The Most Interesting Snapple Facts That You Wont Believe Are True

Everyone loves popping open a Snapple bottle! Not only is it delicious, but it always comes with a fun fact. Nobody ever opens up a Snapple bottle without seeing which fact is on the cap. Although not everyone believes how accurate these “real facts” are, most of them are actually true!

‘I’ Snapple fact
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Everyone loves to learn random, interesting, and probably useless facts. There are thousands of “real facts” that could be about anything from animals to technology and everything in between. Check out some of the most interesting and random Snapple facts.

Potato Man

Everyone loves potatoes! They are delicious in every form. You can make mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, potato chips, hash browns, and of course everyone’s favorite, French fries!

Potato Snapple fact
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Americans can basically eat potatoes for every meal. However, due to their protein-coding genes, potatoes have four copies of each chromosome! Human cells contain just two copies.

Open Wide

When I think of a crocodile, the first thing I think of is its mouth and how his huge teeth want me for dinner. They aren’t known to be a friendly animal which is why a lot of people are scared of them.

Crocodile Snapple fact
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What makes a crocodile even more frightening is that they can’t stick out their tongues! I thought they were dangerous before, but without a tongue it’s like nothing is blocking their teeth from eating you.

Space Snack

Fruits are a healthy natural snack eaten all around the world for millions of years. They come from the ground and trees, so fruits are one of the most original foods that have ever existed on the planet.

Peach Snapple fact
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Peaches grow from the ground, and plants are considered a living organism. Since there is no evidence of life on other planets, astronauts need to pack food. Although bacon was the first meal to be eaten on the moon, the peach was the first fruit.

Delicious medication

Ketchup is a delicious tomato sauce that goes great with French fries. Unfortunately, it is not very good for your body because it is filled with sugar. That’s why it’s interesting that it used to be a medication.

Ketchup Snapple fact
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In 1987, John Cook, an Ohio doctor sold ketchup as a treatment for indigestion. It wasn’t a popular condiment until the late 1800s. Now, 10 billion ounces of ketchup is sold in the US annually.

Keep Chewing

Do you ever wonder why chopping onion makes you cry? Well, they irritate the lachrymal glands which cause them to release tears. However, chewing gum will actually help prevent tears.

Gum Snapple fact
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Since chewing gum forces you to breathe through your mouth, it disperses the irritant. Less of it reaches the lachrymal glands preventing your eyes from tearing up. I wonder if this actually works.

Because Octopuses get Surgery

Since surgeries are usually a painful procedure, doctors usually make sure that the patient is under anesthesia or another form of numbing. That way, the person won’t feel pain.

Octopus Snapple fact
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Of course, nobody wants to be tortured so this is a pretty good method. Octopuses are very intelligent creatures, and because of this, it’s illegal to put them through the pain of surgery without anesthesia.

That’s Barbara To You

Barbie is one of the most popular children’s doll. We all know her as a perfect plastic toy with platinum blonde hair that comes in a pink box. Barbie is actually named after the creator, Ruth Handler’s daughter.

Barbie Snapple fact
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Her name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. Barbie looks like she is in her early twenties, but she was actually born in 1959. Apparently, Ken is named after Handler’s son Ken Carson.


Shakespeare is a very intelligent writer who invented a lot of words. However, the words assassination and bump were both used a few decades before Shakespeare used them in his plays.

Shakespeare Snapple fact
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However, Shakespeare did invent other words. He actually came up with the word “swagger” when he used it in his play Midsummer Night’s Dream, and the word “lonely” when he used it in Coriolanus.

Half Man, Half Banana

Everyone knows that humans share some DNA with chimpanzees and other primates. I mean, through evolution and everything, it makes sense. Apes and humans even kind of look alike.

Banana Snapple fact
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What may shock you, however, is that humans share 50% of their DNA with monkey’s favorite food, bananas! A banana isn’t even alive! We share half of our DNA with a yellow fruit!

Went Nuts for Nuts

Nuts rely on animals or gravity for dispersal. Here is when squirrels come in handy. They collect nuts and bury them. However, they don’t always remember exactly where they put them.

Squirrel Snapple fact
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Red squirrels store their nuts in the ground and forget about them. They usually dry out and don’t take root. Since gray squirrels store their nuts all over the place, trees begin to grow in new areas.


Can you believe that on average, humans spend two weeks of their life kissing? Humans obviously spend a lot of time kissing, but two weeks doesn’t sound right to me. I feel like it should be way more.

Kissing Snapple fact
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I mean, I once kissed someone for two weeks straight at once. However, after fact-checking, this “real fact” seems to be correct. On the bright side, one little kiss burns up to 3 calories.


Guinea pigs are known to be experimental animals. People use them all the time to test out medications and their side effects. However, they are living creatures, so they have feelings and emotions.

Guinea pig Snapple fact
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Unfortunately, guinea pigs can feel very sad when they are by themselves since they are prone to loneliness. That’s why in Switzerland, it’s illegal to own just one, and you have to have at least two.

Sleep With One Eye Open

We all know the expression “Sleep with one eye open.” It’s used when someone should be cautious and aware instead of getting lost in their dreams. Needless to say, it’s a pretty unrelaxing way to sleep.

Dolphin Snapple fact
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Dolphins, however, use this expression quite literally. Dolphins sleep with one eye open so that they can be alert and not get eaten by sharks. Being half-conscious when asleep allows them to continue to get air.

Scare Crow

When I hear the word murder, my mind immediately goes to a prolific serial killer and a crime scene. The last thing I would think of is birds. However, a flock of crows is called a murder.

Crows Snapple fact
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Farmers view them as pests, and many people are scared of crows and associate them with death. However, crows are actually one the most social, intelligent and caring creatures on the planet.

Tweeting to Congress

Since 2010, all our tweets have been archived by the library of congress. This includes celebrity tweets and government tweets! They collect tweets for the same reason they collect other information.

Twitter Snapple fact
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So that they can have a “record of knowledge and creativity for Congress and the American people. However, congress announced that they would no longer archive all tweets. Instead, they will collect them “on a very selective basis.”

5,000-pound tongue

Blue whales are fascinating marine mammals. They are such beautiful and massive creatures and can weigh more than 200 tons! Their tongues alone can weigh as much as an entire elephant!

Whale Snapple fact
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In addition, their hearts can weigh as much as an automobile! Interestingly, the blue whale’s diet consists of tiny animals resembling shrimp, called krill. Somehow they still reach these unbelievable sizes!

Fishy Lipstick

All you lipstick lovers might not want to read this one. Lipstick contains a compound called “pearl essence.” However, this substance comes from fish scales! It’s also found in nail polish.

Lipstick Snapple fact
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Pear essence is actually found in many cosmetic products. It’s good for beauty products because it gives a shimmery effect. Who want fish scales on their face or lips? I think I’m over lipstick for the time being.

Weather Man

This fact is actually pretty interesting and could even be useful one day. People think they can predict all the weather all the time but usually, get it wrong. However, you can be more accurate by counting crickets chirping.

Temperature Snapple fact
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Crickets chirp all the time, however the frequency changes due to their surroundings. If you want to estimate the temperature in Fahrenheit, simply count the cricket chirps in 15 seconds, then add 37.

Mr. Potato Commercial

Ads are one of the best ways to make money. Even back in the 1940s, there were plenty of commercials. There were advertising peanut butter, tissues, and band-aids in between TV shows.

Mr. Potato head Snapple fact
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They even had cigarette commercials, which are illegal today. Some things haven’t changed, though. In 1946 the first commercial for Mr. Potato Head was aired, and you can still find commercials for the toy today.

Sneeze Isn’t the Correct Term

I always thought that sneezing was the scientific word for sneezing. However, the real scientific term is sternutation. Sternutation is caused by some sort of irritant such as dust or smoke inside the nose.

Sneezing Snapple fact
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The irritation causes an unexpected burst of air from your lungs to escape your nose, which ends up being a sneeze. I would have known this if it weren’t for Snapple “real facts.” I guess there is a scientific term for everything.

Also an Inventor

Thomas Jefferson will always be remembered as the third president of the United States. He was a lawyer, diplomat, and architect but is famous for writing the Declaration of Independence.

Thomas Jefferson Snapple fact
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Among his many professions, Jefferson was also an inventor. He invented many important things, including the wheel chipper, the revolving bookstand, and a coat hanger! Who knew?!

Laying Eggs

Unsurprisingly, chimpanzees, and Gorillas have belly buttons similar to humans. It makes sense evolution wise. In addition, your pets such as cats and dogs have belly buttons too! It just may be hard to spot!

Laying eggs Snapple fact
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Since all mammals come out of their mothers, they are born with umbilical cords. The mother chews off the chord leaving a flat scar. As a result, animals that lay eggs just don’t have belly buttons.

Can you Lick Your Nose?

Giraffes are tall and beautiful animals. Their hearts can pump about 160 gallons of blood in just one minute. In addition to their long necks, Giraffes have very long tongues.

Giraffe Snapple fact
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Most humans can’t even lick their own nose! With a 21 inch long tongue, a giraffe can easily lick their nose and even their eyes! Their tongue is so long that they can even lick their own ears!

Laugh more

This Snapple fact is a little bit sad. It’s unfortunate that adults laugh just 15 to 100 times a day, while six-year-old children laugh about 300 times a day. Grownups need to find time to laugh and enjoy life more.

6-year old Snapple facts
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This Snapple “real fact” shows the innocence of a child. While kids are young, they are able to see the beauty in the world. Once you grow up and deal with day to day stress, it beings to take the laughter out of life.

Kids’ Taste Buds

As we know, children enjoy life more than adults. A reason for this can be because children have more taste buds than adults. When food tastes better, life is better. An average person has about 10,000 taste buds.

Taste bud Snapple fact
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Taste buds only last about two weeks before being replaced by new taste buds. However, the taste cells don’t necessarily get replaced, which is why children taste things stronger than adults. Smoking can also reduce the number of taste buds a person has.

Don’t Graffiti the Cow

Some state laws are pretty hilarious! Did you know that in Texas it’s illegal to graffiti someone’s cow? Am I allowed to graffiti someone’s dog? This sounds silly, but it’s actually a pretty serious crime.

Texas Snapple fact
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A cow was once considered property, so it was considered vandalism to ruin it. Since livestock is important in Texas, breaking this law can be punishable by hanging!

Horse Lolly

You don’t normally think of every word’s origin. For example, Lollipop. The name fits the candy so perfectly. It seems like the creator took one look at the treat and named it the first thing that came to mind.

Lollypop Snapple fact
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However, the name Lollipop has a very different origin. George Smith reportedly named the candy after a famous racing horse name Lolly Pop. In 1931, he trademarked the name “Lollipop” as the candy we all love.

Sports or Games?

To me, pool, chess, and ping pong are considered games, not sports! I know a lot of people disagree. However, sports involve a lot of physical strain and activity. Basketball, soccer, and football are sports.

Ping-pong Snapple fact
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If you aren’t hard on your physical body, it’s a game. When was the last time you broke a sweat playing checkers? Ping Pong is another one. Can you believe that after playing Ping Pong for 12 hours straight, you lose just one pound?

Don’t Fall Asleep

These state laws keep getting stranger and stranger. There are a lot involving bathtubs. For example: in Massachusetts its illegal to go to sleep without taking a bath first and in Pennsylvania you can sing in the bathtub.

Donkey Snapple fact
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However, the weirdest of all these laws is that in Arizona, it’s against the law for a donkey to sleep in the bathtub. Don’t worry. They are allowed to stand in the bathtub; just don’t let them fall asleep in there!

Double Trouble

Everyone is naturally fascinated by twins. I think its human nature to wonder what it’s like to have a twin. It’s interesting to have such a strong bond with someone that began in the womb.

Twins Snapple fact
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That’s why it’s not surprising that 40% of twins invent their own language! They literally make up words that just the two of them understand. This is a pretty interesting fact, and I wish I had a twin.

See Ya Later Alligator

Most humans go through just two sets of teeth and only about 32 teeth in their mouth at a time. That’s why it’s a scary thought that alligators have between 74 and 80 teeth in their mouth at once!

alligator Snapple fact
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Interestingly, this is just with alligators and not crocodiles. In addition, when the alligator’s teeth begin to wear down, they are replaced. This is why alligators can go through 3,000 teeth in their life!

Drive Clean

Athens, Greece, is a beautiful place to travel and visit. However, if you want to drive there, make sure you are put together. They have one very strange driving law in Athens.

Greece Snapple fact
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A driver’s license can be taken away there if the driver is either poorly dressed or unbathed. I mean, I like a clean driver as much as the next guy but, can you believe this is actually a law there!?


Well, this Snapple “real fact” makes me feel like Dumbo. Your eyes stay the same size since birth which makes sense. However, what’s depressing is that your ears and nose continue to grow!

Eyes Snapple fact
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The cartilage in the ears keeps growing and gets bigger by about 0.22mm per year! Gravity helps the enlargement as well. This is also true for the nose as well. As for the eyes, they grow by just 7mm and stop when you reach puberty.

The Birds and the Bees

We all know about the birds and the bees. We also learned about how rabbits love multiply. There is actually a very good reason why rabbits are known for quickly reproducing.

Rabbit Snapple fact
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In 1859, just 24 rabbits were released in Australia. The population of the rabbits grew to over 2 million in just six years! That is an inside amount of rabbits roaming the streets of Australia.

Kosher Stamps

Kosher is a biblical law a lot of Jews follow. It permits certain eating kinds of foods such as a pig. It’s also not kosher to eat milk and meat together. This is a law that religious Jews take very seriously.

Stamps Snapple fact
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Since Israel is a Jewish State, its postage stamps are labeled kosher because they need to be licked. Of course, not everyone follows the kosher laws, but in Israel, everyone has the opportunity to with, kosher stamps.

Chocolate or Vanilla?

This is an interesting fact. Since chocolate comes from cacao leaves, it doesn’t seem like something that involves many other ingredients. However, the natural cacao creates dark chocolate.

Chocolate Snapple fact
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As most people know, dark chocolate is very bitter. The vanilla is used to take away the bitterness. Apparently, 90% of all chocolate contains vanilla. Even dark chocolate that you buy at the store.

Pet Bear

Theodore Roosevelt is known as the 26th president of America. He was in office from 1901 until 1909. While in office, Roosevelt had a few pets. He had a lizard named bill and a bunch of guinea pigs.

Theodore Roosevelt Snapple fact
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In addition, Roosevelt had a rather interesting pet. He had a small bear named Jonathan Edwards. What’s a small bear? I would consider it a wild animal before a friendly house pet.

Too Much Money

This Snapple “real fact” is pretty insane. Most people can’t wrap their heads around $1 million dollars. It’s even harder to comprehend $1 billion. It’s such a large amount that it’s almost impossible to spend it all.

Money Snapple fact
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Snapple is here to help explain the concept of how much money $1 billion is. If you spend $1000 dollars every single day, it will take you over 2000 years to spend all of it. 2,749 years to be exact.

Banana Berry

Strawberries are everyone’s favorite berry! They are delicious in smoothies and covered in chocolate! However, in a botanical sense, strawberries aren’t really berries. Neither are raspberries.

Berry Snapple fact
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If the fruit is derived from a single flower with more than one ovary, it’s an aggregate fruit. They are actually considered a berry with one giant seed. Therefore, bananas are really berries, and strawberries aren’t.