Call the Fashion Police Because These Fashion Fails Are Hilarious

Fashion is all about expressing yourself and feeling comfortable in your own clothes, but you don’t need to be a fashion expert to know when a piece of clothing is horrendous. Between questionable color placement, oddly placed wording, and downright terrible designs, some of these designers should be arrested by the fashion police.

A purse with a design that has a lady shoe
Source: Reddit

And the worst part of the entire thing? Many of the items on our list are manufactured and sold by big brands who are expecting us to shell out hundreds of dollars for a horrible piece of clothing. But that aside, this list is pretty funny.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s check out some ridiculous but hilarious fashion fails!

She’ll Never Wear That Blazer on TV Again

When you first glance at the TV, it looks like this woman is wearing a black dress with her hands on her hips. Like the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, it looks like she has a huge head and a tiny body. However, this is just an optical illusion from her white blazer.

News Anchor and a panel of interviewers
Source: Reddit

When this woman looks back at this TV appearance, she will wonder why she ever decided to wear this blazer. This choice sincerely begs the question, why didn’t anyone do a camera test before this woman appeared on national news? Instead of being remembered for her interview, people will recognize her for her horrible outfit choice.

“I Have A Big Head and Little Arms”

This lady must shop at the same store as the other newscaster on our list because her dress gives the illusion of a tiny body and large head. At least this newscaster has a sense of humor. After realizing how bizarre her outfit looked on camera, she made a joke out of the entire situation by uploading a screenshot to Twitter.

Women interviewing for a news show
Source: Reddit

Aren’t there people whose job it is to pick out wardrobes at news stations? And then tell the anchors if something looks terrible? Linsey Davis must double-check her outfits ever since this incident. She can’t allow herself to become another internet meme since “meme star” isn’t something she can put on her resume.

Inflatable Pants Are the Next Big Thing

Are you tired of bumping into corners and getting bruises all over your legs? Or do you wish that you had some more curves? Then worry no longer! You should try wearing these horrendous stripped balloon pants. But in all seriousness, who designed these? Is this considered high fashion? And how do you sit with these on? We just have so many questions.

Models in a fashion cat-walk wearing striped balloon pants
Source: Reddit

While we understand that these balloon pants are probably better suited for the runway and are not wearable fashion, this design should never have made it to the catwalk. Better yet, they should never have been made. This idea should have stayed as a SpongeBob SquarePants inspiration. We wonder what the rest of the designer’s collection looked like.

What Does That Say?

When you think of cute baby clothes, do you think of cute cartoon animals or meaningful sayings? Typically, baby onesies don’t have inspirational messages like “people are people,” whatever that means, but this clothing company decided to print this saying anyway.

A T-shirt with
Source: Reddit

But there’s another mistake; the onesie reads “Peo Peo are Ple Ple.” Hilariously enough, “peo” means “fart” in Spanish. So maybe it would be fitting for a baby to wear that. Regardless, people should stick to baby clothes that have pictures of cute bunny rabbits or ducks.

A Cowboy Boot That Doubles as a Gym Shoe

You don’t have to be from Texas to know that everyone in the South wears cowboy boots everywhere. It’s almost disrespectful if you don’t. However, these cowboy boots (if we can even call them that) are taking this fashion statement to the next level.

Cowboy Boot That is also a Gym Shoe
Source: Reddit

It’s safe to say that southerners really do love their cowboy boots! Where else in the world would you find people who love a style of shoes so much that they make an athletic sneaker version? Can you imagine looking for a treadmill at the gym only to find someone running with these things on?

Did You Know That There Are Two Planets Called Mars?

Whoever made this solar system t-shirt clearly doesn’t remember their third-grade solar system assignment. Not only does this shirt show the planets in the wrong order, but there are two planets named Mars!

The star system with two planets of Mars
Source: Twitter

The sun isn’t a planet, and if Earth was that close to the sun, none of us would be able to survive. This person also left out Mercury and Jupiter. Basically, this design is a complete mess.

Even a quick Google search could have helped this person order the planets correctly. But whoever made this shirt was clearly too lazy to check.

The Difference Between Pockets Is Astronomical

On the right side of the picture, you can see that a man’s jean pocket fits an entire hand-held game console, while it barely fits in the woman’s jean pocket. Women are basically forced to carry purses because fashion brands don’t design anything with big enough pockets!

A man and a women side by side with a phone in their pocket
Source: Reddit

Sometimes, fashion brands go so far as to make fake pockets on women’s pants! We are firm believers that if anything has pockets, the pockets should be functional. Men can carry around everything they need in their pants’ pockets. So then why can’t women? Can we please make jeans useful for once?

This Elsa Is a Bit Scary

Folded up and inside the package, this Elsa mask looks like it would be cute for children. After all, Elsa is every kid’s favorite Disney character right now. However, once this mask is opened fully, the picture becomes a terrifying version of Elsa’s distorted face.

An Elsa (a character from the Disney movie called

We’re sure that whoever manufactured this mask didn’t consider what it would look like if someone wore it. Maybe it’s a good thing, though. This Elsa mask will scare people so much that they’re bound to stay six feet away. The moral of this story is: Thoroughly check whatever you’re buying before it’s too late.

Crime Scene Sneakers

Up close, we can see what Adidas was trying to do with this design. Well, we think we can. Is that a pink and red floral design on the bottom of the shoe? Or is it some kind of bird? Regardless of what direction Adidas was trying to take, they didn’t quite get there.

Sneakers with red stains on them
Source: Reddit

These shoes look more like someone was walking around at a bloody crime scene and forgot to clean off their shoes. It’s also unclear what that design is in the middle of the shoe, mostly because it’s beaded and covered up by laces.

We Have No Words

We’ve all had a plain white t-shirt that has had to be thrown out because the armpits turned yellow. But this shirt has yellow armpit stains, and it’s brand new! Not only are the armpits yellow, but it has yellow beading and white stitching that looks like hair.

A women's shirt with yellow beading

From far away, this t-shirt looks like it’s growing fungus, and who would want that reaction from people on the street? We’ll have to take a pass on this shirt. Note for next time: Leave armpit design idea in the trash, and let’s create something pretty, please.

$4,000 to Look Like a Pool Floatie

Have you ever wanted to look like a traffic cone and wear a puffy plastic blanket at the same time? Well, look no further! For the small price of $4,000, you can buy this horrendous ankle-length coat with small arm slits that give you no shape whatsoever.

Women dressed in a dress that looks like a Pool Floatie

Not sold on the puffy coat, then why don’t you try this plastic dress that looks more like a pool floatie than a ball gown? We really hope these designs were a mistake because we doubt that RuPaul or Tim Gunn would have approved.

We’ve Got a Flying Saucer Over Here

When this mom found a wearable umbrella (who thinks of these things?), she just had to buy it for her son. But when it finally came in the mail, he was less than thrilled with her find. Apparently, this woman bought the wearable umbrella as a joke.

A kid wearing a rain-coat that looks like a flying saucer

But there are definitely people out there who would make their kid wear this instead of a normal raincoat. One day, her son will look back at this picture and wonder why his mom thought this would be a good idea. It’s still a funny picture, though!

Gloves Fit for a Cartoon Character

Take a look at your fingers. Can we all agree that they are different lengths? If you have fingers that are all the same length, then you are definitely an exception to the rule. However, these knitted gloves are made for a hand where all the fingers are the exact same length.

A Glove with all fingers at the same height
Source: Reddit

Maybe this was someone’s first attempt at knitting, so we won’t be too hard on them. While these gloves keep your hands warm, just like normal gloves, they do look pretty silly and, not to mention, must be annoying to wear. It would be pretty hard to go about your day with all of that extra fabric hanging off your fingers.

Who Thought This Was a Good Idea?

How many times do we need to repeat ourselves? Fake pockets are pointless! Why do fashion brands think that it’s a good idea to add non-functional pockets? It’s not that pockets are a fashion statement—they have a purpose.

Pants with fake pockets

So, why are they added to pants just for the fun of it? Zippers aren’t that cheap of an item, so why add one to a pair of pants to make it look like a pocket? We could go on for days about our dislike of fake pockets, but we won’t bore you.

Thankful for “The Land of the Because of the Brave USA Free”

Didn’t understand that title? Well, neither did we, but we took it from this man’s shirt. Maybe he didn’t realize when he was at the store, but his shirt makes absolutely no sense. None of the fonts are the same, and the words are all jumbled up.

A man wearing a t-shirt that reads
Source: Reddit

Basically, this t-shirt is a major design fail. But with the American flag waving in the background and all of the important words written on his t-shirt, we understand exactly what this guy (and the t-shirt designer) was trying to say. This t-shirt is a perfect example of the importance of a second opinion.

Maine Is a City?

Out of all of the eight locations listed on this shirt, only three of them are cities. West Virginia is a state, and so is North Dakota. Mexico City would have worked, but instead, they just went with Mexico.

A T-Shirt with lists of City including the state Maine

We don’t know who came up with this t-shirt design, but they must be unfamiliar with the difference between cities and, well, everything else. Understandably, the designer tried to find locations that could be used to spell out “City Life,” but come on. This just looks silly.

Sporty, Casual, but Dressy Chic

This dress was definitely designed for a specific occasion. We just don’t know what occasion that is. It looks the designers were making a basic sweatshirt dress and stopped halfway through and said to themselves, “You know what this needs? A large silk ruffle.”

An Adidas dress

Maybe this dress is what fancy people wear when they are working out. They need something breathable yet stylish and a little tacky. But what we really need is an explanation from Adidas. Who in their right mind thought that this was a stylish design? It just doesn’t make any sense.

Life Isn’t Perfect, and Neither Is This Outfit

Can someone explain to us what happened here? Did the printer jam while it was printing words on this shirt? Or is this completely intentional? The shirt reads, “life isn’t perfect, but your outfit can be,” but we’re here to tell you that it wouldn’t be if you wear this shirt.

A T-Shirt with the words

Parts of the letters are missing from the t-shirt, and we’re assuming they ran away from the printer because they didn’t want to be a part of this terrible design. But in the event that this wasn’t intentional, can you imagine how the graphic designer felt when they saw the shirt for the first time?

Hanging On by a Thread

Distressed jeans have been popular for a few years, but nothing bothers us more than pockets with holes in them. How are people supposed to put anything in their pockets when they’re scared of things falling out? This girl clearly forgot that her back pocket is non-existent.

A Phone is hanging from a back pocket of a girl's jeans
Source: Reddit

Her phone is hanging on for dear life by a single thread, which sure doesn’t look like it’ll last for much longer. Anyone could easily steal her phone because it is so exposed. Maybe she should try carrying a purse or wearing pants that don’t have holes in important places.

The Costume That Is Bound to Scare All the Children

This is the costume that no one wanted, needed, or asked for. Yet, for some reason, the manufacturer went ahead and made it anyway. We don’t know if it’s the look in Chewbacca’s eyes or the strange smile on his face, but something about this costume gives us the heebie-jeebies.

Kid’s Chewbacca Costume

Can someone tell us in which Star Wars movie Chewbacca looks like this? Because whichever film that is, we don’t want to see it—it’ll for sure keep us up all night. There have to be better Chewbacca costumes out there.

Oh, Neigh They Didn’t!

These boots must be for horses because we don’t know any person who has hooves for feet. Unless someone is dressing up like an animal with hooves for Halloween, why would anyone buy these boots?

Boots with hooves for feet

You have to wonder what was going through the designer’s mind when they decided to turn this idea into a reality. Maybe they were inspired by the cow print and other cowboy trends that are making a comeback in fashion? But if the designer was going for the farm look, they could have at least made the boots all black.

Someone Needs Spellcheck

“I am a woman man. I am pcroud. I did it my way. This is the best.” No, that’s not a spelling error on our part. That’s what the quote on this shoe says. Apparently, the manufacturers don’t know how to use spellcheck because there are multiple mistakes in this “motivational” poem.

A Shoe with a label that reads,

This shoe was found on the clearance rack, where it was clearly born to be, and it’s proof that you shouldn’t write motivational poems while under the influence. At least the designer can say that they did it their way. Their way, however, isn’t the right way.

Introducing the Septic Tank Tote

No, this tote bag isn’t from the clearance rack at T.J. Maxx. In fact, it’s from the popular U.S. retailer, Urban Outfitters, and it wasn’t sold for a low price. In fact, they sold this brown-stained tote for a whopping $55!

A tote bag
Source: Reddit

For that price, you could buy a plain canvas bag, spill expensive coffee all over it, maybe leave it in the rain for a bit, run it over with a muddy car, and you would still have money left to spare. We understand that tie-dye is becoming a huge fashion trend. We just aren’t sure that brown works.

Have You Seen a Baby Before?

Unless the target market for this baby onesie is babies who are built like Michael Phelps, no baby could fit into this onesie. What human baby has tiny, short legs but abnormally large arms with a wingspan double that of its body?

A Women holding a baby outfit

This designer has clearly never seen a human baby before. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that this was their first design. Maybe they didn’t understand how proportions work? Let’s hope that the rest of this designer’s clothes came out better looking than this onesie!

Yes, We’re All Thinking the Same Thing

We don’t have to say what everyone else is thinking, but yes, these bleach splattered jeans are quite unfortunate. Out of all the places to throw bleach on the pants, why did the designers have to pour it right on the crotch?

Pants with stains all over them

If we saw someone wearing these pants, we’d never be able to keep a straight face. These bleach-stained jeans definitely open the floodgates for all the dirty jokes under the sun, and you definitely don’t want to be the butt of these jokes. It would be cheaper if you just made your own bleached jeans, and that way, you could decide where the stains go.

This Is the Last Place Someone Should Sniff

Who thought that it was a good idea to call a pair of boxer briefs “Sniff”? That is the last place you would want to sniff unless these briefs just came out of the washing machine. The only time people sniff boxer briefs is to check if they’re clean.

Underwear with the label Sniff
Source: Reddit

But even in this instance, people shouldn’t have to smell them to know if they’re clean or not. Sometimes people don’t think about how certain words have a certain connotation or meaning. Let’s just say that we would pass on this item of clothing. Next!

A Pointy Belt Buckle

This person didn’t think their purchase all the way through. While the Assassin’s Creed belt buckle looks cool from far away, it just isn’t functional. Can you imagine how painful it would be to wear it? Every time this guy sits down, the belt buckle pokes him in the stomach.

belt buckle with a pointy arrow
Source: Reddit

Well, if this guy were a real assassin, he would never sit down. So, maybe this particular item of clothing works for him. Who knows? We just know that we would never spend money on a belt buckle that hurt us every time we went to sit down.

Fish Skeletons or the Newest Yeezys?

If you don’t know by now, rapper Kayne West has his own fashion brand called Yeezy. At first, his shoes were very stylish, but now some people say that he has gone too far. His clothing looks like it belongs on another planet.

Fish Skeletons by Kayne West

Take these fish skeleton shoes, for example. These shoes easily cost hundreds of dollars, but who would pay that amount of money to look like they are walking around on bones? Well, whatever Kayne makes seems to turn to gold. So maybe we’re the problem here. Maybe we’re just not as hip as we thought.

What Does This Even Mean?

We’re trying our hardest to understand the meaning behind this shirt. Is it supposed to read, “I like to eat bread, and I like to eat milk”? Or maybe “Like, eat bread and like, eat milk?” Either way, this design makes no sense. For starters, you don’t eat milk. You drink it.

T-Shirt with
Source: Reddit

Out of all the things, the designer could have written, why did they go with these? Maybe the t-shirt manufacturer sells to a foreign market that doesn’t understand English that well? One can only hope that this was a misprint.

Something’s Having an Identity Crisis

We have so many questions that it’s hard to know where to begin. Is this a purse? Is it a shoe? Is it a bag that can also be worn as a shoe? If this were a shoe, why would you add a bunch of extra fabric and a strap that doesn’t go around your ankle?

A purse with a design that has a lady shoe
Source: Reddit

But on the one the other hand, if this were a bag, why would you add a black heel to it? The world may never know, but we can safely assume that no one is buying whatever this is, even with a Louis Vuitton logo.

That Math Definitely Isn’t Correct

If you add all of these percentages together, you’ll get 300 percent. This doesn’t really make sense unless this article of clothing has three layers. And good thing that it’s only 30 percent PU. You wouldn’t want to be walking around in smelly clothes.

A Lebel of a blanket with wrong percentages of materials
Source: Reddit

Jokes aside, this piece of clothing, whatever it is, sure is made up of a lot of polyester. Maybe this label is just a creative way of saying that it’s only made up of polyester? I guess we will never know the real answer.

The Line That Went Too Far

In case you haven’t heard the news, Nike just officially changed its slogan to “Just Dot.” While this isn’t public knowledge, we’re here to give you the inside scoop. We’re just confused about one thing. “Just Do It” is so iconic. Why did Nike decide to change its slogan after all these years?

A gym bag with the text
Source: Reddit

“Just Dot” doesn’t have a nice ring to it, nor does it share the same motivational meaning. So, it’s pretty understandable why this bag is 72 percent off. No one wanted to walk around with a bag that says, “Just Dot.”

What a Fashion Disaster

Who wouldn’t want this pooped-shaped, designer knock-off plastic purse in their bag collection? We can’t decide if this is a badly designed bag or a toy that looks like a purse. But regardless of what it is, we know one thing: It’s ugly.

a children's bag that looks funny
Source: Reddit

To make things worse, this thing costs a whopping $50! Who would pay that amount of money for something like this? It rivals the $55 Urban Outfitters tote that we wrote about earlier. Hopefully, the woman walking around with this bag was just posing for a picture as a joke. This needs to be thrown out.

It’s Called Fashion

Come on, Topshop, you should know better than to sell panties that look like this! We know that ombre is a fashionable trend, but why did they choose this color when they know full well that it looks like a period stain.

Women's panties with red stains on the bottom
Source: Reddit

Yes, many people don’t see your underwear, but we still think that it’s an awkward design. Unless this underwear is for that time of the month, we would have to make a hard pass on these. We’re all for tie-dye and ombre, but we definitely think that it’s not the best idea for all clothing items.

This Is for a Baby?

Unless this bib from Marshalls is for an adult male, we have serious doubts that his baby is the “Best Dad Ever.” No wonder that these bibs are on sale for only three dollars! No one wanted their baby to wear something that was meant for a dad.

A bib with the text
Source: Reddit

This brand must have misunderstood what this saying means. Maybe they should have gone with “I Have the Best Dad Ever,” “Dad’s Favorite Kid,” or “Best Baby Ever.” Well, it’s too late now. Hopefully, they sold all their merchandise after this sale, and they will never make this silly mistake again.

Pillows on Your Feet

We don’t even know where to begin with these boots, if you can call them that. Why would someone make boots that look like a black pillow? Are they meant to be used as a pillow as well?

Boots that look like pillows
Source: Reddit

That doesn’t seem too functional because after you take off your boots, you wouldn’t have anything to keep your feet warm. We also doubt that these boots would be as comfortable as a pillow. So, do yourself a favor and try to stay away from these boots. They sure seem like a waste of money.

This Counts as Tie-Dye?

Tie-dye sure is having a moment right now in fashion, but this Ralph Lauren hoodie is hands down the laziest attempt at bleach dying. It looks like someone wore this sweater while they were cleaning their bathroom and accidentally sprayed a tiny bit of bleach on themselves.

A Ralph Lauren hoodie with tie-dye on it
Source: Reddit

To make everything even worse, this sweatshirt costs a whopping $175! Who would pay that amount of money for a sweatshirt that looks like this? If Ralph Lauren wanted to sell a tie-dye sweatshirt, they should have put in more effort.

That’s Not New York!

There’s nothing better than showing off souvenirs from your trips abroad. But if you walk around with this hat, everyone will know that you weren’t actually in New York. Anyone who has traveled there knows that the red phone booths are in London, not in New York.

A Hat with London image and

If they wanted a New York hat, they should have shown a picture of Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, or the New York skyline. Oh well, hopefully, the person who made this hat will learn their lesson and not make this mistake again.

Dirty Shoes, Anyone?

No wonder these Nike running shoes are on sale. Who would want to buy these? They look like someone ran through the mud, took off their shoes, and placed them on display at the shoe store. I wonder who thought of this design?

Running shoes with a design that looks like they were in the mud

It definitely wasn’t Nike’s best idea, but good thing they have a bunch of different shoe designs, and this mess up won’t hurt their business. We wonder if putting these shoes on sale actually attracted customers. Could you imagine actually wearing these shoes? We sure can’t!