Meet Walmart’s Unique Shoppers

Walmart is not the world’s biggest company in terms of revenues for no reason. Having an established history of more than 70 years, Walmart prides itself over offering unparalleled varieties at rates that are light on the pocket. Categories of products ranging from electronics to clothing to even grocery, Walmart has it all.

shopping in Walmart
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Considering the vast number of retail stores across the globe, Walmart attracts millions of shoppers annually. Because of this, Walmart has been the host of some unique shoppers and instances. Instances such as a male customer wearing a female gown to people bringing their favorite pets and even a shopper sleeping in the freezers have sure resulted in memorable shopping experiences for thousands of people. In the drive of sharing those examples and stories, we have gathered numerous examples of astonishing visitors at a Walmart, with some examples being beyond our comprehension.

Rapunzel in the Making

Is it just us, or do these dreadlocks remind you of a character from a famous fairy tale? Rapunzel comes to our mind as we see this picture, and that is rightfully so, as, from the looks of it, Rapunzel has just gotten herself some serious competition. Even speaking in real terms, her dreadlocks should necessarily be on the Guinness Book of World Record’s, as they have to be one of the thickest and longest dreads in the globe.

Photograph of a woman with a long dread ponytail.
Source: Reddit

Credit goes to the girl for putting in the effort and commitment to maintain her hairstyle as it is no easy feat. Who knows she was probably looking for some discounts on hair oil and shampoo from her trip to Walmart.

Fashion to Deal with Climate Change

Summers have been brutal in recent years, as they are only amplifying in intensity due to a public menace known as global warming. The shoppers shown in the picture below were definitely feeling the heat that day, apparent from their choice of clothing.

Two women walking in Wal Mart, one has a red sunburn.
Source: Pinterest

Perhaps the only good thing for them would have been the air conditioners at Walmart, giving them much-needed relief. We, however, recommend to always use sunscreen or any other lotion to avoid getting sunburned. Areas in the south are the targets of extreme heat, so always keep yourself cool. Also, do not forget to stock up on some ice cream and sunblock while you are at a Walmart.

A Fox in Disguise

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is a foxtail coming out of his pants. Attaching a fake foxtail from jeans is definitely a confusing choice of a fashion accessory, but it sure is unique and would certainly help him in breaking the ice with anyone he wants.

A man at the cheese counter of Wal Mart with a foxtail on.
Source: Twitter

One possible explanation for this foxtail could be that the Halloween season was in full swing, and he was probably there looking for a full fox costume. Or he was procrastinating in detaching the tail from his pants after last night’s party. Whatever the case may be, the tail does baffle a person at first sight, and perhaps that is what the person was aiming to achieve.

Rocking the Gown at an Old Age

Not too often, you see a senior citizen of your community wearing a dress of the opposite gender. This scene is apparent from this picture, as this Grandpa went full throttle dressed in a red gown while sporting a badass beard and ponytail.

An elderly man wearing a red dress.
Source: Reddit

It takes great courage and originality to pull something like this off, for which props go to this grandpa. What is surprising is that the color actually looks good on him, and he definitely looks fresh styling and profiling with nothing to worry about. Another commendable feat he was able to achieve is that he easily broke the gender-based fashion trends, not caring about what someone else might say.

Do Not Mind This Huge Reptile on My Neck

We all know a friend who has a special hatred against any form of reptiles, especially lizards, as just the sight of it creeps them out. If a person like that happened to be in the same Walmart at the same time as this girl in the picture, then that would have been his or her unlucky day.

A woman walking around with an Iguana on the back of her head.
Source: Twitter

Depicted below is a pet reptile who has carefully grabbed itself on to its owner’s neck. Some owners are clearly attached to their pets so much that they cannot even go out without them. Similar is the case of this girl, who has such special affection for her pet that she even brought it for her shopping.

Fast and Furious – Walmart Edition

Driving around Walmart in those electric carts is something everyone has imagined at least once in all the time they have shopped there. Placed particularly for handicapped individuals, this group of friends made full use of the opportunity and drove around the store together.

A line of people on electric carts.
Source: Pinterest

What is amazing is that they perfectly aligned themselves and drove in a straight line wherever they went. The turns at the store for the different aisles sure would have made keeping in that straight line quite challenging. This whole driving experience would surely have done their shopping chore into a fun and interesting hangout, and if this is not friendship goals, then I do not know what is.

How the Tables Have Turned

Sitting in the shopping cart while your mom drives the cart around the store is a pleasant memory from the shopping experiences of our childhood. Things, however, look a bit odd in this scenario, as the roles have been reversed. The kid seems to be pushing the cart with every ounce of energy he has as his mother and sibling relax on the cart.

A young boy pushing his mom and her toddler in a shopping cart.
Source: Imgur

The mom is probably tired from all the work she has to do to manage a family of two kids, and it was time she earned her short rest. This rest, however, came at the expense of the young kid, who perhaps felt like being a good kid and taking care of his mother for once.

Check out My “Designer” Shoes

Designer shoe brands have huge brand loyalty even though they are considered way more expensive than their actual worth. Designer brands play with the mindset of customers by ensuring them a specific level of satisfaction and social attention if someone sports their brand. This satisfaction, however, does not come if you attach a fake logo with any random pair of shoes.

Photograph of someone wearing black boots with a piece of paper with ‘uggs’ handwritten and taped to the back of the boot.
Source: Twitter

Even though this girl was not able to buy an actual pair of designer shoes, it did not stop her from creating her own pair from the good old pen, paper, and tape. She probably did this as a joke, as no one would be naïve enough to consider the shoes as an authentic pair.

Keeping “Low” with the Fashion Trends

Every now and then, a fashion trend comes that just makes people wonder and question the present fashion standards. One of them was a phase where men started wearing their pants below their waistline, low enough that their underwear would be exposed. One such follower of that fashion was spotted at Walmart too, he, however, taking the trend to an entire extreme.

A teen wearing his basketball shorts very low down, but with his shirt still tucked in.
Source: Twitter

This person has his shirt tucked into his gym shorts that are way below his waistline, and the only thing one can recommend such a person is to buy a belt immediately and to improve his taste in fashion. It also does not hurt changing your social circle to learn how everyone else dresses.

Trust Me, I Am Handicapped!

Quite often, you will see people wrongfully exploiting the services available for a specific group of people. While everyone would love to ride around Walmart in an electric cart, it is only for handicapped people. Then again, we see individuals who pitch themselves as handicapped but in reality, are everything other than that.

A woman standing on top of an electric scooter cart to reach the top shelf with the caption ‘It’s a miracle!’.
Source: Twitter

In the picture below, you can see a presumably handicapped person who is having no difficulty in finding her favorite can of beans by standing on the cart. We guess all of her disabilities and weakness went away when she realized her favorite beans were now available in new variants. Even though something like this should be reported, these moments do end up making the shopping experience more entertaining and fun.

Bad Hair Day

It is quite easy to distinguish yourself from a crowd by having a great haircut. Haircuts can ensure a much-needed flair to your overall look, but only if it is done right. This individual is definitely standing out from the crowd because of his hairstyle, but for all the wrong reasons.

Photograph of a guy who has a shaved head except for a small line halfway down the back of his head to the nape of his neck.
Source: Twitter

It is difficult to ascertain if this is a deliberate hair ‘do, or if this acts as a representation of the times which he used to have thick flowing hair. Whatever the case may be, this Walmart shopper needs to go get this chunk of hair chopped off as soon as possible, as this is doing more harm than good to his overall look.

Someone Call Nike!

Why would we even think about throwing out our old shoes and getting new ones? don’t get rid of them rather you should do like this woman and upcycle them. looks like she managed to turn sneakers into sandals.

Source: Twitter

forget about cinderella and her perfect glass slipper, if you can make the shoe fit, that is the only thing that matters.

“Take Us to the Dog Food Aisle.”

Puppies are delightful. They possess the secret power of making everyone smile with their existence, and this shopping cart certainly would have brought a lot of smiles at Walmart that day. This woman was accompanied by three puppies for her shopping trip, and it safe to say that the puppies had a great time in their little adventure.

Photograph of a woman with three dogs in her cart while in the self-checkout section.
Source: Twitter

The lady acted responsibly by keeping her adorable pets in the shopping cart, instead of letting them roam freely as that would have caused a lot of unwanted disturbance. If only those puppies could comprehend the wide variety of dog food available at Walmart, they would have never set their feet out of the store again.

Give Me a Break Already

We have all had times where we have been exhausted beyond the capacity of our bodies, and our mind directs us to lay down on the next soft or comfortable place you could find. These periods of exhaustion call for a necessary break from routine to find time to relax.

Photograph of a woman with three dogs in her cart while in the self-checkout section.
Source: Pinterest

This person, on the other hand, took “You need to relax” way too seriously, as she decided to take a quick nap on the frozen meat section. Finding comfort in the coolness of the refrigerators is comprehensible, but what we cannot get our heads around is why did she feel like covering herself with packets of meat. She was perhaps looking for a suitable camouflage before the Walmart team escorts her out of the store.

You Saw Who?! At the Supermarket?!

I don’t think you can be that smooth of a criminal… faking your own death is not easy, so have no fear, he might make you do a double-take but it is not the late Michael Jackson.

Source: Twitter

What would Michael even buy at Walmart? Is his latest CD on sale? you got to stay on top of your royalties, even after death.

A Slow Companion

Walmart has not allowed people to bring their pets to the store, but somehow people manage. In this case, yes, that’s a pet turtle attached to a leash. Bringing a turtle at a Walmart would only slow the person down, and turtles are not a fan of being forced to walk around a giant place such as a Walmart. Even then, the person probably felt comfortable knowing that her dear pet is within close proximity.

A woman walking her pet turtle on a red leash in Wal Mart.
Source: Reddit

Even with the hard shell, it is not safe to bring a turtle at a Walmart too, as people might just drive their carts over the little person while admiring the new discount promotional posters attached to the ceiling.

Crack Me Up

In a Rush? There is too long of a line for the dressing rooms? we have the solution for you, just drop trousers in the middle of the store.

Source: Reddit

i want to think this woman was in a rush or something but I really do hope she had a good reason for doing this.

A Sluggish Accessory

If you thought a person wearing a foxtail was weird, then we have a lot in store for you. This girl seems to have taken the film “A bug’s life” to the heart, as she now has a stuffed centipede attached to her right leg.

A woman walking around with a stuffed centipede attached to her right leg.
Source: Facebook

You would assume that a stuffed bug is something a kid would be playing around with; however, we have seen such unique fashion trends and accessories that we are not even startled anymore. What is apparent, though, is that the girl is a fan of accessorizing and standing out from the crowd through her unique colors. She is probably at Walmart looking for something to improve her accessories game.

A Message Delivered

Even though the shirt might look funny at first glance, there has to be a sad but interesting backstory to it. What makes this shirt even more hilarious is the fact that the text is printed on a neon shirt, the most distinguishable color. The huge text size and color combination would certainly deliver the message she intends on delivering.

A woman walking around Wal Mart with a bright yellow denim vest on which states ‘can you see me now a$$ hole.’
Source: Twitter

The message is targeted at a specific individual, perhaps someone who works at that Walmart. Whatever the case may be, she is not a person someone should mess with. Keep your kids distant from such person, who knows with all the pent-up frustration, what might she do to anyone who crosses her.

Where Did You Get That Mask From?

Applying a facemask for its complete benefits can take some time. There is, however, nothing that spoils a person’s mood, like when you remember something important while you have your facemask on. This person seems to be in the same debacle, as she had to rush to a Walmart to grab a few things with her facemask on.

A woman walking in line with a greenish-blue face mask on.
Source: Twitter

She was probably getting ready for some major event later that night and might have forgotten some essentials for her outfit. Going out in all the pollution sure would have affected the mask’s effectiveness, though. Still, not the most absurd thing we have seen at a Walmart, but definitely worthy of being shared on the internet to share some laughs.

Trying out New Combinations

Right when you thought people’s clothing combinations could not get any weirder, there comes this man who is wearing leggings under his shorts. This confusing combination makes one wonder if he was feeling warm or cold at that time, as he has got his shorts and leggings on at the same time.

A man walking around with jean short shorts and a pattered legging underneath.
Source: Pinterest

Additionally, were those leggings actually his or was he borrowing them from his wife’s or daughter’s drawer. One thing is for sure that no one else should wear them now other than him, even after they are thoroughly cleaned. We also think that his family should collectively start giving him proper counsel on his clothing decisions. Who knows whom he might run into dressing like that?

Cool Down, Mom

I’ve heard of cut-off and cut-out jeans but these just seem to be missing a nice chunk in the middle.

Source: Pinterest

I can confidently say that this outfit needs to be retired. It needs to be forgotten and hopefully, her daughter won’t follow in her footsteps.

Time To Shine

There are social rules for a reason, what you do in the comfort of your own home is up to you but the second you bring us face to face with what we don’t want you are going to find yourself in a lot of trouble.

Source: Twitter

Our dear nudist chose the wrong Walmart to mess with. police arrested our perpetrator in no time. we thank them for keeping the peace.

Happily Ever After

Weddings are becoming expensive day by day. The cost of location, photographer, food, and other facilities has been skyrocketing for years now, because of which people are looking for easy ways out. Look at this newlywed couple, for example.

A man and a woman all in white for their wedding at the self-checkout line.
Source: Reddit

Who needs to pay hundreds of dollars for a fancy photographer when you can get your photos taken from the photo booth at a Walmart for 4 bucks? At the end of the day, the materialistic value of a thing does not matter; it is the sentiments that encompass that thing that make it worthy of being preserved for a lifetime. Wherever this couple is right now, we only have good wishes and positive hopes for them.

No Words

Don’t try this at home… You know what, don’t try this ever. it seems our mother is too distracted by her shopping to even bother with her daughter.

Source: Twitter

To you and me this looks like a clear warning sign but I guess for this mother nothing about this situation is setting off alarm bells. Mother of the year ladies and gentlemen.

Easter Comes Early

This person was in full Easter spirits as he had decoration eggs and bunnies attached all over him. He probably did this to share some happiness with the kids. In his efforts to standout, he ended up becoming a human representation of all the Easter decoration variety available at Walmart.

An elderly man who has egg ornaments, stuffed bunnies, and pinwheels attached to his suit and hat.
Source: Twitter

The children sure did enjoy inspecting his outfit as apparent from the picture. We, however, still recommend keeping an eye on your children, as you can never trust any random person completely. One thing is for certain, the Easter bunny sure would be proud of this person. Finally, for all the effort he put it, Walmart should consider hiring this person during Easter as a mascot.

A New World Record?

How would one even attempt to pick their nose with such long fingernails?  I can decide if it is impressive or if it is just really creepy.

Source: Reddit

this is for sure not something you see every day, and I guess you should be thankful for that.

Don’t Touch My Baby

Some parents are overprotective of their children. They could not imagine any form of harm befalling on them, because of which they take all necessary precautions. One of the things that keep the parents up at night is any sort of medical illness attacking their children. To cope up with this issue, this concerned parent has attached a warning symbol for everyone, asking him or her to not touch their child.

A woman pushing a cart with a baby seat in there, and a sign which reads ‘Please don’t touch the baby!’.
Source: Twitter

Germs can easily transfer in contact with another person. This problem gets worse when there is a small child involved who has a weaker immunity system. Therefore, if you consider yourself a similarly concerned parent, you might attach a simple warning sign as well.

Time to Play the Game

We all look back to our childhood being one of the greatest times of our lives. Being a kid, you had no bills to pay, no responsibilities, and your parents would take care of all your needs and demands. The picture below shows two parents fully concentrating on a claw game at Walmart to secure a prize for their little child.

A couple trying to win a game at the claw machine with their child behind them in the cart.
Source: Imgur

The pleasant thing over here is that the parents themselves look completely invested in the game, as they were probably getting a dose of some nostalgia. Everyone has a child inside of them, with that child showing off in our personality time and time again, and we believe it is essential to not let that fun and carefree side of your personality die.

Dressing up in a Hurry

We all have gone through some sort of embarrassing wardrobe moment. In the spur of the moment at times, we end up wearing our clothes backward. This seems to be the story of this person as well, who is wearing his shirts backward.

A man with his shirt on backward, where you can clearly see the front buttons on his back.
Source: Twitter

The backward shirt does put a smile on our faces, as he could have easily availed any of the changing rooms at a Walmart to fix his clothing. He, however, probably procrastinated with the idea of wearing his shirt again. We strongly recommend everyone to quickly check yourself on a mirror before heading out for the day. So many embarrassing moments can be avoided easily through this simple step.

Fitness Game Strong

New research on the importance and benefits of staying fit and healthy is published every other day. This person, regardless of his age, has got his priorities straight, as it is apparent from his wardrobe. It looks like he came to a Walmart right between his fitness sessions to grab a few things and then resume his training.

Guy shopping in Walmart
Source: Imgur

Even though one might think that working out in shorts is an uncomfortable option, credit goes to this man for staying in shape and getting the workout done. Individuals like these easily become silent inspirations for so many others out there who are looking to get fit too. All it takes is a little bit of consistency and belief in yourself.

Oh, I Almost Did Not Even See You There

Every couple looks forward to having those cute moments that would stay as memories for times to come. For a number of couples, wearing similar clothing falls under the definition of memorable things they do together. Look at this couple, for example, who both have their camo pants and white trunks on.

A guy and a girl standing at side-to-side self-checkout booths with white tank tops and green camo pants.
Source: Twitter

Camo clothing is ideal for staying hidden and for situations when you do not want to draw any attention. Wearing a camo in the middle of a bright lid store, however, does not get that job done. We know camo clothes have become part of fashion now, but it still funny to consider the possibility of them wearing camo clothes just so that they could play some video games free.

Another Absurd Trend

Our sincerest apologies here as even we cannot comprehend what these people are doing. From the looks of it, these people intentionally attached plungers to themselves to get a picture taken. For what purpose? We do not know. What we do know, however, is that you can use the power of the internet to make people do anything now.

Photographs of a woman on the left with two plungers on her back and a man on the right with a plunger on his bald head.
Source: Reddit

Take the example of the recent trend of people eating Tide Pods, where people started eating laundry detergent. Even though this small trend of attaching plungers to people got a few laughs from the people participating and the people spectating, we highly recommend everyone to consider and simply think before following an absurd social media trend.

Keep Your Heels High

In another edition of people experimenting with the fashion of the opposite gender, here we have a person in a floral skirt and high heels. Props go to the person for breaking the barriers and being comfortable and proud in properly representing and expressing himself.

A teen boy dressed in tall heels, a floral skirt, a pink sequin purse, and a bright orange top.
Source: Twitter

The heels also give him an amazing height advantage, in addition to the already tall height. He also would not be having any issues in reaching the uppermost shelf in those heels. We just hope that he does not use this super height to exploit others’ privacy, as it is apparent from the photograph. It would, however, not be appropriate for us to jump to conclusions here as the woman might be accompanying him in their Walmart trip.

Life’s A Struggle

Don’t mind me, just taking a short break on this bench. You need to find the time to recharge even while shopping.

Source: Pinterest

If you let me get a few Z’s right here ill be out of your branch shortly, just need to finish checking my dream shopping list, we wouldn’t want to forget anything.

The Pursuit of Being Politically Correct

In the age of social media and raising awareness of social issues, being politically correct is becoming more and more difficult. Even though it hampers an individual’s right to freedom of speech, being careful of not offending someone does lead to a more prudent practice of words and expressions. This man, however, had had enough of being called a man, and so he attached a sign on his back to deal with the issue.

An elderly person looking at cereals with a sign on their back which reads ‘I am a WOMAN.’
Source: Imgur

The sign notified everyone of how he is a “woman” and that everyone should refer to him as a “she.” It might be confusing at first glance, but he is sending the message of getting rid of preconceived societal standards and being comfortable with whoever you want to be.

Who Needs Pants Anyway?

We are wondering the same thing as you are those pants intentionally down as a form of fashion, or is he another customer who is planning to change right in the middle of the store. He is wearing a long nightgown and is currently searching for similar gowns as well. With the length of that clothing, we can only deduce that his pants are intentionally down as a form of fashion, and frankly, nothing can surprise us anymore.

A guy in the clothing section with a light blue t-shirt that goes down under his knees with his jeans down at his ankles.
Source: Twitter

If, however, his intentions are of changing in the middle of the aisle, then people should really start considering that they are not the only ones in a store, and their actions make others uncomfortable. Especially children, as Walmart is a family store.

It’s All About the Curls

From all of the examples we have discussed above, one thing we appreciate is that the people we talked about did not care about what anyone else would say about them. Similar to the woman who came to a Walmart with her beauty mask on, this woman has got her hair rollers in her hair while she is out shopping.

An elderly woman with rollers in her hair.
Source: Imgur

Having the perfect curls for any event can easily help you in stealing the show. Before you do that, however, you will have to be patient with the hair rollers. At the end of the day, it is all worth it, even if you have to go to Walmart with the rollers attached.

Love Is in the Air

The cupid has found his way into a Walmart. The photo was taken around Valentine’s Day, and this person was in full spirits of spreading love and affection amongst the shoppers of Walmart. With an outfit consisting of heart glasses, heart antenna, and angel wings, he sure would have been successful in drawing people towards him for a picture.

A man dressed up as cupid with a bow and arrow, red shorts, and red heart-shaped glasses.
Source: Imgur

He also easily broke the barrier of a cupid having to be a small baby. What can we say; the season of love was in full swing, and what better way to get people excited about it than a random person dressed as cupid? Who knows, he might have actually used his power that day to get two people together for an amazing journey ahead.

What’s Your Favorite Color?

This woman was probably watching the Smurfs movie, and the idea of dressing up in all blue popped in her mind. Or she possibly loved the color blue enough to get her dressed from head to toe in it. She even has a small blue toy in her hand for her pet. The only things missing from her attire that would make her look like a complete Smurf is blue face paint and white shoes.

A woman wearing all blue sweatpants and matching the sweater, with a matching blue wig. She is also holding onto a blue fluffy dog toy.
Source: Twitter

We can only assume her reasoning behind this attire, but from the looks of it, she seems to be regretting her wardrobe selection for the day. We, however, cannot blame the employees at Walmart for naming her the “blue lady.”

The Best of Both Worlds

Parties with unique themes are amazing. This person apparently had invited his friends for a party exploring a crossover of fashion trends. But just when you think everything is going smooth, you realize you forgot to bring some essential stuff for the party.

A man wearing hot pink tights with a high school uniform mini skirt and a blazer and tie in line at Wal Mart.
Source: Twitter

The guy was less than thrilled to have to go to the nearby Walmart to grab some cans of iced tea in that outfit. But hey, you have to do what you have to do. No one has got time to change back into different clothes just for a 5-minute stop at a Walmart. Let the people say whatever they want to say. And for this, he has earned our respect.

Time for a Family Picture

Repeatedly, you will see people at Walmart trying different things just for the sake of a picture. We cannot blame them, though, especially when you have a big family like this one in the picture. This family decided to take a family picture with animal masks ranging from a tiger to a dog, to a bear and even a puma.

A family all wearing bear, lion, cat, and tiger heads as costumes.
Source: Twitter

These small-unplanned moments with the family do help in making memories and strengthening the bonds. So the next time you visit a Walmart with your family, make sure to check out the masks collection. You might actually get a great photo out of it and some unforgettable laughs.

Double Standards

The last thing any of us were expecting to see when this man went to lift his shirt was this. We were confused, to say the least, but the visual is disturbing enough to not make us want to think about it again.

Source: Reddit

And to top it all off why would you do that while standing around filling up your gas? just keep your privates private.

Dressing Up Because Why Not?

Always look your best, that is what my mama told me. you never know who you are gonna run into while out for a quick errand. this woman pulled out all the stops for her Walmart trip.

Source: Twitter

You won’t be surprised that her looks went viral after she was spotted at her local Walmart. got to dress to impress, right?

Motivation Is Key

It’s hard to keep up the effort of staying fit and looking your best. we cannot lie about the items in our closet that don’t really fit but we just wish they did.

Source: Reddit

You really need to keep in mind how important your body image is not just for others but first and foremost for yourself.

The Leopard Print Dungeon Master

Prepare to slay the beast, for this man has come prepared for battle. i don’t know where he intends to go from here but he looks like a man on a mission. or at least his top half does.

Source: Twitter

Complete with chains and wooden sticks his top half looks ready for battle. But if you were to look at the lower half of his body, you might just think he is trying to get a part on Cats the Musical.

Be Yourself, Even at Walmart

It’s always important to feel comfortable, and I guess this old man took his comfort above all else.

Source: Reddit

but it does seem to be throwing some of the other customers for a loop, this poor chap in the cap just looks very very confused.

Steer Clear of the Video Game Aisle

Well, it seems that the not so slender man came to Walmart to check out his latest video game. His impressive costume shows the commitment to the character, and maybe suggest he should be committed to an institute

Source: Twitter

The Slender Man never misses a chance to go to Walmart. so when it comes down to it it’s all about commitment.

Goats Have Rights Too

You cant say that they aren’t a picture-perfect family, or can you? Why would a woman carry a goat around in a baby carrier and why does the goat not seem to have a problem with it.

Source: Twitter

The guy even carries around a baby bag with milk and I assume other supplies for the baby goat. what will humanity think of next?

Ever Heard of Scissors?

Someone should tell this woman that she might trip over her own hair. her poor neck must be struggling under all that weight.

Source: Twitter

This might not crack your top craziest things you’ve seen at Walmart but it is for sure pretty strange.

Mr. Fox Goes to Walmart

Stealthy like a fox, all you have to do is walk through Walmart without drawing too much attention, that should be a simple task, right?  For Fox sake, I need to know if he just likes being a fox or if this is some very elaborate cosplay.

Source: Reddit

If he was going for the whole Tanooki Mario theme (a raccoon version of Super Mario), You cannot deny he pulls it off but I still haven’t figured out what the purpose of the stuffed animal he is carrying with him.

Enough, Grandma

Kids are usually a real pain when you are trying to get all the shopping done in time. In this case, the grandson has taken it up a notch. He has decided to take over the shopping cart and stop his grandmother from going on with his forehead.

Source: Reddit

But the shopping has to get done so as much as grandma hoped this would be a short and easy trip we have to give credit to the kid for coming up with such a ‘interesting’ solution to his unbearable boredom.

Sam Eagle Goes Shopping

The Muppets have decided to take over Walmart and it looks like Sam Eagle was the first to make a break for it

Source: Reddit

I cannot say if he is growing out his neck hair on purpose or maybe he just doesn’t know what a mirror is but let us hope he can find one at Walmart.

The Cowboy That Went Too Far

I truly do hope that this man was sent out on a mission that at some point made sense because standing here and at looking at the cowboy buying Christmas orniments I cannot seem to understand how he got here.

Source: Twitter

What would have possessed him to buy those shoes, maybe the same thing that has sent him out to buy ornaments to decorate them.

A New Fashion Trend

Do you think she forgot what she was wearing or maybe she just forgot what order she needs to wear them in?

Source: Reddit

It must be that or possible she really is trying to start a new trend, we’ve had worse I’m sure. Then again, if hammer pants managed to become a trend, why can’t this?

Way Too Hot

Don’t let the heat distract you from your shopping. or at least I hope that is why this woman took her shirt off, because she seems very determined to buy a TV and she won’t let anything get in her way.

Source: Reddit

It might have been a classic case of a very hot day that this woman choose to take a break inside the air-conditioned Walmart.

I Feel Pretty

People like this man are the main reason I walk into Walmart. He gives us the true vibes of the People of Walmart.

Source: Twitter

and you can tell that this wasn’t just something he threw together. Every part of this outfit was carefully chosen. His shorts match the button-down, the red knee-high socks along with his flashy belt, he is dressed to impress.

Satyr Saturday at Walmart

I know you think you have seen it all at Walmart and that they have almost anything imaginable but I think even this guy will have some trouble finding pants that fit

Source: Twitter

But you never know! Maybe they’ll have some special offer on camel toe socks.

The Diaper Tutu

Walmart truly does lead by example, no matter what you look like or who you are you are always welcome into Walmart. They won’t judge you for being odd. No matter how weird they will always let you be your authentic self.

Source: Reddit

So I cannot say if this is his authentic self but I really do hope he just did this on a dare.

Mom Doesn’t Know When to Stop

That is one way to make sure mom stays out of your way. But I have to say it would probably be more effective if you covered her mouth with tape as well.

Source: Reddit

Whoever is responsible for this I must tip my hat to you. This is a great way to teach mom a lesson.

Toilet Paper Train

We’ve all had that embarrassing toilet paper moment at some point in our lives but I have to say with a train like that how did she not notice, or better yet why didn’t anyone tell her?

Source: Twitter

Someone has to clue her in on what is going on, she might slip or fall or maybe she just needs to blow her nose.

The Bad Element

I don’t think anything on this list could ever match the truly insane outfit that stands here before you. Is it tape? a mop? a crab?

Source: Twitter

I want to find out what kind of Halloween party they are coming from, cause it sure seems like a party you don’t want to miss out on.

Who’s the Quack?

She seems to be having a very serious debate with the duck about what kind of cheese they should get. it probably would have been easier to leave the duck at home but what are you gonna do when you can’t find a good duck sitter.

Source: Reddit

That duck must be so critical, ” God, Karen, you know that brand makes me bloat”.

Like a Boss

Have you ever gone to the store and the second you walk in you’ve already forgotten what you come in to get? Well, this dear man has thought of it all and has brought it all. when you’re home comes with you you wont forget a thing

Source: Reddit

this man knows how to ride in style, and if I’m being honest he’s got every style out there on his electric wheelchair.

A Monkey’s Day out

By this point, you have probably realized that Walmart has been the home of some unusual activities and customers. Another one of the shoppers on our list is the woman who brought her pet monkey to a Walmart. She might have failed in resisting the look her monkey would have given her as she was leaving for the day, so she decided on bringing the monkey for the monthly groceries as well.

A woman holding a monkey in a zebra print fuzzy blanket while waiting in line to pay.
Source: Pinterest

It goes without saying that you never take your pet monkey to the fruits and vegetable part of a Walmart if you are out with your pet monkey. You would only be unleashing havoc on the entire store. Additionally, make sure that your pet is small enough that it could be quickly covered up as apparent from the picture above as well

We Have a Ferret in the House

A lizard, a monkey, puppies, a turtle, and now a ferret, the list of pets at Walmart keeps on growing. The choice of pet, in this case, however, has to be the most peculiar, but considering the number of unique instances happening at Walmart every other day, the other shoppers do not seem to be bothered by the pet’s existence.

Guy sitting on a wheelchair in Wlmart
Source: Twitter

The pet owner does seem to have a strong grip over his little friend, as he drives them around the store for their Sunday shopping. From the looks of it, the ferret does not mind a shopping trip, as who does not like a little change of environment.

Have to Refuel Before I Go Fight Thanos

Crime-fighting is a difficult gig. Particularly in times when the crime rates are skyrocketing, and temperatures are rising to make the superhero costume even more unbearable. Perhaps this is why Captain America had to take a quick stop at a nearby Walmart to refuel and to chug in some energy drinks.

A man walking around in a Captain America costume with the shield in line at Wal Mart.
Source: Twitter

For all the good that he and his team does for the community, he at least deserves to get a discount on his groceries. Sadly, though, like everyone else, superheroes have to wait at checkout lines and pay their bills. The silver lining of it all is that he has a billionaire friend who could help him out during the tough times.


Jokes on Display

A little humor does not hurt anyone, right? There are polarizing opinions on such shirts with a funny tagline, with some finding them hysterical while others not so much. Shirts like the one in the picture end up impacting a person’s persona while also showing that the person has a funny side to them.

An elderly man who has egg ornaments, stuffed bunnies, and pinwheels attached to his suit and hat.
Source: Twitter

A lot of people do not find comfort in these quirky lines written across numerous shirts as they find them distasteful. Whichever side of the debate you may be on, however, this shirt is at least better than so many other fashion choices we have discussed till now as at least it ends up making few people laugh for a moment.


Going Overboard with the Jeans

Everyone has a favorite pair of jeans. Ripped jeans have been trending for quite some time now, and you will find them easily available in every other shop. Then again, there is fashion, and there is going overboard with fashion.

A woman whose jeans have torn all the way down to the bottom.
Source: Twitter

Repeatedly, people take a new fashion trend too far, and that seems to be the case in this picture as well. She definitely took the ripped jeans to a whole new dimension, and it is safe to say that she would get a lot of people coming to her asking if she needed some cash to get her pants fixed. A simple recommendation from us, please do not ruin your jeans like this.

I Have Got an Eye on You

Tattoos are an artistic way of expressing yourself. You have probably seen some creative tattoos on people, usually with a deep story behind them. Then some tattoos just do not make sense. Consider the example of this person, who has a huge eye tattoo on his baldhead.

A man with a large tattoo of an eye on the back of his head.
Source: Pinterest

We can only wonder what he was thinking before getting this tattoo, considering that this eye is now a permanent part of his head. He probably wanted something to represent his trait of always being aware of everything happening in his environment, as he has got no blind spot now. A single eye overlooking everything sure brings back memories from the critically acclaimed Lord of the Rings trilogy.


Even Supervillains Need to Shop

The person in the picture is dressed as Harley Quinn, a supervillain from the DC comic’s universe. A partner in crime of Batman’s arch-nemesis Joker, she clearly believes that terrorizing Gotham city can wait when you have got some amazing limited-time discounts happening at Walmart.

Someone dressed up in a black and red Joker suit shopping at Wal Mart.
Source: Twitter

We are assuming that the picture was taken sometime around Halloween, but then again, when we look around the store in the picture, it does not really look like Halloween. A possible explanation for the costume choice is that the person saw the costume as a way of expressing himself or herself. Finally, the caption says it best that only at a Walmart you will find such unique instances and people.