DIY Fails That Made Us Howl With Laughter

Many people like to do a little DIY, and we can respect that. It’s brave to take on projects and try to use your own hands and skills to make something new or renovate part of your home. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with the ability to be successful at their home renovation projects. This list shows what happens when those projects end in total, terrible failure.

Sometimes, DIY can go well. Other times, it goes terribly! Here are some hilarious examples of the latter. These photos show what can happen when you take on a project that is just way too big for you or when you try to tackle something alone when you really should have called up a professional. Each example reminds us how important it is to contact the pros, rather than thinking we can handle everything by ourselves.

Water and Electricity Do Not Mix

One of the first things we learn as children is that water and electricity do not go well together! Water conducts electricity like crazy, so it’s super dangerous to have anything electric near a source of water. Somehow, the person responsible for this awful DIY fail must have missed the memo!

An electricity socket near a water faucet

Maybe they were drunk on the day of this DIY project or just plain out to lunch, but they really should have thought twice about putting a faucet right next to an electrical outlet. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. We just hope nobody got hurt by this awful mistake and that it was fixed very quickly.

Do You Own Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

Unless the people in this house own a flying car, like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, from the classic movie, they probably won’t be getting a whole lot of use out of that garage! Somehow, the owner decided to install the garage door a little distance above the ground, meaning that any car would have to either jump or fly to get inside.

A garage door without a paved road leading to it
Source: Twitter

It’s a terrible failure, and it completely ruins the whole point of the garage in the first place. Maybe we just don’t get it! Maybe the person who owns this house really does have some kind of flying vehicle or magical powers we can’t comprehend. But from where we’re standing, this looks like one of the silliest DIY fails of all time.

Good Luck Getting Up There

If you’ve ever lived in a house on a hill, you’ll know how difficult it can be. Having to drive uphill is never fun, especially in a small car that lacks horsepower. So, we really don’t know what the folks in this house were thinking with their crazy driveway design.

An elevated entrance to a private car parking
Source: Twitter

Instead of gently curving upwards and giving time for the car to adapt to the incline, it just shoots up from the sidewalk at an angle. Any car that tries to get up here risks doing damage to the front just from driving near it. Plus, even if you do make it onto the ramp without any scratches or dents, trying to get up there would really put a lot of pressure on your suspension and handbrake.

A Perfect Fit?

What’s wrong with this picture? We really don’t know what the homeowners were thinking here. It’s fine to want to extend your home. Many people do that to give themselves an extra room or some more space as their family grows over time. However, the point of an extension is that it should look like a natural addition to the rest of your property.

A house with second floor inaccessible

The people responsible for this monstrosity, for some reason, decided to choose a pattern and color scheme that was totally at odds with the rest of their house. As a result, the house just looks ridiculous, like two different homes mashed together with no rhyme or reason.

Playing Tetris With Doors

We have to give a little credit to the person responsible for this silly door. At least they showed some resourcefulness. They wanted to install a door but saw that there wasn’t enough space to fit a regular rectangular entry. So, instead of making other plans, they forced their way through and decided to chop the door down to size, giving it a weird, Tetris-like shape just to get it to fit.

A door in the shape of Tetris
Source: Pinterest

The result is pretty wacky, but at least they got the door they always wanted. Was it really worth it, though? If you see a space in your home where a door just doesn’t fit, it’s probably smart to put the door somewhere else instead of doing something crazy like this.

A Strange Design Feature

We’re really not too sure what happened here. For some reason, the owners of this home decided to install their toilet at a very odd angle. Instead of keeping it straight and parallel with the walls, they put it leaning to the side. Why do you think they did this? What could possibly be the explanation for such a strange design choice?

A toilet seat on a weird angle

Maybe it’s because the room was just so tiny, and the door wouldn’t open without changing the angle of the toilet. Maybe it’s because they wanted to be different and give their house a bit of ‘unique character.’ Either way, it looks very odd and must be strange to sit on, like the whole world is slightly off-center.

An Eco-Friendly Home

We all have to start thinking more about the environment. Climate change is affecting the world around us, and a big part of that is being caused by deforestation. That’s why many people are being encouraged to plant more trees on their properties. We can appreciate the fact that these people respected the tree here and tried to build their garage and driveway around it, but the results look pretty ridiculous.

tree in the middle of the driveway

How is anyone even supposed to drive onto that driveway or get into the garage? It just doesn’t make sense, and there’s no clear way down to the road, so you’d have to drive all over the grass and get your tires dirty and muddy just to access the garage.

Someone with Very Long Arms Lives Here

Okay, this one is absolutely crazy! We’ve never seen anything quite like this. Maybe someone was drinking a little too much while installing this bathroom, or maybe they just have really long arms and don’t need to worry about the toilet paper being so far away. Either way, it’s dumb!

toilet paper in the shower

There’s absolutely no reason to place the toilet roll holder so far from the toilet. And there’s even less reason to put it in the bathtub like that! You’d need crazily long arms just to tear off a single square of that paper. It’s definitely not hygienic at all, and we pity anyone who ever had to use that toilet, only to look around and see how far away the paper was.

Tiles, Meet Carpet

Many people like to try out different floor materials and styles in their homes. It’s common to have soft, cozy carpet in the living room, for example, and then a harder, laminate-style flooring in the kitchen as it’s easier to keep clean and looks more modern. But if you want to try different flooring materials, you have to remember to put them in separate rooms!

Tiles and a carpet side by side

The owners of this home didn’t heed that advice. They decided to try and mix laminate tiles and carpets together, and they really made a mess of the job too. The tiles have been cut at a super odd angle that just makes us mad to see, and the final aesthetic is too ugly to live with.

Mind Your Head

Wow! It looks like only children or very short people are allowed to go upstairs in this home! Anyone else risks banging their head on the ceiling and suffering a big injury on the way! Either the stairs have been placed in the wrong place, or the ceiling hasn’t been properly adjusted to provide room for people to get up.

A staircase that is too short to climb

The guy in this photo isn’t even super tall, but he’s already touching the ceiling after taking just a few steps. This photo is a head injury waiting to happen! It’s time for the owners of the home to call in the professionals and get the mess sorted out. Either that, or they’ll never be able to visit the upstairs floor of their own home ever again.

Let There Be Light

How does this even happen? First off, let’s just note that the paintwork in this house is absolutely awful, but now let’s focus on the real issue here: what is going on with that light! Rather than installing two separate lights in each room, these folks decided to try and get their own ‘two for one’ special offer by using a single light, spread out across two different spaces.

use one ac two rooms

The light squeezes through a little hole at the top of the wall, creating a very ugly and frankly ridiculous effect that nobody sane would ever want to live with. The problem is already bad enough, but imagine how difficult it would be to change a bulb on that thing!

A Very Public Bathroom

This homeowner must be pretty open with the world to have decided on an arrangement like this. Typically, toilets and bathrooms are treated as very private, intimate spaces. They usually only have small windows, and the glass is often frosted to give the occupants a level of privacy and comfort.

a toilet seat looking to the garden

Here, the totally opposite idea has been enforced! The toilet has been positioned right by a huge set of glass doors, looking right out onto the yard. At least it gives people something to look at while they’re using the bathroom, but we definitely don’t like the idea of spending a single second on that toilet! What would you do if a neighbor came over asking to borrow your lawnmower and saw you sitting there!?

A Combo That Will Never Work

Composite rooms and open plan living spaces are quite popular nowadays. They manage to combine the benefits of two or more rooms in just one large area, like a kitchen and a dining room together as one. It can be a great idea when done properly. But when done like this, it’s a disaster!

A toilet seat in the living room

These folks decided to save space and merge two rooms together: the dining room and the bathroom! It’s super unhygienic to start with, and who in the world would possibly want to use the toilet while people are eating just beside them at the table? It looks ridiculous and would create the most awkward scenarios imaginable. We hope the people responsible reversed their mistake as soon as possible.

Watch Out for The Step

There are so many things wrong with this one! For starters, how did that even happen? It seems like the homeowners wanted to get some nice bricks laid across their driveway, but forgot to compensate for the fact that they had a door there. Instead of deciding to do things differently, the owner (or maybe the builder) decided to dig out a little ditch to let the door open and close.

A hole in the floor next to a door

On the one hand, this is at least a functional door. It does open and close and will let you in and out of the room. But it looks simply ridiculous from every possible angle. The owner probably thought their home would look prettier with all those bricks, but instead, it just looks a mess.

How Not to Install A Fan

You know the first rule for installing a fan? Measure the space and make sure it will be able to spin properly without ever coming into contact with walls, doors, or anything else that could suffer damage from those splining blades. The folks behind this awful renovation mistake clearly didn’t read the handbook.

A fan from the ceiling making holes in the walls

They decided to put a fan too close to the wall. As a result, the blades actually chopped away at their wall and made an awful hole. Can you imagine the first time they turned this thing on and expected to listen to the peaceful hum of the blades, but instead found themselves watching as their own wall was ripped apart by a buckling, angry fan?

It Will Never Live Out Its Purpose

This one is pretty sad. Everything in this world should have a purpose, a reason for being. Even something as small and seemingly insignificant as a doorstop. They’re supposed to block the door from hitting the wall and doing any damage to the home. That’s their job. It’s their purpose. Unfortunately, this little doorstop will never be able to live out its purpose.

A doorstop out of place

Why? Because someone installed it in the wrong place, so it isn’t actually stopping anything at all. The unlucky little thing didn’t ask for this, but now it will serve out its existence in complete futility. Oh well, maybe if the owners have a cat in the house, it can play around with it for a while.

These Apartments Have Balconies and Pole Dancing

This renovation job is simply ridiculous but in the most hilarious of ways! We’ve seen several examples of builders and homeowners trying to build around pre-existing structures, but this one really takes the cake. When the work started on this building, it seems like they forgot to take the streetlights outside into account. So, when it was time to start building the balconies for the apartments, they had a dilemma.

A lamp post going through balconies

They couldn’t just rip out the streetlight, as that would be against the law. Instead, they decided to actually build their balconies around it! Well, pole dancing is a great form of exercise and is very popular nowadays. Maybe the building owners can actually use the pole as a selling point by offering potential buyers their own private pole dancing studios.

The Secret Door

Many stories make use of the ‘secret door’ concept. They often feature an old home with a secret door that nobody can open because they can’t find the key. There’s usually something very mysterious and exciting on the other side. Well, this house has something a little simpler, but not quite as classy.

Radiator Installed In Front Of Door

This door isn’t locked or sealed off with a magical spell. Instead, someone randomly decided to install a radiator right in front of it, blocking off access to the door forever. The owners of this home will never be able to get into that room again. We just hope that nobody was trapped on the other side of that door when the radiator was added!

Your Head Will Hurt Looking at This One

This one looks like an optical illusion brought to life! It’s usually nice to look at rustic, old buildings like this one. We can see all the original features and classic brickwork. We can feel the stories in the walls and windows. That’s why builders and renovators have to be so careful when doing work on buildings like this. They need to make them safe and functional for the modern age, but they also need to respect the original features and identity of the property.

Windows of an apartment not leveled

Unfortunately, it looks like the people responsible for this renovation really didn’t care too much about preserving the integrity of the building. They lazily and terribly installed these modern windows, carving out awkward chunks of the old windows to make room. They didn’t even position them in the right place.

Was M.C. Escher Responsible for This One?

Many people are familiar with the work of M.C. Escher. He was a Dutch artist, famed for his ‘impossible drawings’ that defied the laws of gravity and physics. Some of his most famous work features staircases that simply appear out of thin air and lead nowhere in particular. It seems like he might have been responsible for this awful renovation fail too!

Staircase leading to a blocked passage

Staircases are supposed to actually get us somewhere higher or lower safely, but this one is all wrong. For some reason, the builders installed it without putting any room for the user to actually turn around at the top of the first flight of stairs and then proceed up the second flight. They didn’t even install a handrail to make it safe!

Who Needs Walls?

Here’s an interesting design choice. And by ‘interesting,’ we mean totally ridiculous! The owners of this home decided to install a fancy window in front of the toilet but forgot to add any walls or anything that would actually create some kind of privacy for people using it. Once again, this is a prime example of people seemingly not caring at all about others seeing them while they’re in the bathroom.

A toilet room with no walls

Are the people in this home just supposed to imagine that there are walls around them? Should they simply close their eyes and pretend like everything is okay? It seems like a crazy way to live, and we really hope the homeowners changed their minds on this drastic design mistake very quickly.

Newsflash: Hot Tubs Are Heavy

Just in case you didn’t realize it, hot tubs are pretty heavy things. We understand why many people want one. It can be so relaxing and luxurious to have your own private hot tub, able to relax in the evenings with your buddies or your partner, soaking up all that warm, bubbly water while sipping a glass of wine or admiring the views around you.

reinforce a deck for a hot tub

However, if you’re going to get a hot tub installed at home, you really need to think about the logistics. As we mentioned, those things are heavy! The folks behind this disaster clearly didn’t realize that. They, through their weak wooden deck, would be strong enough to support all that weight. Clearly, they were very wrong.

A Useless Sink

Many modern homes and kitchens have a double sink system. This can be very useful. It allows you to wash the dishes on one side and rinse them off in the other and has many other good uses too. However, if you’re going to have two sinks, you need to make sure that the faucet can actually reach both of them. They both need to have water to be of use, after all!

A faucet short of the sink

Unfortunately, the people who installed this kitchen forgot that simple but very important fact. They chose to make use of a faucet in the wrong position. It can’t reach the second sink, making it completely useless. Instead of being a helpful kitchen accessory, that sink is just a waste of space.

An Ugly Life Hack

We see all kinds of life hacks on the internet. These little tips and tricks show us how to make use of everyday objects in innovative ways to solve common problems. This looks like someone saw those hacks and decided to apply them while designing their home! Instead of installing a faucet, they decided to just stick a plastic straw in the sink and use that to deliver water.

a straw used as a faucet

On the one hand, we admire this person’s ingenuity. They solved a problem using something simple and cheap. On the other hand, this really wouldn’t work as a long-term solution, and it just looks so silly. It totally ruins the overall look and feel of this bathroom and makes it seem more like one big joke.

Think of The Savings

We’ve seen a straw being used as a faucet, and now here’s another ridiculous ‘life hack’ style home renovation technique that someone has decided to try out. Instead of buying a showerhead, which is actually pretty cheap in general, this person decided to make use of an old soda can.

A can of soda used as a head washer

They pierced a bunch of holes into the can to create an even spray and then duct-taped the whole thing to the faucet. The idea actually isn’t bad, and it looks like the soda can provides a nice, wide spray of water, perfect for people to take a shower. But, once again, even if it’s effective, it’s super ugly. Surely nobody would want to live with that forever?

The Leaning Tower of My House

We’ve all heard of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It’s a famous tower in Italy that leans at an angle, almost looking like it’s about to fall over. It’s fun to look at, but nobody would really want to live in a structure like that, right? Wrong! The folks in this house clearly have no problem with living in a leaning home.

A house tilted to the side

We can see how the structure is tilted to one side and really doesn’t look secure or safe at all. If you lived here, you’d always be worrying about the building someday falling over. Plus, it must look a little weird to see everything inside at a weird angle. How do you even hang a picture frame in that place?

A Very Important Rule

We love the fact that the sign has been placed on this gate. It makes the overall image so much funnier and more ridiculous. A gate is usually supposed to keep people out of somewhere, blocking off access and preventing anyone from getting inside. This gate, however, has no purpose at all.

A gate with no fence

It simply exists, sitting there on a patch of grass, not blocking anything off at all. The sign really adds to the whole thing, encouraging everyone to keep the gate closed and locked at all times. It doesn’t make a tiny bit of difference if the gate is open, closed, locked, or unlocked. It will never be useful in any way whatsoever.

Reminder: Always Call A Professional

If you want to know what can happen when you take on a DIY project that is just too big for you, take a look at this photo. There’s so much wrong with it; we don’t even know where to begin! Let’s start with that brickwork. Some of the bricks are broken and have been poorly laid, creating a really ugly and awful effect.

A window of a house tilted to the side

Then there’s the fact that the window panes aren’t in line with everything else, making the whole thing look very unprofessional. There are also the unfinished parts around the window panes that make the window look even worse. It’s just a mega-disaster from every single angle, and we hope the person responsible learned a valuable lesson.

A Secret Staircase

Why or why did anyone let this happen? The picture would be totally fine without those stairs, but they really ruin the entire aesthetic and just make the whole place look like a joke. It seems like the builder or developer here couldn’t quite make up their mind in terms of what they wanted to build.

A stairway leading to nowhere

On the one hand, it looks like they decided to start off making a little stairway leading up to the door. But then, it seems that they changed their mind halfway through, eventually deciding to form a little walkway bridge. And instead of actually removing the stairs, they just put the walkway on top and hoped that nobody would notice. Well, we noticed!

You Shall Not Pass

We can respect the fact that the owners of this home showed some respect for nature. They saw a huge tree in the area where they wanted to put their garage and decided that it wouldn’t be right to tear the thing down. That’s nice, and it’s good to see people caring about the environment.

A tree blocking entrance to a garage

However, why would they then decide to build the garage and driveway anyway? It’s impossible to park on that driveway with the huge tree there, and it must be very difficult to get any vehicle in or out of the garage as well! Maybe the people who live in this house only ride scooters and motorbikes, because there’s no way they could possibly get a car in there.

Where’s the Other Half?

Imagine you’re visiting a friend’s house. You need to use the restroom, so you ask where it is. They send you upstairs and tell you to take the third door on the left. You open it up and see this looking back at you. What do you do?! We have no idea how anyone could possibly be expected to use a toilet like this!

half toilet seat popping out of the wall

It’s half the size of a regular toilet, installed in a super narrow and tiny room that seems to have no purpose at all. Did someone put this there as a joke? Or do they really expect people to actually use that thing? So many questions! Sadly, we don’t have any answers and probably never will.

Only Experienced Yoga Pros Can Use This One

Here’s another ludicrous toilet design that leaves us scratching our heads and wondering what went wrong when designing this room. The toilet has been squeezed into this little nook and is impossible to use! We understand that many people have small homes and need to make the most of the space they have, but this is just silly.

A toilet seat with no room for your legs

No one can sit on that toilet normally as there’s no room for their legs to go. You’d need to be an acrobat or a super yoga star to bend yourself into some kind of semi-comfortable position to use that thing. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

A Sneaky Trick

It seems like the person who owns this home is a bit of a prankster. We can imagine them sending guests to the bathroom and giggling with glee at the thought of them searching around for the toilet paper. Either that or they really don’t want to share, so decided to hide the paper away in a little cabinet like that.

Toilet paper stuck in a closet

How would you even access that roll? You’d have to bend around at a very odd angle just to tear off a piece. It’s a really strange idea, and we can’t understand it at all. What do you think? Is this homeowner a joker just trying to play tricks on people? Or are they just awful at designing rooms?

A Leap of Faith

This one could be a matter of life or death! When you live in an apartment building, it’s so important to have an emergency fire escape to help you get out of the building in an urgent situation. If a fire occurs, you need to be able to know that there’s a safe way down to the ground, especially if you’re on a high floor. In this case, however, anyone living in the upper apartments is in real danger!

Stairway leading to nowhere

The fire escape just seems to disappear in the middle of nowhere, with two sets of stairs on either side of the door and a giant gap in between. You’d really need to take your life in your hands and make a true leap of faith to try and get to the other side if you wanted to escape from this burning building!

No Privacy in This Room

This picture just shows how a simple mistake or oversight can create a major problem. The folks were responsible for installing this door probably let themselves get distracted while attaching the handle. Maybe they were listening to their favorite music or chatting to someone on the phone while screwing in that handle. Or maybe they’d just had a few beers beforehand.

A door noob blocking the door from closing

Then, moments later, they realized the terrible error they’d made! They put the handle completely the wrong way, meaning it was impossible to ever fully close this door. We hope that the door doesn’t lead to a bathroom or bedroom, as it would definitely be hard to live in a place like that without any privacy!

Doors, Doors, Everywhere

Wow, talk about a cramped kitchen! Many people want to try and fit as many appliances as possible into their kitchens. They want a huge fridge-freezer, a couple of ovens, a microwave, a dishwasher, and everything else in between. But there’s a difference between all of that and actually having space for all of that!

A kitchen with all its doors opened

In this case, it’s clear that the kitchen just wasn’t big enough to cater to the owner’s needs. Still, they tried to force everything in there! The result is a total mess, with the microwave door, oven door, kitchen door, and fridge door all banging into each other. It must be so difficult to actually cook a meal there.

A Door for Witches and Wizards

Clearly, someone from the wizarding world of Harry Potter must live in this house. It’s the only possible explanation for the existence of this magical, floating door. You’d need to levitate or fly on a broomstick to actually get through it! In all seriousness, this renovation fail is a major disaster.

A door hanging from the wall not touching the floor

The radiator has been installed in a really odd place, and the door just seems to fade off at the bottom into nothingness. It also looks like the family put a little chair just outside to serve as a step and help people get into the room. It’s quite a cute and simple solution to a very silly problem. We just have to wonder what’s on the other side of the door.

Duct Tape Can Fix Anything, Right?

Duct tape sure is an amazing invention. It’s so useful in so many situations. When something breaks or falls apart, duct tape can always save the day. Well, nearly always! It’s good for fixing things temporarily or putting together little items that aren’t very valuable or important, but the owners of this couch have really gone wild with their duct tape here.

couches with duct tape all over them

Over the years, it looks like the couch has taken a bit of a beating. Parts of the leather must have torn or faded away over time, leading to holes and rips, but instead of just tossing it out and getting a new one, the owners decided to keep on duct taping it back together. Eventually, the sofa will simply be covered in nothing but duct tape.

Worst Faucet Placement Ever

We’ve seen some bad faucet placement throughout this list, but this one might be the worst of all time! We all know that water and electricity do not get along together. If you put anything electrical near a water supply, dangerous situations are guaranteed to happen, and lives can be in danger! Somehow, the person responsible for this awful error must have forgotten that vital fact.

A faucet directed to an electric outlet

Not only did they position a faucet right by an electrical outlet, they actually put it over the outlet! If anyone turns that thing on, it’s going to pour water directly into the power supply. We really hope they changed this thing very quickly and never ever even thought about turning the faucet on.

The Right Way and The Wrong Way

If you just look at the top half of this image, everything seems okay. The balcony is actually quite beautiful, with nice, stylish railings and a lovely view out over the surrounding area. It would surely be a nice place to live, and we can imagine a couple spending a romantic moment sitting out on the balcony in the evening, watching the sun go down.

Dysfunctional balcony

However, take a look a little further down the photo, and then you see the silliness of this awful renovation error. The second balcony has been positioned on the building without any door or window attached! It’s a completely pointless balcony without anyone ever able to use it. Why did this happen?

Going Down to Nowhere

We’ve seen plenty of bad staircases and even disappearing staircases in this list, and now here’s another set of stairs that simply leads straight into a wall. There’s no way down here unless you want to hop over the side and try to get to the door.

Staircase leading to a wall

It’s quite a shame that the staircase has been installed so badly, as it’s actually a very beautiful one with a lovely wooden beam. We have to wonder what happened here? Was the renovator just drunk when they were fitting the stairs or were they just too lazy to make it work? Whatever the explanation turns out to be, it’s clear that the person responsible should never be trusted with a set of stairs again!

A Room Without A View

Windows are an important part of any house. They let light into the home, and they let us lookout, seeing the sky, the sun, the stars, and the scenery all around us. They’re vital, and that’s why every room needs at least one window. Unfortunately, in this photo, we can see an example of a window that is completely useless!

Brick wall inside a room blocking the window

It looks normal at first, but when we look closer, we can see an actual brick wall sitting behind the glass. It’s important to see in or out of this unfortunate window. Why did someone build a wall there? What are they trying to hide?

The Rent Must Be Cheap at Number 70

There’s actually nothing strange about installing a door this high up. It happens all the time. The only difference is that doors like this usually have sets of stairs leading up to them. In this case, however, it looks like the builder just forgot to install the stairs. This leaves the door simply floating there in the side of the building, with no real purpose.

An entrance to a building not accessible

Technically, anyone living in number 70 could carefully open the door and then lower themselves slowly down to the ground, but trying to get back inside afterward would be very difficult! We hope that whoever lives there doesn’t have to pay too much rent for the place.

Not A Lot of Use

We’ve seen several examples now of things being installed or fitted so badly that they’ll never actually be of any use to anybody! And here’s another prime example of that. What’s the point in even having drawers in the kitchen if you can’t open or close them to put things inside or take things out?

drawers blocked by wall unable to open up

These drawers have been installed awfully, with the wall completely blocking them off and making it simply impossible for anyone to get inside. How foolish would you have to be to fit these without noticing a clear and obvious problem? Clearly, whoever was responsible for fitting these kitchen needs to find another line of work.

Blocked Off Forever More

There’s a common them running through a lot of these photos: people really do not know how to install things correctly without blocking them off somehow. The point of a door is that it needs to be able to open and close. If it can’t do it, it’s useless, just like this door here. Somehow, by some strange stroke of stupidity, this door was completely blocked off by the kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets blocking a door entrance

Maybe the owners have another way outside and decided they didn’t need to use the door anymore, so they may as well block it off. Maybe they just got their measurements wrong. Either way, it looks ridiculous, turning a lovely door into nothing more than a window.

One for Circus Performers

If you’ve ever been to see the circus or maybe a magician, you might have seen a contortionist in action. These people can bend and flex their bodies in extraordinary ways, fitting into tiny boxes and curving around in all kinds of crazy ways. Maybe one of them lives in this house! That’s the only possible explanation we can find for such a badly installed toilet.

Toilet seat with a counter blocking the ability to sit on it

The marble counter is completely blocking off most of the space where someone would usually sit. You’d need to either perch on edge or pull off some crazy contortionist trick to use this bathroom properly. It’s a shame, as the rest of the space looks nice and modern, with those stylish counters and tiles.

Measurements Matter

This is yet another example that proves one simple rule: measurements matter. Whenever you’re buying something new for your home, like a fridge, an oven, a washing machine, a sofa, or even a pretty small appliance or piece of furniture, you need to know how big it is and measure up space when you plan on putting it.

A Stove blocking a fridge from opening-up

If you don’t take measurements and check things out before you buy, you could end up like the foolish people who live in this home. They bought an oven that was just too big for the gap they planned to put it in. It sticks out too far, blocking off access to the fridge entirely.

They See the World A Little Differently

So, what do you think happened here? It seems like whoever is responsible for this mess must spend their lives walking around with their heads constantly at a 90-degree angle, looking at the world horizontally and thinking that everything is out of place. They managed to take a door and fit it the wrong way around.

A door installed sideways

We’ve heard of doors and other home renovation items being fitted upside down, but never horizontally like this! On the bright side, at least the door technically still works. It should be able to open up and let people in and out, but they’d need to crouch down and climb over the opening to get in or out of the home.

Just A Little to The Right

Oh, you were so close! If this set of stairs had just been installed a little more to the right, it would have been perfect. Instead, it’s totally useless. We can’t even imagine what was going through the mind of the person or people responsible for this one. Did they not want to ruin the aesthetic of those white doors by putting stairs in front of them?

Fire escape staircase not connected to the doors

Did they assume that people were going to open up and dive across to the stairs like Spider-Man if ever a fire broke out! Either way, lives are in danger here, and we hope the problem was solved swiftly to make this baffling building a lot safer for all of the people living inside.

A For Effort

We have to hand it to the person behind this one. At least they used their initiative, got creative, and came up with a solution to a problem. It’s not a great solution, but at least it’s somewhat functional, even if it looks hilarious and embarrassing at the same time. The homeowner here installed a door that swings inwards into a teeny tiny toilet.

A toilet door cut to enable it to close

The actual toilet was blocking the way, and they couldn’t actually get inside. So, they grabbed a saw and started hacking away at the base of the door, carving a toilet-shaped hole to finally allow the door to open up. The only problem now is that even when the door is closed, and someone tries to use the toilet, there’s a big hole sitting right beside them.

Another Disastrous Driveway

There has been some bad driveway fails throughout this list, and here’s another awful one to feast your eyes upon! Many people enjoy the convenience of having their own driveway. It’s a nice feature of any property, letting you safely and securely park your car in your own garage or on your own path, away from the road.

A lamp post blocking entrance to the garage

This one, however, is totally blocked off by a huge pole. The pole is sitting right in the middle of the driveway’s path. You can probably just about squeeze around it, but it must be pretty awkward to get in and out of that garage with such a major obstacle in the way.

A Nightmare for Those With OCD

If you’re a perfectionist, someone with OCD, or even just someone who likes symmetry and enjoys when things are nicely lined up, this image will drive you completely nuts! The contractor responsible for making this house clearly got their measurements wrong, resulting in this ugly scene where the walls don’t quite line up like they should.

Ceiling and walls not aligned

The walls are only off by a couple of centimeters, but it’s a very irritating and infuriating effect. When we hire builders and contractors, we expect the best results and hope that they’ll make the necessary efforts to ensure that our homes are built to perfection. Sadly, for the owners of this home, that just didn’t happen here.

Another Dead-End Staircase

Yet again, we see that builders, contractors, and other construction professionals clearly have a major problem with stairs! This is a really ornate and nicely made staircase. If you just look at the bottom of the photo, you might imagine it leading up to a gorgeous front door or even a luxurious rooftop terrace.

Staircase leading to nowhere

But then we see where it actually leads: nowhere. Or more precisely, it heads straight into a yellow brick wall! It looks so silly just ending with a flat surface like that, without any door or even a window to suggest that there’s something at the end. Anyone responsible for a set of stairs like this needs to ask themselves some serious questions.

There’s Something Missing

Once again, we have an image of two halves. If you look at the top, you might think that this is a cute little overhang, typically found right above the front door of a house. It’s nicely made, we can see the house number sitting there in metal letters, and then some decorative white beams leading down.

Entrance to a house with no door

But wait, where’s the door? Clearly, there’s something very wrong here! We have a set of stairs, an overhang, and all the other signs that a door should be present, but there’s no actual door there? What happened? Did the door mysteriously vanish? We have no logical explanation for this one, but the home looks totally absurd like that.

What A Waste

Here we have an image of a house that was for sale in the United Kingdom, proving that the bad driveway design problem isn’t limited to the US alone. This home has got a really long driveway with purple bricks, leading up to a fancy black garage door. There’s just one problem: a huge telephone pole is blocking access to the driveway.

A narrow entrance to a house with no room for a car

It’s no surprise that this house is up for sale. The owners probably got sick of not being able to get their car on the driveway and having to park on the street all the time. We wonder if anyone buying this house got some kind of a discount for having to deal with such a weird problem.

A Driveway or A Skate Park

Here’s another driveway with a big problem. No, it doesn’t have any trees blocking it. There aren’t any poles or walls or other obstacles in the way either. The problem with this driveway is that it’s ridiculously steep, curving up from the street at a crazy angle. It looks more like a skateboard ramp or a ski slope than a driveway.

60 Degree Slope Driveway

We can’t imagine how stressful it would be to try and drive up that thing each day. You’d really need to go hard on the gas to get up there and then let off just in time to avoid crashing right into your own garage. It would probably be a lot easier to just park on the street if you happened to live here.

Does James Bond Live Here?

This one is a little over the top! We can tell from the fancy car that this person must have quite a bit of money to splash around on silly things. They wanted to keep their prized automobile safe and protected from the elements, so they decided to get a supervillain-style, secret underground garage installed.

underground car parking

It looks like it belongs in a spy movie, not real life, and how are you supposed to get out of the car with the walls being so close like that? We have to wonder if the guy has a whole Batcave down there, with all kinds of other gadgets and gizmos to play around with. Some people really have too much money when they resort to spending it on crazy things like this.

Someone Owns A Flying Car

Technology is moving at a super speedy pace nowadays. We’ve got better smartphones than ever before, virtual reality headsets that let us dive inside our favorite video games, and even self-driving cars. It’s surely only a matter of time before we get hoverboards and flying trucks, too, right? That must be what the person behind this floating garage thought when they built it.

A garage door on the second floor of a building

The garage door is far too high to be accessible by the normal car, but maybe if someone really does invent a flying vehicle, the value of this silly property will suddenly skyrocket. In the meantime, however, their place just looks dumb with a garage door that nobody can actually use.

A Very Perilous Driveway

Some people feel that their lives are lacking in excitement and adventure. They do the same old thing every day, going to work, heading home, sleeping the night away, and repeating it all in the morning. They want to take risks and experience the thrills that life has to offer. We’re pretty sure that one of those people must live in this house!

A risky entrance to a garage

They have the most dangerous driveway on Earth! Instead of a full, flat surface to drive over, they have just two little bridges to guide them into the garage. One false move and their vehicle could fall down and smash on the cold, hard ground below. Every single day would feel more adventurous if you had to use this driveway all the time.

This Is Against the Law

There are rules against parking anywhere near a fire hydrant. You can’t put your car within 15 feet of the hydrant, as this could be a major hazard if an actual fire breaks out. Somehow, the people building this house must not have been paying close attention to that rule because they decided to start construction right by the local hydrant!

A fire hydrant in front of a garage entrance

They even decided to make a garage just next to it, with a driveway leading past it. There are definitely some big problems in store for the folks behind this bad project. They haven’t even finished construction yet, but they’re already putting themselves and their neighbors at a big risk.

Another Flying Car Believer

We’ve already mentioned the possibility of a future in which flying cars could exist. It might happen. It probably will, but maybe not for another few decades. Still, the person who owns this home clearly wanted to be prepared for every possible eventuality. Not only did they get a garage installed on the second floor of their home, but they also made it a double!

A garage with no way to get to
Source: Pinterest

The garage door is huge, ready to welcome at least two flying cars or even a flying truck. It seems like they’ve been watching too many sci-fi movies, seeing all those scenes of cities with cars and hoverbikes flying around the streets. They’ll probably never get to use their silly garage design.

Maybe A Vampire Lives Here

We really don’t get this one! Every house needs windows. The more, the better! They bring in natural light and fresh air, making a house a home and stopping us all from living in dark caves like bears or vampires. The person living in this home, however, decided that their windows were apparently too big and started renovations to make this one a lot smaller!

A window blocked by bricks

We can see the old window frame, showing us how large the window once was, but it’s all been mostly bricked up and covered. The only window left is super tiny. We can’t imagine what it must be like there. The room behind that window must be so dark and miserable.

What Are You Going to Do Now?

We all make mistakes. It’s a part of being human. But if you do something professionally, you should be really good at it. You should be able to use all of your skills and experience to do the best job, every time, blowing people away with your skills. Sadly, not everyone can be great at their jobs.

A painter stuck on the roof after painting all of it

This professional painter got employed to paint a roof. He started work and was doing fine until he realized that he’d painted himself into a corner and couldn’t get out! He was left standing in this spot, having to wait for the paint around him to dry before he could finally move and finish the job without turning himself green.

A Sitting Room for Ghosts

Some parts of homes or buildings are ‘just for show.’ We decorate them and paint them, but know that we’ll never actually use them. The owners of this hotel have gone a little too far, however. For some strange reason, their building was constructed with this little alcove just sitting beside the stairs. It has a little window, but there’s no way to get up there without using a ladder.

A sitting room area with no way to get to

Still, they decided to make a little seating area, putting some chairs there and a little table with some flowers on. We really hope the flowers are fake. Otherwise, someone will have to go up there every day and water them! We wonder how they even got the chairs up there in the first place. That must have been quite a challenge.

A Perfect Fit

This awful renovation fail really doesn’t make a lot of sense. Someone wanted to put a clock on the wall. That’s fine. It happens all the time. Lots of us have clocks in our homes to keep us informed of the time when we don’t have watches or smartphones nearby. There was just one problem: a pipe was in the way!

A bent pipe around a wall clock

So, instead of simply moving the hook for the clock a little more to the right, they decided that they would prefer to spend ages bending the pipe to curl around the clock. Why would someone go to such great and challenging lengths just so they could keep a little plastic clock in this position?

What A View

When you book a hotel, you have to think about quite a few different things. You need to consider the type of room you book, the size of the bed, the amenities and features on offer, the location of the hotel, and more. You also often get asked whether you’d like a room with a view. Some hotels can boast of sea-view rooms or beachfront rooms.

Drapes with a wall behind them

The folks who requested this regular hotel room were astonished to get upstairs, pull back the curtains, and discover that there wasn’t even a window behind them! That’s what they get for not paying a few extra bucks for a room with a view, we guess.

An Obstacle Course

This building was constructed in a modern style, with thick, chunky, bold beams all around. Those huge poles can create a really stylish and attractive effect when they’re positioned properly and used well. In this case, however, they not only make a mess, but they also create an unfortunate obstacle for the people who actually use the building and need to get around it.

massive beams blocking the walkway

Two of the massive beams are totally obstructing this walkway. Anyone who wants to get from one side to the other needs to either climb between them or crouch around behind the one on the right. It’s really not a super solution, and it would be so difficult to get through here if you had a wheelchair or were carrying some heavy things.

The Laws of Physics Matter

It’s vital to pay attention in science class. You can learn so much about the world around you, understanding how things work, and gaining valuable information for later life. This is especially true if you want to go into a job like construction or engineering, where the laws of physics and gravity play a key role!

grate elevated from the ground not allowing water to flow into it
Source: Pinterest

Clearly, the person in charge of installing this grate must have skipped a few science classes when they were back at high school. For some reason, they thought it was perfectly fine to install the grate higher up than the surrounding area. They forgot that, because of a little thing called gravity, there was no logical way for the water to flow into the grate.

Up and Down and Up and Down

Remember that scene in the first Harry Potter movie where Harry and his friends arrive at Hogwarts and see the huge room with rotating and moving sets of stairs? Well, maybe the construction team responsible for this dumb staircase had been watching the movie the night before and thought they’d like to experiment with the idea.

staircase build in a circle

Stairs usually just lead up or down in a straight line, sometimes with little landings and platforms to space them out. This set of stairs, however, can’t seem to make up its mind which way it wants to go! It leads up to the door, then down to a little platform, and then up again. It looks like the constructors got their measurements all wrong.

Not Quite Right

A fence is designed to keep people out. It’s a barrier, blocking off access to your own private property. The point of it is to provide privacy, intimacy, and security to the people on the other side. This fence starts off okay. It looks strong and sturdy, but then the homeowners encounter a problem.

A not very affective gate giving entrance through a rocky patch

They had a rocky, sloping patch of land on the side of their property. Instead of thinking of a clever way around it, they did this, installing another fence panel at a random height, way above the others, and leaving a huge gap for any potential intruders to simply crawl through. Let’s hope the homeowners don’t have a dog, because it will easily escape with such a terrible fence design.

Is This A Sick Joke?

People with disabilities have tough lives. It’s impossible for many of us to even imagine the challenges they face daily, especially when they use wheelchairs. Even an act that seems simple, like going to the bathroom or getting into your house, can be a lot more challenging when you’re trapped in a chair and can’t get around as easily as everyone else.

No Entrance to a disabled bathroom

That’s why we have special disabled-friendly bathrooms in hotels, bars, restaurants, and other areas. Unfortunately, this toilet, which has a handicap marker on the door, has been installed up a small flight of steps. It would be impossible for anyone in a wheelchair to actually get in there.

That’s Now How Ramps Work

Here’s another example of people showing no respect for those with disabilities. Often, public places will have ramps installed near stairs to give wheelchair users an easy way to get up and down an area. The people behind this ridiculous ramp must have thought they were pretty clever by simply placing the ramp section right over the stairs.

Ramps build in zig-zag not wheelchair friendly
Source: Twitter

In reality, it’s way too steep for a wheelchair user to safely roll down. They’d completely lose control of their chairs. Plus, the owners decided to put a huge plant right at the bottom of the ramp that someone could easily smash right into when they reached the bottom.

How Did You Think This Was Okay?

Fire can be such a devastating force. It’s almost uncontrollable, spreading like crazy from a single spark into a raging inferno. We’ve seen so many examples of entire buildings and other structures going up in flames and being burned to the ground, and that’s why every public building needs to have hydrants, hoses, and fire extinguishers installed, just in case a fire breaks out.

A blocked fire extinguishers case
Source: Pinterest

This building was following the rules, having a hydrant located at this set of stairs. Then some contractors came along to install a handrail and decided to curve the rail right around the front of the hydrant door, blocking off access completely. If ever there was a fire here, nobody would have any chance of actually putting it out!

McDonald’s Leads the Way Again

McDonald’s leads to the fast-food industry. When it comes to making burgers, nuggets, and fries for quick and easy consumption, it’s the best name in the business. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said when it comes to McDonald’s’ construction and design capacities, as we can see here.

A column not touching the ceiling

A couple of diners spotted this silly mishap in the middle of their local fast food joint. This huge column is supposed to be bearing the weight of the ceiling above. But it’s not even touching the ceiling! It’s not supporting anything at all. Instead, it just stands there, getting in the way, looking dumb, and being totally useless every single second. What a fail!

Missing the Point

The first thing we notice about this picture, which shows a smiling lady peeking her head around a pointless door, is the fact that the door is pretty unnecessary. Doors are supposed to serve as entrances and exits, but they also work to keep people out if you don’t want them coming out and protect interior spaces from cold winds and other elements too.

An unnecessary door with no supporting around it

This door is trying its best to do a good job, but it’s not being helped out by the fact that there is no wall to the side of it! Someone took the time to print the words “Employees Only” on the door, which means it’s being used to block off access to a restricted area. But without a wall there, anyone could choose to simply walk around and get inside whenever they like.

Just One Little Window

Tall buildings, like skyscrapers and apartment blocks, can have some big design differences. They don’t all look the same, with architects trying out different designs, materials, and concepts in their constructions. But they all usually have one thing in common: lots of windows.

A single small window at the side of a building

In this case, we can see that the front of the building is completely covered with windows, letting all the occupants see outside and get lots of light into their homes. On the side, however, there’s just one little window! It’s super tiny too, appearing out of nowhere and looking really out of place in the middle of that plain, empty wall. What’s the story behind this small window?

You Nearly Had It

Someone must have been drunk when they fitted this door. That’s the only explanation we can possibly think of. Either that or they were trying out some kind of internet challenge that involved them installing a door while also wearing a blindfold at the same time.

An entrance door installed upside down
Source: Twitter

Somehow, the door ended up being installed the wrong way around, but this mistake was so easy to avoid! We can see the house number at the top of the door and the big glass section, which should obviously be at the top. On the plus side, if any dogs or cats are living inside the house, at least they have a nice little window to peek out of.

Why Would You Put That There?

We’ve seen a few examples of people treating handicapped individuals with a lack of care throughout this list, but one might be the worst. Disabled spaces are very important aspects of any parking lot. They allow those with disabilities to park closer to stores, hotels, and businesses, getting inside more easily and not having to travel so far to get back to their cars.

A mini garden used as a space for disabled people's car
Source: Pinterest

This disabled space, however, has a little mini garden installed right in the center of it. Parking here would be pretty much impossible for any regular vehicle. With that thing sitting there, this space is 100% useless and won’t be helping anyone, disabled or otherwise.

Half A Screen

Yes, this image is real. It actually happened. Someone really thought it was fine to leave a TV like this, separated by a wall and divided in half. Nobody can really benefit from sitting around and watching this TV. Imagine trying to watch a football game and only seeing half of the screen!

A TV separated by a wall and divided in half

Or imagine trying to catch up on your favorite show or catch the end of a movie you love, but having most of the screen real estate completely cut off on the other side of that wall. It’s a very strange installation, and someone should put an end to it by climbing up a ladder and taking that TV down once and for all.

A Giant Throne

Architects are capable of amazing things. You can visit different cities all over the world and discover all kinds of gorgeous, inspiring, amazingly designed buildings and structures created by some of the finest minds our world has ever seen. Sadly, not every architect is blessed with the same high levels of talent and ability.

a birds-eye view of abuilding looking like a gigantic toilet

The person responsible for this building probably thought it looked great on paper. It was only after making it and seeing a photo from above that they realized how closely their structure resembled a gigantic toilet. Luckily, anyone down on the ground or inside the building won’t really notice the resemblance, but once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it.

A Super Secure ATM

Many people stress out when using ATMs. They worry that someone behind them could be peeking over their shoulder and seeing how much money they have, or even looking at their account details, planning to steal their identity later on. Maybe security was on the mind of the person responsible for this odd ATM installation.

An ATM without easy access
Source: Twitter

The ATM is located quite far above the ground, and you actually have to climb up some steps and then make a big leap up to the top to reach it. Then, you have to crouch down just to place your card inside and hit the buttons to get your cash. At least you feel like you’ve earned your money by the time you finally get your hands on it.

You Need to Pay Extra to Actually See the Game

It’s so exciting to attend a sporting event in a big stadium, hearing the roar of the crowd around you, watching the star athletes showing off their skills right in front of you, and feeling the atmosphere of the occasion in every single second of the action.

Row of seats in a stadium blocked by a brick wall
Source: Pinterest

Well, if you happen to end up in one of these seats, you’ll probably wish you stayed at home and watched it on TV instead! We have no idea how anyone thinks they can get away with charging money for seats that are staring straight into a wall, but that’s what happened at this sports stadium. Hopefully, the tickets were pretty cheap!