Spot the Difference: How Many Can You Find?

Have you ever played the game “Spot the Difference”? It’s basically a game that consists of two similar-looking pictures, but you have to find the differences. It’s a great way to test your “attention to detail” skills, train your mind, and have fun all at the same time. Some of these differences are easy to find, and others are more difficult. At times, the coloring is off, and other times something is completely missing from the original photo.

Color alphabet for children, letter Q
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We collected 15 of these pictures for you and found all the differences. It took us a while, but we wanted to make sure this game is 100% fair. So, if you can’t find the differences, scroll down for the answers. Let’s see how many of these you can spot, and then compare your answers with your friends.

Are you ready to have some fun? Let’s play!

Cheerleader – Three Differences

Typically, cheerleaders don’t receive the credit they deserve. They seem to develop a stereotypical reputation that does not do them justice. Sure, they are pretty and tend to be the popular girls in high school, but there is a lot more to it. Cheerleading is a sport that requires strength, focus, and talent.

University Of Miami Cheerleader, Sarah Miranda
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Most important, their job is to help motivate the teams they are cheering for with some pep and energy. Take these cheerleaders, for example. They seem to be excited to cheer their team to victory. But, apparently, there are a few differences between these two photos- three, to be exact. Do you think you can find them?

Cheerleader – Answers

Did you get it, right? To be fair, we were struggling to find the differences as well. Okay, let’s break it down for those of you who haven’t already found them. First of all, the colors on the team logo are swapped; the green is where the orange was and vice versa.

University Of Miami Cheerleader, Sarah Miranda
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Also, the Adidas logo jumped around. In the first photo, you can clearly see it on the left side of the orange skirt, and in the second picture, it’s on the right side. But the toughest difference to spot is the one in the background; one of the cheerleaders is missing a sneaker. I’m not going to lie, it took me a while to spot that one.

Roman Soldier – Three Differences

To state the obvious, this isn’t a real Roman soldier. The Roman Empire died long before photography even existed. Still, there is no denying the soldier’s unique uniform that can be replicated today. So basically, this is a costume. I would guess the reason for the bearskins was to scare off the enemy.

Roman Soldier
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It must have worked; if I saw anyone wearing a bear head, I would be intimated too. This photo is definitely an interesting one, but there are three differences you might not be able to find. I’ll give you one little hint: It has nothing to do with the bear on his head. Let’s see how many you can find!

Roman Soldier – Answers

Some of these differences were simple, and the other ones were a bit more difficult. So, let’s start off with the normal ones. First off, if you pay attention to the face armor in the original image, four screws are keeping it together, and, in the second image, there is one missing.

Roman Soldier with circles highlighting differences from the original image
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That’s not all. In the background of the original image, there is a spear that doesn’t appear in the second one, but that’s not even the weird part. The craziest part of this whole thing is in the sky. Why is there a plane up there? I mean, I know it’s not really ancient times, but the plane really makes it feel more modern.

Miley Cyrus – Four Differences

If by now you don’t know who Miley Cyrus is, you have been living under a rock. The former Disney starlet rose to fame as Hannah Montana and has been unstoppable ever since. The singer has been making headlines for years thanks to her fame, music, and “I don’t give a f **k” personality.

Miley Cyrus
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Can you spot the differences in Miley? This isn’t a Miley vs. Hannah challenge, it’s going to be a little more difficult. I know this looks like an ordinary picture of the singer minding her own business, but there are some alterations between the photos. This one has four changes, so it’s a little more difficult.

Miley Cyrus – Answers

Get ready for the differences between these two photos of Miley… if you didn’t find them already. Let’s start with the most obvious one. In the second picture, Miley’s belly button is gone. The next one is a little more difficult to spot, but if you pay attention to her T-shirt, the shooting star was removed in the second image.

Miley Cyrus with circles highlighting differences from the original image
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The third one took me a while to notice, but the bracelets on Miley’s left wrist were also removed. But the difference that is perhaps the hardest to spot is her shorts. They look the same; however, in the second photo, the color was altered from pink to purple. Did you catch the last one?

Hogwarts Express – Three Differences

Most children who grew up in the early ‘00s have read the Harry Potter books, or at the very least, saw the movies. If you are a fan of the world of witchcraft and wizardry, the only way to get there is by the Hogwarts Express. It looks like this magical train can also change its appearance quite easily.

Hogwarts Express
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Obviously, the colors between the pictures haven’t changed, but there are still a few differences that even the greatest wizards couldn’t find. Just kidding. I’m pretty sure Harry Potter can figure them out quite quickly, but can you? You have to have a good eye for this one. It has a total of three changes.

Hogwarts Express – Answers

Okay, let’s see how many of these you were able to catch. The most obvious change between the two versions of this photo is the number on the train. The original one says 5972, and you can see it altered to 3816 in the second one. We’re not exactly sure if there is any significance behind those numbers. My guess is that they have something to do with magic.

Hogwarts Express with circles highlighting differences from the original image
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The next difference is also an easy one. In the second photo, you will notice a mysterious footprint right next to the train. This last difference is a bit trickier. In the first picture, the train only has smoke coming out of one chimney, and, in the second, it’s coming out of both.

Disney Gang – Three Differences

Everyone knows that Disney is the most magical place on earth. We all got to watch cartoons of Mickey Mouse and his silly friends on TV. Here you can see the classic Disney characters hanging out and posing in front of Cinderella’s Castle together. It’s like one big, happy Disney family.

Disney Gang
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Believe it or not, there are two alterations between the original picture and the second one. So this one may be a bit more difficult to find than the other ones. There is just a lot going on in this one, so you have to be really good at “I Spy” to spot this one. Do you think you can find it?

Disney Gang – Answers

The main difference between image one and image two is extremely subtle and really hard to notice. But if you look really closely, you’ll notice it. I’ll give you a hint: Pay attention to Mickey. If you haven’t found it yet, look toward the area of his head. Did you find it yet?

find the diffrence
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Mickey Mouse is missing one of his ears… well, sort of. In one picture, there is just an outline of his left ear, but, in the other one, the ear is fully colored-in in black. Suddenly, I’m tempted to take a trip to Disney World. This was a hard one, so if you caught it, congratulations! You’re good at this game. The second difference has to do with the middle window in the left tower which is missing from the right image. The third one has to do with Goofy who has an orange patch on his pants in the first photo which is missing from the right image.

Snake Charmer – Three Differences

Even if you hate reptiles, snake charming is a pretty amusing thing to see. The concept of an ordinary human being able to “tame” a snake through the power of music is amazing. This is an incredible ancient tradition that has been practiced through various cultures around the world.

Snake Charmer
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You can find snake charming being done across Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East. It’s pretty scary to watch because snake charmers are putting themselves at risk each and every time they get close to these venomous snakes. Hopefully, this guy didn’t get hurt. Can you spot any differences between the first and second pictures? There are a total of three.

Snake Charmer – Answers

I hope staring at this photo for so long didn’t you give you the heebie-jeebies. Snakes are a pretty rational fear if you ask me. Anyway, did you notice any of the alterations between the first and second pictures? Some of these are a little harder to spot than others.

Snake Charmer with circles highlighting differences from the original image
Source: Twitter

First of all, the snake charmer’s turban is missing a knot at the top in the second photo. Secondly, the charmer seems to be holding another instrument in the first picture; it looks kind of like a stick. I have no idea what it’s for, but it’s missing in the second version. The last change is that in the second picture, the snake seems to have two tails.

Big Ben – Four Differences

London is a pretty classic location; it’s a “must visit” for most world travelers. There are plenty of famous landmarks like the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. There is certainly a lot of history in this popular destination, but there is no denying that Big Ben is one of the most quintessential symbols.

Buildings of Parliament with Big Ben tower in London
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The impressive clock tower is a true reflection of the city and brings attention to the British capital. Although this view is recognizable, there are some differences between these two images. This one might be a little trickier because there are a total of four changes to find. Do you think you can catch them all?

Big Ben – Answers

Out of all the modifications between these two pictures, the most obvious of all is in the left-hand corner. In the first photo, there are nothing but clouds in the sky, but, in the second one, you can clearly see an airplane. However, a difference that is a little bit less obvious can be seen on the iconic red bus.

Buildings of Parliament with Big Ben tower in London, with circles highlighting differences from the original image
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It’s hard to spot because it’s just a minor detail but look at the bus route number. They are not the same. You can clearly see 12 on the first one, but that’s not what it says on the second version. The third difference is that the top part of the lamppost is missing in the second picture. And, finally, the clock is set to two different times.

Jennifer Lopez – Four Differences

If there is one stunning singer who has been part of the pop music world for three decades, it’s Jennifer Lopez. Sure, there have been other pop icons like Britney Spears and Lady Gaga, but J. Lo really had a special impact. These days, the singer’s relationship with A-Rod is what people want to talk about.

Jennifer Lopez performs onstage at NBC's Today Show at Rockefeller Plaza
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“Jenny from the Block” has come a long way. Whether it’s music, acting, or her style, Lopez has changed a lot throughout the years. She has also changed between these two pictures. Pay attention because this one has a total of four differences. Let’s see how many of them you can find.

Jennifer Lopez – Answers

It didn’t take us too long to find all the inconsistencies between these two images of the pop star. The easiest one to notice is her hair. The bun on the top of her head somehow disappeared. However, the rest of them are a bit more difficult to detect.

Jennifer Lopez with circles highlighting differences from the original image
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Part of the design on her pants has been shortened, but you must be really good at paying attention to detail if you noticed that one. Next is the photographer in the background. If you look at his baseball cap, you will see the design is missing on the second version of the picture. Lastly, another random guy in the background disappeared.

Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen – Five Differences

Anyone who knows anything about football games knows who Tom Brady is. The Patriots’ quarterback is arguably the most memorable player in the history of the NFL, at least for the last couple of decades. You know what they say, “behind every great man is an even greater woman.”

Giselle Bundchen and Tom Brady attend the 2017 Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala
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Tom Brady is no different. Here you can see him pose next to his gorgeous Brazilian model wife, Gisele Bundchen. She loves to stand by her man’s side, and this event was no different. What is different are some slight changes between the picture on the left and the picture on the right. How many did you find? There are a total of four.

Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen – Answers

I don’t know how I noticed this subtle modification, but Bundchen’s lipstick is slightly darker in the first picture. A change that is harder to ignore is Brady’s left hand. It’s visible in one picture, but missing in the other. The next slight change is Brady’s jacket flap, which seems to have vanished in the second picture.

Giselle Bundchen and Tom Brady with circles highlighting differences from the original image
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The woman in the background has a nametag in one picture and not in the other. This last alteration is super difficult to spot, but it has to do with Brady’s face. Just take a look at his smile, and you can tell it’s modified. This one took us forever to figure out, so if you found it, good job! You’re good at this game!

Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively – Four Differences

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are a Hollywood power couple. They are both stunning, talented, and couldn’t be more adorable together. The “Deadpool” star and his “Gossip Girl” wife have been trolling each other on social media, and the hilarious pair developed a reputation of two people who don’t take each other too seriously.

Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively at the Ryan Reynolds Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Ceremony
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It takes a special kind of couple to make it work in Hollywood, but these two defy all odds. Although their relationship seems perfect, it doesn’t mean there are no inconsistencies between these two images. This is one of the hardest, so if you can’t find all four of them, it’s okay!

Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively – Answers

It took us a while to find all the differences in these two pictures. Probably way longer than it should have taken. Okay, let’s break them down. First of all, look at Ryan Reynolds’ jacket buttons, one of them is missing. Next, the design on Blake Lively’s dress is shorter in the second picture, which took me forever to notice.

Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively with circles highlighting differences from the original image
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As for the last two differences, they are a bit more obvious. In the background, you can clearly see that there is a pole on the wall in the first version of the picture and not the second. Lastly, there is a missing guy in the background of the second picture. If you got that one on your own, good job! I needed help.

Swimmer – One Difference

Okay, get ready for this next one. This might be one of the hardest examples on this entire list. In this picture, you can see a swimmer who just came out of the water and doesn’t look very happy with her performance. Maybe she got in an argument with the guy behind her; either way, she looks upset.

A swimmer appears to have just gotten out of the water
Source: Twitter

But looking at this photo, it’s hard to notice the differences right away. I mean, the side by side photos look identical to me. I don’t know if I have been looking at too many of these today, or if I’m just really bad at this game. There is only one difference, but it took me a while to find.

Swimmer – Answer

After looking at these pictures for a long time, I finally noticed the difference. At first, I thought it was the logo; then I thought it must be something in the background. However, I couldn’t find anything. Everything looks the same. Even the colors are exact. Surprisingly, I took a 15-minute break and noticed the difference as soon as I got back.

A swimmer appears to have just gotten out of the water with circles highlighting differences from the original image
Source: Twitter

Sometimes you need to take your mind off of something to be able to focus on it. As soon as I returned to this picture, after looking away for a few minutes, I noticed the alteration on the swimmer’s ear. If you look closely, you’ll notice an earring in one ear and not in the other one.

Street Art – Two Differences

Street art is something that people have many different opinions about. Some people think it’s a beautiful expression of creativity, and others think graffiti is vandalism and dirtying the street. At times, the art can be mesmerizing and beautiful; take this one, for example. The bright, beautiful colors in this artwork really bring the building to life.

Street art decorating a building front
Source: Imgur

The fluorescent lights on the trees really brighten up the area. Because of all the pretty detail and color, it might be hard to notice that these two pictures aren’t exactly the same. Do you think you can spot all the modifications? There are a total of two, but these are a little tricky.

Street Art – Answers

You probably thought the changes in these photos would be in the trees or something. At least that’s what I thought. As it turns out, the trees and colors are just there to distract us from the real differences. So the first one is on the left door; it’s kind of hard to notice, but the color under the arch of the door is a darker brown in the second photo.

Street art decorating a building front with circles highlighting differences from the original image
Source: Imgur

If you look at the original picture, the arch of the door is a more orange color. The next difference also has nothing to do with the painting, so it’s easy to miss. Look at the right pillar, and you’ll notice the patterns were removed in the second photo.

Garden Room – Three Differences

Well, this house screams “rustic.” I can’t tell if it’s a garden in a living room or a living room in a garden. Plus, the worn-out paint look is the perfect touch to any kind of farmhouse. I personally love it! It looks like a nice place to relax with a warm cup of tea and a good book.

Garden Room
Source: Twitter

Believe it or not, these two very similar looking photos have a few differences. Because of all the detail, this is also one of the harder ones on this list. There are a total of three changes between these two pictures, but I’ll give you a little hint: Two of them are kind of connected.

Garden Room – Answers

So, did you find them all? Let’s break it down. First of all, I mentioned that one of the differences couldn’t happen without the other. I was talking about the two small pots sitting on the window ledge. In the original photo, the orange pot is on the left, and the green one is on the right.

Garden Room with circles highlighting differences from the original image
Source: Twitter

Of course, the pots switched places in the second photo. If you caught that, you already got two. Okay, so the third and final difference is the bird ornament in the front window. It’s sitting there in the original photo and missing from the second one. That one was difficult, so congrats if you found that one.

Beach Scene – Three Differences

Other than the strange people who are terrified of water or hate sand, most of us love a nice relaxing day on the beach. There is nothing better than some fun in the sun on a hot summer day. You can play volleyball, go for a swim, work on your tan, and enjoy a nice cold beer.

Beach Scene
Source: Pinterest

It’s not clear which beach this is, but it looks like a fun one. If I could jump into this picture, I would. Anyway, there are a few changes between this original beach picture and the one next to it. There are a total of three, and let me tell you, these aren’t easy to find. Good luck!

Beach Scene – Answers

What’s interesting about this particular “spot the difference” picture is that instead of just removing something to alter the picture, something was added to the first one. First of all, let’s start with the two things that were removed. You can see a man walking near the water, but he’s mysteriously missing from the second version.

Beach Scene with circles highlighting differences from the original image
Source: Pinterest

Next, there is a poster on the rock formation, but it appears to have disappeared in the second picture. Lastly, if you look at the mountains all the way in the background, they look pretty different in the second picture. It’s like a new mountain just appeared out of nowhere. That doesn’t belong!

Homemade Soap – Eight Differences

Okay, we saved the hardest “spot the difference” for last. I know it seems to be a picture of some divine looking homemade soaps but pay close attention. I’m getting distracted because all I want to do is bathe using these relaxing scents. I used to make soap and they never came out this good looking.

Homemade Soap
Source: Twitter

Anyway, it might not look like it, but finding all the differences can take you a little while. That’s because there are a total of eight changes between the two pictures. On the bright side, there are more differences, so you are bound to find a few of them, at least.

Homemade Soap – Answers

If you couldn’t find them all, don’t feel bad. Most of the moderations between the images are extremely subtle. One of the easiest ones to find is that one lemon slice has been removed in the second picture. Also, a small leaf is missing from the center of the table.

Homemade Soap with circles highlighting differences from the original image
Source: Twitter

If you pay attention to the blue soap, you’ll realize that one of the strings is missing. This one is way harder to notice, but the color of the soup in the left-hand corner has been slightly altered. Then there are tiny specks that are missing. There were a few on the table, and there is even one missing from the white soap. How many did you find?