40 Super Funny Photos That Show the True Nature of Cats

Having a cat can be a lovely experience. It’s so nice to have a furry, feline friend waiting to greet you when you walk through the door each day, and cats can be so soft and cuddly, purring on our laps and curling up by our feet. At least, that’s the idea. In practice, as any cat owner knows, furry felines can be rather unpredictable.

Cat kicking a dog in the jaw
Source: Youtube.com

In fact, cats can be total jerks. They do their own thing, each having a unique personality, with habits and quirks that set them apart from the rest. One moment, they’re cuddling up close and seeming to be totally innocent, but the next, they’re their claws into your favorite T-shirt or scratching up your furniture.

These 40 funny photos show off the darker side of cats!

It Wasn’t Me

Many cat owners get so used to their cat’s behavior and nonsensical antics that they start to worry about what they might find, every single time they get home from work and walk through the door.

Cat made a mess
Source: illiivat.com

This cat owner stepped into his home and saw a gigantic mess, with bits of furniture all over the place and the cat just nonchalantly walking along like it was totally innocent of the whole affair. This is how sneaky cats can be!

What Is It With Cats and Boxes?

For some strange reason, cats seem to love boxes. You can buy them a fantastic, expensive toy, and they’ll often prefer to simply climb into the box and sit there for a while rather than actually playing with whatever you got them.

Cat on a box
Source: Reddit.com

This cat, meanwhile, decided to get angry with the box, tearing it to shreds! The best part is the way the cat is looking up at the camera with such a guilty expression on its face.

What’s Your Problem?

Part of the funny thing about owning a cat is how they seem to have no concept of bad behavior, whatsoever. They just do their thing, and they don’t really care what you think about it.

Cat sitting on folded laundry
Source: Koty.pl

A dog might feel guilty and try to hide after making this huge mess of bags, but this cat simply stares up at its owner with that classic “What are you going to do about it?” face that every cat owner knows and begrudgingly loves.

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch

Cats have claws. That’s a simple fact that every cat owner has to accept and deal with in their own way, and it can prove quite a painful experience when your fluffy friend sits on your lap and suddenly starts digging those claws into your flesh.

Cat clawed onto leg
Source: Pinterest.com

This poor cat owner found themselves with a particularly clingy cat, holding onto their leg and tightly poking its claws through the pants and into the skin. That sure looks painful!

That’s a Shoulder Cat

Some cats are known as ‘shoulder cats’, meaning that they’ll take any opportunity to climb on people’s shoulders. For some reason or another, they just seem to feel comfortable like that. It can be quite frustrating for cat owners, however, as this one found out.

Cat on a back
Source: Reddit.com

She was busy cleaning cat hair off her own clothes when the cat just leaped over her shoulder and sat proudly on her back. Just look at that expression!

Every Single Morning

Cats like to get involved in absolutely everything, turning up at the most opportune moments to interfere in every aspect of our daily lives. They even want to get involved with brushing our teeth, as this girl found out.

Cat putting a toothbrush in his mouth
Source: Twitter.com

Each and every morning, her cat would run up whenever she started brushing her teeth and start nibbling on the other end of her toothbrush, grabbing it with his paw and trying to get involved. At least he’s concerned with oral hygiene!

He Doesn’t Care At All

When people make mistakes or do things incorrectly, we feel guilty with regret and remorse. We want to apologize and make up for the damage we’ve done. Well, cats aren’t like that.

Cat sun tanning
Source: Imgur.com

Cats will do things and not show a single iota of care for the consequences. Just like this boy who has lazily pushed a plant pot off the shelf just so that he can enjoy the warmth of the radiator while he naps.

Did I Get You?

There are badly behaved cats, and then there are evil genius cats. The former might do the odd naughty thing, but the latter actually seems like its whole life revolves around trying to frustrate, annoy, and even harm its owners!

Cat coming out of a ceiling
Source: Pinterest.com

This incredible photo, complete with the caption, paints a very scary picture. This cat owner felt a block fall on his or her head and then spotted the cat peeking down from the floor above as if to check whether or not he had hit his target.

Not For You

You have to be so careful about cats and food. They love treats of all kinds, and even when they know they’re not supposed to, they’ll jump all around the kitchen in search of tasty snacks to eat.

Reaching out for food
Source: onedio.com

This cute Christmas cat spied some delicious looking cinnamon rolls, freshly baked and sitting on the table, and she simply couldn’t help herself. Even after the owner said “No”, the cat kept on gazing at that sweet cinnamon goodness, desperate for a bite.

That’s The Worst

Cats can do a lot of annoying things. Knocking your possessions onto the floor and scratching your furniture or your legs are just a few examples, but one of the worst things of all is when a cat pees in places they shouldn’t.

Urinated in a shoe
Source: yasminroohi.com

This unfortunate cat owner has a cat that loves to urinate in unusual locations, including her shoes! That’s definitely one of the worst possible things any cat owner has to deal with.

Time For a New Toothbrush

How often do you change your toothbrush? Some people do it every month, others do it just a few times a year, and some hygiene freaks use new toothbrushes all the time.

Threw toothbrush in a litterbox
Source: Onedio.com

Well, if ever your toothbrush ends up in the cat’s litter tray, that’s a good sign that it’s time for a new one. This cheeky cat put his owner’s brush in the tray to play a naughty trick on him. Nobody would want to brush their teeth after that!

He’s Mine, Not Yours

Cats can be very jealous creatures. They don’t always react well when things change and new people enter their lives. For example, this cat wasn’t happy when his owner got a new girlfriend.

sitting on a pillow
Source: Reddit.com

The handsome gray cat can be seen in this funny photo, looking angrily at the girlfriend in question, sitting right on her pillow as if to say “This is my bed and this is my man, not yours!”

Why Are You Doing That?

Cats can be so random and unpredictable. Sometimes, you’ll stroke a cat’s head and hear it purr, only to have it turn around and try to bite you a moment later, and you never quite know what a feline friend will do next.

Biting on a pen while drawing
Source: Pinterest.com

This artistic cat owner was busy trying to work on a drawing when his or her cat decided to randomly intervene, biting onto their tablet stylus and nibbling away it for no apparent reason. Will we ever understand cats?

I’m Not Cleaning That Up

Cats love to knock things over. Even the greatest minds of human history have never quite been able to understand why this is, but cats just tend to have a natural need to be mischievous and naughty.

Dropped wine all over floor
Source: Twitter.com

This cat’s owner had a big clean-up job ahead of them after walking into the kitchen and seeing that his or her feline friend had knocked a huge pot of sauce onto the floor, sending red liquid around in every direction.

He’s Already Injured!

This poor cat owner had already suffered a leg injury and needed to do some physical therapy, but his cat had other ideas, gripping onto his foot and digging its claws into it.

Cat playing with foot
Source: Facebook.com

Of course, the cat is only playing and doesn’t realize the possible harm it might be doing, but this just shows the perils of living with a cat, as well as their unpredictable nature. Let’s hope the cat owner wasn’t too badly hurt!

This Is Mine Now

Cats are naturally very curious creatures. That’s where the old expression “Curiosity killed the cat” comes from. They love to see what we’re up to, investigating every aspect of our lives.

Watching the laptop screen
Source: Reddit.com

This cat owner amusingly found her furry friend sitting on the bed and looking at her laptop, no doubt taking a look at her internet history or searching for funny cat memes online. Or maybe she was trying to order some new toys or a cozy cat bed!

You Could Not Have Chosen a Worse Spot

Every cat owner knows that one common habit many cats seem to share is a tendency to sit in the absolute worst spots possible. If you’re trying to do a workout at home, they’ll sit on your treadmill, if you’re trying to browse the internet, they’ll sit on your keyboard.

Cat sleeping on a painted canvas
Source: Pinterest.com

This cat has taken the grand prize for the worst possible sitting spot. She decided to sit right on the freshly painted canvas, made by her owner. She must have needed a really big bath after that!

This Is My Spot

If you’re a cat owner, you might have noticed that your cat likes to wiggle its way into drawers to sleep. This is another of the great mysteries surrounding cats. We can’t know or understand exactly why they love to get into our drawers so much, but they do.

Cat sleeping in a drawer
Source: thecreativecat.net

This cat owner routinely finds all of her underwear pulled out of the drawer and tossed on the floor, just so the cat can climb in and get cozy.

Hairs On The Slice

Again, we return to the idea of cats magically finding the absolute worst places to sit or lie down. They have the choice of a whole house, but always find the one spot where they don’t belong.

Cat sleeping on a slice of pizza
Source: funnyjunk.com

This cat randomly happened to decide that he wanted to take a little nap, right on top of his owner’s freshly prepared slice of pizza. He’ll be licking his fur for a while after that! Unfortunately, the pizza will be filled with fur, too.

Out of the Way

Sometimes, cats move things around or push them out of the way to make space for themselves. Other times, they just seem to act like total jerks, pushing stuff for the fun of it.

Pushing food off the fridge
Source: Imgur.com

This cat had more than enough room on top of the refrigerator to sit and be happy, but she just wanted more. So she decided to headbutt this pot of noodles down to the ground. What a naughty cat!

Can We Share?

Cat owners have to be so careful when they sit down for dinner. Some cats are well behaved and respect the fact that you need to eat your food in peace. Others have a totally different view.

Trying to get food off his human’s fork
Source: Twitter.com

When this young man sat down with a nice glass of red wine and a tasty meal, his cat refused to leave him alone, climbing all over his shoulder and trying to grab a bite. Would you share a meal with your cat?

Absolute Carnage

If you’ve ever seen a cat go crazy with toilet paper, you’ll know that it’s one of their favorite things to rip up and attack. They just lose their minds, digging their claws in and tossing the rolls about.

Cat destroyed paper roll
Source: Pinterest.com

This photo shows us exactly what happens if you leave a cat alone with a roll or two. The aftermath is a scene of utter carnage, with bits of white paper all over the floor and a very exhausted but satisfied cat in the center.

Too Cute to Move

Sometimes we can get mad at our cats and their bad behavior. They can be so frustrating with their antics that we just want to scream. Other times, however, they can be so cute, even when they’re doing something wrong.

Sleeping on a flowerbed
Source: mirtesen.ru

This adorable cat decided to go for a nap among the flowers. He’s crushing the poor plants, ruining a nicely laid out flower bed, but he looks so happy and peaceful, it’s impossible to want to disturb him.

Let’s Take a Selfie

Ever tried to take a selfie with your cat? It’s one of life’s greatest challenges. They might sit still for the rest of the time, but as soon as you want to take a photo, they’ll start moving around like energetic little squirrels.

putting his ass in a face
Source: Imgur.com

This poor cat owner wanted to take a cute selfie with her furry friend, hoping to capture both of them smiling at the camera. Instead, she got greeted by her cat’s butt as he walked right out of the frame.

How Does It Taste?

Cats are better known for scratching than biting, but they do like to bite and nibble on all kinds of things from time to time. Sometimes, they’ll even decide to have a munch of something totally random.

Cat biting Apple iPad
Source: Pinterest.com

This cat owner was innocently browsing the internet and doing things on his computer when his cat arrived, out of the blue, deciding to start biting the corner of the laptop to see how it tasted. Cats really are the weirdest creatures!

Not Technically Breaking the Rules

We’ve seen a lot of examples of cats behaving badly in this list, but some cats know how to respect the rules and can often be quite crafty in their approach. This pretty orange cat is a lovely example of that.

sleeping on a pillow
Source: onedio.com

He knows that he’s not allowed on the leather sofa, because his claws could cause a lot of damage, so what did he do? He sat right on the blanket and the pillow, not technically touching the leather, so he’s not breaking the rules!

Time to Buy a New Pair

You need to be very careful with cats and wires. They love anything that dangles and moves around, like bits of string or the wires of your headphones, and they’ll often dig their claws in and tear those wires to pieces if you aren’t careful, as we can see here.

Chewed headphones
Source: Imgur.com

This unfortunate cat owner had a fine set of earphones totally ruined by their cat’s crazy antics. Next time, the owner will have to be more careful where he or she leaves their wires and cables!

No, No, No

Many people try to have a rule that the cat isn’t allowed on the dinner table. This is especially important while the table is in use and a family is trying to enjoy a delicious dinner. Unfortunately, cats don’t have a lot of respect for the rules, as we see here.

Cat’s tail in a plate of food
Source: biacaip.com

While this cat owner was trying to enjoy a tasty meal, the cat decided to leap up onto the table, dragging its tail right over his plate and leaving a lot of little hairs in the process, making the food impossible to enjoy.

Look at Me!

Cats love to get in the way of whatever you’re doing. If your attention isn’t on them, for one reason or another, they’ll find a way to change the situation. It’s a classic technique that every cat seems to know.

Kitten blocking iPad screen
Source: Imgur.com

Just look at this super cute cat, for example, who saw that his owner was playing around on her tablet so he decided to sit right in front of it, blocking her view completely and forcing them to change their plans.

Tasty French Fries

When cats smell something tasty around the house, nothing can stop them from trying to get their paws on it. And when this cat smelled some delicious French fries, he knew he just had to have one.

Eating French fries
Source: Pinterest.com

The owner got his camera ready, snapping a few photos as the cute cat pawed at the packet, pulling out a fry and giving it a bite, grinning happily at the camera afterward. It really looks like he enjoyed that!

Cats Always Find a Way

Your cat will always outsmart you. We might think we’re higher up on the evolutionary ladder than our feline friends, but they always find a way to prove their superiority, as we can see here.

Urinated on shorts
Source: Facebook.com

This cat owner specifically made sure to remove his shorts while bathing his cat as he didn’t want them to get wet. So as soon as the cat got out of the bath, it ran right over to the shorts and sat down on them.

A True Cat Burglar

The term ‘cat burglar’ is used for thieves who act like cats, climbing up and entering buildings through windows or unusual points of entry, stealthily sneaking around and stealing valuable items.

Stole a lot of under-garments
Source: Twitter.com

This cat burglar is one of the best of all, but the items he stole weren’t particularly valuable. The cat’s owners had been going around the neighborhood, stealing underwear and socks from local people. The owners actually had to put up a sign to let everyone know where their garments had gone.

Such an Innocent Expression

How do cats get away with all of their bad behavior? It seems like no matter what they do, we can’t help forgiving them and cuddling them all over again. Those big, beautiful, innocent-looking cat faces are so easy to forgive.

sitting on computer tower on the power button
Source: Onedio.com

So, when this cat owner saw his cat leap onto his computer case and press down on the power button, erasing almost an hour’s worth of work in an instant, he felt frustrated but had to forgive his feline buddy.

Already Making Mischief

Kittens are super cute. They’re among the world’s most adorable animals, but they can also be so badly behaved, as any former kitten owner will know. They’ll run around, ripping things up with their clothes, causing chaos, and meowing like mad at every opportunity.

Unravelled the toilet roll
Source: Pinterest.com

Every kitten owner needs to be prepared for a few situations like this one! This kitten’s owners found their little fluff ball in the bathroom, having torn down all of the toilet paper and leaving a huge mess.

I’m Trying to do the Dishes

Cats almost seem to have a sixth sense. They know all the right ways to drive us mad, getting in the way at every opportunity, and always choosing the worst places and worst moments to make their presence known.

playing in dish drying rack
Source: Twitter.com

Every time the owner of this fluffy cat tries to do the dishes, for example, the cat dives up and takes a seat right by the sink, blocking the space for all the freshly washed dishes and plates to be placed.

Not a Toy!

Cats can be mischievous and naughty, but they do love their owners, and one of the weird ways they can sometimes like to show that love is by bringing us “gifts” from their adventures outside.

Playing with a snake
Source: Facebook.com

These gifts often take the form of birds or mice that they caught. In this instance, a fluffy orange cat managed to catch a snake and decided to bring it back into the house to play around with, as their owner watched on worriedly.

Setting a Trap

Almost every cat behaves badly from time to time, but there are different levels of bad behavior. Scratching a chair, for example, isn’t quite as bad as planting a dangerous trap in someone’s shoe, but that’s exactly what this cat did!

Cat putting a pin inside a shoe
Source: Twitter.com

The cat’s owner caught them red-pawed, removing a pin from the wall and then actually placing it into the owner’s shoe, ready for him to stand on and pierce his foot! What made this cat such an evil genius?

What a Nice Surprise

As a cat owner, you have to think of absolutely everything. You need to look all-around your home, assessing all the different possible things a cat might do and trying to prevent any accidents or mischief.

Tore his cat food package open
Source: Reddit.com

You especially have to be careful with their food. If you leave it in the open, a cat will strike. This cat owner found a bag of food that their cat had torn into, eaten, and then been sick over, probably because they ate too much!

Worst Alarm Clock Ever

Ouch! This photo is not for the faint of heart, and neither is this cat. One of the problems cat owners often face is scratching. Cats don’t always mean to hurt people, but their claws are often super sharp and pointy.

Source: Imgur.com

Plus, they love to wake people up in the mornings. When this cat couldn’t wake his owner up with a simple meow, he decided to pull out the claws and give her a scratch, drawing quite a lot of blood down the owner’s ankle.

Like us humans, dogs and cats also make bad choices and the outcome is often hilarious, at least for us. As we all know, cats have the unique ability of almost always landing on their feet, but their superpowers don’t often get them out of tricky situations.

A cat outside in the rain
Source: Arnapress.kz.

Assuredly, they won’t learn from their mistakes and will probably constantly question themselves: “Umm, what kind of sorcery is this?” and prey they could hit an ‘undo’ button.

Has Anyone Watched the Gremlins?

I don’t know what it is about cats and water; they certainly hate the pure existence of it. As soon as they see or touch water, cats sort of turn into gremlins.

A cat after a bath
Source: funnyjunk.com

Cat: (Yelling in a shaky man’s voice) Why would you do that to me, Barbara? You know I hate water, my hair is wet, oh the horror!

The Floor is Lava, The Floor is Lava!

Well, can you imagine arriving home from work to find your cat walking on the walls? How does this sort of thing happen?

Cat stuck on the exterior wall of the house
Source: zhiznteatr.mirtesen.ru

Cat: Well, human, don’t just stand there. I have been standing here all day long and I would like to get down. I have a lot of sleeping to do!

I Asked to See Real Snow, Janette!

Clearly, this cat is not impressed by his recent life choices. I mean, between having polystyrene balls stuck to his fur and that ‘unimpressed’ look on his face, I’m not sure. Poor baby.

A cat covered in polystyrene balls
Source: Imgur.com

Cat: Dammit Janette, all I wanted for Christmas was to see snow. I don’t know where you found this but get a refund!

Okay, the Dog Can Have His Bed Back!

Cats are hilarious. Judging by the look on his face, this happens to be one of those ‘life or death’ situations for him.

A cat on a mattress in the pool
Source: thescottishsun.co.uk

Cat: (Shouting) I am sincerely sorry from the bottom of my tiny heart. The dog can have his bed back, just get me off this thing and away from the water!

Oh Boy!

The cat never got his tongue; however, the cat did indeed get his tail. This cat seems to be sitting back and rethinking his life decisions.

A lizard biting a cat’s nose
Source: worldvoz.com

Cat: (Relaxed voice) Okay, considering what I just did, I guess I deserved that. “Okay, little buddy let me know when you’re done, I have all day!”

Umm, Help?

This cat looks like it has been watching too many movies, Titanic to be specific. Or, he could be stuck.

Cat stuck between sofa pillows
Source: watson.ch

Cat: The dog just let one rip. He has been eating beans again. Go, run human, you can still save yourself!

She Fooled Me

Human: Come Mr. Whiskers, we are going to this huge marketplace with tons and tons of food. Let’s go for a drive.

A cat sulking in a grocery store
Source: theodysseyonline.com

Cat: Three hours later. Why does she always do this? You fooled me, lady. Please take me home now.

Someone Let the Cat Out of the Bag!

I’m not too sure he likes his new hammock. I mean, it does look comfy in a sense, but he just doesn’t look impressed.

A cat inside a plastic shopping bag
Source: recreoviral.com

Cat: Why do you insist on just sitting there and taking pictures? Do I look like I’m ready for a photoshoot?

Oh, I’m Just Chilling

Well, that didn’t go quite as planned. He probably tried to climb out at the top of the window and slid down.

Cat caught in a window
Source: Wykop.pl

Cat: Hi, how was your day, Jen? Mine was fine, you know. I didn’t get up to much today. I just took the day to admire how beautiful our garden is, you know, that sort of thing.

Do You Love Me At All?

Poor thing. I couldn’t bear to leave my furry friend in that shower. If he looked at me like that, I would put on my cape, grab him and run for the hills.

Someone showering their cat
Source: blazepress.com

Cat: Please could you tell me what I did that was so bad that you had to go and do this to me? Don’t you love me at all?

I’m Accessorizing

Cats get up to the weirdest things ever. They happen to be masters at creating funny and challenging games.

Cat stuck in a slinky hose pipe
Source: watson.ch

Well? Are you just going to stand there and take pictures all day? Get down here and untangle me, or else I will chew my way out of here!

I’ve Made Better Life Decisions

This poor little dude seriously needs his human friends’ help. I mean, we can’t just hang him out to dry.

Cat with his head caught in a coat hanger
Source: Twitter.com

Cat: Human, I don’t know if you can tell, but this plastic thing is a bit tight under my chin. Remove it at once!

I See Everything

Just when you thought you could finally find a quiet place to discuss this cat’s naughty behavior, he pops out of nowhere.

Cats head popping out of the closet
Source: gazetakrakowska.pl

Cat: I have eyes everywhere; I see everything and hear everything. Just when you think you’re alone, you’re not.

Oh, You’re So Funny

This cat’s owner has quite a sense of humor. However, their cat doesn’t seem too impressed at the moment.

Cat in a flour tub
Source: Watson.ch

Cat: Flour? You’re so funny. I almost forgot to laugh. Helen, do I look like I’m laughing? Enough with your silly jokes.

I’m Just Hanging, Dude

How do these cats end up in places like this? I think cats are aware that they have nine lives. Maybe that’s how they always get stuck in the most unimaginable places.

Cat stretched out overcoat hangers
Source: panoramasnews.com

Cat: Hi there, dad. I have to say, you have quite the collection here. Those shirts were on the floor when I got here and while you’re here, could you help me down? Thanks.


Am I the only one who is wondering how long this cat has been standing or sleeping like this? No more Sci-Fi movies for you young lady!

A cat stuck upside down
Source: altapress.ru

Cat: Carol, that’s not true! Not only vampires and bats sleep upside down. I can do it, too. There’s nothing to look at here.

Who Are You Calling Power Puff Girl?

This little one looks like he has either been rolling around on chalk drawings or he was attacked by a kid with paint.

White cat painted a few colors
Source: babufood.com

Cat: Yes, okay, you were right Mom. I shouldn’t have rolled around in Katy’s chalk drawing, but she drew over my nap spot.

Only One More Pull Up

How is he holding on so tightly to that door? He sure seems to be afraid of letting go. Don’t worry buddy, you still have another 8 lives to go!

A cat hanging off a door
Source: taringa.net

Cat: Dammit, I thought I got this balance thing under control. I guess I was wrong. I will just wait here until one of you humans get up and help me.

I Can See The Light

Well isn’t that just typical of cats? Always ignoring thoughtful presents and getting excited about the boxes instead.

Cat inside a box with his head poking out
Source: Pinterest.com

Cat: No, I did not ‘ruin Christmas’ or was not ‘totally unappreciative.’ I’m simply taking joy in the simple things in life, like this box. You know, instead of that iPad you bought me.

My Hands Are Tied Up

Okay, I do feel terrible for this little baby, he is stuck. He’s probably wondering if he is going to be spending the rest of his life there.

Cats claws are stuck
Source: forum.index.hu

Cat: Am I going to be spending the rest of my life here? I was trying to release my left hand and then my right hand got stuck, too.

The Heck Ya’ll Looking At?

These are just a few of the weird things cats do to bring love, fun, and comfort into your world; this is one of those things.

A cat squished between sofa cushions
Source: thesun.co.uk

Cat: No, I don’t know what I was thinking and yes, I learned my lesson. Could you pull me out before I get squished!

Tastes Like Feet

I don’t know how this person managed to get a picture at the perfect moment, but he surely knew his cat does not like whatever he is being fed.

Cat gagging
Source: thescottishsun.co.uk

Okay, sit down. Let me tell you a story about what happened this morning. Once upon a time, I ate disgusting food. The End!

Oh Jeez, Get in the Car!

One of the problems with cats is that they have the exact same look on their face whether they see a moth or an ax-murderer.

Cat leaning out a window with a frightened look on his face
Source: watson.ch

Cat: Human, stop playing around. There is a giant moth right behind you. Run now, while you still have a chance.

I Believe I Can Fly

This cat’s human is having a serious game of snowball fighting. I think it’s safe to say that the human is in the lead for now.

Cat being hit by a snowball
Source: Twitter.com

Cat: I’ve got it, I’ve got it… Oh my, I don’t got it. Okay, I think I will go back inside and hibernate now, that’s enough for one day.


A cat balancing on the faucet and playing with water? Of course, he is going to fall inside and get wet!

Cat playing with bathwater
Source: lapyhvost.umoritelno.com

Cat: Oh, water, I guess this is nice to play with… Oh damn, I was terribly wrong. I don’t like water.

Fashion On Point

How could one possibly keep a straight face in the presence of a cat in a sticky situation? You can’t, it’s impossible.

Cat with his head caught in a slinky
Source: blazepress.com

Cat: Mom, how about this new look I’m trying out. Do you like it? Me neither, please take it off. Now is a good time.

Come to Me Little Fishy

If cats can get something from a firm surface to crash onto the ground, it’s game on. Oh, cats just love taking joy in mindless destruction.

Bowl of water spilling on top of a cat
Source: 4archive.org

Cat: All I wanted to do was handle this like a gentleman and handle it without making a mess. Mr. Fish, you may have won this time.

The Human Pets the Dog?

If there is one thing I love the most about cats, it’s the faces they pull. They wear their emotions so clearly on their faces.

Cat pulling a ‘disgusted’ face
Source: Imgur.com

Cat: What has been seen cannot be unseen human and Doggo! Go outside and rub his fur-less belly where I can’t see you!

Put Me Down Peasant

Again, here is another face-pulling picture. I wonder what is going through his little mind. However, he doesn’t like being held up for pictures.

Cat looks like he’s screaming
Source: insolitesnews.com

Cat: John, how many times have I told you that I am too cool to take selfies with you! I don’t want to lose followers, delete that picture!

Om Nom Nom

Cats are extremely inquisitive but hate showing it. This little once looks like he tried to take a huge gulp in thinking it was something else.

Cat a dandelion
Source: Imgur.com

Cat: Oh, that’s not ice cream. What is this horrible catastrophe and how do I get it out of my mouth?

We Are No Longer Friends

Cats seem so very wise, staring at you with those half-closed eyes. He is probably saying, “You got me wet, you feed me twice tonight Sarah.”

Cat that got wet
Source: napervilleanimalhospital.com

Cat: Do you humans think pranking cats with cucumbers is funny? Well, Sarah, it’s not funny. I will bring you surprises from the garden.

It’s Not as Comfortable as It Looks

Again, I truly believe that cats are aware of the fact they have nine lives. Regardless, come on cat, this is dangerous!

A cat lying on a ceiling board
Source: cheezburger.com

Cat: Well damn, I seem to be in a bit of a situation over here. Can one of you slaves can bring me down? At once! Thank you.

Am I Doing This Right?

Well, doesn’t this bring you happiness to your heart? No matter what you introduce into your furry friend’s life, he will find a way to do it his way.

Cat falling out his swing
Source: Pinterest.com

Cat: Are you guys sure that this is how it’s supposed to work? I mean, it’s comfortable but it doesn’t seem right.

Well, Damn!

I can just imagine him getting tired of assessing this odd phenomenon and once he does, he will jump up and sink straight back down.

Cat standing in front of the snow wall
Source: Pinterest.com

Cat: Excuse me, can someone please remove this thing? I mean, how did it get here? I wasn’t here last night.

Is He Still There?

Well, I want to say “Oh poor baby” but we all know that cats can be bullies too. I’m wondering what this little fella did to the big fella.

Dog growling at a petrified cat
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Cat: Okay, relax. I’m just going to ignore him and look the other way. Maybe he will forget about me and not eat me.

A Little Help?

He seems to have figured out how the mesh screen works but he hasn’t quite figured out how to operate between the door and the screen.

Cat caught between the mesh screen and glass door
Source: watson.ch

Cat: I forgot why I even started taking it upon myself to figure out what it would be like between the door and the screen. Fun, really, it’s fun.

You Humans Tricked Me

This little cat is hiding away from the veterinarian. She probably has a long history with her and her services. She’s not up to it.

A cat hiding from the veterinarian
Source: Pinterest.com

Cat: I see what you guys did there. You told me I am going to get some snacks and delicious food, but you never told me it comes with a price!

Marko? Polo!

What would possess you to do this, young one? I am not sure if he was playing a game of ‘hide and seek’ or if he was simply misbehaving.

Cat stuck inside a pack of water bottles
Source: buzzbeagle.com

Cat: I’m sorry mom, I didn’t have any water in my bowl so naturally, I thought I’d help myself. Now get me out of here woman!

Mr. Pickles is in a Pickle

Oh dear, Mr. Pickles, just because your name is Mr. Pickles, that does not mean that you need to be pickled!

A cat inside a mason jar
Source: studioidefix.com

Cat: Okay human. Now I know I have gotten myself into a bit of a pickle. It looks bad, I know, but don’t worry. Hey, wait, am I supposed to be seeing stars?

Save Me

Cats get stuck in between window shades more often than you would think. This cat was just innocently waiting for his owner to come home. When he saw him pulling up in the driveway, he got way too excited.

Cat in between curtain shades
Source: Imgur

His owner Marty walked into the house and found him like this! Luckily, he took a picture before letting him free. I just hope the cat is okay because hanging there like that might get painful.


This has probably happened to most of us, I know I’ve walked into a glass door more times than I’d like to admit. However, for some reason, it is so much funnier when it happens to a cat.

Cat against a window
Source: Pinterest.com

Fluffy is an energetic cat who was having fun playing outside. When she wanted to go inside, she body slammed onto the door. Somehow, her owner took this picture at the perfect time, and we love it.

Just Chillin’

I don’t know what’s funnier, the fact that this cat in a washing machine, or how casual he looks. He looks like he just hangs out in there all the time like it’s no big deal. Someone managed to get a picture, and his face is priceless!

A cat looking casual in a washing machine
Source: Catsoncatnip.com

Fun fact: Did you ever wonder why cats aren’t really drawn to sugar? Unlike humans, cats cannot detect sweetness! They literally can’t taste it. No wonder they can get grumpy sometimes!

Those Eyes!

Okay, this cat is cute and all, but look at those eyes! So pretty, yet so creepy. I feel like I’m getting hypnotized just by looking at this picture. Let’s just hope he isn’t possessed or anything like that.

A cat’s cat looking scary with bright green eyes
Source: Blazepress.com

Fun fact: Did you know that some cats have freckles just like people? Ginger Tabby cats specifically. They have freckles around their eyelids and their mouths! How cute! Next time you’re around a Ginger Tabby, check it out!

Hole in One Cat

This is the most adorable picture I have seen in a while. Luna found a little hole on the pool table and fell asleep. After the owners were looking for her for over an hour, they found Luna like this! Look at the innocence in those eyes!

A cat’s head popping out of a pool table hole
Source: Buzzly.fr

Here is another interesting fact that you probably didn’t know about cats. They have the power to heal themselves by merely purring. The frequency of a cat’s domestic purr is the same frequency that muscles and bones heal themselves.

Blending Right In

What’s hilarious about this picture is that the cat looks like it belongs there. With the duck and antique clock, the cat almost looks like another piece of décor. Of course, the cat is real, so let’s just hope he doesn’t knock everything over.

A cat sitting on top of a cabinet
Source: Catsoncatnip.co

When cat’s meow, it’s because they are trying to communicate with humans, not necessarily to talk to each other. One exception is with kittens. They will sometime meow to signal their mother.

Just Hanging Out

I don’t even know how this cat managed to get himself into this situation. Cats can’t jump that high! He looks scared, and I hope someone takes him off of there! Meanwhile… don’t look down kitty cat!

A cat about to fall off of a ceiling lamp
Source: Watson

Fun Fact: The average cat can actually jump eight feet in one bound! That is six times the length of its body! Maybe he did get up on the lamp all by himself. Good thing cats fall on their feet.


I’m pretty sure I have seen an image like this in a horror movie. Cats’ eyes come out so creepy in pictures sometimes! It looks like the cat was up to something, and when someone walked in, he got scared.

A cat falling in between the window shades
Source: Pinterest.com

I guess whoever walked in got this picture at the perfect time because the cat is about to fall.

Fun fact: The longest living cat recorded in the Guinness Book is Crème Puff! He lived until he was 38 and 3 days in Austin, Texas.

Catching a Cold

Here is a cat who needs a tissue! With winter coming in, everyone is getting sick, not just humans. Sure his nose was stuffy before, but now he can’t see either. Hopefully, he won’t lose any more senses and gets better soon!

A cat with a tissue box over his head
Source: Watson

Fun fact: Drinking milk is a common stereotype for cats. However, studies have shown that this is incorrect, and they should avoid it entirely because believe it or not, cats are lactose intolerant.

I’m Okay…

I don’t know what happens in this cat’s home, but he looks like he is trying to escape. He wants to get out of there so bad that he ended up in between the blinds and the window. I just hope that’s not as painful as it looks.

A cat stuck in a window
Source: Imgur.com

Fun fact: Isaac Newton was the genius who invented the pet door. You know, the square flap that many cats use to travel outdoors. This cat’s house probably didn’t have one of those.

Where’s Waldo?

Willow probably just wanted a snack! When she couldn’t reach the top shelf where her cat food is, she decided to take a nap. Did you find her? Willow fell asleep in the paper towel bag and looks so cozy using the paper towel as a pillow.

A cat lost in the pantry
Source: Reddit.com

Polydactyl cats have an extra toe or two on their paws. This is due to a genetic mutation (which can happen with humans as well). The cats are also known as “Hemingway cats” because, apparently, Ernest Hemingway had dozens of them as pets.

I’m King of the Word

This cat probably thought jumping up on that door would have been a good idea. However, once he got up there, he probably realized he should have stayed on the ground. Hopefully, nobody closes that door until he finds a way down.

A cat on the door
Source: Pinterest.com

Fun fact: similarly to humans, cat sweat. However, it’s only through their paws. If a cat is scared, you may find a trail of wet footprints. Luckily, cats’ bodies have other ways to cope with the heat.


All Molly wanted to do was play with a ball. When she realized it was a yarn ball… it was far too late. Poor Molly managed to tangle herself in the yarn. Trying to get out of it make it worse, and then she couldn’t even get up!

A cat wrapped in yarn
Source: Blazepress.com

Poor Molly! Luckily her owner found her and untangled her. But only after she took this picture, of course! Hopefully, she will take her to buy some cat toys afterward! Perhaps a real ball.


This cat looks like he’s having a pretty rough day. He just wanted to climb up the chair but didn’t exactly think things through. He is stuck in between the chair bars in the most uncomfortable possible position.

A cat stuck in between a chair
Source: BlazePress.com

Fun Fact: If you have a pet cat, you may notice that they only have the ability to move their jaw up and down. Unlike humans, they can’t move their jaws side to side. They also don’t have teeth, so it’s tough for them to chew food.

Look Up Below

This cat doesn’t look like he’s happy in the situation he got himself into. He is obviously in the bathroom, but what is he doing on top of that shower door? It looks like he is trying to escape. Probably because cats hate water.

A cat on top of a glass shower door
Source: Fascinately.com

More cat facts! A group of cats is called a clowder, female cats can be called a molly or a queen, and male cats are referred to as toms. Also, did you know that cats have three eyelids?

Say Cheese!

Jasper’s owner really wanted to get a nice picture of her cat, but he didn’t have it. She put Jasper in the basket, trying to make him look all cute, but his face says it all. He looks like he would rather be anywhere else in the world.

A cat looking sad in a basket
Source: Pinterest.com

Fun fact: Although humans can rarely move their ears, cats can rotate theirs up to 180 degrees! This makes sense considering they have 32 muscles that they use to control them.

Help, Please

Here is another cat who got himself in an uncomfortable situation. Gizmo was playing around when he thought sneaking into the laundry room would be a good idea. He wasn’t supposed to be in there, but his owner found him like this.

A cat that fell behind a washing machine
Source: Fascinately.com

Did you know that a cat’s nose is just as unique as a human fingerprint? If you have a cat, look at their nose closely, and you will notice little bumps. I guess if a cat commits a crime, we check their nose prints.

Upside Down

Lulu was feeling adventurous and had a fun day playing around the house. However, he got too excited and ended up falling headfirst on that cabinet. I thought cats always land on their feet. Wasn’t that a thing?

A cat that looks like it fell headfirst on a table
Source: Dailynova.me

Fun fact: Back in Ancient Egypt, when someone’s pet cat died, they were required to shave their eyebrows as a way to show their grief. I wonder what they did when their pet dog died.

Angry Cat

Here is another picture of a cat who got caught in some window blinds, but he doesn’t look pleased. He was just playing and fell inside. When the owner decided to take a picture before helping him out, he made this priceless face!

A cat caught in between curtain shades
Source: Reddit.com

Apparently, owning a pet cat is proven to be beneficial for your health. If that is the case, why are single women who own cats referred to as ‘Crazy’ cat ladies? All I know is that I’m allergic to cats, so I don’t think they are that beneficial for my health…


This guy decided to take his cat to play in the park. When he wanted to take the cat for a swing, this was the amazing result. The cat’s face is perfect! I don’t think he knew what he was getting himself into!

A boy pushing his cat on a swing
Source: Watson.ch

Fun fact: As opposed to humans, cats are often lefty’s. Studies have shown that, generally speaking, the cat’s dominant paw is usually their left one. Interesting… I never even thought of that.