Coincidences? We Think Not…

Do you believe in fate? Sometimes coincidences can be mind-boggling. People are fascinated by irony, and when things happen at exact moments with perfect timing, it’s usually hilarious! You can’t help but think, what are the chances? Sometimes you run into a friend at the most unexpected place or even saying something at the same time as someone else.

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Whether it’s a certain outfit you’re wearing, or a photo snapped at a perfect time, we are surrounded by coincidences every day. Usually, people are too distracted to notice, but don’t worry! We found you the best ironic pictures that may or may not be coincidences. Even if you don’t believe in coincidences, you are sure to laugh at these hysterical pictures!

Head in the Game

In 1945 the United Nations was founded in order to encourage international peace. Despite its original principles, the United Nations gets criticized by many people… and its employees! One soldier showed his disapproval when he posed for this picture while wearing a United Nations helmet! It’s hard to tell if it was on purpose. However, it’s too funny to be a coincidence.

A soldier wearing a helmet
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Did you know that in 1779, George Washington chose the Army’s service dress color? Throughout the years, the army has been experimenting with different colors however, in 2010 they when back to what George Washington originally wanted. It’s crazy how significant parts of history always create a crazy impact even today. I’m glad they went back to Washington’s colors.

Reporter by Day, Robber by Night

I literally could not stop laughing at this hilarious picture! It’s just so perfect! What are the chances that you report on a robber that looks just like you? Do you think this TV reporter has a robber twin or living a double life? I mean, there is really no other explanation. I wonder if he ever got called in as a suspect.

A reporter who looks like a robber
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Did you know that being a TV reporter isn’t just an acting gig? They are the journalists who are recognized by the general public for delivering the news. Before anything else, the most important think about being is a reporter is doing research so that you can be trusted by viewers. I always thought they were fed their lines…

Chocolate head

Is there anything more boring than attending a PTA function at your kid’s school? You have to go and pretend to like everyone because that is your job as a parent. However, some parents can always find humor and amusement at times like this. Such as this dad who thought it was hilarious that his chocolate looked exactly like this guy’s head!

A man’s head looks like chocolate
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Did you know that chocolate is technically a vegetable… well, sort of. Both milk and dark chocolate come from the cacao bean and guess what! It grows the beans grow on Theobroma cacao (a cacao tree). This basically means that your favorite sweet tooth craving is a healthy vegetable! I won’t even feel bad next time I eat chocolate, it’s like eating a sad.

Hide & Seek

This picture is both scary and hilarious at the same time. It’s scary because of how the cats are camouflaged. What’s funny is how often these cats probably “go missing.” It’s mind-boggling to see how these cats literally blend into their surrounding so perfectly. The owners should really think about glowing collars so that won’t constantly be looking for their cats!

camouflaged cat

Here is a fun cat fact for you guys! Did you know that cats are the only mammal who can’t taste sweetness? This is actually due to a genetic deficiency. It causes their body to delete the sugar detectors in their taste buds. They literally don’t have the genetic capacity to taste sweetness. No wonder they can get cranky.

I was Expecting a Pot of Gold

As children, we all hear the story of how there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Unfortunately, none of us actually got to experience the end of the rainbow. This picture proves it was just a myth! The end of the rainbow just leads to another rainbow. What a rip off! Next, they are going to tell me Leprechauns don’t exist either!


Rainbows are so beautiful they almost seem fictional. They tend to be associated with unicorns and mermaids. Interestingly, rainbows are actually full circles but we see them as arches because that is the view when we look up from the ground. I wonder what a rainbow would look like if we could see the other half of it.

Is That Gandalf?

Okay, so imagine walking on to your normal bus stop and see this! Would you be shocked to see Gandalf the grey (Lord Of The Rings character) just happens to be on the same bus as you? This picture is already strange enough seeing Gandalf on the bus, but if you look closer there’s another one! Just two seats behind them. Two Gandalfs on one bus, what are the chances?

A man sitting behind an identical man
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Gandalf got his name from the ancient men of middle earth. His original name was Olórin but, Gandalf means “Elf of the wand”. This is a reference to the cane he was always walking with. Even though Gandalf’s body is mortal, his spirit is not!

What Man?

This picture is just funny! Construction sites are usually orange and white. I guess the bright orange color makes it visible for people to see from far away. However, this guy isn’t as easy to spot. He is dressed in white and orange stripes blending in perfectly with the construction site. I wonder if he did this on purpose or if he just innocently chose those colors. What do you think?

A man wearing red and orange next to a construction site with the same colors
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After a little bit of research, I found out the truth about construction sites. The original reason why the orange fencing was designed because it created a barrier from small animals. It also acted as tree protection and sensitive areas. The color stuck and is now the general signal color for a ‘no go’ zone.

Do They Know they’re The Cookie Monster?

These two guys were casually sitting at a bar hanging out when suddenly, the couple behind them discovered this. One guy’s shirt said cookie and the other one’s said monster. It’s hilarious that their sweatshirt’s say Cookie Monster. However, it feels like it might be too much of a coincidence. Do you think that they planned out their outfits? Or that they were oblivious to the situation?

A guys wearing clothes that say cookie and monster
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Did you know that red bull contains just 80mg of caffeine while Monster energy drink contains 160mg! That means that drinking one can of Monster is like drinking almost two Red Bulls! My tolerance is so low that one cup of coffee will keep me up all night. I better stay away from monster if I ever want to sleep again.

Double Trouble

People love looking at twins. Since most of us don’t have a twin, its human nature to be fascinated with the idea of it. Identical twins are even crazier to fathom. They just have an exact double walking around! Usually, when identical twins grow up, their environment and daily activities can alter their look. That wasn’t the case here, not only to both sets of twins look identical, but they are making the same facial expressions too! I first thought this was a mirror picture.

two sets of twins
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Did you know that there is something called mirror image identical twins? Approximately 25% of identical twins develop facing one another directly and receive opposite features. One can be right handed while the other is left, they can have birth marks on opposite sides of their bodies. Sometimes even their hair can twirl in opposite directions.

Mario Bro Rivals

In 1983, Mario Brothers were introduced to the world by Shigeru and Nintendo. No one could have predicted that it would become one of the most popular and recognized video game franchises. This is funny because what are the chances Mario’s and Luigi’s would be right next to each other? Maybe they are rivals, or maybe they did this on purpose because it’s so funny.

Stores called Mario’s and Luigi’s
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Did you know that Mario actually made his video game debut in Donkey Kong? Remember that game? You may not recognize him because his name was “Jumpman.” Back then he was also a carpenter, not a plumber. Ultimately they changed his name to Mario, after Mario Sagale, the landlord of the Nintendo office.

Might as well Swim

One of the best vacation spots is in Siofok, Hungary. With gorgeous beaches and many tourist attractions, this region gets plenty of visitors all the time. The only problem is that it doesn’t really have the best weather. Siofok, Hungary has a strong rainy season, and sometimes it leads to flooding. However, this model in the ad seems to be enjoying it.

A flood under a billboard of a swimming girl
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Most people can’t hold their breath for much longer than a minute however, free divers can learn to hold their breath for about 10 minutes. A Spanish free diver named Aleix Segura Vendrell won the word record for holding his breath for 24 minutes and 3 seconds. How is that even possible?! I wonder if he passed out. Definitely don’t try this at home.

This Way

Street signs are designed so that people can find their way around without getting lost. There are many street signs with strange or funny names, and here is a good example. Who decided to name a street moon street? Maybe it was some guy’s last name or something. Still, this moon sign and arrow are pointing directly at the actual moon. What are the chances?

Moon sign pointing at the moon
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The moon is approximately 384403 kilometers (238857 miles) away from Earth. It takes about 27.3 days for it to fully orbit Earth. The side of the moon we can see from planet earth is called the near side. The other side is called the far side although it is commonly referred to as the Dark Side.

Bringing the Moon to You

This picture is stunning! The sky and the mountains in the background show nature at its finest. However, it looks like the moon is being captured! Maybe science progressed. This would be groundbreaking even in history. Can you imagine bringing the moon to humans instead of bringing humans to the moon? Too bad it’s just a perfectly timed photo creating this illusion.

The moon behind a cherry picker
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Did you know that NASA’s 1969 Apollo mission was the first time man landed on the moon? There are many people who believe that the moon landing was a hoax and that it never actually happened. It is one of the most widely spread conspiracy theory until this day. Do you believe that NASA faked the moon landing?

Cross-Over Movie?

This is both hilarious and terrifying. Jack Nicholson portrayed Jack Torrance in The Shining and scared us all. Although he is an award-winning actor, Nicholson traumatized my hotel stays until this day. In this photo, Jack Torrance’s creepy smile is blocking the Les Miserables ad! However, next time you watch The Shining, imagine Jack with the blonde hair! It makes it way less creepy.

a picture of Jack Nicholson in front of a Les Miserables poster
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In the book, The Shining, the haunted hotel room was room 217. However, some audiences noticed that in the movie, it was room 237. This is because the exterior shots were filmed in Oregon’s Timberline Lodge. Management asked to change the room so that paying visitors won’t avoid room 217. The hotel doesn’t have room 237.

Baby Booze

When did we lower the drinking age to babies? Am I missing something here? This sign clearly states that ‘baby needs beers and wine.’ Should I fill the baby’s bottle with Champagne from now on? This isn’t even a mistake, really. There is just no punctuation on aisle signs in supermarkets. That’s what makes this photo so funny. I wonder if they put the alcohol in the baby aisle for this!

funny ‘baby needs beers & wines’ sign

On average, every child uses about 6,000 disposable diapers in their lifetime! In the U.S. alone, over 20 billion dirty diapers enter landfills. Basically there are 4,275,000 tons of gross and dangerous diapers taking up space precious space! Wow! I never realized how many diapers I will have to change one day!

She’s Everywhere

Taylor Swift has been dominating the music industry for the past few years. She is famous for singing about her ex-boyfriends and seems to pop up everywhere. Even in the least expected places. If you’re driving, don’t even try to change the station when she’s playing. She will find her way to pop up somewhere. What are the chances that a Truck that says Taylor is driving next to one that says, Swift?

Trucks that spell out Taylor Swift
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Although it’s considered unlucky, Taylor Swift’s favorite number is 13! Her birthday is on December 13th, and she can get obsessive! She often uses the number while connecting with her fans. She does 13-hour fan greetings! She even used to write the number 13 on her hand before every concert for good luck!

We Lie

It’s kind of hard to figure out what exactly is going on in this picture. Obviously, what makes this picture ironic is that a truck that says “we fit” clearly doesn’t fit under the bridge. What’s even stranger about this picture is what is the truck doing? It looks like it’s trying to bend over to fit. It’s about to squish the white car next to it! This is definitely not safe so, don’t try this at home kids!

A truck that says we fit
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Out of all the truck drivers out there, only 6% of them are women. In general, truck drivers for small companies drive for over 3 million miles in their life! If you don’t like going home, this can be the perfect job for you. Truckers can spend more than 240 nights away from their homes.

Diabetes Straight Ahead

Everyone loves eating a good big mac while trying to avoid diabetes. Here is what people don’t seem to understand; it doesn’t really work that way! The first step to avoiding diabetes is avoiding McDonald. This sign is a bit confusing. A diabetes prevention ad right above a temping one-dollar McDonald’s menu ad. At least it’s not false advertising. The McDonalds arrow points straight to the diabetes sign.

diabetes and McDonalds poster
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Did you know that McDonald’s is the world’s largest toy distributor in the entire world? I thought it would be Walmart or Toys R’ Us. A new McDonald’s opens every 14.5 hours and feeds 68 million people on a daily basis. I guess it’s not that surprising when you look at it from that perspective.

Mannequin Twin

It’s pretty hard for some men to go shopping without their mother, sister, or wife. This guy needed some help finding some clothes and asked the woman working there for some help. She helped him pick out some clothes, and he left. A few weeks later he walked by the store and noticed something hilarious! He was dressed identically as the guy in the advertisement.

A man dressed like a model
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Did you ever hear of the word Agalmatophilia? It’s a term used when someone is sexually attracted to mannequins, statues or dolls… and it’s a real thing! There is also a term called Pediophobia and I’m sure you can guess this one. It’s when someone is terrified of mannequins and is common with young children.

Don’t Look Down

Cliff bars are a delicious and nutritious snack! They are pretty filling and very easy to pack, which makes them perfect for hiking or camping trips. I mean, we can see a girl hiking right on the wrapper. In this picture, you can see how the cliff bar fits in perfectly with this view! It looks like she is climbing that exact cliff! I feel like the artist who drew the picture modeled it after a woman climbing this exact cliff!

Cliff bar next to a cliff
Source: Pinterest

Clif Bars are a delicious treat that was founded by Gary Erickson in 2001. People have said a lot of good things about Erickson. When he had the opportunitely to sell Clif Bae & Company in 2012 he would have made a large personal profit. Instead he decided to keep the company and to celebrate, he bought each of his 200 eployees a new Bicycle.

Buffering Mouth

In a society that has zero patience, there is nothing worse than waiting for a video to buffer. We are all so used to things happening on-demand with nothing but the click of a button, so waiting for anything can be frustrating. This guy was watching a video, and it started buffering at the perfect moment. You can see the buffering circle right around her mouth. What are the chances that it started buffering at that exact second?

A video buffering over a girl’s mouth
Source: Funnyjunk

A circular buffer basically stores data. Once the buffer is full, the data that was in the buffer the longest will be pushed out so that more data can be added. The fact that the buffering (loading) sign in a circle indicates that you don’t know how long the buffering can last. There is no real end to a circle.

But Is It a Coincidence?

With the internet, most people don’t read the actual newspaper anymore. It seems ancient to the younger generation, and for older people, it’s just more convenient to use our phones. With all that said, Newspapers still do exist, and this stack of them is hilarious. They are piled up and read “This is not a coincidence” on each one. Something tells me this is a coincidence.

Newspapers stacked
Source: Funnyjunk

The first known historical use of newspapers dates all the way back to Julius Caesar in 59BC. The news was delivered by carving daily announcements on a stone and displaying it for everyone to see. Even today, over 24 billion newspapers are printed every year! That’s crazy! especially since we live in an internet world. I thought newspapers were instinct.

Not Close Enough

For many people winning the lottery is a fantasy most people can only dream of. What can be better than getting handed millions of dollars and never stressing over money? This guy was so close to winning! Just take a look at his lottery ticket! Every single number he chose was just one number off? Talk about bad luck and a crazy coincidence.

A losing lottery ticket
Source: Skoften

Did you know that there is a bigger chance for you to get struck by lightning than for you to win the lottery? If you were planning on winning the lottery, math and probability might not be on your side. Statistically speaking, there is also a higher chance for you to get crushed by a meteorite!

Res Taurant

Neon lights are so underrated and cool. They are a sign made to be bright and glow! I’m surprised more people don’t have one of their names over their bed. Probably because it’s mostly used to see store and restaurant signs in the dark. However, this neon light seemed to have lost a few letters for Dolores Restaurant. Luckily, I don’t think Dolores will be losing much business because the letters that didn’t burn out still spell “Restaurant.”

Restaurant sign
Source: Reddit

In 1923, Packard Car Company was the first business in America to use a neon light sign. The company spent over $12,000 each! That is a lot of money, especially for the 1920s. Today, Neon signs have become a staple in the Advertising Industry and cost less than a fraction of the price.

Spending 7-Eleven

7-Eleven is a very convenient place to go to. You can fill up gas plus; they are opened 24 hours a day! It’s an easy place to pick up some munchies and of course, Slurpee’s! This guy did a little shopping there. He bought trail mix, chocolate, and a couple of Slurpee’s. What’s funny is that he managed to spend exactly $7.11. What are the chances of that happening? I hope they gave him a free Slurpee after that!

7-Eleven receipt
Source: Liderhaber

In 1949, 7-Eleven ran the first advertisement ever for a convenience store. Although 7-Eleven is famous for its delicious Slurpees, the drink was actually invented at Dairy Queen. It was originally called an Icee, but when the drink concept was licensed to 7-Eleven, the marketing team re-branded it with the name Slurpee.


Being a flight attendant can be a tough job. Imagine having to travel all the time? It could get very exhausting. However, they too need to get to and from work. This flight attendant took a subway home after a long trip. She happened to sit right under this poster of another flight attendant wearing the same outfit! I wonder if she even noticed.

A flight attendant sitting under a poster of a flight attendant
Source: Imgur

Did you know that going to the bathroom on a plane can delay the whole flight? That’s right. Flight attendants have stated that if someone goes to the bathroom at the wrong time (when the seat-belt sign is on), they have to tell the cockpit. The pilot has to wait until the person is back at their seat, and sometimes the plane will lose its place in line.

A Little Too Convenient

Everyone loves music. It’s relaxing, helps clear your mind and is a very good pass time. I mean, I can’t imagine taking a plane ride or even a bus ride without listening to music. However, the pop-up ads can get really annoying! This ad, however, is hysterical and also seems very subliminal. It reads “Triple Steak Sandwich” over a song called “Eat That Up, it’s Good for You.” A little too convenient, don’t you think? Maybe our phones are listening!

Funny ad that’s blocking a song
Source: Justsomething

As delicious as it sounds, a Triple Steak Stack is not very good for you. With 690 calories and 20 grams of fat, it’s not the healthiest meal. Obviously, most fast foods are not healthy, but apparently, the Taco Bell Triple Steak Stack doesn’t even taste good. If you’re going to eat 90 milligrams of cholesterol, at least let it be worth it.

If You Say So…

Advertisements in bus stops. I guess it makes sense. People are kind of just waiting and will probably read the ad. It seems like the guy looking at this ad may have taken it a little too seriously. The tagline for Mike’s Hard Lemonade is “If It Ain’t Broke, Break It.” Do you think that someone saw it and took it literally? Or that the bus stop with that tagline coincidentally broke?

Broken glass next to a funny sign
Source: Chaostrophic

Mikes Hard Lemonade Co. was founded in 1999. It is an alcoholic beverage; only it tastes like a delicious lemonade. It is currently America’s fastest-growing beer brand. Their advertising team is hoping to refocus the drink to target men in their mid to late twenties.

How do I Decide?

Food and Health are the most advertised products. What’s interesting is that they put up signs next to each other all the time. Do they not notice? Or do they think we won’t notice? This heart disease prevention ad states that one in three people die a year in Louisiana due to heart disease. However, the ad right next to it shows that burger king is having a 2 for $3 sale on Croissanwiches.

Heart disease sign next to burger king sign
Source: Watson

Did you know that when Burger King originally opened in 1954 it was called Insta-Burger King? Although they followed the McDonald’s super fast burger-flipping technique, Burger-King used the Insta theme as a way of advertising. Due to copyright laws, in Australia, Burger-King is called Hungry Jacks.


The bunny ear is a classic joke that everyone has done at least once in their lives while taking a picture. It’s a funny and harmless prank that’s almost always in good fun! Although it’s always seen as a joke, the shadow didn’t see it that way in this picture. The girl giving bunny ears got them right back, from her own shadow! Crazy what perfect lighting can do!

Two girls at a restaurant
Source: Thefashionball

A shadow happens when something is blocking the sun’s rays. Because of the angle of the sun, your shadows are the longest early in the morning and during the winter. Before technology, people realized that shadows were formed by the sun. They would mark shadows, and that’s created a concept of time which led to clocks soon after.

Nailed It

Reading is a great way to pass the time. It’s perfect for the bus or subway. This girl seems to think so too. She innocently decided to read the newspaper on the way home from work. What ironic about this picture is that the newspaper says “Killed by Nail Biting” right next to a woman biting her nails! Do you think either of them noticed this hilarious coincidence?

A woman reading a newspaper on the subway
Source: Thefashionball

Nail-biting is usually common with stress, anxiety, and depression. However, there are money other ways to develop this habit. Interestingly, a lot of children to do this as a hobby and it follows them into adulthood. This can actually be very detrimental and can damage your fingers and teeth! Wearing gloves helped a lot of people stop biting!

I Scream Kiss

Jonny was learning Spanish in his middle school class. The class was learning how to name foods in Spanish. The teacher thought it would help the students if she put a sticker of different food items on the kid’s chairs. In this hilarious picture, Jonny was wearing a Kiss T-shirt. I guess the teacher didn’t know that the ice cream would be eaten by Gene Simmons.

T-shirt eating ice cream
Source: Alfa

Did you know that Katy Segal was a backup singer for Gene Simmons. That’s right. Before she was known as Peggy from “Married With Children,” Segal had a shortlived career as a backup singer for Simmons. It was called “The Band With No Name” and was recorded by KISS’s record label at the time.

Just Grabbing a Drink

Giving blood is a selfless act that can save many lives. However, sometimes, your blood doesn’t necessarily go to sick children. Just look who stopped at this Blood Service in Australia. Sick people aren’t the only ones who need blood to save their lives. Vampires also die if they don’t drink human blood. It looks like this vampire has done this a few times and knows just where to go.

 A blood service shop
Source: 4plebs

Vampires are a mythical creature told in Eastern European tales back in the 18th and 19th centuries. The legend made its way to Germany and England where they became popular and glamorized. The name vampire originated from Albanian Dhampir, which means “to drink with teeth.” Legend has it that the only way you can become a vampire is if you are bitten by one.

So Which One is it?

I have never seen a store with a more confusing sign. I mean it’s pretty clever and a cool play on words but that doesn’t help me. I just want to know if it’s a property shop or ‘proper tea’ shop. It makes a huge difference! If I’m buying a house, I’m not going to do it at a tea shop. If they are two separate stores than that’s even weirder. There is no way this was just a coincidence.

Outside the property shop and proper tea shop
Source: Pinterest

Tea is good for you. It is a calming hot drink that comes in numerous natural flavors. The nutritional value even helps when you’re feeling sick. However, did you know it’s very hard work? It takes approximately 2,000 leaves just to make one pound of tea!

“Unforeseen Circumstances”

Weight Watchers is a very successful weight-loss program; however, “Weight Watchers has been canceled for the next two weeks due to unforeseen circumstances.” However, were the circumstances unforeseen? It seems to me like the circumstances are pretty clear but what do I know? Maybe Krispy Kreme wanted to make sure the weight watchers customers have somewhere else to go.

Weight watchers canceled sign
Source: Pinterest

Did you know that Krispy Kreme’s first location placement was inspired by a cigarette? Krispy Kreme founder Vernon Rudolph was a very heavy smoker. When he was looking to open the first store, he was influenced by the Camel headquarters that were located in Winston Salem N.C. However, it was just a kitchen, and originally, Krispy Kreme was only sold as grocery stores.

I’m a Work of Art

Well, here is a perfect picture of life imitating art. So you would think. It looks like this man decided to go to the Art Institute of Chicago and happened to wear a sweatshirt that matched this piece of art. What actually happened was that the museum hosted a “dress as your favorite painting day.” This guy was smart and chose the artwork that is the easiest to dress. I wonder what everyone else wore…

A guy matching with art
Source: Coolimba

The word museum comes from the Greek “mouseion.” They were temples that were completely dedicated to special muses and the art that they have inspired. At around 300 BC, The Museum of Alexandria was the most popular museum and learning experience in the ancient world!

Buy The Gloves…

Companies send out subliminal messages all the time. It’s a huge part of advertising, and it’s usually intended to get us to buy their products. However, this one may not work on us! Did Old Navy try to send out a subliminal message to us about how they are a SCAM? It’s actually not subliminal; it’s very clear if you ask me. Maybe they thought it would be a funny joke, or maybe it’s just an innocent mistake.

Gloves that spell out scam
Source: Groundzeroweb

Old Navy was first founded by Mullard Drexler in 1994. His intent was that you don’t have to be rich to be fashionable. The company exceeded expectations. After just four years, they broke records when they became the first retailer to reach over $1 billion in sales!

Listen Up

Usually, personalized license plates consist of the car owner’s name, or at least have something to do with him. That’s why “1EARUP” seems like a strange way to personalize your car. All you need to do is take one look at this photo to understand. The car owner’s adorable dog likes to put up just one of his ears. Everyone wants to show off their dog, and this guy is no different.

A dog with one ear up
Source: Pinterest

In 1893, ‘registration plates’ were first introduced by France. In 1898,The Netherlands was the first country to use nationally registered license plates. Just three years later, in 1901, New York was the first state to require vehicles to have license plates. Iowa had the first picture design on a license plate, and it was a potato.

Shooting Blue

Fred was on vacation, and as usual, he brought his camera. He carries his blue camera everywhere and barely leaves the house without it. When he was walking around, Fred decided to stop and take a picture of his friends, and one of his friends took a picture of him. It wasn’t until they looked at the picture later when they realized how cool this looks!

A boy taking a picture with a camera

Did you know that birds can’t see the color blue? However, mosquitos are also attracted to that color. Fred, if you’re getting covered in bug bites, this could be the reason. Blue is also the best-selling color in women sweaters because they think men will like it. Fred sure seems to with his camera color choice.

Smoke Head

This picture couldn’t be any more amazing. This guy’s hair color matches the color of the smoke perfectly! It blends so well together that if I didn’t know any better, I would think smoke was coming right off his head! It must be coming out of a BBQ back there or something. Do you think this guy noticed that his head looks like steam is coming out of it?

An old man that looks like he has smoke coming out of his head
Source: Pinterest

We all heard the myth that plucking one gray hair means three will grow in its place. You might be happy to know that this “fact” is not actually true. There have been many studied conducted, and researches have explained that there seems to be a connection between grey hair and stress.

Mickey Face

In this hilarious photo, an innocent woman is standing on a subway. She’s texting like everyone around her, which is probably why she didn’t notice this huge balloon! The Mickey Mouse balloon is at the perfect height to block her face making it look like Mickey Mouse is the one texting! People should get off their phones more often, and maybe they will notice these hilarious coincidences that happen all around us.

A girl on a subway with a Mickey Mouse balloon in front of her face

Fun fact: Walt Disney – the creator of Mickey Mouse was fired from an earlier job because he wasn’t creative enough. That’s right. Don’t let people dictate what you can and can’t do because clearly, Walt Disney wasn’t lacking in the imagination department. Mickey Mouse is the most popular write its candidate in the voting booth!

Walking Out

This guy walked passed this poster at the perfect time! The way he is walking and even the size of his legs makes you have to look twice for this one. The best part is that he seems to have no idea. If it wasn’t for his head popping out on top, I don’t think I would have noticed. The legs blend right in.

A man walking behind a sign with his legs popping out
Source: Pinterest

People are in such a rush these days that we miss things like this all the time. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. Being on the go shows productivity, and walking around is actually really healthy. Studies have shown that walking can reduce stress and helps your blood pressure. Maybe this guy didn’t notice his legs behind the picture, but he’s probably super healthy.


Even though I know this is just a coincidence, it’s still giving me a headache. I know that a person can’t really pop out of a picture and hurt someone but come on! This looks so painful! This innocent man is just coming home from a long day of work when some guy just hits him in the head. Luckily, it’s just a picture, but the rope looks like it chopped some if hair off!

A man walking past a picture looking like he hurt his head
Source: Twitter

A rope is basically just fibers twisted and braided together for strength. Ropes are way thicker and stronger than twine, cord, line, or string. That’s why it would be very painful if you got hit with a rope. Chances are it will leave a mark.

Yellow Zipper

Well, what a coincidence that this guy is holding a black and yellow backpack! The yellow blends so perfectly into the graffiti that it doesn’t even look like it’s his back-pack! He literally looks like he is holding a spray paint bottle and casually walking by painting graffiti on the wall. What makes this picture even better is the fact that he is smoking a cigarette.

A man closing his black and yellow backpack while walking past yellow graffiti
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Not that there is anything good about smoking, but it just makes him look even more casual. Did you know that graffiti (as it’s known today) began as recently as the 1960s in Philadelphia? It was primarily used to make political statements of mark gang territory. In 1984, Philadelphia actually founded the Anti-Graffiti Network so that graffiti will stop spreading.

Big Scary Giant

Okay, I’m confused. I definitely needed to look at this picture a few times before I realized what was going on. At first glance, it literally looks like a giant man who is walking through a village of little people. This guy won’t even be able to walk through those doors! You can tell from the people around that the store is normal-sized. The guy, however, is a giant sculpture. But he looks so real!

A giant man walking passed tiny people and a little store

Giants are like superheroes! Compared to us humans, these guys have super strength because of how large their muscles are! Their personality traits differ based on cultures. English giants are evil; Irish giants are quite pleasant, and Welsh giants are clever and cunning.

Just Stretching

This picture couldn’t be placed in a better spot. Well, I’m sure that the model doesn’t appreciate the fact that her photo is behind a dumpster. However, it does make for a pretty funny coincidence. She looks like she fell asleep in there and just woke up. Obviously, that would be disgusting if it were real, but don’t worry! It’s just a perfectly timed photo.

A poster of a girl behind a dumpster
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Did you know that there are people who literally go through dumpsters all day? Some homeless people look for food, but other people look for anything they can find. They are called Dumpster Divers. Sometimes people unknowingly throw away valuable things. Dumpster divers go in there and make tons of money thanks to other people’s trash!

Running Late

This guy looks like he is in a rush. You might have to look twice to notice, but that isn’t his arm. It looks so believable, especially since he is wearing a black coat. If you look close enough, however, you will notice his other hand in the picture. His wallet is already out, and he’s not even buying anything. I told you he is in a hurry.

A guy who looks like his hand is touching the wall.
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Did you know that the first wallet was invented back in the 17th Century? They were modeled much differently back then because credit cards weren’t introduced until the 1950s. When wallets were first created, they weren’t necessarily made for money. They were used to carry valuables, including meat. Yea, you read that correctly. Gross, I know!

Garbage Mountain

Similarly to the dumpster model, this poster was also perfectly placed. The guy in the picture must be climbing steps or something because he is perfectly leveled on all that trash. His shoes are directly on top of those cardboard boxes! Hopefully, someone will move those boxes soon so people can actually see the ad. Or maybe not, this coincidence may be more enjoyable to look at.

A picture of a guy that looks like he is climbing on a pile of garbage

Cardboard boxes are a convenient way to store/pack things. Children also love to play with them and even incorporate them in some of their Halloween costumes. They are also used to symbolize homeless people in pop culture. That’s because homeless people often live in them. The size and texture of the box can help protect them from the wind or rain.

Not My Arm

It took me a few seconds to realize what is going on here. At first glance, this looks like an innocent picture of a woman applying lipstick on another girl’s lips. But once you look a little bit closer, you will notice that the arm in the picture doesn’t belong to the girl in the picture. The arm is holding a black purse, which is probably why she blends so well into the background.

A girl’s arm that looks like it is part of the picture
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Did you know that, on average, on a woman spends about $15,000 on lipstick throughout her lifetime? $1780 of that goes towards lipstick. 80% of women regularly wear lipstick frequently, and 25% of them won’t leave the house without it. No wonder lipstick advertisement posters are all over the place!

Running Along

Everybody is always in a rush, and this picture is a perfect representation of that. Not only are the real people running to catch their subway, but the fake people painted on the subway are also rushing. If you glance at the picture really quickly and then look away, you can almost not tell the difference between the real people and the drawn ones. Well, kind of.

People running in front of a poster of people running
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The first efficient subway system was created in Hong Kong. It was built with absolutely no service interruptions. Basically, the rail was converted from above ground to underground. It took just four hours, plus it was done at night after regular service hours. Wow! Construction workers in Hong Kong are very considerate!

What? I’m Just Reading…

I can’t decide whether this picture is really cool or extremely creepy. Is it just me, or did they put the scariest looking girl on that cover? I don’t know if it’s the piercing eyes or blood-red lips that worries me more. Either way, it’s placed perfectly over this girl’s face. Her hair is positioned perfectly. The girl was freaky enough when she was a book over, but something is unsettling about her face on a real person.

A book with a face on the cover, in front of a girl’s face
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Fun fact: The most expensive book ever bought, was sold for $30.8 million! The book is called Codex Leicester, written by the one and only Leonardo Da Vinci. Bill Gates is the proud owner, but lucky for him, he probably made money back quite quickly.

Dog Woman

I know people say dogs look like their owners, but this one takes the cake. This woman is wearing the exact same shade of brown as her dog is! When he pops his head out and covers his owner’s, the result is this hilarious picture! The browns blend so perfectly that it looks like a dog that is half-human. Thankfully, that’s not what is going on here. Also, does anyone else realize how big that dog is?!

A woman with a dog covering her head

Fun fact: Did you know that when puppies are born, they are toothless, blind, and deaf. Of course, eventually, their teeth and senses kick in. They grow half their body weight in about five months! These adorable little creatures are actually direct descendants of wolves! They are much friendlier, of course.

Abercrombie and Cat

Sparky was running around the house, causing trouble. As the owner was coming into the house, Sparky tried to hide. When he peeked out from behind the bag, her owner snapped this picture. I guess I’m not the only one who wondered why Abercrombie cuts half of their model’s heads off. Good thing sparky can come fill in the rest.

A cat’s head popping out behind an Abercrombie and Fitch bag

Here is a fun fact for you. Did you know that Ezra Fitz, one of the main characters in Pretty Little Liars, is named after Ezra Fitch, the co-founder of Abercrombie and Fitch? The company also offered Mike “the situation” and other Jersey Shore cast members an undisclosed amount of money for them to STOP wearing their clothing. If a company is paying you not to advertise for them, you’re doing something wrong.

Kickin’ It

Lisa is a store owner who just got a shipment of new styles and was unpacking some boxes when one of her employees took this picture. What makes this picture even funnier that there is a huge window. Anyone walking by can see this hysterical image. Lisa probably just wants to get these mannequins dressed and forget this ever happened.

A woman looking like she is getting kicked by a mannequin
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Mannequins are a simple sculpture normally used at stores to show off different outfits. It may be hard to believe, but Mannequins are getting smarter. Well, with the technology advancements in recent years, it’s not actually that shocking. Some mannequins are sensors and can see and hear noises around the store. This is both convenient and extremely unsettling.

Hey There

This one of my favorites! Cats are already the most adorable pet, so there is nothing not to love about this picture. This cat is trying to hold up his cat food, but it’s covering his face. Luckily, the cat in the picture fits right in to replace him. It’s literally the exact same cat! Either this is the cat the modeled for the cat food advertisement, or this is another crazy coincidence.

Cat behind his cat food

The richest cat in the world is named Blackie. Here is a story you’re definitely going to hate. In 1988, a man named Ben Rea died and left his entire estate- which was about $13 million, to his cat Blackie. Wow, if he didn’t have someone to give his money to, he should have met me!

Bubble Dog

This is a perfectly timed photo if I have ever seen one. This dog looks so happy, jumping around on the green grass playing with the bubbles. Or in the bubbles. Whoever took this picture is either an incredible photographer, or got lucky enough to take this picture at the right time. But seriously, what are the chances?

A dog looks like he is trapped in a bubble
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Did you know that you can freeze bubbles?! This isn’t as easy as putting a bubble in the freezer. Chances are it will pop by the time you get in there. This has to be instantaneous. If you go outside in the cold and blow bubbles, they should freeze. It should only take a few seconds to a minute to freeze. Depending on how cold the weather is, it might take a little longer.

Take Off

In this picture, you can clearly see that the planes took off at the same time as that bird! Just kidding. But isn’t it funny that the bird is exactly where the plane is that it looks like it’s giving off the contrail? Whoever took this is a pro because if this was taken just one second before or after, the bird would have moved, and this picture wouldn’t be so priceless.

Planes taking off at the same time as a bird

Fun fact: The white smoke looking streaks that planes leave behind are basically just artificial clouds. They are called condensation trails, but most of us call them contrails. There are many conspiracy theories out there involving contrails. Many people think that they contain diseases that the government is trying to spread. I think it’s a little far-fetched, but who knows?

Fun in the Sun

Everyone likes a nice relaxing day by the pool. Nothing is more relaxing than watching the water in the nice warm sun. This guy is sitting there, enjoying the view with not one single care in the world… until he saw this picture. The sprinklers shooting out really makes it look like this guy is peeing. The best coincidences are when the person has no idea what’s going on.

A guy who looks like he is peeing

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise. Although it’s a great way to keep you in shape, sitting outside of the pool isn’t as good for your health. Too much sun can lead to skin cancer, so never forget to use sunscreen. Not using sunscreen can also suppress your immune system and early aging. Unfortunately, 1/3 of people use sunscreen when they are tanning.