Creative Restaurant Signs That Will Have You Howling With Laughter

We all need to laugh a little each day, and if you look around, you can find comedy in the most unlikely of places. Even on restaurant signs! These signs are usually just supposed to tell us about great deals, delicious food, or restaurant opening times, and they can often be quite creative and imaginative in trying to lure people through the doors.

The El Arroyo restaurant

Sometimes, however, these signs end up being either intentionally or unintentionally hilarious. In some cases, the writers actually knew what they were doing and decided to use their creativity and humor to make something funny. In other cases, they accidentally misspelled something or unintentionally turned their sign into a big joke. Let’s take a look at some super examples.

Not Sending The Right Message

KFC is one of the most popular fast-food chains in the world, with the Colonel’s famous fried chicken being enjoyed by millions each day. You might even call it “Unbeatable,” and that’s probably what the signwriter was going for her.

KFC Sign
Source: funnyjunk

Instead, they made one huge mistake, showing how the omission of a single letter can lead to dramatic effects! “Unbeatable” became “Uneatable.” We imagine most people ignored the sign and still ate there anyway though. It’s finger-licking’ good, after all.

Wait, What?

Typically, restaurant signs let us know their opening times. Many restaurant owners are proud of the fact that they stay open six or seven days of the week, for example, but it seems that this particular restaurant operates in a different reality to the rest of us.

Want Some Over-Time?
Source: Stately McDaniel Manor

A typo on this sign says that the joint is open eight days of each week, despite being closed on Sundays! Either they made a big mistake in their sign printing, or they have a totally different calendar to all of us.

It’s A Fair Point

Some signwriters choose to completely abandon the idea of writing something about their restaurant, preferring to write random, funny, obscure messages instead. This can be a good marketing tactic to catch the eyes of passers-by.


The El Arroyo restaurant over in Austin, Texas, is one great example of this! They often write funny puns and dad jokes on their sign, as well as this amusing little sentence.

Can’t We Have All Three?

A big part of the reason people love fast food so much is that it’s so fast. We love the idea of being able to walk into a restaurant and have our food delivered in a matter of minutes, but we often miss out on quality or good service, as this sign shows.

Can't We Have All Three?

The sign makes a valid point, saying that if you want things quickly, you’ll have to accept that the service might not always be the best or the quality might be lacking compared to a proper sit-down restaurant.

El Arroyo

Again El Arroyo in Austin is back again with another amusing and relatable sentence. We’ve all been in this situation when we were children, absent-mindedly looking out of a window or focusing on something else when the teacher calls our name.

El Arroyo

In response, without even thinking about it, we yell out “Yes, mom?” or something similar and fall victim to the laughs and ridicule of the whole class. As usual, El Arroyo has nailed it with this one.

Challenged Accepted

Some restaurants offer fun little challenges or goals for customers to try and achieve to get some kind of special recognition or discount, and we’re looking at a very odd and amusing example of that here.

Fit in 10 Meows

At this funny restaurant, the staff will offer a 10% discount to anyone who manages to say “Meow” at least 10 times while placing their order. Nope, we have no idea how this started either.

Someone Woke Up On The Wrong Side

We can often see signs outside a restaurant listing the day’s specials, luring us in with the promise of our favorite dishes and delicious desserts, but sometimes, signwriters and restaurant owners decide to go down a different path, just like this one.

Today’s Special: Nothing

At the strangely named “GNTRBT” restaurant, the special of this particular day was “Nothing”! It seems like the chef might have woken up on the wrong side of the bed that day!

Embracing The Bad Reviews

We’re living at a difficult time for restaurant owners. The internet has helped them get their names out there, but the use of sites like Yelp for people to leave nasty reviews has also affected a lot of eateries.

Sign: Meatballs Sandwich

Some restaurants do all they can to ignore or pretend like bad reviews don’t exist, but this one decided to embrace them, jokingly daring people to try a sandwich that one Yelp reviewer had hated so much.

Maybe They Do!

Once again, we come back to the fine folks of El Arroyo in Austin, TX, for another hilarious sign that really makes you think! We often immediately change our attitude when we see the cops, do dogs do the same?

El Arroyo in Austin, TX

When they see a smart K9 officer on patrol, do our canine companions start to sit up straighter and worry that they might get thrown in doggie jail? It’s a funny thought, either way.

Brutally Honest

This sign is short, but definitely not sweet. It makes an amusing yet almost tragic point about the nature of society and the world of capitalism. Money makes the world go round, and many restaurants struggle to survive.

Brutally Honest Sign

Lots of them close each year due to a lack of customers and huge expenditure on all of their staff wages and ingredients. So this sign reminds us to support great restaurants in our local communities!

Good Food Brings People Together

El Arroyo has one of the best reputations for funny and poignant sign messages in all of America, so it’s no surprise that we’re back with them again for another super true statement.

El Arroyo in Austin, TX

There’s nothing quite like sharing a great meal with a special someone, and good food really can bring people together. Many first dates go to restaurants, after all, so it’s clearly a big part of falling in love.

Don’t Behave Like An Animal

You’ll often see no smoking signs in restaurants, or signs letting people know other simple rules. This one goes a little further, reminding people not to suddenly flip their tables over in anger and send food crashing to the floor!

Don't Behave Like An Animal!

Let’s hope they didn’t have to put this sign up after someone really did flip one of the tables. Either way, it’s definitely a smart sign to follow, as nobody wants to see food flying around while they eat!

Perfect Poetry

Poetry is one of the most beautiful art forms of all, and we can all appreciate it when a poem has been wonderfully written to capture so much emotion in such few words. This poem, on the other hand, is a little different.

The Alex Restaurant

Using the old “roses are red” formula, it starts off funnily enough and then just ends with a blunt “eat here” line. Would you eat there after reading such an odd little poem?

The Return Of El Arroyo

Whoever works writing the signs at El Arroyo really could probably write a hilarious comedy movie or work on a popular sketch show. They just keep on coming up with one funny sentence after another, and here’s another example.

El Arroyo in Austin, TX

You’ll probably recognize this phrase from Sir Mix A Lot’s “Baby Got Back” or from Nick Minaj’s “Anaconda.” Either way, the little switch from “buns” to “puns” adds a lot of humor to the classic pop lyrics.

Just Doing What The Boss Says

Not everyone is blessed with the imagination and creative spirit of the writers over at El Arroyo. So, when this employee was asked to write something witty and thought-provoking on the sign, he or she didn’t quite know where to start.

Fuel & Fuddle

They decided to simply write the phrase word for word, letting us know in brackets afterward that this was exactly what the boss ordered! It turned into quite a funny sign in the end.

Probably The Duck

El Arroyo’s writers are so prolific in their signs, we could make a whole list dedicated entirely to them! They’re always changing the sign out in front of the restaurant with new, inspired, amusing sentences, phrases, and questions.

El Arroyo in Austin, TX

This is one of the more random inventions of the El Arroyo writing team, as they challenge passers-by to decide whether they’d prefer to fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck. Which would you choose?

Social Veganism

The El Arroyo writing team are at it again. They often like to play around with words, using puns and wordplay to make us think about things in a different light, and this is a great example of that.

El Arroyo in Austin

They joke about being a “social vegan” who avoids “meet,” rather than “meat.” Technically, vegetarians also avoid meat, so the actual pure logic of this pun doesn’t quite hold up as well as some of the others, but it’s funny nonetheless.

90s Kids Love This One

Remember what life was like before the internet? Older people will remember those days, but the younger generations will never know what the world was really like before we all had Wi-Fi.

Wifi Sign

This restaurant gives us a little reminder of that, proudly stating that it doesn’t have any Wi-Fi service for its customers and encouraging them to simply talk to one another, pretending like they’re back in the 90s.

That’s A Strange System

These days, we’re starting to see more and more unique and slightly odd restaurant concepts. There are some restaurants where you eat totally in the dark, or others where you get your food served to you by robots.

Karma Cafe

This one goes in a very different, but equally strange direction, saying that guests should simply walk in, sit down, and then get “served what you deserve.” A restaurant with no menus? Do you think it could work?

Great Review

One of the best ways to tell if a restaurant is really any good is knowing whether or not the people inside are proud of the food they serve. In most cases, they are, but in others, their heart isn’t really in it.

I’d Eat Here!

Often, we can’t really know how the staff or owner actually feels. At this restaurant, however, you know exactly how the owner feels, as they decided to leave a personal, funny review on the sign outside.

This Can Only End One Way

Many restaurants nowadays cater to a wide variety of dietary styles and choices, with more and more people choosing to become vegetarian or vegan, while others simply choose to reduce their meat intake.

Should you eat their meat?
Source: myfitnesspal

This restaurant is staying true to its values and roots, however, offering nothing but pure animal protein meals on its menu, and even providing a handy flow chart to help decide whether or not they should eat the meat, with every branch ending in “Yes!”.

That’s A Good Reason To Close Early

Sometimes, restaurants have to adjust their opening hours or close urgently and unexpectedly due to something that they hadn’t foreseen. This appears to be one of those cases.

That's A Good Reason To Close Early

The restaurant owner decided to put up a sign to inform people that they were closing at 6pm while stating that the reasoning behind this was due to “the imminent collapse of society”! That certainly sounds quite dramatic.

Another Perfect Pun

The El Arroyo team strikes again, proving their mastery of puns so many times over the years. They have a real talent for taking common words and twisting them around in ways we can’t expect, and that’s what we see here.

Sign at El Arroyo

They joke about hating “Russian dolls” because “they are so full of themselves,” referring to the famous matryoshka dolls that contain lots of increasingly smaller versions of themselves inside. Another super pun from El Arroyo!

These Guys Need To Write A Show

Again, we’re back with the masters of El Arroyo, who really deserve their own show. They’re such good writers, cleverly crafting comedic soundbites from the most simple of words and phrases.

Math teacher sign at El Arroyo

This one, for example, makes use of some math terms to create a funny pun. It jokes about a math teacher calling the writer “average,” and finishing with the phrase “How mean!” Of course, the terms ‘mean’ and ‘average’ mean the same thing in math class.

So Accurate

Can we all agree that bacon is one of the best things on the planet? Maybe vegetarians and vegans would disapprove, but anyone who eats meat tends to love the unique taste and texture that bacon can provide.

Bacon appreciation time

This sign sums up our universal love of bacon in just a few words, stating that anyone who doesn’t love it is simply “wrong.” How do you feel about the crisp, delicious qualities of bacon?

Violence Is Not The Answer

The internet age has changed a lot of things about the way we enjoy the food at restaurants. These days, you can barely go anywhere without seeing people snapping photos of their food to share on the internet.

Instagram your meal!

Some people don’t mind this kind of behavior, but others absolutely detest it. The writer of this angry sign definitely falls into the latter category, offering a “free concussion” to anyone who dares to share their meal on Instagram.

Choose Your Words Carefully

Some people believe that political correctness has gone a little too far nowadays, and we think that’s the basic message that the writers over at El Arroyo in Austin were trying to convey when they wrote this sign.

Whatever doesn’t offend you!

Rather than wishing anyone a specific Happy Christmas or Happy Hanukkah or anything else, they jokingly write “Happy Whatever Doesn’t Offend You,” to ensure that nobody feels any offense from reading their season’s greetings message.

There’s Only One Answer

This sign stands out as being particularly amusing, while also doing the most important job that any restaurant sign needs to do: getting people in the doors and eating or drinking as quickly as possible.

Pick Your answer: Yes or no?

The signwriter starts off with a serious question “Is Everything Ok?” to catch people’s attention, letting them follow the “Yes” or “No” arrows to see what they should do next. Funnily, both arrows lead to exactly the same point: having a drink at the bar.

Lights Out

Having neon light signs can be a great way for restaurants to catch the eye of people as they walk or drive by, and it gives a place a lot of extra class and style to have this kind of sign. However, neon light signs need to be maintained properly!

Dynasty restaurant

As soon as one of those bulbs goes out, it has to be replaced. Otherwise, you can end up with embarrassing typos like this one, where the word “Dynasty” has changed to “Nasty.”

You’re Not Coming In

Many restaurants, particularly those that like to be a little fancy or classy, will have dress codes. They encourage people to dress smartly while dining to elevate the ambiance and provide a nicer dining experience for all.

Look down sign

This restaurant keeps its dress code very simple, stating that if anyone thinking of going inside happens to be wearing socks and sandals at the same time, then they’re definitely not going in.

Hipster Jokes

We’re living in the age of the hipster. We’ve all seen these people, desperate to show how cool they are, always trying to get away from “the mainstream” and discovering movies, music, bands, and restaurants before they become too cool.

Hipster Sign

This funny restaurant signwriter decided to make a little joke at the expense of all the hipsters out there, playing on the stereotype to suggest that a hipster could burn their tongue by drinking coffee before it was cool.

Snoop Doggy Dogg

We often see restaurant owners try to get creative with their restaurant names. Any hip hop fans will fall in love with this funnily named Vietnamese restaurant, which pays homage to the classic Snoop Dogg days by calling itself “Pho Shizzle.”

Pho Sizzle

Pho restaurants are becoming increasingly popular all over the United States, so it’s not uncommon for them to try and stand out by coming up with unique and original names. This one definitely did a good job.

Food Is Endless

The best restaurant signs make us stop, think, smile, and maybe even head inside to grab a bite to repay the restaurant for bringing a little joy into our lives. This particular sign manages to do every single one of those things.

End sign

It amusingly states that words like “friend” and “boyfriend” all finish up with the three letters “end.” Finally, it states that the word “food” doesn’t have any “end” in it at all, offering non-stop joy to all.

Sounds So Much Better

More and more people are trying to get fit, and we’ve got lots of different options out there with the likes of gyms, fitness studios, yoga classes, and Pilates, but we’ve also got so many temptations!


This funny restaurant sign decided to the point that out in the best possible way, joking that the very word “Pilates” can almost sound like “Pie” and “Lattes” if you pronounce it incorrectly. A slice of pie definitely sounds more appealing than a sweaty workout.

Keeping It Simple

Some restaurant signs can get a little elaborate, making use of intriguing and complex wordplay or containing lots of decorative text and images to catch people’s attention. Other signs are astonishingly simple.

Egg anyone

This is an example of the latter. For some reason, this signwriter simply wrote the word “egg” on the sign. It’s not even nicely written, with no explanation provided. We can only imagine that passers-by were quite confused by this particular sign.

Look Into The Bacon

When we boil it down to its simplest form, a sign outside a restaurant is like a simple form of hypnosis. It aims to change the way you think, based on nothing but words or pictures.

Look Into The Bacon!

The writer of this particular sign decided to play on that idea, drawing a big swirling pattern around a piece of bacon and writing the words “Bacon Hypnosis” around it, hoping that their cunning trick would draw people in and make them order some bacon right away.

Proof Of Love

Anyone who goes to bars often with friends, colleagues, or other close people will know that the act of buying a round can be so important. It means a lot to people when someone buys a round, and it’s a sign of honor and care among friends.

“prove that you love me.”

So, this bar owner decided to play on the concept, getting a huge, printed sign with the phrase “Prove that you love me and buy the next round” written on it, encouraging all the lovers out there to make a statement.

Running Out Of Letters

Often, signs for fast food joints are just like the one below, made up of little letters that have to be individually placed in slots on an illuminated sign. Sometimes, the people making these messages run out of letters or can’t find the right letter.

McDonald’s sign

So what do they do? They have to improvise! In this case, the person used the number 50 instead of the letters S and O, resulting in what seems to be a 50-foot drink, rather than a soft drink.

For All The Baby Daddies

Have you ever wondered about all the parents out there who don’t actually know that they’re parents? It’s a sad fact, but there are a lot of people out there who, for one reason or another, never found out that they were fathers.

Poolboys sign

This sign decides to take a lighthearted look at that issue on Father’s Day, wishing a special day to all the “pool boys, milkmen and TV repair guys” out there who might have children they never knew about.

He Left The Krusty Krab?

We all know that Spongebob Squarepants, as well as living in a pineapple under the sea, is a fry cook, usually working at the Krusty Krab and making the famous Krabby Patties.

Burger King

This Burger King, however, claims that Spongebob has decided to leave the ocean depths and seek a new job with them. Not only that, but he’s also looking to hire some managers! It’s a very odd sign, and we’re not sure what message the BK was trying to convey.

Size Matters

The El Arroyo writers love to take classic jokes, phrases, or concepts and turn them on their head. When we hear the phrase “size matters,” our minds tend to focus on one thing in particular, but then El Arroyo surprises us.

El Arroyo

They play with the “size matters” concept amusingly, revealing that the whole thing is about tacos all along, and rightly pointing out that nobody wants to eat a small taco. Big tacos are always the best!

Bad Sign Placement

If we took these two signs on their own, they wouldn’t be so bad. One of them simply says “Eat,” which is short, sweet, and eye-catching for people walking by. The other says, “Jessica’s Family,” suggesting a nice, family restaurant where we can all have a great time.

Eat Jessica’s Family

Unfortunately, whoever positioned these signs did a really bad job. When placed like this, it looks like they’re telling us to eat Jessica’s family! We hope they moved the signs around afterward.

Not Quite Right

We can see what the writer of this Wendy’s sign was trying to do. They wanted to say that the people who work there help to make the place so special, offering the best levels of friendly service and professional care.

Good times at Wendy’s

Unfortunately, they way they worded the sign just didn’t quite work out the way they hoped. It actually looks like they’re using people as an ingredient in their burger recipes! Nobody wants to eat people burgers, Wendy’s.

Another Fair Point

Carl Douglas wrote one of the most famous songs of all time: Kung Fu Fighting. It was released back in 1974 and has been featured in countless movies and TV shows over the years.

El Arroyo sign

The folks over at El Arroyo decided to play around with the lyrics of the song, which famously stated that “Everybody was kung fu fighting.” El Arroyo argues that it just isn’t plausible to imagine that absolutely everybody happened to be kung fu fighting all at once.

A Hilarious Song Pun

We all know and love the classic hokey pokey. It’s a little song and dance routine we learn as children, and the lyrics are highly memorable and simple, telling us to move our feet and “turn around.”

Hokey Pokey!

The writer of this funny restaurant sign decided to play around with that last phrase, joking that they had gotten “addicted” to the hokey pokey, but that they managed to turn themselves around.

Elephants Are The Best

The folks over at El Arroyo have consistently proven that restaurant signs don’t need to mention specials, discounts, deals, or anything else actually related to food or drink to be funny and interesting.

El Arroyo sign

This restaurant has made a name for itself by posting the most random puns, jokes, and funny phrases on its signs, consistently bringing in customers. Just like this one, which features a funny bit of elephant wordplay.

Do We Need The Images?

We can appreciate the good intentions behind this restaurant sign. For some reason, they felt the need to add photos of popular sodas to their menu, letting people see exactly what they were buying.

Who needs images

Unfortunately, most of the drinks all look basically the same. Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper are all more or less identically from a visual standpoint, after all, and that tea sure looks frosty with such a huge chunk of ice floating in it!

The Power Of Memes

We’re living in a world of memes. Memes are everywhere, like it or not, and they make a lot of people laugh. So the writer of this restaurant sign decided to play with the classic velociraptor meme in a fun way.

Memes are everywhere!

They jokingly point out that their $1 pizza slices are super tasty, with the raptor wondering why other places charge so much more for pizza that isn’t as good. We’re not sure how well the sign worked, but whoever drew the raptor did a great job!

Turn Left for Drinks

This is a good way to persuade people to go to your bar. This sign is perfect because people like certainty and cleverness. This sign has both! I don’t know about you, but I’d definitely rather get nice drinks than possible beers. If I’m already going out, it better be somewhere good. I’m making a left!

persuasive restaurant/bar sign

Fun alcohol facts: Have you ever heard of the term cenosillicaphobia? Neither have I… until now. It’s the fear of an empty beer glass, and people actually have this condition. What’s interesting is that beer wasn’t considered an alcoholic beverage in Russia until 2013, which is pretty recent if you think about it. In France, Spain, Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands, beer is served at McDonalds.

Say Please

This is how all restaurants should operate! As a former waitress, “diet coke” isn’t a response to ‘how are you?’ In this restaurant, your attitude can cost you! This hilarious sign shows you how it works. If you order a small coffee, it will cost you five bucks. If you are nice and say please, it will only cost three dollars. If you are polite and give a simple hello to your server, you will pay less than two bucks for the same coffee.

Funny coffee pieces sign

Being polite can take you far. Not only do you make others feel good, but, in this case, you will get cheap coffee. This is just a friendly reminder to be nice. You’re simple ‘hello’ can literally change someone’s day, so don’t forget to say it!

Sorry Smokers

This restaurant has a humorous way of telling people not to smoke. Smokers usually sit outside, but sometimes non-smokers want some fresh air too. Considering most of the country doesn’t smoke, they should be able to enjoy an outdoor meal without second-hand smoke all over the place. “We apologize for your slightly extended lifespan” is obviously a cute joke so that the smokers won’t get offended.

Sing on a restaurant balcony

Did you know that about 9 out of 10 smokers start before the age of 18! That’s right. Almost 90% of smokers began in their teen years. Every day more than 3,200 children under the age of 18 smoke their first cigarette. If you haven’t smoked a cigarette and you’re over the age of 26, congratulations. Chances are you never will.

Those Americans

This hilarious sign outside a London cafe just shows what America’s reputation is around the rest of the world. “All Americans must still be accompanied by an adult” may be offensive to some Americans but, I find it hysterical! This is a very funny way for the other side of the pond to express how they feel about Americans.

A hilarious sign in a London bar

The café is actually owned by Jonestown coffee in Bethnal Green. Initially, the café received a lot of backlash for their sign that says: “please don’t feed the crackies.” The sign was taken as offensive, and many people thought that this was criticism against the homeless and people struggling with addiction. Obviously, they took down the sign. Personally, I think this one is way funnier anyways.

Keep Them Comin’

This bar thought of a clever way to persuade customers to come join them for a drink. Their site reads, “Did you know that 2-3 glasses of wine per day can reduce your risk of giving a shit?” I guess I can’t argue with that one. Drinking obviously loosens you up, causing you to care less. You should be careful because, although you ‘don’t give a shit’ at the time, there are usually regrets the next morning.

Funny sign outside of a bar

This may be a little bit surprising, but human study trials found that drinking red wine in moderation is better for you than not drinking at all. Red wine actually contains antioxidants that lower cardiovascular disease and type-2 diabetes. Be careful because drinking too much wine will increase health risks. Moderation is key!

Come to the Dark Side

I can’t argue with Casey’s bar and restaurant over here. Their sign says, “The fact that there’s a highway to hell and only a stairway to heaven says a lot about anticipated traffic numbers.” Interesting. I never thought about this before, but now I can’t get it out my head!

Logical bar sign about heaven and hell

It seems like a way to lure in customers to make some bad decisions tonight because most of us are going to hell anyway. What do you think? Would this sign convince you to go to Casey’s bar? Because I’m pretty tempted.

Husband Daycare

This is a funny one for all you wives out there. This is a place that understands your struggles. Most of the time, having a husband is like having another kid. You have to feed them, clean them, dress them and sometimes you need a break.

Hilarious sign outside the ‘Husband Day Care Center’ bar

If you want to a day to yourself to go shopping or get your nails done, drop the hubby off at ‘Husband Day Care Center.’ Someone else will look after him while you take time for yourself. All you have to do is pay for his drinks when you come to pick him up. Sounds like a sweet deal to me.

Millennials This Way

This hysterical sign describes the past decade in a nutshell. It’s pretty funny how this generation doesn’t know how to meet people. Everyone is so consumed with phones and technology that they don’t know how to go up to a person and have a conversation.

Funny bar sign that says 3D Tinder

Believe it or not, there was a time when people met in bars. It was a pretty standard way to meet someone, but that all changed with dating apps. This bar is trying to go old school! This clever sign is a good way to explain to millennials what a bar is in a way they will understand.

Bread is a Tragedy

This is one bar owner who isn’t the biggest fan of bread. I mean, if you really think about it, he’s right. Every loaf of bread is technically grains that didn’t become beer. However, we are lucky to be living in a world where there are enough grains for both beer and bread.

Funny beer sign outside of a bar

I wouldn’t call a loaf of bread a “tragic story.” Many people love bread, and there is nothing wrong with that. I know a lot of people like beer too, but calling bread a ‘tragic story’ because it didn’t become beer makes me think that this bar owner may have a drinking problem.

According to my Calculations

If you’re a math-wiz, this one is for you. The sign is extremely literal, but the best part is that it’s true! According to chemistry, alcohol is technically a solution. This bar is definitely using facts and science to convince people to come in.

A bar sign about alcohol that we can’t argue with

I don’t know about you, but this is enough to get me to come in. Alcohol is how many people cope with emotional pain. When a place makes you feel like that’s okay and tells you that alcohol is a solution, why would you go anywhere else?

You Only Live Once

This is a restaurant that knows how to make their customers feel right at home. Seriously, this is a restaurant that understands me and doesn’t judge me. I want to go there! We all know the struggle. You order a pie of pizza and plan on only eating 2 or 3 slices.

Reassuring sign at a pizza shop

Before you know it, you eat the entire thing yourself and feel so humiliated about it. I mean, I’m just assuming that I’m not the only one this happens to. Well, at this restaurant you can just eat a whole pizza and not feel ashamed. I never read a more reassuring sign in my life.

Solving Everybody’s Problems

This bar and restaurant can solve every one of your problems. If you’re hungry, they will feed you. If you’re thirsty, they will get you drunk. And most importantly, if you’re lonely, they will get you drunk. So maybe they use the same solutions for two out of three of your problems, but all that matters is that it works!

A sign for the hungry, thirsty, and lonely

Alcohol will not only satisfy your thirst but will help cure your loneliness. Honestly, all a broken heart needs is a nice bartender and some nice people around them. It should be noted that alcohol tends to be a short term solution, but if it works, it works!

Safety First

This is another sign that perfectly sums up our generation. There was a time that in case of a fire, people immediately left the building to protect themselves and their loved ones. Today, many people are obsessed with sharing every part of their life with the world.

Funny fire sign at a bar

Instead of leaving the building in a hurry, many people tweet about the incident, which slows down everyone. In extreme situations, this can lead to injuries or even death. Keep your priorities in check and remember, safety first. Your followers will be just fine if you tell them about the fire a few minutes later.

Life Before Google

This sign is funny because it’s true. When we literally have Google in our pockets at every given moment, we don’t really think that there was a time when information didn’t come so easily. Phones aside, all of us were lucky enough to have the internet when writing papers and working on projects for school.

A bar sign telling kids to respect their parents

When our parents were in school, however, things were much more difficult. They spent a lot of time in the library where they had to look at actual encyclopedias instead if Wikipedia. School is tough enough as it is, I can’t imagine passing school without Google. They definitely deserve our respect.

Breaking the Ice

This is a question written on the chalkboard at a bar. It asks, “On a scale of 1-10, how obsessed are you with Harry Potter?” One witty customer had a very clever answer to this question and responded writing 9 ¾. He deserves a free shot for that answer!

A funny Harry Potter bar sign

It’s always more comfortable to be at a bar that’s interactive and fun. This is one way to get people involved and a great ice breaker. With a generation of socially awkward people, more bars should create situations like this to open conversation in a fun way.

I Feel Understood

This is a relatable sign if I’ve ever seen one. I know I’m not the only one out there who loves workout clothes but doesn’t necessarily like to work out. I have about 10 pairs of yoga pants, and I’ve maybe done yoga twice. But who doesn’t love yoga pants? They are just so comfy!

Hilarious bar sign about yoga and whiskey

Don’t get me wrong… I know I probably should do yoga to relieve stress. Unfortunately, I would rather just wear the pants and drink. Luckily, there is a bar that understands me! I’ll be there for happy hour in my yoga pants. See you there!

Thank God it’s Tuesday

Everyone knows Monday is the worst day of the week. Trying to get back into work after a relaxing weekend is never easy. Many people just go through the week waiting for Friday. After a long hard week, everyone deserves a peaceful weekend to themselves.

A café with a funny and relatable sign

Sometimes, Mondays are so tough that by Tuesday, it feels like you worked all week already! When you realize it’s only the second day of the week, it’s pretty disappointing. Since this happens to everyone, we can all relate. This clever café sign makes its customers feel understood.

The Real Deal

If you want fast food, stop at McDonalds on your way home. If you want real BBQ food, this is the place for you. Unlike fast-food restaurants, this place will take time to prepare your meal, but it will be delicious every time.

A sign outside a real BBQ restaurant

If you’re going here, you will receive delightful food straight from the BBQ. However, preparing a fresh meal may time and patience. This sign tells you that it will take time to create your masterpiece. You know what they say, the best things in life are worth waiting for.

Trolling the Troll

There are many angry people in this world who let out their frustrations on the internet. Being an internet troll is an easy (and immature) way to try and destroy someone’s business or reputation. Throughout the years, people stopped relying on Yelp reviews. It’s usually people who got bad service because of their bad attitude.

A funny restaurant/bar sign about Yelp trolls

I mean, it takes time and energy to try and ruin someone’s business, so it’s safe to say most of these guys don’t really have a life. This restaurant is using Eric’s bad Yelp review that was intended to ruin them for their own benefit. This is a great way to attract customers and get the last laugh.

It’s All About the Lighting

There are some signs that I just can’t argue with, and this is one of them. We all heard of beer goggles. It basically means that after drinking, people tend to look better. For some reason, alcohol will make you see people’s faces more symmetrically, which psychologically makes them look better. Another reason is the dim lightings in bars.

funny bar sign about birth control

Darkness and candle lights make for romantic settings. However, if you sit in a brighter room, you may notice some unattractive flaws in people that you wouldn’t notice otherwise. This is just a friendly reminder to avoid making some regrettable mistakes.

Open, closed, or Confused?

Okay. This is a restaurant owner who talks a lot. Let’s just say that simplicity isn’t a strong suit for this particular business. It makes for a funny yet extremely confusing sign. Instead of just writing what the hours are, we can get a taste of the owner’s personality.

Restaurant sign with weird business hours

If you ask me, they shouldn’t put up a sign at all. It’s not very helpful if you read it. It basically says that they can be open or closed at any given time, every day of the week. Of course, this sign makes people stop and will add some laughter into their day.

Staying Safe

As many of us know, fat people are easier to kidnap. That is how I justified eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s on my own last night. I just tell myself that I’m being safe and responsible. This is a restaurant that probably shouldn’t be reassuring me, but I love it!

A funny sign telling people to eat pie

Any place that encourages me to eat pie is my kind of restaurant. This is simple yet clever marketing that works on me. Even if I wasn’t going to have a second slice of pie, I will now. I’m just staying safe, and this restaurant isn’t judging me.

Finish Your Beer

Here is another clever bar sign that makes me laugh! Everyone tells you to finish your meal because people are starving in India. We hear this all the time from our parents and teachers as we grow up. However, once we are old enough, we realize that even if we don’t finish our food, people are still starving.

A sign telling customers to finish their beer

Nobody ever tells you to finish your drink, but they should. Just like there are starving people in India, there are sober people there too. This bar makes sure their guests know that. This is one way to guilt-trip your customers into finishing their beer.

No Creeps Allowed

As a former bartender, this sign is extremely relatable. It’s true. Most customers leave bars happy and tipsy. Unfortunately, there is always that one creepy guy lurking. He makes other customers and the employees uncomfortable and normally gets kicked out by the managers. However, he keeps coming back.

A bar sign that is banning a creepy customer

I think the sign should say, “you SHOULD know who you are.’ Sadly, most of the time, these creepy customers can’t take a hint. You tell them to leave, and for some reason, they still think you want them around. You know what they say, ignorance is bliss.

A Pirate’s Life is the Life for Me

Many people recommend not to drink at 10am. When you drink so early in the morning, people will often refer to you as an alcoholic because society says you shouldn’t drink during the day. Here is a bar that is going against the norm to bring in customers all day.

A bar sign telling you to be a pirate and drink rum

This is a sign that makes me feel like it’s okay to get drunk in the morning… as long as I’m drinking rum. Luckily, it doesn’t make me an alcoholic… just a pirate. As much as I love pirates, what I love more is not being judged for drinking rum at 10am.

Not Special

Here is a restaurant that says it how it is. Often times, people to bars in order to drink and escape their daily struggles. There is no better way to relax than getting happy hour and special deals. Unfortunately, that won’t happen at this bar.

A bar sign telling customers that they aren’t special

Not only do they not have drink specials, but they are telling their paying customers that they aren’t special. Sadly, that’s most likely true, and they are just brutally honest. On the bright side, they do serve cheap beer. Plus they said Happy Saturday, which is nice of them.

Hold Your Horses

This is a reassuring sign. When I order carrot cake, the last thing I would expect is that it is made with horse meat. The fact that this restaurant is making it clear to me that there is no horse meat in their carrot cake is pretty concerning.

Restaurant sign assuring customers that there is no horse meat in their carrot cake

It makes me wonder how they used to make their carrot cake, or how other places make their carrot cake. I mean, I personally never saw a carrot cake recipe that includes horse meat. However, if you want to be 100% sure, check out Bennett’s restaurant.

No Other Option

As we know, nowadays, one of the toughest decisions in a relationship is deciding where to eat. Everyone says they don’t care, but when someone finally chooses something, the other person wants something else. This restaurant makes the decision for you.

Restaurant sign telling you where to eat

Instead of arguing where to eat, just go to Stewart’s café. That way, there is no fighting or making the wrong decision. There are many people wondering where to eat every day. This clever sign must have attracted many customers. Since we’re living in a society that can’t make up their mind, this sign is perfect.

Too Cold?

If I saw this sign, there is no way I wouldn’t make a left and walk directly into this bar or restaurant. I don’t know about you, but I hate the cold. There is nothing worse than walking around shivering when the weather drops. This appealing sign draws me right in.

Simple restaurant sign that says ‘warmth’ with an arrow

This sign is very simple and straight-up but also extremely attracting. It just tells me what I want (which is warmth) and points me to the direction to get it. Although bar sales tend to slow down in the winter days, I’m sure this place was still popping!

Free Concussions Here

Racket bar and restaurant has some strict rules when it comes to their millennial customers. In a world full of selfies and Instagramming your meals, it’s tough just to enjoy the moment. Come on, do you really think all your followers care that you had an avocado toast for breakfast?

Restaurant sign in New Zealand

Spoiler alert, chances are they don’t care… at all. At Racket, you are free to Instagram your meal like you normally would, as long as you are okay with getting a concussion. I mean, it is free. Racket wants you to enjoy your meal instead of Instagramming it.

If you Insist

This bar sign just says it all. There is no better feeling than being welcomed into a bar that wants you to continue drinking. Obviously, people are going to bars to drink a couple of beers and get home, but why would you leave this place?

A bar sign telling you to dink

I mean, if they insist on me finishing their beer, it would be rude of me just to leave. Their sign reads, “Drink all the beer” you can’t really be more straight-up than that. Plus, they really aren’t asking for much. The least I can do is ‘drink all the beer.’ It’s a pretty easy task.

Bringing Everything Back

No one brings anything back, as well as Justin Timberlake. First, he brought sexy back, and now he’s bringing breakfast back. I’m not going to lie, that plate looks pretty appetizing. The best way to make anything look appealing is to attach Justin Timberlake’s face to it.

Justin Timberlake restaurant sign

Obviously, this sign is a clever play on words, but it must have worked. It’s basically like Justin Timberlake is advertising their breakfast menu. Okay… maybe it’s not exactly the same, but still. If anyone can bring breakfast back, it’s this talented singer.

Trolls are Everywhere

Yelp trolls have a reputation for being harsh and unforgiving. Matt B is no exception. After bashing this café on Yelp, they decided to use it to their advantage. Yes, Matt may have been disappointed by his latte, but it’s just a matter of opinion, right?

Restaurant sign telling everyone about their negative Yelp review

Yelp isn’t as reliable as it used to be because of how subjective it is. This café took their Yelp review and encouraged people to taste for themselves before listening to yelp reviews. Whether their coffee was good or bad, it still brought in customers to try it.

In Case you Forgot

Here is a funny sign. Every time I go to a restaurant, I see a sign telling employees to wash their hands after leaving the restrooms. I personally think everyone should wash their hands after leaving the bathroom, but this sign has always been reassuring to me.

A restaurant sign telling employees to wash hands

I actually thought the signs were their so that customers know that their servers are giving them food with clean hands. This is definitely reassuring, but isn’t washing your hands a standard procedure that everyone should know? This sign is talking specifically to the employees who need to be reminded to wash their hands.

Enter at Your Own Risk

This sign is so straight up that I have a lot of respect for it. This restaurant is full of hungover servers that got wasted the night before. Who could blame them? It was new years, and they wanted to enjoy their night off. Unfortunately, they had to show up to work in the morning.

Restaurant sign letting customers know that they won’t be getting good service

Showing up to work hungover is not an easy task, especially if you have to serve obnoxious customers. These waiters want each customer to know what they are getting themselves into before they choose this restaurant. I completely understand them. Sometimes, you need a day off.

Do You Take Credit?

I think that this restaurant only takes cash. However, I don’t think they are clear enough. I think they need a fourth sign. I am just kidding, obviously. Three signs are enough… well, one sign should be enough. It makes me wonder how many people don’t understand what cash only means.

Restaurant signs saying they only take cash

This restaurant added a bit of humor in their signs so that maybe customers would understand. Their credit policy is that “Credit will only be given to those persons aged over 80 years and accompanied by both parents”. If that isn’t clear enough that they ‘don’t except credit,’ nothing will get through to these people.

Hakuna Ma’ Vodka

When this bar needed a new enticing drink idea, they came up with the Hakuna Ma’Vodka. The creative name is perfect for alcohol. Hakuna Matata gives the connotation of “no worries for the rest of your days,” which is appealing to everyone in this anxiety-filled society.

Clever bar sign promoting their special vodka drink

According to the sign, The Hakuna Ma’Vodka means no memories for the rest of your day. No worries, no memories, who cares, just drink. I’m okay with that. No worries, and no memories seems pretty good to me right about now. I would definitely order this drink because of the name.

I’ll Never Drink Again…

Yep, this is another sign that is extremely relatable. We all have those drunken nights that we completely regret. Whether you did some embarrassing stuff in your drunken state or just woke up feeling like someone dropped a brick on your head, we all had those mornings where we said: “I’m never drinking again.”

Bar sign about never drinking again and fireball

However, fireball is always an exception. Have you ever had a shot of fireball? The delicious cinnamon taste is so good that so many people cannot resist. If fireball is anywhere around me, chances are ill drink it, no matter what happened the night before.

May They Never Meet

This is a pretty funny sign, located in the men’s bathroom of an Irish Pub. It’s basically a joke saying, “Here’s to our wives and girlfriends, may they never meet.” If you work in the bar-restaurant industry, you will notice that many people have two completely different personalities.

Funny sign in a bar bathroom

You can see a guy coming in for lunch with their wife and kids and then return back at night, acting single as ever. I’m not pro this type of behavior, but I can appreciate the humor in the sign. Stay loyal to your wives, boys!

Blast to the Past

This hilarious bar sign is my favorite. In 2019, it’s tough to find a place without wifi. If a place doesn’t have wifi, people tend to avoid it. This bar, however, doesn’t have wifi and is proud of it. Bars were intended for people to meet and talk, and that’s exactly how it was in 1995.

Hilarious ‘no wifi’ sign at a bar

This generation is way too caught up in technology that they can barely start a conversation with people. Hopefully, more bars will bring back their ethnicity like this one. Encourage your customers to communicate, and the 90’s kids will definitely appreciate it. The ones who remember a time before wifi…