there are certain appliances that are better left untouched.

A stainless steel kitchen fridge covered in wood-like tapestry to give it a different look.
Source: Twitter

Like your fridge for example. This kitchen looks beautiful and delicate but then BOOM. You have this rough looking machine in front of you. It doesn’t look like a fridge at all. But it also doesn’t look like a tree. Basically, it just looks off.

Yeah…Not Hungry Anymore

Don’t get me wrong, psychedelic decorations are beautiful. The kaleidoscopic, spacey designs add a unique touch that throw you into another dimension. But they’re intense. And similar to other intense things – moderation is key.

A trippy-looking kitchen with crazy colors blending on the ceiling.
Source: Reddit

Covering your ceiling with a bluish-purple melting sky is not considered moderate. It’s considered nauseating. Who wants to constantly be reminded of the vast, dizzying universe surrounding us? Just the thought of it is enough to throw some people off the edge.

Where’s the Ladder?

How small is this kitchen that they had to place the oven that high? Unless you’re eight feet tall, you’re going to have to fetch your ladder every day at least twice a day. We highly doubt that these people use their oven that often.

An oven placed above the stove as a kitchen hood.
Source: Facebook

Well, at least that’s a way to reduce the amount of cake in your house, right? But there’s always cookie dough. And cakes you can get at the supermarket. Okay, so, no. Placing the oven that far out of reach has zero benefits.

Music to Your Kitchen

There isn’t a single person in this world who doesn’t like music. We like hearing it, watching people play it, and, yes, some of us also enjoy purchasing powerful stereos and other sound systems. But covering your whole kitchen with your stereo obsession is just…no.

A kitchen with speakers placed on the door of every cabinet.
Source: Twitter

Especially because it doesn’t actually play anything. It’s just a random, tasteless sticker that gives you a headache after staring at it for more than two seconds. A kitchen is a creative and inspirational space. You got to make room for other things to come to mind besides “dat sick bass.”

A Migraine Inducing Mess

Okay, we take it back. After seeing this picture, the purple, melting mess of the ceiling from before is not so bad after all. This kitchen has rightfully earned its title of being the most dizzying one of them all. We’re not sure where the floor ends and when the wall begins.

A kitchen where every cabinet door, the backsplash, the wall, the curtains, and the floor have been painted in bright mixing colors.
Source: Twitter

As a picture, it’s great. The colors are vibrant; the chaotic theme is thrilling. But as a design for your kitchen? Nope. Not so great. This migraine-inducing room is the last thing we would want to step foot into.

A Wave of Disappointment

Look at that beautiful wave. It’s clearly signaling “here is where you turn on the water to wash your dishes.” Only, there’s no way to get any water running. This sink is big and spacious and fine…but lacks a faucet. Sigh…

A blue epoxy countertop that crawls up the wall to make the shape of a wave across the wall
Source: Reddit

Maybe the person believes that the wave on their wall is enough to clean up their things. We’re sad to be the ones to break it to you champ, but we doubt that this wave is any good. As you can tell, it’s pretty much stuck there. Almost breaking into a splash, but no.

Less is More People…

A lot of things in this kitchen have potential. But put together, they’re a mess. It looks like several people who don’t necessarily know each other are responsible for this design. It’s like each tenant just added their own flavor to what the other person left behind.

A crazy decorated home with a big fancy chandelier in the kitchen/ the same kitchen from a different view where you can see the leopard print booths at the edge of the kitchen.
Source: Zillow

One person added the chandelier (so far so good). Then another one came along and added the fuzzy, leopard nook (this is where it began to go downhill). We really don’t know how anyone could have a relaxing cup of tea in this gaudy atmosphere.

Welcome to the Isosceles Trapezoid Island

This is one unique island. Maybe even more outrageous than the tiny, good for nothing one from before. But this particular trapezoid is such an inconvenient shape that you must wonder, why would anyone pick this out for their house?

A trapezoid-shaped island in the middle of the kitchen with three bar stools placed around it.
Source: Reddit

Oh, and if you haven’t noticed, there’s something else that’s terribly off about this kitchen. Yes, random dangling light in the middle of the room, we’re talking about you. Imagine having to duck your way around all the time. Yikes!

Sauteed, Marinated and Boiled, but, Please, Not on Your Cupboard

Here’s another design that clearly shows off this person’s biggest passion in life. Hey, some people love music more than anything. But others? Shrimp. We love shrimp too, but on our plate. Preferably tossed in some butter.

Kitchen cabinets with drawings on shrimp on them
Source: Tumblr

For some reason, having those pink fellas on our cupboards is a bit disgusting. To be honest, it looks like they’re struggling their way out of this kitchen. Looks like they’re not pleased with this room’s design, and we can’t blame them.

A Public Pool? A Skating Rink? More Like a Poor Design

This would make an incredible skating rink. If only we had a shrinking machine! We would definitely enjoy gliding across this beautiful, empty pool. Oh wait, it’s a sink. In comparison to other kitchen designs on this list, this isn’t all too bad.

A kitchen sink that continues the countertop tiles to create some kind of optical trickery.
Source: Twitter

Apart from the fact that it’s practically impossible to keep this thing clean. Anything you put on the counter can easily glide into it. Moreover, those little grooves probably accumulate a ton of grime. We’re exhausted and disgusted just thinking about it.

A Topsy Turvy Disaster

The person who designed this was either drunk, suffered a stroke midway, or just plain evil. There’s really no other explanation as to why someone would create such a topsy-turvy design. It could pass as a game at first. Constantly trying to find out how to open that particular cabinet or drawer.

All the cabinets and drawers in this kitchen don’t have any straight lines.
Source: Tumblr

But after the first few times, it begins to get tiring. Really, who has time to play this mind game when all you want is a simple plate? Some of the drawers in this kitchen look completely useless! Just look at the one under the sink.

Is This Even a Home?

It looks like the person who designed this kitchen desperately wanted to open a bar, but never found the right opportunity to do so. So, he created a bar in his house! We bet that whenever he has guests over, he dims the lights and blasts music.

A large kitchen with a copper lighting rig hanging from the ceiling above the island in the center.
Source: Zillow

We bet this kitchen cost a fortune. The funny thing is, when you invest in an actual bar, you look forward to earning it all back with your clients. But when you turn your home into a bar, you can’t really ask your friends to pay for their drinks…

When You’re in the Middle of a Divorce

This design is great! The best one we’ve seen yet. There’s a nice flower in the middle. The white bricks add a nice touch. And it’s basically the perfect setting if you’re not in the mood to sit with your partner. But what happens when you guys make up?

A kitchen bar divided by a beam wall of exposed brick.
Source: Twitter

Maybe the brick wall is blocking our view and there’s actually some space behind it. In any case, the separate areas aren’t the only weird thing about this kitchen. The chairs are blocking the cabinets! Super uncomfortable…

Howdy Partner!

There are so many things wrong about this picture. Hard to know where to begin. For one, the floor’s tile design reminds us of a bathroom. Two, the zebra pattern is tasteless and has absolutely nothing to do with the antique looking painting beside it.

A kitchen that has a small pantry off the side with saloon doors colored in bright red.
Source: Facebook

The corner sink looks crowded, small, and weirdly shaped. But the thing that steals the show in this picture is, hands down, the loud, red saloon doors. Oh, and also the creepy cat (is it a cat?) throwing something at you from the tree above.

Why So Many Pillars?

This kitchen is bizarre. The island is a bit creepy; we have no idea what the corded ‘90s phone is doing there. But most of all – what’s up with those huge supporting pillars? There’s no way you can feel at home in your kitchen with these four pillars in your face.

A high ceiling kitchen with four large pillars in the middle of the room.
Source: Reddit

Why would any structure need so much support in the first place? We’re not sure if the pillars were placed there to actually support anything or just as a design? Either way, it’s hideous… we’re speechless!

A Spaceship Disguised as a Hood

The farmhouse sink and the marbled Greek design is a big no no. They shouldn’t be placed together. Not now, not ever. No matter how classy and white and clean they tried to make it, sadly, it didn’t work. But there’s something more disturbing than the bad taste.

A sleek white kitchen that has a marble countertop island. The island has a farmhouse sink. And a 6-burner stove which has an enormous kitchen hood hanging over it.
Source: Facebook

It’s the massive hood dangling above the stove that looks straight out of a sci fi movie. It looks like it’s about to suck all your food and transport it through a long pipe into outer space. We hope the aliens out there enjoy our human food!